Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t: The Only Way Republicans Win Is By Cheating


Bill Maher called out Republicans and said what the media won’t. The Republican Party can only win elections by cheating.


Maher said, “Let’s be honest. Republicans, the only way they win is they cheat. They cheat, and they stop people from voting. I mean, if you’re voting on a Tuesday. It’s a work day. It’s a horrible day to vote. Why can’t we do it on our phone? That’s such an anachronism that we actually have to go to a place on a work day. It’s ridiculous. We bank with our phone. I mean, if you made it easy, this country would look so different.

In the same segment, Maher pointed out that, with the defeat of Eric Cantor, all 278 Republicans in Congress are Christians and 277 of them are white. The demographics that make up the Republican Party are the same reason why Republicans are trying to make it more difficult to vote. The only way they can win is by keeping the electorate small and made up of older white conservatives.

Making it easier to vote, by allowing people to vote electronically, would render all of the tactics that Republicans are using to suppress Election Day turnout obsolete. If all working people in this country could vote with their phones, turnout would increase exponentially. Younger people are more likely to adopt technology early so electronic voting would cause the turnout among the young to soar. Older Americans who don’t drive, or have physical limitations would no longer have to worry about getting to the polls on Election Day.

One of the great voter suppression efforts that have gone unrecognized is the barriers to voting that disabled Americans are faced with. According to a 2009 report by the Government Accountability Office, 73% of the nation’s polling places have partial or total physical impediments that make voting difficult or impossible for those with disabilities. According to the Census, 56.7 million people, or 19% of the population, has a disability. This means that one in five Americans could be potentially having their vote suppressed because of polling place barriers to voting.

Bill Maher was correct. The country’s politics would look vastly different if it were easier to vote. Some people will not vote no matter how easy it is, but the name of the game for Republicans is making sure that as many people as possible don’t vote.

The media won’t say it, but voter fraud is a myth. The mainstream press likes to discuss the electorate while conveniently ignoring Republican attempts to suppress the vote. Republicans can’t win unless they cheat, and they will continue to try to shrink the vote until the media stops ignoring the problem.

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31 Replies to “Bill Maher Says What The Media Won’t: The Only Way Republicans Win Is By Cheating”

  1. It’s sad that the repubs have to resort to such tactics to try and win elections. If they truly had their way the only voters would be white people with an income of $100,000 or more.

    I just noticed the other day while out for a walk I passed this big empty corner lot. Every election cycle it gets filled with campaign signs. Reading the signs I noticed that all of the Democrat signs had their name, office they’re running for and party on them. The republican candidates had their name and office they’re running for but not their party. I don’t know if they are trying to confuse voters or they’re just ashamed to be running on a republican ticket.

  2. It’s ironic that they do so much cheating at every opportunity, yet they’ve lost the last two general elections by a substantial margin. Then when they lose and realize that their cheating didn’t work, what do they do? They go on TV and shake their fists while yelling that the Democrats cheated to win the election. I guess they just don’t hear themselves or see how ridiculous and ignorant they look. They can capture the “stupid” vote, but intelligent people will always see them for what they are.

  3. I’m begining to believe that ‘being republican’ should be classified as a mental disorder rather than a political affiliation. It’s definitely an epidemic at this point.

  4. The two most powerful players in the GOP’s strategic planning for state and national elections continue to be … Gerry Mander and Jim Crow II.

  5. This is the typical repug playbook. The ends justify the means. Lie cheat and steal elections. It’s for the good of the country. NOT!

  6. Cheating is so much a part of the right wing mentality, and they KNOW they’re cheating, so they figure the Democrats MUST be doing it too.

  7. what he says is true, but all that can change after the next election when the democrats control everything. use modern technology to allow citizens to vote.
    instead of super Tuesday, it could be super Saturday.

  8. Republicans have no sense of right and wrong. That means they will say and do anything to get what they want and that makes them pretty dangerous.

  9. Here in Oregon, we vote by mail.
    There has NEVER been a hint of fraud.
    We have higher voter turnout in elections than most States, even in off year elections. In 2010, we had over 70% of voter turnout.
    We have the highest voter turnout of voters under 35, the highest in the nation in 2010.
    I wish all the blue states would put “vote by mail” on the ballot for their voters to choose and the red states should take a stab at it as well.

  10. You must live in an area that has a lot of Democratic voters. It really does go both ways, I have seen Democratic candidates leave off party affiliation on yard signs in strong Republican areas and vice versa. Some people are so hung up on party that they do not vote for the person who would best represent them personally. Both parties know this that is why the play up the guilt by association. I am still saying I prefer a Democrat but a republican might be able to persuade me if they are truly independent and vote how I like, unfortunately they no longer exist or hard to find in that party.

  11. I wouldn’t advertise I was a Dem in a republican area because I’d be too afraid of being vandalized/victimized. The individual republican’s opinions don’t matter anymore, because anyone with an individual opinion won’t become a repub. The party wouldn’t have them either.

  12. One minor quibble as a small town reporter … The “media” DOES and HAS reported extensively on voter suppression efforts … at least in Pennsylvania, where we all heard about the GOP official who promised to delivery Pa. to Romney via the new voter I.D. law, and likewise the state’s rejection of that law was also extensively covered. Bye the bye, I’ve learned about other states’ voter suppression efforts like everybody else – the daily newspaper.

  13. “but voter fraud is a myth”: it’s not actually, but it’s NOT done by whom the GOP is accusing…but by the accuser himself…

  14. The Continuum of STUPID has become the Movie Idiocracy? Republicans and Democrats are the Sunni’s and Shiite’s! Revolution,Revolution Time.

  15. Debunking your claims one by one:

    Liberals believe in the entire 2nd amendment… especially the “well regulated militia” part.

    We prefer Democracy over Oligarchy.

    We believe in fighting terrorism even domestic terrorists.

    Check the stockmarket…

    We support LGBT, minorities, women and ALL religions. Seems diverse to me.

    Huh? That statement doesn’t merit a response.

    Maybe because we support the 47% that the 1% despise.

    No, that’s the 1%.

    That’s the entire GOTea-party explained in a nutshell.

    Have a good day.

  16. Of course the GOP cheat to win. When you completely abandon the truth, facts, logic, reason and common sense, as the GOP have, in favor of a Fascist ideology, you have only cheating, propaganda, BS and bald-faced lies on which to rely.
    I’ve explained many times why the so-called “Liberal media” won’t call out the GOP for their Fascism: most of the so-called “Liberal” media (but not all) are owned and operated by GOP sympathizers who order their charges to do one of two things: spew the ridiculous False Equivalency argument or simply ignore the sad fact that the GOP are Fascists and have been for a long time.
    If those media joined the rest in doing what they’re SUPPOSED to do, get at and expose the truth, 30-50 million GOP Progressives and Moderates would know the sad truth about their party. So long as those media abdicate their responsibility, the Fascist regime known as the Republican Party continues to survive….

  17. No they don’t. They despise it. How easy is it to buy a gun in Chicago?
    You cannot buy a gun legally in Chicago. You can go to Indiana to buy all you want. Stop that nonsense

    Question 2 doesn’t even deserve a reply Alex Jones

    3 were mid level government workers, one was a policeman only one was a commander who fought the Northern Alliance

    Again with the misconceptions Food Stamp Use is Highest in Red States: The Truth Republicans Do Not Want You to Know.
    White People Within Republican States Receive More Welfare and Food-stamps Than the People in Democrat States

    WTF is rugged individualism? Please tell us. Is it living in a trailer with a outhouse and no lights?

    It seems to me you and the American Taliban cornered the market on 47% seeing that was the idiots who voted for rethugs in 2012

  18. Ask Walmart that question and then ask them why should you subsidize them when they wont pay a living wage

    I guess a little blood spilled should be no big deal
    U.S. Gun Homicides: Visualizing the Numbers
    Total gun deaths in 2010 (about 86% male).
    Total gun homicides (out of the 16,259 overall homicides committed in 2010).
    In 5 years more people will been murdered than all the Vietnam war

    The Democratic party left you? Methinks it wasn’t the party, it was your bigotry

  19. That’s why todays ruling was a good baby step. Now close the gun show loophole and we will be on a way to a sane society

  20. How is government curtailing your freedom?
    Who builds the roads and infrastructure so your lemonade stand can succeed?
    Waiting for government handouts? You are stupid Corporate Welfare Grows to $154 Billion even in Midst of Major Government Cuts
    Welfare Queens? Welfare Kings Rule the Land
    Big corporations take the cake (and everything else) when it comes to welfare.
    That’s a whole bunch of rugged individualism if you ask me
    Well don’t be a bigot You F*cking idiot

  21. They tried to rig the Presidential Election 2012 with the help of Jon Husted in swing state Ohio. Came pretty close too. Remember Karl Roves epic meltdown on election night on Fox. Remember when he said he’s been in “constant contact” with “Ohio’s SOS” & that it was “too early” to concede defeat? Jon Husted implemented a controversial internet program that tallied votes. Translation, attempted to move votes in Obama’s column into Romney’s. Do I put it past 2 fascist f***faces like Rove & Husted? Hell no. I believe it happened.

    Did Anonymous Stop Karl Rove from Stealing the 2012 Election?

    Rove believes he will steal the 2012 election. This message is for him.

    Did Anonymous Save the Election from Karl Rove? (Part 1)
    The Big Picture RT with Thom Hartmann
    The Big Picture RT·5,204 videos

  22. Why it’s not crazy to think Anonymous stopped Karl Rove From Stealing the Election, Part 2
    The Big Picture RT
    The Big Picture RT·5,204 videos
    Subscribe 39,511
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    I like thisLike I dislike this About Share Add to Transcript Statistics Report
    Published on Nov 21, 2012
    If you think it’s crazy that Karl Rove tried to steal the election this year only to be thwarted by Anonymous – then you haven’t been paying attention to the last 50 years of American history. Tune in…what do Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, both Bushes, and maybe even Mitt Romney have in common – besides all being Republicans?
    Never take your eyes off them. They have so many tricks up their sleeves to steal & suppress the votes. It’s almost impossible to keep on top of it. 2014 & 2016 here they come, at it again. It’s a never ending hell for the people they don’t want to vote.

  23. That is a wrong-headed idea. Compelling people to vote is morally wrong, because it forces them to participate in a process they may reasonably regard as immoral and destructive (ie, government). It is self-defeating because compelling the ignorant and the disinterested to vote will not improve the quality of the outcome. Even from a purely partisan point of view, this could very, very easily come back to bite its advocates on the rear end.

  24. The poor. Give them food, clothing and housing and they will be in your back pocket.

    I have shown you where corporate America gets more welfare and I see the dog whistle when you say the poor that’s why you are a bigot

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