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Right-Wing Christians Take It To a New Low By Handing Out Guns In Churches

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a commonly quoted line from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet appears to argue that the names of things do not matter, only what things really “are.” The line’s meaning is applicable in America in the sense that although the overwhelming majority of religious conservative Americans hate everything Jesus Christ preached and taught, calling themselves Christians and followers of Christ does not change the fact they are anti-Christ in every sense of the name. The notion of so-called Christians exposing themselves as the anti-Christs they really are is being played out in the drive to put more guns in the hands of more Americans, especially conservative Christian Americans; it is no surprise it is being advanced by right-wing Christian churches.

Last month at the Lone Oak First Baptist church in Paducah, Kentucky, a line of people wrapped around the building waiting anxiously to get inside, but not because they sought spiritual guidance from Jesus Christ’s teachings, but to win one of the twenty-five guns being raffled off. One may be inclined to think Lone Oak First Baptist is an aberration among churches purported to be “followers of Christ,” but according to the Kentucky Baptist Convention, handing out human-killing weapons is the best way to get people into church. Last year there were at least 50 “Christian” church gun giveaways in Kentucky alone, and an official at Lone Oak Baptist said handing out free guns is a rallying point to bring people to Christ.

According to Lone Oak Sunday school teacher David Keele, “We’re doing two things here. One, we’re going to talk about the Second Amendment to bear arms. But that isn’t the primary thing. The primary thing is who Jesus is.” The only primary thing is that Keele and Kentucky Baptists lack even a rudimentary understanding of who Jesus was or why calling themselves Christians while crusading for 2nd Amendment rights makes them rank liars and anti-Christs for opposing Christ’s teaching.

The featured speaker at the Baptist gun giveaway was hired by Kentucky Southern Baptists as a traveling full-time evangelist who defended the Baptists giving away guns and said, “if giving away guns allows them to come into the doors of the church to hear that the church has a message that’s relevant to their lives, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” The paid evangelist wasted little time getting to the Christian message that is relevant to people’s lives and told other Christians that, “There’s no government on the face of this earth that has the right to take this gun from me” to thunderous applause. The evangelist even said he believed in Christ’s message of turning the other cheek, but only to a certain point; a certain point that cannot be found in any of Christ’s teachings.

The idea of Christian churches handing out guns, following the teachings of the NRA, and crusading for the 2nd Amendment is not restricted to Kentucky or Baptists. Other Christian denominations in other states regularly offer guns alongside bibles cementing their proud identity as “followers of Christ.” Christian churches handing out guns brings up a larger point regarding so-called Christians in this country; there are very few, if any, Christians in America. It is especially true of the Christian Right that supports any Republican candidate, conservative policies, or agenda founded on greed and inhumanity. It is highly likely the last American to adhere to Christ’s teachings was not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but he certainly understood the value in Christ’s moral teachings. Thomas Jefferson created his own rendering of Christ’s teachings after carefully removing every reference to Christ as a deity, miracle worker, or supernatural being in “The Jefferson Bible.

It is impossible for any American to support conservatives or Republicans and be a follower of Christ no matter how devoutly they claim Christianity as their religion. In fact, it is relatively safe to say that if a person calls themselves a Republican, teabagger, libertarian, or an independent and votes for Republican candidates and claim they are also Christians, they are pathological liars of the first order. It is utterly impossible to support any Republican policy and be a Christian, and yet they are the people most likely to claim their religious devotion to Christianity informs their support of conservatives in general and Republicans in particular.

Any Christian that supports the NRA or adheres to the 2nd amendment as the be all, end all defining trait of being an American, they are a liar and not remotely close to being a Christian. In fact, unless a so-called Christian lives in the wilderness and depends on hunting for survival, there is no reason to own a firearm if they subscribe to Christ’s teachings in the bible that all they need is faith that they will be resurrected by Christ after they die; even if they die at the hands of an armed intruder.

One often hears so-called Christians claim they adamantly support feeding, housing, and providing healthcare for the poor, and in the same breath claim their undying support for Republicans; they are liars. The same people vehemently claim they believe in, and support, the Constitution’s guarantee of equal rights for all Americans, and then vote for Republicans passing legislation restricting gay, women, and people of colors’ equal rights. Conservative Christians who oppose the federal government, taxation, and Constitutional prohibition on establishing religion are in violation of Christ’s admonition to pay taxes and obey government authority like a good slave. The list goes on and on, but the point is glaringly obvious; it is impossible to be a Christian and support Republicans on any level.

On a larger scale, it is a near-impossibility to find a so-called Christian of the conservative type that follows the bible they claim is the infallible word of god. It is true they have latched on to a couple of verses that fit their culture of hate, but it is a rare day indeed to hear even one conservative Christian cite one verse attributed to their avatar of light Jesus Christ. The so-called Christians are not even good Jews as part of their storied Judeo-Christian heritage. They worship graven idols like the cross their lord and savior was crucified on, swear allegiance to a symbol of objects in the sky and Earth (American flag), and violate the majority of the Ten Commandments they insist should replace the Constitution. However, it is their devotion and dedication to Republicans, guns, and a culture of greed and inhumanity that informs they are not Christians; they are anti-Christs.













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  • Doesn't even surprise me. Google 'conservative Bible project' and you will discover people who are REWRITING the Bible to take out the liberal bias, the liberal-leaning passages, the social justice, the emphasis on peacemaking and peaceable kingdom.

    So the hell much for "Biblical inerrancy". Obviously for this work, poorly trained 'scholars' are smarter than the God they think they have in their hip pocket.

    BTW - I am NOT making this up. They are "God's little helpers" who range from editors of God's word (their view, not mine) to people dedicated to helping God achieve the End Times. They are not to be dismissed at all.

      • The spear head of the project is Andrew Schlafly, the soul destroyed son of Phyllis Schlafly, one of the most hateful, unhappy Frightened Christian Souls on this planet and who henpecked her husband and children, travelling around the country telling other women to stay home. Her claim to fame is pretending she personally defeated the ERA.

        Her husband departed this world in 1993 to get some peace from this woman, so now she is focused on controlling every aspect of her children's lives before her mean repellant soul departs. She's now 90.

      • These conservatives obviously haven't read Revelations 22:19

        "And if any man shall take away from the words of this book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city and from the things which are written in this book."

        In other words, tamper with this book and you get a shitstorm of Biblical proportions.

    • Christianity has no purpose in the world; it is beyond time that they turn their buildings into homes for the homeless, their kitchens to feed the hungry.

      At least then they would have a reason for having been here.

      Oh, and don't forget your guns on your way out.

  • I wonder if this gun give away is legal with the SCOTUS ruling today? They are buying guns and raffling them off to people who may or may not be allowed to own them. I would like to see the ACLU look into that. It would be fun to shut down their gun carnival.

      • I think this falls under the "straw purchase" ruling. If even one of those people buying a ticket for potential ownership does not have a permit or pass the bg check than it is illegal. They may try to hide behind the First on this. Cowards.

      • Do they run the background check before they sell you the ticket or after someone has won. If someone wins and then they fail a background check and don't get gun can they win a lawsuit against the church?

  • This is a new low for me. It goes against everything I believe the Bible teaches and we as a society are letting them get away with it. It is time for all of us to get mad, vote out the GOP in 2014, and pass background checks, enforce current gun laws, and write new gun laws that prohibit the open carry of guns in ANY public place, or private places such as churches and restaurants. Enough!

    • we as a society are letting them get away with it.

      I'm sorry Betsy but I cannot agree with this. Society is the people who make it up much like religion. So why aren't christian doing anything to stop this? It is religion and when an outsider comes in and tells you are doing something wrong(which they are), they tell us to stay out of it b/c it is internal. Well, it is getting to be external and if and when society acts, it will not end well at all. So, whose responsibility is it to keep this in check? The government or the christians?

    • There is nothing "Christian" about the Old Testament, that's why they cling to it so. Much easier to find excuses to hate in there.

  • ya know... I was 18 and lucky because I had adults that would buy booze for us in high school...

    one of the times we had a party the deal was that we go to church so one of our moms could win a bible by bringing in the most 'new' recruits...

    having to sit thru the crap, with a raging hangover while they talked about the ice cream social wherein they didn't realize they had to beat the egg yolks in order to make the custard, and fulfill our commitment is still a memory but clearly giving items away in order to win new recruits has an old and long tradition...

    I guess I'd feel better about it if it was still about bibles rather than guns tho...

    too bad they lost the idea that the pen, or written (printed) word might be mightier than the sword (or gun)...

  • Our Father who made this gun
    hallowed be in Dixie
    our kingdom come our will be done
    all throughout the confederacy
    give us this day our daily ammunition
    so's we can kill us some spics and niggers
    and punish their trespasses against us
    bless us with no moderation
    and blessed be all our evils

  • I take exception to the statement that there 'are very few, if any, Christians in America." We are here, we're simply covered by the same ugly mantle that has blanketed the fundamentalists. But we are here. And we are left-of-center liberals. We Occupy, we vote, we protest, and we believe that the Lord looks at the hearts of homosexuals and finds His reflection there. The actions of this church and any evangelists associated with it are in violation of the separation of church and state, preaching politics from the pulpit, more specifically, and need to be addressed. A call to the IRS should do it.

  • Now isn't that funny, I always thought Jesus was a Liberal, who's primary message was Peace and Love.

    To bad the Radical Right has converted him into a Judgemental, Ultra Conservative Fascist, in their own minds.

  • So, did any gov agent challenge the tax exempt status of the fascist charlatans? What is the litmus test for such status? Apparently preaching 2nd amendment and passing the plate of six shooters is not it.
    Infiltration of peace movements by gov agents? Oh, well we have budgets for that.

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