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Eric Cantor Blames President Obama For His Primary Defeat

In a bit of seriously twisted logic, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) blamed President Obama for his defeat in the Republican primary on ABC’s This Week.


Transcript from ABC’s This Week:

KARL: Well, what do you say to those Tea Party — those groups claiming they represent the Tea Party, going after you, going after other Republican leaders? What contribution are those groups making?

CANTOR: Listen, there’s a lot of frustration out there. I have seen it. There’s frustration against this president. There’s a frustration against Washington, of not being able to stop this president when he says I’ve got a phone and a pen and I’m going to do what I want if you Republicans don’t agree with him. There is frustration.

And one of the things that, you know, I want to remember, is Tea Party means taxed enough already. You know, these are moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers that got into the political debate and process back in 2009 after the lurch leftward, expansion of government with Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, cap and trade, stimulus and the rest.

Eric Cantor’s attempt to blame President Obama was a cop out that was designed to avoid the real issues behind why he lost his seat.

Cantor never took responsibility for the two things that likely cost him his seat. Rep. Cantor never admitted that he and his fellow House Republicans have been promising things to Republican voters that they knew they could never deliver. For example, repealing Obamacare is something that was never going to happen, but House Republicans have been running on it for years. Republicans like Cantor have built up unrealistic expectations by over promising.


The second area that Rep. Cantor refuses to take responsibility for is the tactics that House Republicans have been using. Cantor suggested that the reason why he lost was that Obama is a dictator, but in reality he lost because the Republican position of saying no to everything made Cantor an easy target for a primary opponent, because when push came to shove on issues like the government shutdown and the debt ceiling, House Republicans caved.

The idea that President Obama is a unilaterally acting dictator who cost Eric Cantor his House seat makes no sense. Cantor lost in a Republican primary that Obama had nothing to do with. What is telling is that Cantor refused to criticize the tea party, and would not rule out running for office again.


Eric Cantor harbors the same ambition to be president that he has always had. Virginia governors are term limited to one term. I suspect that, Cantor if he isn’t tapped to be on the ticket in 2016, will run for governor of Virginia in 2018. If Brat would somehow to lose the election for Cantor’s House seat in the fall, there is no doubt that Cantor would run to get his House seat back in 2016. It is doubtful that the nation has seen the last of Eric Cantor in politics. Either way, Cantor is plotting his next political move.


His blaming of Obama for his defeat makes it virtually certain that Cantor will be back.


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  • My coffees cold and it's Obamas fault. This guy is a complete joke. Why can't the repubs ever take responsibility for anything? He lost his seat because he spent to much time hob nobbing in DC, and ignoring his district. The congress approval ratings are at 10%. People are tired of the obstructionists. I really feel in November the repubs are going to take some serious losses. They are not going to take the Senate and I think they're going to lose some Governorships too.

    • Huckleberry, I sure hope you're right - particularly about the Senate - but unless we get our people out to vote, the Republicans might indeed take the Senate, and then we're all in trouble.

      Funniest comment I saw last week was a Dem blogger who noted, when Cantor, et al, was blaming "Dems who voted in the Republican primary" wrote, "Hell, we can't even get our own to vote in the Democratic primary!" How - sadly - right he was!

      • @phoebes, you're in Santa Fe, I'm in Cruces, and you can bet I'm voting. We have a few repubs that need to join the unemployment line.

        • Thanks for the note, fellow NMer! What CD is Las Cruces in? If it's in the First, is there ANY chance to get Steve Pearce out again? Here in Santa Fe we're Democrats rolling in clover.

          Also, state-wide, what do you think of the victory of King for Dem nomination for governor? I saw little in campaign material or signage for him and I bet he'll use the same lacksidasical approach in the general. I'd sure rather have seen Alan Webber get the nomination. He seems like a real fighter.

      • @phoebes, yes we are blessed with Pearce but we are working on sending him to the unemployment line along with Martinez. I like Webber but I think King has the better chance to take her down. I want NM as blue as the sky.

        • I'm curious why you think King has a chance? Really, he had very little electoral presence here in the northern part of the state, which indicated to me - perhaps - an unwillingness to put himself "out there" to win the primary. And if he won't fight in the primary - will he do so in the general?

          Do you think Rocky Lara has a chance?

      • @phoebes, Gary King has the name recognition and he's part of the old Richardson crew. The polls have Martinez ahead but I don't believe that's accurate. She really stuck her foot in it with the teachers. Plus the scandals and investigations. I like Rocky Lara, she's a sharp cookie. I look for her to go far in NM politics.

        • I wish the DNC hadn't written this gubernatorial race off. I hope they send King some money. And good luck to Rocky. I'm glad you're high on her.

  • Boy is President Obama in trouble NOW.

    He has gone and Frustrated the Talipublicans, how dare he interfere with their dismantling, OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA, in "God's name".

  • Yeah, so? Would he have given President Obama the credit for a win? I just wish he weren't defeated by someone with his head so far up in, a, Ayn Rand's, um, assertions about life and economies.

  • More hyperbole from our wonderful press. No where in the quotes in this article does Cantor say obama cost him the election! I agree that Cantor is just another slick politician but so are all the other jokers in the senate and house. Republican or democrat, it does not matter as all of them traded their integrity (if they ever had any) to be elected and are owned by special interest groups that do not reflect the views of the majority of Americans. Thankfully, neither party controls the house, senate, and WH and hopefully it will still be that way after the November election. Believing that democrats are better than republicans, or vice versa, is very naïve!

    • Not being able to understand what is being said is an indication you might want to go practice before posting in public too

    • "Well, what do you say to those Tea Party — those groups claiming they represent the Tea Party, going after you, going after other Republican leaders? What contribution are those groups making?"
      Instead of answering a direct question about the Tea Part groups, he brought Obama into it..deflection to blame the President

      • deflection to blame the President

        Cantor is basically talking about the rising populism taking place, which is always complicated at it's core and difficult to explain the reasons for.
        He's touching on only a fraction of an explanation for it, but of course the reasons would pretty much always include any current president.

        Cantor deserved to lose his bid for re-election. Unfortunately, he is only one of the many entrenched government reps. that also need the heave-ho.
        My own opinion is that VA-7 voters did every single one of us a big favor. I don't know about anyone else, but nervous incumbents suits me just fine.

    • I said the same thing about the Cantor headline! Nowhere did he blame Obama......I sent website a note telling them to stop using salacious headlines just to get us to watch......glad someone else caught it too.

      • in 2009 after the lurch leftward, expansion of government with Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, cap and trade, stimulus and the rest.
        I guess reading is not fundamental with you people but then its to be expected

        • Reply to djchefron at 5:00 pm

          in 2009 after the lurch leftward, expansion of government with Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, cap and trade, stimulus and the rest.
          In this excerpt, Cantor is referring to when/how the Tea party came into existence...full stop. (Who by the way, had very little to do with the election in VA-7....and Cantor knows that.)
          National tea party groups did not contribute dime one to Brat. Not Freedom Works, not Club for Growth, not the Tea Party Express, not Tea Party Patriots.
          65,000 ballots were cast in the Cantor-Brat contest. That is not a large turnout for a congressional primary election -- it's gigantic.

          IOW...populism is on the rise.

          I'm so under appreciated around here.

        • Shiva at 7:23 pm

          The national tea thugs didnt back Brat, they never even though of it. However the instant they won, the tea bags were tweeting that the tea party got a victory in Va.
          I know...the national tea party was emboldened by Cantor's loss.
          But the big, national tea party groups have probably decayed somewhat into shysters and con-men raising money for their own self-aggrandizement. The small local groups- I would suspect- may still have their integrity intact, but they aren't the ones who are *media-recognized*.

          As Eric Hoffer said, "Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket."

        • Your idea of right wing populism is , hey we are white bible loving gun toting uneducated mob of nitwits. NO THANK YOU

          Funny...but don't forget...Brat didn't just win; he walloped Cantor, 55.5 percent to 44.5 percent.
          Was it a fluke protest vote? Maybe. But it could also be a sign of a very real *revolt*...and may have the potential to be quite powerful.

          • Maybe since Cantor was perceived to be a total dick even towards his own constituents and with fewer people voting Da Brat won. Now when he is defined by his wacka doodle ideas and trust he is out there the republicans well at least the ones who still have teeth has a decision to make. Do we want to elect someone who in their own words are radical, anti-institutional, anti-leadership, antigovernment or do they want to govern?

            I know the pundits and the so called experts are predicting a American Taliban win in Nov but what they are not realizing is that there are about 30 districts either won by Obama or lost by a couple of points. They are looking right now in horror what their party has become and they just might pull the lever for Democrats.

        • Shiva
          Sun, Jun 15th, 2014 at 8:17 pm

          The guy who beat Cantor will be far worse then Cantor
          I think we'll have to wait and see as Brat is untested at the moment. But it's still always nice to see a well-ensconced incumbent receive a nice thrashing. :-D
          It's certainly been comical on one hand to watch the political *elite* left scratching their heads. On the other, it's a rather sad testament though that DC has been shocked to see an incumbent tossed out.

          Pro-tip for congressmen:
          Represent your constituents to DC, don't represent DC to your constituents.

        • djchefron
          Sun, Jun 15th, 2014 at 8:54 pm

          Maybe since Cantor was perceived to be a total dick even towards his own constituents and with fewer people voting Da Brat won.

          There certainly isn't a shortage of theories, but voter turnout in VA-7 was higher than in any recent congressional primary in the state.

          they just might pull the lever for Democrats
          I believe the Republican party has disappointed their constituents one too many times. Anything is possible.

  • No, No All Eric Cantor recognizes the power of the great President Obama!! Beware GOP members everywhere!!! The power of President Obama is awe inspiring. He might decide to destroy the campaigns of ALL GOP members in November and give the Democratic party full control over both the Senate and House!!!
    Quake with fear of the mighty power and hug your guns and ammo for President Obama will destroy the GOP if he so desires!!! SNARK

    • He'll probably throw a few tornadoes and a spare hurricane out there too. I hear they think he's got these seeeeeeekrit devices that control weather. Alex Jones said it so it must be true.

  • From one of the leaders of the "party of personal responsibility" what else would you expect but for him to take NO responsibility!!

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