American Voters Need To Realize The Terrible Urgency Of 2014



Every time I hear a pundit or a pollster discuss the certainty that Republicans will hold the House or the high probability they will gain control of the Senate I suspect I am having an out-of-body experience. In what world, no matter how ill-informed, gerrymandered, Fox News saturated, or Koch Brother’s money-smothered could Democrats not win overwhelmingly this November? Are Democratic candidates and especially Democratic leadership so incapable of connecting the dots that a sane and literate electorate will sit out this critical election?

Yeah, apparently.

We have leadership handpicking candidates who won’t galvanize the base and refusing to provide support to non-incumbents unless they are sure-fire winners. Our candidates pussyfoot through campaigns, terrified of offending Republicans who would never vote for them anyway. All in all we have a party which is unwilling or unable to bludgeon voters with the truth.

Democrats consistently campaign on the defensive; letting the opposition frame the debate and choose the terms; Obamacare, Benghazi, the “IRS scandal” the War on Coal. They wield the Second Amendment like a mace and lie that liberals plan to eviscerate the First. Complacent independents and Democrats may not be well informed or likely voters in off-year elections but they can understand actual facts and become angry enough to do something about them.

It is time we pick the battleground and infuse the field with urgency.

There isn’t a natural constituency the Republicans have not insulted, annoyed, or outright harmed in recent years yet many seem blissfully unaware of it. How many veterans know Republicans killed $100 million in funding to improve access to care as opposed to those who only heard the President was to blame four months later when the VA scandal broke.  How many low income persons are aware their own governors are keeping health care from them but instead believe Obamacare is killing the country?

There are 89,727 career and 137,037 non-career employees of the U.S. Postal Service. At least that many more adults probably depend on their paychecks. They all have heard that their livelihood is in danger but do they know why? If it was made clear that a Republican law is forcing USPS to fund employee pensions for 75 years over a period of ten; that this is a badly disguised plan to kill the USPS to the benefit of UPS and FedEx, big donors to the GOP; and that Republicans are now angling to use that pension money to erase the deficit in the Highway Trust Fund, do you think they would sit at home on November 4? Hell, they would probably drag their spouses, parents, and half the neighborhood to the polls with them.

So why is Ed Schultz the only one talking about this?

The conventional wisdom is that young people don’t vote in mid-terms. On Wednesday Senate Republicans filibustered a bill to lower the debt on student loans. Two years ago they refused to stop an automatic doubling of Stafford Loan interest rates. This information alone could fuel a monster get-out-the vote drive on campuses nationwide.

These examples don’t even scratch the surface. Progressives have long lamented that poor and middle-class people always vote against their own self-interest. Maybe they don’t know they are doing so.

Have we fully informed the near-elderly on Paul Ryan’s plan for Medicare?

Do young women understand the current threat to their sexual freedom and to family planning?

Do small farmers know they are being damaged by agribusiness and the support Republican’s give it?

Are non-Christians aware of current legislative advocacy for state endorsed religion?

Are coastal residents such climate deniers they will allow their cities to drown?

Do minorities see the comprehensive effort Republicans are making to take away their vote?

It is not fear mongering to tell postal employees they will see their jobs shrivel and die under a Republican majority nor is it unfair to tell minorities and the elderly that this may be their last chance to vote unless voter suppression efforts are halted and halted quickly. It may be noble for a candidate to run on a platform of what she will do but it often works better to explain what an opponent has done.

And while we are at it we need to gather together the entire GOP and tie them up with one big ugly bow. The dreadful remarks we keep hearing – such as “No one has the guts to let them (poor people) wither and die” (John Johnston, congressional candidate, Indiana), or “I never said I would author legislation to put homosexuals to death, but I didn’t have a problem with it” (Scott Esk, state house candidate Oklahoma) or suggestions that poor children should have to sweep floors in return for a free lunch (Rep Jack Kingston and former Speaker Newt Gingrich), that non-Christians would certainly go to hell (Rep. Louie Gohmert just yesterday) or any of dozens of nasty and misogynistic comments about rape (take your pick) – are not isolated remarks.  Let’s must pound home the truth that this is the way Republicans think and that only an election stands between thoughts and their reflection in real laws.

There is a Facebook meme to the effect that if Republicans stop lying about us we will stop telling the truth about them. The problem is they are still lying but we have never hit them with the unvarnished truth nor even attempted to arouse voters to the crises they are facing everywhere – with their jobs, their health, and their democracy. It needs to be said over and over that we cannot wait until 2016 – there is a terrible urgency to now.

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  1. Someone warned today that Koch’s are planning on spending 290 million to get their agenda through. In effect they are purchasing the republicans and the country, we may not have 290 million but we must get out and vote and try to get others to do the same.
    I think this mid term election is just as important as a presidential election.

  2. Obama has been very vocal about Dems not showing up in the mid terms. The candidates running need to echo that sentiment. They need to start calling out the repubs on everything they can. Time to fight fire with fire.

    I do have a feeling that Dems are going to show up more than the polls are showing. In my state far more Dems showed up for the primaries than I expected. Hopefully that’s a good sign.

  3. There is some reason to hope underneath the polls and pundits. Word seeping out from VA-7 indicates a serious effort – all quite legal – for Dems to deregister in order to vote for Brat. Why? Because then he is beatable where Cantor may have been less so.

    The DCCC may be totally bereft, but local politics may be changing things as people themselves rise up against lousy Bagger incumbents. It happened in 2012 even in districts with scarce funding, and it can happen – is happening – again. It is imperative that people with moderate to progressive bent help mobilize others and NOT do ‘purity tests’ on any candidate. The objective is not who is in your district but the House and Senate. Only when we have control can we then put pressure on our own weak candidates.

    Anyone ‘too good to vote’ is voting anyway – you always support the winner even if you hate them when you don’t vote. There is no Dem who should not be elected. Period. Full Stop.

  4. If the working class people don’t vote those republican/teabagger obstructionist out this year then they don’t need to belly ache over the screwing they’re fixing to get.

  5. Just imagine what the world would be like if McCain and Palin were at the helm. The job plan would be to ship everyone’s butts to Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt. What do they hope to accomplish? Seriously, how is the US going to improve the world by bombing the hell out of them. Why are Republicans more interested in taking care of the infrastructure in all these places than they are in doing ANYTHING for Americans (of course except for the super rich 1%).

    VOTE DEMOCRAT IN 2014 … I’m not going to say ‘are you better off now (majority of us aren’t)?; I’m going to say what do you think your life would be like today if McCain and Palin and then Romney and Rand was in charge of the government? We probably wouldn’t have such high unemployment because they would bring back the draft and pay everyone they ship over to one of those God-forsaken places minimum wage … and then when you come home … hopefully you die soon because they only worship the almighty doll…

  6. If the national Democratic Party won’t support your candidate, support that candidate yourself. And throw some the way of Trammell.

  7. Most of us don’t mind paying taxes for good roads, disaster preparedness, Medicare, Social Security, other paid into benefits, public education, Health care, or even helping people in need have food and shelter. We even don’t mind paying taxes to have the government protect us from contaminated food, air, water. What we don’t like is when our elected officials lie to us and give away trillions of our tax dollars to corporations, who pocket the money or take it off shore so that it isn’t taxed. This is wrong no matter what you say and this is what needs to stop. So stop the tax breaks and subsidies to Corporations that have deprived the 99% of us from a sustainable living.
    TAX BREAKS and SUBSIDIES do not create jobs, as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has shown. Neither do specific tax incentive programs. (

  8. The Kochs obviously are scheming that if enough of their stooge puppets get elected, they will be able to get rid of affordable health care.

  9. The real goal is to keep employers from having to provide heathcare plans. You would think they would love Obamacare

  10. I keep getting annoying emails – sometimes 20 a day – from aparachniks of the DNC and the DCCC (the ones from Debbie Wasserman Schultz are particularly annoying), begging for money to “fight the Republicans”! BUT, these pathetic, begging, and annoying emails don’t say HOW they’re going to put the money to use. I refuse to give anything to any candidate or organisation that doesn’t take the fight to the airwaves and start telling the truth about the Republican agenda.

    These Dems can beg, beg, and beg some more, but I want to see a cohesive strategy to fight the other side. I realise we’re Democrats…and therefore discorganised, but still… Let’s get the truth out there and our voters to the polls.

  11. Sinclair Lewis wrote “When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped up in the flag and carrying a cross” Minorities, single women, Progressives, Middle Class, poor and working poor, better come out in droves in November or Lewis’s warning will come true! White Supremacist radical tea party extremists will if they get both Houses of Congress: Impeachment Obama and dismantle Obamacare and that is just starter!

  12. It worked out so well the first time for the American Taliban is thinking about shutting down the Government again, this time over the new EPA regs on coal. Before the election mind you.

    Senior House Republicans are considering using a must-pass government funding bill to block President Barack Obama’s new rule to limit greenhouse gas pollution from coal-fired power plants.

    Congress has three and a half months before funding expires. Republicans could theoretically shift strategy and remove the provision before final passage on the House floor. Or they could pass it and spark a battle with Senate Democrats and the White House with the prospect of another government shutdown looming when the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30

  13. They’re BARELY supporting the incumbent Democrats as well. Kay Hagan has been dogged by Koch Bros. ads in NC since November 2012. The latest is blaming her for cutting Medicaid to the state because she voted for Obamacare. SERIOUSLY? Gov. McCrory turned down the Medicaid $$$$ and bragged about it. And the dimwitted R’s in NC will lap it right up and STILL not understand why they’re getting their marginal healthcare in the ER.

  14. It just might get worse

    SCOTUS Rules For Anti-Abortion Group In Case About Campaign Lies

    On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List has standing to challenge a state law in Ohio that prohibits false statements about political candidates.

    The unanimous ruling, written by Justice Clarence Thomas, says the group demonstrated a “sufficiently imminent injury” and therefore its First Amendment case against the law may move forward.

    The rapture is upon us. Clarence Thomas wrote an opinion for a change

  15. Everyone of sane mind,please inform your relatives & friends how important this mid-term is and we must VOTE! to save our country….

  16. Maine’s Shenna Bellows holds the same views as Elizabeth Warren and is taking on a popular Republican incumbent. Let’s do what we can to ensure Shenna beats Susan Collins and goes to Washington to work with Elizabeth for our people and our values

    With the crazy Governor up for reelection she just might have a chance considering for all of her moderation Susan Collins is a bagger votes with the baggers against Maines interest

  17. But yet you are part of the problem as well. The Democrats have done little to solve any problems, and the sham of Obamacare will cause the average American to lose and Obama’s cronies in the insurance industry to gain big, and best of all, big business gains too. You must realise the Democrats are no better than the Republicans.

    The only way America can win is if everyone abstains from voting, a “voters’ strike”. If no one votes, it will draw serious question as to the legitimacy of the system. And thus the corrupt institution of the American system will fall in on itself and perhaps a new order will arise.111

  18. You go ahead and not vote. The rest of us understand and approve of Obamacare.

    Thanks for your assumptions

  19. Make sure everyone over fifty knows that the Ryan budget will delay Medicare coverage to 70 years of age, Effectively postponing your retirement 5 years. And make sure their children know they might have to bear the brunt of the ramifications. Paul Ryan is the Medicare killer.Paul Ryan is the Medicare killer.

  20. Sorry to say but it might take a GOP ass kicking this November to wake up all the sleeping Democrats. You know the ones who vote in the national election but then stays home and sulks two years later and leaves our Democratic president with a radical right wing majority. Oh! “Why cant Obama get anything done?”. Because you don’t vote in midterm elections that’s why my Democrat friend.

  21. You must realise the Democrats are no better than the Republicans.

    If you’re that willfully ignorant, yes, you should abstain from voting. You clearly have zero idea what you’re jabber-jawing about but then again, your moniker is “CardCarryingRED” so color me surprised that you’d be attacking Democrats. Trolly.

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