Republicans Have a Big Bubba Problem: Clinton is The Most Admired POTUS of Last 25 Years


With the Clinton political brand poised for a resurgence in 2016, the last thing Republicans needed was a new polling showing that Bill Clinton is the most admired president of the last 25 years, but that is exactly what they’ve got.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg Survey found that Bill Clinton is the runaway most admired president of the last 25 years. Forty-two percent of respondents picked Clinton. President Obama came in at 18%, George W. Bush got 17%, and George H.W. Bush was close behind at 16%.

Normally, these sorts of polls make for nice historical arguments as to who was the better president, but with Hillary Clinton likely running in 2016, her husband’s runaway win in the POTUS admiration contest takes on an entirely different dimension. Republicans had already been trying to deal with former President Clinton’s popularity by reviving the Lewinsky scandal, which shows that Republicans have learned nothing. Every time, they bring up Lewinsky, Clinton gets more popular.

Bill Clinton’s massive popularity only makes things more difficult for Republicans. Former Clinton is just admired. He is extremely credible. When he gets in front crowds, and starts talking about what the country needs to do to get the economy going, people listen. Clinton is popular across age groups. He is one of the few political figures that can bridge the divide between red and blue states.

The biggest problem for Republicans is that are going to have to contend with both of the Clintons on the campaign trail. Former president and former Sec. of State Clinton both the ability to both draw a big crowds and the media all across the country. The Republican nominee will be outnumbered two to one every day on the campaign trail. The fact makes one appreciate the political talents of Barack Obama, who faced these same odds, and overcame them during the 2008 Democratic primary.

Republicans are flipping out already over Hillary Clinton running, but one of their biggest problems in 2016 may be the presence of her husband. Republicans have a big bubba problem. If the Clintons hit the campaign trail firing on all cylinders, 2016 could be another blowout win for Democrats.

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  1. Bill Clinton faults and all is still the man. When he gave that speech at the DNC in 2012 he was at his best. You can bet if Hillary runs in 2016 Bill will be on the trail. I love how the two of them strike fear in the repubs. Clintons=Kryptonite for the GOP.

  2. Its the dead enders. They still think bin laden and Saddam were brothers, Iraq was a success and wars pay for themselves.

  3. they are terrified at the thought of hillary getting elected because they know that bill will again show the world what worthless assholes the repubs are.
    they are going to do everything that they can think of to stop the clintons. they don’t want him anywhere near the white house.

  4. I used to love ol’ Bill, but he signed ALL the legislation we’re now fighting – NAFTA, Graham-Leach Blilaly that overturned Glass-Steagall, welfare ‘reform’ that perpetuates poverty, etc. He caved to GOP over and over and over.

    It is in no small part Bill’s weaknesses that led to the crash of 2007-08 and that President Obama is fighting to reform, fix, eliminate, shore up but doing it with a determination Bill NEVER showed against the GOP.

    So the love affair with Bubba has worn very thin as I watched him in action and now see the legacy he left. He’s charming, but never forget the racist attacks on Obama in 2008. He’s superficial and nice in person. He’s shallow and weak as a leader. I don’t want him back even as ‘First Husband’.

  5. Whatever drugs you’re doing can I have some?
    It is in no small part Bill’s weaknesses that led to the crash of 2007-08 and that President Obama is fighting to reform, fix, eliminate, shore up but doing it with a determination????????

    Lets see now when Bill left office the economy was in the biggest surplus we had in years. When Bill took over we were in the red from a combination of Reagan and Daddy Bush.

    In 2001 we had 9-11 and the rest went downhill from there. The problem is that baby Bush had been there before in the private sector. He ran 2 companies in to the ground leaving employees out of work and no pensions.Bush spent trillions on 2 wars and nearly bankrupted the US.Tax breaks for companies who moved off shore rather than making jobs.

    Bill sure as hell showed up against the GOP and Obama is doing that as well and they are fighting him tooth and nail. If they don’t like a bill he wants they kill it and he likes one of the GOP bills they remove it. The GOP will los…

  6. Not disputing Bush’s horrific ‘reign of terror’ and horrific spending on an illegal war. He is THE worst president EVER. But let’s not pretend Bill didn’t hand over a lot of progressive issues to the GOP to destroy. We can’t move forward if we ignore Bill’s weaknesses and capitulation on major concerns we are now fighting to fix. Bush did not dissolve Glass Steagall that let banks run amok with OUR money – it was Bill and in a stand alone legislation he could have vetoed.

    He capitulated on welfare and it’s causing no end of grief for the poor. NAFTA and his accompanying tax credits for investing overseas destroyed our industry. He cut the budget and left us in good shape for Bush to squander, but that’s kind of it. He caved on Lani Guenier and all manner of issues. So I’m under no illusions about him. I voted for him twice and would do so again given the opposition, but he laid the ground for a LOT of problems we still want to clean up.

  7. If you are a centrist pro-war corporatist democrat, a Clinton victory may seem like a win. It may feel like a win to simply keep a Republican out of the White House. I am hoping we can do better than HRC. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders are the only folks on the left I can get behind for a potential White House run.

  8. Sorry, I must have wandered into a local nuthouse. The only reason the country is failing is because socialism and communism always fail, and your darling commies are in charge of the drain hole we are falling into. Repugs, while not the best leaders are far better than these traitors. Get off your divide and conquer commie pablum and stand with the other 160 million Americans to fix this country, not turn it into a bunch of feudal states.

  9. Its pretty obvious you live on cliches, have no idea what socialism and communism are, and in general enjoy making a fool of yourself through expressing your ignorance

  10. Pray tell, how did you come up with 160 million when the country has 310 million and you nutcases only receive 47% of the vote and was outvoted in congressional races. Not only do you not know what is communism/socialism but you failed at basic math. Go back to summer school and no, homeschooling does not count

  11. Always get a kick out of it when some conservative talks about the Dems or Obama being socialist or communist. Tells me right then and there that they are no longer worth listening to.

  12. Neither Elizabeth Warren nor Bernie Sanders will be running for president. In that event, where does that leave you? Would you stay home?

  13. I’m wondering how GW got double digit at all. Have Americans so quickly forgotten how this buffoon fcuked up the Country?

  14. Wrong Door, I live in Canada, a Socialist Democracy and we’re doing quite well, not perfect but in much better shape *than the US as are most of the Socialist European Countries.
    You really need to purchase a dictionary or have someone with some education/intelligence explain Socialism and Communism to you.

  15. Even if she were slightly corporatist, do we really want Republicans in there who are MAJOR LEAGUE corporatists? Mitt Romney, the vulture capitalist who stole companies, broke them up, laid off people and sold off the bird and pieces. Rand Paul? Paul Ryan who wants to squeeze what little is left from the poor and give it to the rich in a perverse Robin Hood in reverse?

    And the less said about Ted Cruz the better.

  16. Conservatives hate former president Clinton for one reason. He proved raising taxes on the rich will not tank the economy. Not only did the economy not tank it frigging boomed during the 1993-2000 period. I also get a kick when unable to refute those facts conservatives then pivot and say “well ok the economy prospered because of the Republican controlled senate and house under Clinton”. Well by that same standard did your beloved Reagan’s economy boom because he had a Democratic house and senate majority willing to compromise with him? Remember a man named Tip?

  17. How can Obama be the most admired man when his ratings are so LOW.must have been only Hillory and him voting

  18. Glass-Steagal had NOTHING to do with the economic crisis. That is another GOP talking point to bamboozle people into believing that “both sides” are to blame.

    Nor was Fannie Mae and borrowing by poor people the problem.

    The problem was the Bush administration and the Republican Congress DEREGULATED derivatives allowing Wall Street to victimize Fannie Mae and banks around the world with sales of Credit Default Swaps to the tune of about SIXTY TRILLION dollars.

    And those Swaps had ZERO reserves to pay off the holder when the underlying asset defaulted. It was criminal…it was larceny. And now you know what your tax dollars paid for when Bush signed the bank bail-outs.

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