A New Hillary Clinton Poll Delivers an Avalanche of Bad News For The GOP


A new CNN poll found that most Americans believe that she will do a better job than President Obama on every issue, which means that Republicans are in a world of hurt if they believe that attacks on Obama will drag Clinton down.

Via CNN:

Clinton served as America’s top diplomat during Obama’s first four years in office, so it may not be surprising that some of her best marks in the poll come on overseas issues: 63% say she would do a good job on foreign policy and 61% say the same on terrorism.

But it is notable that 63% say she’d do a good job handling the economy, and 57% believe she’d handle health care well.

Now compare those to Obama’s latest job approval ratings on those same issues.

Just 38% questioned in the CNN poll say that they approve of how the President’s handling the economy. That’s 25 percentage points lower than the number who think Clinton would do a good job on the economy. Only 40% approve of Obama’s foreign policy, 23 points lower than Clinton.

Republicans are quickly running out of lines of attack against Hillary Clinton. The age attack hasn’t worked. Bringing up the Lewinsky scandal bombed and an attempt to start a rumor about her health was a total disaster. The news that Bill Clinton is the most admired president of the last quarter century presents an enormous problem for Republicans, but the idea that Hillary Clinton is viewed as separate and as a change from President Obama is even worse.

Republicans were hoping that their candidate would at least have the change argument on their side but the Clinton brand is unique. Clinton can’t be lumped in with President Obama because the American people already know what Hillary Clinton is about. This is why attempts to politically define her will likely be fruitless efforts. She isn’t a blank slate like President Obama was during his first campaign. Voters already know and like the Clintons, so Republican attacks will likely be more preaching to the conservative choir.

If Hillary Clinton has the hope and change argument on her side, Republicans are totally screwed. Staying out of domestic politics has allowed former Sec. Clinton to remain in the public eye without getting stale. Since she previously ran against President Obama, voters are well aware that she and the current president have differences on policy.

Should Clinton keep the momentum going, Republicans will be in big trouble in 2016.

50 Replies to “A New Hillary Clinton Poll Delivers an Avalanche of Bad News For The GOP”

  1. They are broke?? With all the money they earn?? My father probably has a better credit score nd doesn’t earn nearly what the Clinton s earn, how are they broke? We pay for their medical….. I saw her interview on 20/20 last week I was not impressed.

  2. Uhhh… about these polls , maybe Pres. Obama would do better in the polls if you didn´t JUST ask OLD RETIRED WHITE PEOPLE ! I believe to polls concerning Mrs. Clinton but I know the president is loved by more of America than this B.S. poll shows .

  3. It’s just CNN doing its part in bringing this president down – but trying desperately hard not to make it look so obvious.

    CNN (Conservative News Network) will revert to its anti-Democrat stance the moment President Hillary Rodham-Clinton is inaugurated. Then her numbers would plummet within the day.

    This corporate propaganda outlet, just as every other one, only give deference to Republican pol-leeches no matter what a bobble-head he/she is, while they crucify any Democrat they fancy.

    So I would take what CNN has to say with a pound of salt.

  4. These polls basically show that the American public has neither a clear understanding on what Obama has done and is doing, nor a good understanding of Clinton’s approach.

  5. I know reading is not fundamental to you baggers but can you please point out in the article she said they are broke? Now if you have info please provide a link

  6. They “were” broke when they entered the White House. djchefron, she said so in her interview with Diane Sawyer.

  7. Those polls aren’t a fair comparison. There is a big difference in what might be and what is. Hillarys numbers are high because she isn’t in there doing the job. Obama is doing the job.

    While I like Hillary and will vote for her in 2016 if she is the candidate. I would prefer Elizabeth Warren.

  8. That explains it, I guess being broke in America is how you define it.

    The Clintons’ 1991 returns show that the governor earned $46,854 last year and that his wife, an attorney, earned $188,547.

    The figure for Hillary Clinton included $13,466 in interest income and $11,000 in honorariums earned in combination with her husband. Her earnings also included $64,700 in fees for sitting on several corporate boards.

    The couple’s 1990 returns showed Clinton earned $54,000, including his $35,000 salary as governor and the $19,000 public-relations fund appropriated for the governor.

    The 1991 return showed Clinton’s salary as $38,167, but did not report income from the public-relations fund. The governor is allowed to use that fund any way he wishes.http://articles.latimes.com/1992-04-18/news/mn-553_1_gross-income
    Well if that’s the case you could say the Obama’s were broke since they were still paying off student loans.

  9. She said they were broke and in debt when they left the White House, in part because of huge legal fees fighting all the Republican witch hunts, she did not say they are broke now.

    It’s no wonder Reps are so easily misled, you don’t even understand English.

  10. TEA-types and Republicans are in deep(insert expletive)! Romney thinks centering on Hillary would give the TEA party a good chance at the White House in 2016. This man is still delusional from his trouncing by president Obama. 2014 will provide wide latitude in bringing more Democrats to the voting booth and the PPACA(Obamacare) will be in full bloom. There are no TEA-party candidates in double numbers and Republican candidates are none. The recent face-palm in Texas guarantees Texas going blue and the missteps of others across the nation solidifies Hillary’s overwhelming domination. Get him back on his meds!

  11. Nice to read the bottom line and not see all the out of pocket money they spent on the campaign, isn’t it? I’m broke too. We live well and if we didn’t have a paycheck come in for a month we’d lose it all. Plain and simple. Broke.

  12. I agree 100%! I look forward to the day when President Obama will be considered ‘the most admired president of a generation’.

  13. Absolutely. We should be more concerned about the House in the 2014 elections. If that goes wrong, 2016 will be moot.

  14. I don’t watch tv FOR NEWS , FLUFF INTERVIEWS and outright bullshit like you so I am sorry if I am not as braindead as the rest of you all. In my spare time I do something a lot of people forgot how do to. I read.

  15. So I am suppose to watch fluff interviews for ground breaking news? I bet you look at the pictures in the National Enquirer and scratch your ass and then nod in agreement

  16. I like Hillary and will vote for her but there is no way she is better than Obama. In fact, I have some reservations about her. Would also prefer Elizabeth Warren. My reservations concerning Hillary are that she is too much of a hawk (no more wars!!) and too tight with Wall. St. But nobody is perfect. She is still head and shoulders above anyone of the right. They are pathetic.

  17. I would like to add this is why reading is not fundamental to you people. In the link you posted her press secretary confirms they were in debt when they left the White House. In 2003 she received a advance for her book. The Clintons left office in 2000. So what universe you live in where she was being untruthful. You need to turn off the fauz noise and read the links you post. Sheesh you baggers take something out of context and try to make something out of nothing. I guess this is brokeassgate

  18. The GOP doesn’t stand a chance in 2016. Hillary will handily get the majority of the female vote and since there are more females than males, she has it in the bag, especially if the GOP candidates list remains as abysmal as it is currently.

    The Republican party is so splintered and full of so many whack-jobs and their base is so elderly that they’re dropping like flies, it’s laughable at this point. Good luck to them because they’re going to need it.

  19. They were millions in debt. What is it you don’t get? Oh, are you trying to make Hillary out to be rich boy Romney?
    Won’t happen.

    Besides are you a woman? If so, history will be very unkind to women like you. I see you as a traitor to our future.

  20. The biggest problem that the GOP IS the GOP. No one believes them anymore. They are a total fail in all of the thinking states and even the more ignorant states are starting to question who they voted for. That is why people like Scot in FL and McConnell in KY are in deep trouble. We, the People of the United States are sick and tired of paid off politicians destroying everything we worked so hard for. The DEMS will see another president in 2016. Even if Hillary decides to sit it out, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are waiting in the wings.

  21. It’s not important, but of course small minds like your own have nothing else to say about the next resident of the WH.

  22. I think people just want to see a woman in the white house and want to see more women in Congress.The White males who have been in power are doing a lousy job.

  23. Financial backing is relevent. Ever watch that AD that asks if you will have enough in retirement to maintain your standard of living……..It is way obvious that Hillary’s standard of living, and yours in your trailer are very different.

  24. I agree Mary, I would vote for Hillary before a Republican but I trust President Obama to run the country better. Hillary is too much of a hawk for me.

  25. That’s what’s scary going forward. I will support her if she wins but I fear to prove she has a pair any and everything is possible. Have to see who she surrounds herself with

  26. Exactly, and I’m honored to be alive to see history being made, the first black man to become President of the USA!

  27. Yeah, she was also referring to a time more than a few years ago (13 years ago to be precise, when they left the WH).
    She is hardly complaining THESE DAYS that she and Slick Willy are broke .. ..
    How about you trying to keep up?
    Low-effort thinking is NOT an attractive trait.

  28. Hillary Clinton becoming Pres would be bad news for America and the world. Clinton is an ally of Wall Street, will continue placating the masses with the alleged plans of Obama but watch as more wealth flows into the pockets of the rich (at least Republicans are honest!), and she will continue the imperialist agenda of Washington provoking warfare and conflict worldwide, while finishing the supression of the few who ever dared to resist (Venezuela, Cuba).

    And don’t get your hopes up about Warren–she will be another Obama, guaranteed. A person who promises change, but does nothing. A female Richard Nixon to complement Obama’s black Nixon?

    But keep serving the liars and two-faced folk in the Democrats. You will find it leads nowhere.

  29. let me see if I understand what you said. You said Republicans are honest, well that’s a lie. Who lied to get us in a war with Iraq? You said Hillary would provoke war, that’s a lie. GWB, Cheney and their ilks are the warmongers. Obama promised change. Well you were right on that one and he has delivered us from the GOP recession. Ended 2 GOP wars. Killed Osama. He is furthering LGBT rights and climate reform. Now if the GOP obstructionists would get out of the way he could do far more in the time left.

    The GOP on the other hand has passed no legislation. They have tried to suppress the vote. Deny climate change. Restrict womens reproductive rights. Out right hate minorities and LGBT people. Block any meaningful gun reform legislation. Yeah that’s a party to be proud of there.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Obama brought the Affordable Care Act, which is an overwhelming success. Much to the dismay of the other guys who took 50 worthless votes to repeal it.

    STOP watching Faux New…

  30. I am a little confused as to why president Obama has not seen his approval ratings edge up recently. Employment in the US has regained all the jobs lost during the Great Conservative Recession last month. Payroll growth has averaged well over 200,000 jobs four months consecutive. Second quarter US GDP is tracking close to four percent. US domestic vehicle sales reached a seventeen million per year pace in May(fastest pace in seven years). US manufacturing is creating jobs at the fastest pace since the nineties. Guess conservatives doom message is sinking in more than reality unfortunately.

  31. The Reich is really reaching on this.
    The Right Rediscovers Hillary’s 1975 Defense Of Child Rapist And Pounces

    In 1975, Hillary Clinton defended a man accused of raping a 12-year-old child during the early years of her private legal practice. She wrote about the case in her 2003 memoir, “Living History.” It was the subject of the 3,000-word story by Newsday during the 2008 presidential campaign.

    But after the Washington Free Beacon published an audio recording Sunday in which Clinton discussed the case, conservatives then spent Monday dissecting Clinton’s role anew.

    I always thought when you defend a person in court it is your ethical duty to defend that person. But I guess ethics and the American Taliban is a oxymoron

  32. These poll results are ridiculous. I presume that those believe that Hillary would do a better job than PBO likely don’t know what in the hell the GOP has been doing to this country since PBO has been in office. The president is trying to do exactly what the vast majority of economists, to include those at the Congressional Budget Office, have said needs to be done to further improve the economy, as well as lower the federal deficit and national debt, but thanks to GOP obstruction his efforts have largely been stymied since they took of the House after the 2010 election. The same goes for the Affordable Care Act. Managing the national’s national defense is not a perfect science and Hillary would likely handle things in the same, or very similar way as PBO. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’d vote for Hillary over any Koch brother Shill, but I think that it’s EXTREMELY disingenuous to assume that she would be able to do anything different or better than what PBO has done.

  33. Except that she signed an 8 million dollar book deal and received an advance before leaving the WH, and somehow managed to secure a mortgage on a 1.7 million dollar house. If that’s “dead broke,” I’ll take it.

  34. Yes, they were millions in debt, for lawyer fees. Boo hoo. Pehaps Bill should have kept his Slick Willie in his pants and not lied under oath about it when caught. He brought that debt on himself. It didn’t just happen, like some natural disaster.

  35. Lets talk about your sense of morality. A blowjob between two consenting adults where he was hauled into court to just embarrass him against a real lie where over 4500 of Americas finest were killed, over a hundred thousand suffered some type of injury, trillions in money we didn’t have and will continue to pay off long after you cancel Christmas and not even counting the dead Iraqis that we caused and will continue to grow because of depleted uranium shells and all you say boo-hoo off with Clintons head.

    You are a sick person who have no sense of dignity or morality
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