Michael Steele Says There Is a ‘Lot of Interest’ in Having Eric Cantor Run the RNC


Less then a week after Eric Cantor was stunningly crushed in a Republican primary election, Former RNC Chair (Jan ’09 – Jan ’11) Michael Steele is suggesting that Cantor might be suited for a position as the leader of the National Republican Party. Apparently nothing screams a guy is party leadership material like getting rejected by his own party’s voters in a congressional primary. Steele claims that there is a “lot of interest” in having Eric Cantor become the next chair of the Republican National Committee. Steele made his remarks on MSNBC’s Up With Steve Kornacki .

It is certainly not unusual for a politician recently defeated in an election to take on a political post after losing. However, the idea of having Cantor, who was so thoroughly rejected in humiliating fashion on Tuesday, take over as the head of the Republican National Committee is simply bizarre. Perhaps, Michael Steele, Eric Cantor and other leading figures of the Republican establishment have become so politically tone deaf that they think Tuesday night’s result were some kind of peculiar anomaly rather than a message directed at the GOP leadership.

Perhaps Steele is unaware that Cantor is disliked by most rank and file Republicans. A Huff Post/YouGov poll this week found that just 28 percent of Republicans have a favorable opinion of Cantor compared to 39 percent who view him negatively. Other members of the GOP leadership, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner did not fare much better. While Michael Steele and other Republican Party operatives may think Cantor is a good choice for taking over as chair of the RNC, Republican voters disagree. The Tea Party is swallowing the Republican Party alive and GOP leaders are slow to grasp how badly they have lost control of the party.

The Republican Party can choose to select Cantor to run the RNC if they wish, but if they do, chances are it will not end well for Mr. Cantor or for the Republican Party. Michael Steele apparently missed the wake up call on Tuesday evening. He must be a very sound sleeper, because if Tuesday night’s rude awakening did not move him from his intellectual slumber and his clueless complacency, probably nothing will.


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  1. Did anyone else see this from POLITICO:

    “In an interview with POLITICO in April, Brat sounded conspiratorial about the Benghazi attacks, saying at one point,
    “My guess is Republican Leadership did something related to Benghazi that they don’t want coming out. That’s the best of what I’ve heard. There’s something a little fishy there.’’

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/06/dave-brat-eric-cantor-virginia-107804.html#ixzz34epYGKTz

    I’m having trouble bookmarking.

  2. That will be good for the republican party, to have a loser as a leader just like the party is a bunch of losers.

  3. This GOP is certainly just plain dumb. Let’s have someone represent and run the whole party (EC), because most of the people in the party don’t like him??????

    Oh lordy, they are dumber than I thought.

    I really believe that they have taken leave of their senses since Black man became POTUS. It is eating them alive, they are brain dead.

  4. The GOP leaders are not slow to recognize anything, they just refuse to recognize anything

    Look at the Krugman article, the gop can only get worse

  5. Most interesting that he said Republicans had something to do with Benghazi. After all, Rott Mimney was saying that he needed something like the Iran hostage crisis to propel him to victory, and-bing! This happens on that fraught date, 9/11. It appears the ambassador was not deliberately killed, but died of smoke inhalation. Was this a kidnapping gone wrong?

  6. If I were a republican; I would say to myself what can I do to get the party going in the correct direction? Well sure lets hire the person most responsible for the mess we are in to lead us out of the mess; yep very consistent Republican line of thinking.

  7. Michael Steele isn’t one of the brightest apples in the dish. Before you make a statement like that you gather facts first. He had no facts, just opened his big pie hole and out came garbage. The typical GOP response, say anything the people will believe it. Well guess what Mikey, the American people are getting smarter and wising up.

  8. Who cares what Michael Steele, GOP “Useful Idiot” and parrot of debunked GOP talking points, thinks about Can’tor running the RNC?!? He certainly can’t be any worse than the f*cknut that’s running the RNC now…

  9. Seems to me that they are aligning themselves. A coup for God, anyone? Maybe Christian and Jewish Zionists in action. I hope I am wrong. Look into it. ok

  10. Is it just me or can you not can help but wonder if in November the repubs lose collossally! They will..b/c they have burnt every last one of their white counterpart young & old–who used to be middle class and had jobs–constituents. They are now taking their pensions so corporations can have another tax break while they scream NO MIN WAGE HIKE for all their constituents starving on $7.25 an hr. They have said no jobs for 5 years now. No to healthcare as their constituents are dying..thank you sarah palin but it turns those death panels you so proudly screeched about are yourS and the GOP’s sin. I used to thnk RW const’s insane voting GOP. They’re tired of lying for you..starving for you..dying for you..getting crippled for you as you say NO to UI, MEDICARE, SS, VA BENEFITS, B/C-GAY/VOTING/WOMENS RITES. They SEE YOU NOW & loathE you like they loathed the Hitlers Husseins Bushs Putins Stalins Mousellinis of the world…leaders who let their people die for wealth and power–…

  11. Michael Steele? Please..the man almost broke the GOP ..which was fine by me..but still. The Oreo Cookie of all Oreo Cookies is Michael Steele! What a joke that man is. I have no respect for him. He’s a disgrace to the black race to get so far up only to betray his people with the likes of Bush policies. Traitor to the race Sheeze! Why do they even ask this guy anything. Matter of fact. Why do all the morning shows only ask RW politicians about issues of the day when they know what they will say. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE B/C OF OBAMA!!and HE’S LAZY!! And why do all the AA on all the news channels esp FOX hate Obama so much? Will they lose their jobs if they side with him? I notice pretty much all of them on CCN don’t like our pres. Why? What did he do to all those black news people? I mean really? They really hate him. Why? They come off as prejudice against a black man. Hello! He’s the Presidnet and black like you! They should be proud! Instead they treat him with shame. No respect. W…

  12. I admire the GOP for looking out for their own instead of kicking them to the curb like Democrats always do! They also have scores of think-tanks inside the beltway that provide jobs and shelter from flyover country to old Republican hacks. Democrats have NOTHING and, it’s actually killing them.

    A perfect example is Al Gore. He disappeared from the planet after he lost through no fault of his own the election to the corrupt, execrable Bush. Compare what happened to Al Gore to Mitt Romney who lost too but he’s still in everybody’s face and in the news well over a year later. Surely it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that Mitt going to be MTP guest of honor today … I guess David and his corporate masters decided it was either Romney or McCain or Rogers and Romney won the toss up.

  13. This is a tangent, OT, if you will. From my extended family perspective, the R’s will keep voting for the R’s because it’s ingrained… they were born into an R family and will always be R’s. It’s ridiculous, I know. Some of these people are not unintelligent, but they are low information voters as far as knowing what’s going on politically. They vote by rote and don’t really care about issues. I’ve attempted discussions with a few and it just boggles my mind. Now I pretty much avoid ’em all. Thank God early on I was able to show my husband the light and our adult kids are wise progressives by choice. My R parents are surely rolling in their graves over what the R party has devolved into.

  14. Also Glen, I wonder how any on who calls themselves Christian, can also follow Ann Rand? She screamed and attacked any sort of social service her whole life. Except, when she was dying from cancer. (after smoking packs of cig’s per day) and her own money was going down the drain, THEN she went on medicare. A social service. it seems rethugs are masters at self deception.

  15. I think Steele was just trying to get a dig in on Prepuce, his successor, kinda like McGeez does to the President.

  16. The World is infected with hate and corruption as it always has” And their worried about Cantor” Stay out of Other Countries and let them deal with their own corruption! Religion Kills all hope!

  17. The American public has no in interest in anything Cantor, we despise him. Only the un American republicans have interest in a corporate lapdog like Cantor.

  18. You know, strangely, I’ve always – kinda – liked Michael Steele. He seems to have a – kinda – sense of humor. Also he hates Reince Priebus with a passion, which I do, too.
    And while we’re on a Democratic confession, I’ll also admit that I’ve always – kinda – liked Laura Bush. I think I’d have been like her if I had been married to a complete fuck-up like George W!

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