Rick Wiles Says America Turning into a Godless, Pagan Cesspool of Free Mason Fascism


Rick_WilesFalse Prophet Rick Wiles, for whom racist insurrectionist Cliven Bundy as a patriot hero standing up to tyranny, and who calls Pat Robertson an embarrassment for questioning creationism (probably the only sane thing Robertson has said in years), apparently lacks all sense of irony, as he said Wednesday at TruNews,

The takedown of the constitutional republic of the United States of America is in full motion in 2014. This is it. The Illuminati and Free Masons are determined to dismantle the original Republican form of government in order to finalize the transformation of this country into a godless, pagan cesspool of Free Mason fascism.

My first thought was, what does that even mean? I’m used to the Religious Right not making any sense, but c’mon!


You know people like Wiles are just stringing invectives together in a meaningless jumble when they say things like this. Free Mason fascism? I mean, what is that? And Illuminati? Really? And you think Robertson is an embarrassment?

But it gets better – or worse, depending on your perspective. Wiles absolutely hates immigrants and immigration saying,

Look at the insanity of what Obama is doing with invasion of illegals in Texas and Arizona.

You would think the president is leading them across the border, holding hands and singing Kumbaya. Worse, that the people the president is holding hands with aren’t really human.

Naturally, talibangelicals in Texas and Arizona are frightened they are losing their constitutionally guaranteed right to turn those states into militant theocracies where women can be fitted with burqas and kept silent like the Good Lord intended and the last thing they want is a sudden underclass prone to voting Democrat in response to Republican abuses!

We get that. However insane it is, we get that.

For Wiles, because the president doesn’t hate immigrants, it must logically follow that the Obama administration is the “Obamanista communist regime,” and he insists “They are coming at the American people from every direction: homosexual rights, gun confiscation, illegal immigrant amnesty and so on.”

Can we just face-palm here and call it a day?

There is that little thing about everybody being equal, including, of necessity in that “everybody,” so-called homosexuals. And nobody is confiscating any guns. Nobody has ever confiscated any guns, no matter how often the NRA says they will.

Wiles has previously compared Obama to the Assyrian king Sennacherib (about whom Byron once wrote a very nice poem) and the following White House tweet sent his buddy and fellow talibangelical Augusto Perez into paroxysms of Jonesian conspiracy-mandering back in early May:

All of this weird stuff going on, this image of him seated on a feathered throne, supposedly it’s swords, with a crossbow and what looks like eggs, it’s so weird,” Perez said. “You have to be able to connect the dots. The release of evil that is taking place in recent years, all kinds of things, the legislation that has been passed, corrupting the military on purpose, sodomy, bestiality, homosexuality, things that are meant to demoralize the Armed Forces and demoralize this people, same-sex marriage.

I thought it was funny, but then I’m going to hell, apparently. Listen, we’re all going to hell, Republican hell. In fact we are already there, our women, our children, our poor, our unemployed, our middle class, our ethnic and religious minorities having preceded us.

If there is a Satan, if you wanted a Satan, you would have to look no farther than Rick Wiles. I somehow suspect that Jesus would not have approved of Wiles’ scheme to throw undocumented immigrants out of airplanes. Even a parachute does not guarantee a safe descent, and it’s about as far from turning the other cheek as you can get without literally putting a bullet into somebody.

Of course, Wiles himself has been accused of financial improprieties and being a prophet, you have to wonder how Wiles did not see this coming and prepare for it. Just sayin’.

I did say yesterday that the Republicans can get crazier, and rest assured, nutty as this guy is, somebody will say something even crazier than Wiles tomorrow and Republicans will not their heads like he is some sort of Solomon. And then elect him.

19 Replies to “Rick Wiles Says America Turning into a Godless, Pagan Cesspool of Free Mason Fascism”

  1. Of course they would say this, because a United Secularist America is what they fear. An America were a person is judged not on the color of their skin, or sexual orientation, or religious belief or gender is something these ignorant men fear; greater then the second coming itself. A nation were a person is judged solely on the content of their character is what they don’t want to see, because then they are out of a job.

  2. These religious zealots realize that their reign of power and privilege is coming to an end. They have enjoyed more than their fair share of rights at the expense of others for so long that they actually believe that is how it should be.

    As their place in society diminishes they grow more extreme. They want to keep their grip on their following through fear and apocalyptic visions.

    They should change their symbol from an elephant to a dodo bird. More fitting.

  3. I wish someone would go after these charlatans and their non thinking sycophants with butterfly nets and be done with it

  4. I am guessing that they forget Bush was trying to get a few million illegal aliens citizenship prior to 911. That was quickly with drawn.

    Where are all these guns being stored that are being taken away?

    I now wonder, whats next? How stupid can these people get? Is it a contest?

  5. Godless pagan cesspool eh!?..Cool! fortunately I know how to tread the liquid of just such a cesspool, too bad this Ricky fellow and his ilk are to heavy with fear and guilt to float on it instead they sink to the bottom. That’s why it seems so deep to them, they are viewing it from the bed of it.

  6. Lest there be any doubt idiocy has over taken the once proud Republican party. In Texas the radical TEA-types now control the proud party of Lincoln. Wake up, Texas and America!

  7. as usual you continue to spell ‘prophet’ incorrectly when used in conjunction with evangelicals…

    its PROFIT… send money now

  8. Who is this guy and why would anyone care what he thinks?

    The media needs to stop reporting on these “American Taliban” types.

  9. C’mon now, everybody knows it’s not really a respectable conspiracy theory if it doesn’t also include the Templars, the Bilderbergers, and the Rosicrucians.

    Somebody get this guy a copy of Umberto Eco’s “Foucault’s Pendulum”.

  10. Perhaps he would care to explain this http://web.mit.edu/dryfoo/Masonry/Essays/fascism.html. That’s right Freemasonry was ruthlessly attacked by the fascists in Nazi Germany. To quote Hitler “The general pacifistic paralyzation of the national instinct of self-preservation, introduced into the circles of the so-called `intelligentsia’ by Freemasonry, is transmitted to the great masses, but above all to the bourgeoisie, by the activity of the great press, which today is always Jewish.” So Rick Wales ideologically sides with Hitler, so who is the fascist.

  11. “Rick Wiles Says America Turning into a Godless, Pagan Cesspool of Free Mason

    Oh? According to whose standards? Wake up!

    *Our country is NOT a theocracy, but a secular nation;

    *What’s wrong with Pagans?. Perhaps some of your ancestors were pagans;

    *What’s wrong with Free Masons? Some of our Founders were Free Masons;

    *George Washington was a Free Mason Master;

    *Have you used American paper money lately and seen the Masonic symbols?;

    *Do you REALLY know what fascism is?

    Get an education before you spread your lies. Your ignorance speaks so loudly it’s deafening!

  12. Weren’t the founders Free Masons? Didn’t the framers intend to create a secular government? So I suppose that the right wing wind bag Rick Wiles is complaining that we are going back too far to get to our roots.

  13. I think a mutant pineapple would be far better for shoving up thier collective asses…yes, I got the Idea from the film “little Nicky”…lol

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