Things Get Worse for Scott Brown as He Has No Idea What State He Is Running For Senate In

scott brown

The sinking Scott Brown for Senate in New Hampshire campaign suffered another blow when they sent out a press release attacking Sen. Jeanne Shaheen for not appearing with Obama in her backyard. The problem is that Obama was in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire.

The Washington Post reported:

Scott Brown’s New Hampshire Senate campaign sent a news release Wednesday questioning why Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) wasn’t appearing with President Obama while he was “in town.”

But Obama was in Worcester, Mass., about 50 miles from the New Hampshire border. The president will then be raising money in Boston for Senate Democrats.

When asked about this gaffe, the Brown campaign responded with one of the worst excuses ever. They claimed that by in town they meant in New England, even though New England is a region, not a town. The truth is that the Brown people don’t know what state they are running. Scott Brown lives in Massachusetts. He was a senator from Massachusetts. It makes sense that his campaign would still be thinking Massachusetts.

The reality is that Brown is trailing Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen. His campaign has been mired in scandal thanks to Brown’s acceptance of $1.3 million in stock from a very shady Florida company. Having Brown hop across the border and run in New Hampshire seemed like a desperate move by the Republican Party to begin with, and Brown has not done anything to make it look any better since.

Brown’s 2010 special election Senate win Massachusetts is looking more and more like a fluke. Scott Brown was supposed to give Republicans a good chance to flip a Senate seat. Instead, it looks like the only thing that may by flipping will be Brown’s legal residency as heads back home after another potential Senate election defeat.

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  1. There is what could best be described as a bit of resentment on the part of many New Hampshire residents toward people who live in Massachusetts. Ah hell, they absolutely hate us. This attitude has existed for years even though the state to the north profits handsomely as people from the south cross the border to spend millions on large ticket items – sales tax free in NH, and liquor and cigarettes, always notable bargains. Claiming a New Hampshire connection didn’t do a lot for Mitt, and I was very surprised that Brown, living in Massachusetts as long as he has, didn’t realize he had a major strike against him long before he started his latest Senate run.

  2. He’s becoming more and more like Sarah Palin every day. Just shows you that “twit” is not a misogynistic slur. It applies equally sometimes to either gender.

  3. This is quite a hilarious example
    of what the Republican Party has
    degenerated into. They speak now,
    think later.
    In my mind I picture their brains
    as a spinning compass, desperately
    seeking to find North,
    continuously missing the mark…

  4. Republicans this was your golden boy? I say something about that party. Idiots for one Idiots for all

  5. It won’t be long before he starts reminding people that he has Daughters and that some of them might be available.

    Just like he did when he was in MA.

  6. Another Republican political wannabe who can’t muster up the courage to accept responsibility for his own mistakes, failures, and shortcomings.

  7. My name is Scott Brown,
    And note I do not frown,
    When I act the clown,
    And come run in your town,
    I’ll try to be your congressman from Maine,
    And you might think me insane,
    When I run again for Mayor in Crane,
    I’m a political junkie,
    Not just any flunky,
    And I’ll see you soon,
    In Saskatoon .

  8. Yep, I just hope he will not be saved from the TITANIC sinking like another Brown, the famous Molly Brown. LOL

  9. May be not a fluke. Rumor has it.

    His win in 2010 was helped by his fellow colleagues in the Democratically controlled State House voting for him in order to get rid of him on the state level.

  10. Scott and Sarah…. Ken & Barbie

    Wasn’t Sarah in high school voted least likely to read a book, and most likely to burn one?

  11. What the hell good is his looks if he is a god dam MORON???? I would rather have someone with a brain representing me than a beauty pageant contestant. He is a MORON and i know as I have been a lifelong resident of MASS. He couldn’t make it here so he went to NH and it doesn’t look like he is doing very good up there either. HE IS NOT INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO BE A REPRESENTATIVE OF CONGRESS. Oh what a loser so glad he left our state.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out what the State of New Hampshire DID to deserve Scott Brown.

    We already have our Quota of Village Idiots, Morans, Dingbats, Airheads and people selling Snake Oil.

    If you have any doubts, take a look at the
    State Legislature in Concord.

  13. Google ‘Scott Brown Dancing Queen’. This 2012 web ad was put together and ready to go in 2 days. I think it’s one of the best ads of that political season.

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