Republican Congressman Tells Right-Wing Radio Host That House Has Votes To Impeach Obama


Here we go again. During an interview with local Pennsylvania radio host Gary Sutton, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) commented that House Republicans most likely have enough votes to impeach President Obama. In an audio clip posted by Buzzfeed, Barletta pointed out that the President is constantly ignoring the Constitution and constantly breaking the law. He then suggested that impeachment would “probably pass” if it came up for a vote. Of course, neither Barletta or the host specifically brought up which laws Obama’s breaking, or how he is ignoring the Constitution. Instead, it was mostly just a generalized discussion about how the President uses politics against poor, helpless Republicans.

Below is the clip, courtesy of Buzzfeed”



The money quote from Barletta is the following:

“He’s just absolutely ignoring the Constitution, and ignoring the laws, and ignoring the checks and balances. The problem is, you know, what do you do for those that say impeach him for breaking the laws or bypassing the laws. Could that pass in the House? It probably, it probably could.”

This is more of the same old, same old from Republicans, who are merely trying to appeal to their base of angry, old, hardcore racists. Nary a week goes by where we don’t hear a Republican claim that Obama needs to be impeached, or that the House of Representatives has the votes to impeach the President. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has brought up impeachment a couple of times in the last month.  Former Congressman Allen West seemingly spouts it daily. Fox News has made a cottage industry out of mentioning impeachment.

Of course, it is all just talk from a bunch of whiny conservatives who still have a tough time dealing with a black man with an African name in the White House. Every single day brings about a new ‘scandal’ to smear the President with, all in the hopes that something will legitimately stick and give them the opportunity to show the American public that they’ve been bamboozled by this Kenyan Muslim Socialist Marxist Nazi who worships at the altar of Saul Alinsky. They have no interest in doing any actual work while in Washington, unless by ‘work’ one means going to the media every chance they get to complain about the lawless one occupying the Oval Office.

As far as Barletta, he’s just another House Republican that got into office due to the racist wave that switched the House over to the GOP in 2010. Prior to finally being elected to the House after 3 failed attempts, Barletta’s biggest claim to fame was passing unconstitutional laws as mayor of Hazelton, PA in 2006. Barletta, in an attempt to gain some publicity for himself and some notice from the national party, passed laws in Hazelton making it illegal for city employees and officials to translate any documents into another language other than English. The law also placed heavy fines on landlords and businesses that were caught hiring or renting to undocumented immigrants. A court eventually ruled the law unconstitutional as it interfered with federal law.


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