Republicans Blame Obama For Iraq When It Was Bush Who Signed The Agreement to Leave


It is too bad Republicans lack any semblance of a memory dating back to before America invaded and conquered Iraq because the Bush administration saw an opportunity to enrich Dick Cheney’s company and kill Muslims. If they did, they would see a relatively stable region where Iran was not the dominant force in the area, radical Muslims were not attempting to overthrow Syria, Iraqi Sunni and Shia Muslims lived in peace in the same neighborhoods, and the idea of an Iraqi civil war was remote. However, Republicans can hardly remember what they lied about yesterday much less what Bush did thirteen years ago, so it is typical that they find no issue blaming the current situation in Iraq on President Obama.

What any of the Republicans blaming Obama for pulling American troops out of Iraq in 2011 should remember, is that in October 2008 George W. Bush was president when the Status of Forces Agreement was drafted and ratified by Iraqi lawmakers a month later in November 2008. The pertinent part of the agreement that President Obama honored was that, “All the United States Forces shall withdraw from all Iraqi territory no later than December 31, 2011.” Still, Republicans are assailing the President for abandoning Iraq they were fully prepared to continue occupying in perpetuity, and forget that besides Bush, an ill-advised strategy by former Republican man-god General David Patraeus mishandling of the so-called “surge” that created the militant insurgency threatening to completely tear Iraq apart and finish completely destabilizing the region Bush’s invasion started eleven years ago.

The sectarian war raging in Iraq today is the result of America’s allegedly successful effort to contain sectarian violence in Iraq through the so-called “surge” that is the reason for what is becoming a devastating and uncontrollable civil war in Iraq. It is important to remember that part and parcel of General David Patraeus’ strategy in the “surge” was arming and paying Iraqi Sunnis to assist Americans on the one hand, and the other allowing Iraqi Shias to cleanse entire neighborhoods of Sunnis who are now waging an insurgent war against government forces. Some of the arms the insurgency is using are holdover “gifts” Patraeus showered on them that were used in Syria and now Iraq. There is a reason Iran supports Iraq’s government forces and called on Shias to fight with Iraq’s national army and put down former Iraqi Sunnis who were attacked viciously by the majority Iraqi Shias during the American occupation. It is true that some of the blame clearly falls on Iraqi leader Maliki for religious sectarianism targeting Sunnis since before the insurgency began in earnest, and now the entire nation is paying a heavy price.

Iraqi leader Maliki, a Shia Muslim, has been heavily criticized for pursuing security policies that alienated ordinary Sunnis, such as sweeps that rounded up hundreds of men, innocent and guilty alike, and the arrest of the wives of suspected militants. According to a former U.S. ambassador to Iraq and now a visiting fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, James Jeffrey said, “they (Maliki’s army) had lost the support of the people because they had a sectarian policy, and I saw it with my own eyes.” No doubt many of the militants are driven by revenge and retribution for being driven out of their homes and massacred by the government under majority Shia control with assistance from Americans who failed to protect minority Sunnis on orders from Patraeus.

What is happening in Iraq is a continuation of the sectarian religious war, or civil war if it pleases, that began after America invaded and upset the balance that Saddam Hussein presided over. It is true Saddam was a tyrant, but there was relative calm and cooperation between minority Sunnis and Bathists in control of the government and the majority Shia population. After America overthrew Saddam’s government and installed a Shia majority, not only did predominately Shia Iran rise to power, Iraqi Shias embarked on a crusade to eradicate Sunnis and exact retribution against ordinary Sunnis. Now the shoe is on the other foot and seeing the gravity of the situation, Iraq’s Shiite religious authorities issued statements in support of the Shiite-dominated Iraqi army. The top Shiite spiritual leader in the world, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani gave his support to “the sons within the Iraqi security forces,” and a representative for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, urged Shiites to join the security forces to combat Sunni militants.

For their part, the militants are not out to massacre Iraqis and took care to warn off citizens from the danger of impending battles. Residents said when militants entered populated areas, “They greeted us, and when they saw that we were scared they said, ‘We are not here to fight you. Just stay away and do not interfere. We are here to fight Maliki’s army, not you.'”
Whatever is happening, or will happen, in Iraq is a direct and irrefutable result of America’s invasion and poorly administered war of occupation. None of the blame rests with the troops sent to fight and die in a completely unnecessary war of American aggression, any more than it is Barack Obama’s fault for honoring the agreement George W. Bush brokered in 2008 to withdraw American forces by December 2011.

Saddam Hussein may have been a tyrant, but while he was in power Sunnis and Shias were not involved in a sectarian religious war, Iran was not a regional power, and Syria was not threatened by Islamic extremists and civil war. Republicans learned absolutely nothing from the Iraq War debacle except that it was not white guy George W. Bush’s fault and like everything else they screwed up during their eight year reign of terror, they blame the African American man in the White House.

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  1. The Bigger Maggot will Eat Up The Rest? I look for Iran to Take Iraq and Syria and sink The USS. H.W Bush Aircraft Carrier along with The Destroyer Phillipee! I look for Israel to freak out and get in to WW3?

  2. They will continue to lie unless confronted by the lapdog media. But the media won’t confront the lying sacks of pond scum because to do so would be admitting their own guilt in the most idiotic foreign policy decision since, hell, I can even think of one that comes remotely to the idiocy that the country went through.

    And if any of you brain dead republicans beg to differ. Please proceed

  3. If an asteroid hit the middle of Kansas the repubs would blame it on Obama. It would be some muslimist conspiracy theory from aliens in outer space, or a sign from god that he should never have been elected.

    The Dems need to call out Bush and Cheney and the rest of their little gang. Remind everybody that’s what you get when you vote for the person with the R by their name.

  4. Mitt Romney needs to shut his mouth, he keeps giving talks about what we should do etc, has anyone forgotten that to avoid military service he ran away to France during Viet Nam, lived in a mansion and spent a lot o9f time at the beach.

    No one ever shuts him up.

  5. This should surprise no one. They already blame President Obama for the 2007 economic collapse, the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center, and the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion (which happened before the President was born – darned clever that Obama!)

  6. You’re right, the media won’t confront them because they too are a bunch of liars.

    “Birds of a feather.” We Must Vote!!!!!

  7. And let us not forget the Titanic, the Lusitania, the shot fired at Sarajevo, Pearl Harbor… Obama did all that just by *going* to exist.

  8. If the Sunday dog and pony shows want to be relevant they need a 3 host panel to ask the questions. Then again the lying cowards of the American Taliban wont show up because they wont get a reach around. Which would be a good thing in a way.

  9. wanna know how clever Obama is? he knew he was going to get the blame for the Bay of Pigs fiasco before he was born so he clearly made plans from Kenya to get his birth announcement placed in Hawaiian newspapers so he could fake his own birth certificate…

  10. Sadly the haters could care less about the truth.Many of them lost their minds the day he moved into “THEIR WHITE HOUSE.

  11. Let’s hope that they try to run him for POTUS again in ’16 – he actually appears at this point to be the best thing that they have going, and what the hell, being a 3 time loser isn’t much worse than being a 2 time loser…..

  12. I remember when Colin Powell was in front of the United Nations making the case for invading Iraq. He had a backboard behind him with “illustrations” as “proof” of purported Iraqi equipment used to enrich uranium. I’ve lived in deep,deep red Texas for many years and was adamantly opposed to this unmoral and unjustified war from the start. I made my opinion known to my fellow co-workers of whom almost all were in favor on invading Iraq, about how callous and stupid this war by choice would be.I was called a flaming Liberal and the like. Some even called me a traitor. I stuck to my guns. Now I see alot of these spineless human beings blaming Obama all over social media! I can’t come up with the words I feel that describe this type of tribal,idiotic, insincere mindset the Republicans seem comfortable to thrive within. We need to set aside funds in order to study these specimens. As a group I find them very baffling much in the same way I find Islamist radicals baffling.

  13. The way these repugnuts blame everything on our President, I’m surprise they even worship a god. This man is SUPERNATURAL. I mean look at all the credit they give our President and Hillary Clinton.

  14. 10 lessons from Bush’s fiasco in Iraq

    “Obama lost Iraq.” With the fall of Mosul and Tikrit to the forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), that will be the rallying cry for Republicans for the foreseeable future. Already, there is a chorus of voices from John McCain and the Wall Street Journal to right-wing radio and the conservative blogosphere charging that President Obama committed “the strategic blunder of leaving no U.S. forces in Iraq.”
    But foaming-at-the-mouth Republicans and their furious right-wing allies aren’t just wrong. They are desperately trying to evade paternity for a world-historical calamity they birthed and still support. Iraq was lost the moment the first U.S. troops crossed the border from Kuwait.
    Read More

    Never let the American Taliban forget

  15. Closet racists find solace in blaming the darkies for everything but don’t have the balls to admit it.

  16. So, what was the point of electing President Obama to office if he is not responsible for foriegn policy actions udner his watch? It is possible to renegotiate… he didn’t have to pull all troops out. Bush messed up but that doesn’t give Obama the right to make even a bigger mess with even worse foreign policy. Some of you people need to take your political party blinders off. Both Bush and Obama suck. Too bad for the American people it looks like we will have 16 years of cruddy leadership. Hopefully we get it right next election.

  17. You have no idea what you are talking about. The US and Iraq had to come to an agreement known as SOFA. And no it is not a piece of furniture. Is stands for Status of forces agreement: A status of forces agreement (SOFA) is an agreement between a host country and a foreign nation stationing military forces in that country. SOFAs are often included, along with other types of military agreements, as part of a comprehensive security arrangement. A SOFA does not constitute a security arrangement; it establishes the rights and privileges of foreign personnel present in a host country in support of the larger security arrangement.[1] Under international law a status of forces agreement differs from military occupation. Iraq said no. The President tried to get them to say yes. Iraq said no. What part of no you don’t understand?

    So in your call of duty world what you want is a military occupation. You cant make this stuff up on the idiocy of the chickenhawks of the Reich

  18. And to think the Republican establishment is pushing Jeb Bush. Can you imagine a third president Bush pushing America into a war in Iraq? Fool me once…fool me 3 times?

  19. Lou Manz, I too was called every name in the book. I stood by my claims of being lied to and mislead although I haven’t talked to some family members since. I also feel much the same as you on how to slam shut the mouths of those wanting to try to blame Obama for the mess over there… until Iraqi war veteran Jim Wright’s righteous rant on his blog “Stonekettle Station”…. just direct those who are jumping on Obama for the recent civil war in Iraq… dare them to read word for word…

  20. Every now and then you will get chickenhawks on here claiming that the majority of the people supported that clusterfuck. While true you have to wonder why. Now we know Americans cant or don’t think of what they are buying as long as you have a good salesmen.

    Back in 2002 the Bush Administration spent $200 million with a PR firm to sell the American public in the invasion of Iraq. Can you imagine the response if Obama spent $200 million on a PR firm?


  21. I live in liberal Mn. ran into the exact sort of thing. was called unpatriotic. This from a church. These people live all over and we must stand our ground and disagree. They are loud, we must be louder!

  22. djchefron: Thanks for sharing that link. Excellent points, ALL of them. I printed it out for my reference files.
    McCain and Lindsey and all the rest who are starting to hide their hands in the Iraq debacle and pointing the blame at Obama (for removing the troops) are shameful and disgusting in their assumptions. We don’t need their f-ing opinions anymore on Iraq. My message to McCain and Lindsey and the rest of the Republican war-mongers is: STFU ! Now!

  23. The rethugliKKKans are warmongers who need to send their sons & daughters over to Iraq while they foam at the mouth to send our children to die….America has paid its dues with the loss of 4,000+ who died for no purpose and anything they are not good for this country.

  24. The rethugliKKKans are warmongers who need to send their sons & daughters over to Iraq while they foam at the mouth to send our children to die….America has paid its dues with the loss of 4,000+ who died for no purpose and anything they are not good for this country.

  25. TeathugliKKKans are the homegrown terrorist who have declared war on women,children,vets and the 99%…we have this war at home while democracy is dwindling away and we must rid our country of this garbage before its too late.

  26. Just tell me what the Americans did in Iraq ! America and its allies remind me of the Crusaders wars in which they invaded the whole Middle East till they reached Egypt and we won the battle by Salah El Deen Ayouby.
    However, in the twentieth millenuimun , instead of holding the Cross, they do hold “DEMOCRACY ” to turn the entire Arab World into a ground of bloodbath. For God sake, would you tell me who was assisting the Jihadsts , who created them in the first place in Afghanistan to be a threat to Russia , after the cold war. Who supports the Muslim Brotherhood with massive weapons , guns and large amounts of money; who is supporting ISIS , and the bloody crisis happening in Iraq , right now..who wants to divide Syria intro five sectors ?who wants to divide Iraq into 3 sectors ?who already divided Sudan and Libya …
    either Bush or Obama, i feel pity for the Amercians who pay taxes and at the end, it would be funded in wars to wage to kill people

  27. It’s amazing how many ignorant people read and believe this garbage. As USUAL, blaming Bush for anything that goes wrong during the Obama failure seems to be the standard. Keep up the fantasy, OBAMA FAILED AGAIN, HE IS A TOTAL FAILURE AND NOTHING THE LEFT CAN DO OR SAY WILL CHANGE THE FACTS!!!

  28. Its amazing how stupid you are. Did bush signed the SOFA? Like you would ever know what that means. For that you get the award for the stupidest man on the internet today

  29. The SOFA signed by Bush left some negotiating room so that the hands of a future president would not be tied in a changed situation. Obama and Maliki could not agree on a residual force primarily due to Obama offering too few troops. The military commanders recommended 20,000 but Obama whittled that down to 5,000 and Maliki could not sell his parliment, who wanted us out,on the low number. Obama did not have any reason to press the issue because he campaigned on getting us out of Iraq. A stronger negotiator could have made a difference. We still have residual forces in Korea and Vietnam and it seems to have helped keep the peace. Of course, In Iraq, we are dealing with Muslim fanatics. Finally, the non-existent WMDs that Saddam did not have were recently found in Iraq (or was it Nevada?) Good Luck America !!!

  30. We did not stay in Iraq because Maliki would not give our troops immunity from prosecution. Period. Bush negotiated us out, Obama followed through on it. Maliki wanted us out. We had no reason to stay in Iraq except that you want more Americans killed

    We do not have residual troops in the countrys you mention. We have troops there for NATO and defense. We do not have tropops there to keep an eye on those countrys they are in. Big difference

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