Fox News Falls Flat On Its Face While Trying to Play Benghazi Gotcha With Hillary Clinton


Fox News tried to press Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, but instead of getting answers, the conservative news network fell flat on its face.

Whether it was Bret Baier or Greta Van Susteren asking the questions, Hillary Clinton looked at ease and like she was having fun batting away the conservative news network’s Benghazi, Bergdahl, and Iraq questions during the first half of the interview. At one point former Sec. Clinton suggested that Fox News viewers go to the State Department website and download the unclassified Benghazi report to get information themselves.

Video: Part one of Hillary Clinton on Fox News:

On Benghazi, Clinton said, My own assessment careened from the video had something to do with it, the video had nothing to do with it — it may have affected some people, it didn’t affect other people. There’s no doubt terrorists were involved.”

Video: part two of the interview:

Bret Baier led off the second half of the Clinton Fox News interview with more Benghazi questions. He asked about the video that is so important to the right-wing Benghazi conspiracy, and Clinton quickly knocked it down. Fox tried to divide Clinton and Obama by asking if President Obama ever disappointed her, and she flatly answered no. She said she disagreed with her husband, Bush and Obama on some things, but she thought they each tried to do the best that they could. Clinton asked if she agreed with the majority of Americans who feel the country is on the wrong track. She said that she agreed that Americans feel that they have not recovered from the Great Recession.

Video: Part three of the interview:

Greta Van Susteren asked about NSA spying, and Mrs. Clinton said, “We are finally taking stock of the laws we passed after 9/11.” Clinton said that Angela Merkel should be upset that the NSA was spying on her. Clinton was asked about her refusal to attack Sarah Palin in 2008, and she said, “I do still believe that sexism is a problem.” Clinton said that there is still sexism in politics, journalism, and many other fields. She said that sexism should be called out. Van Susteren, who is Sarah Palin’s best friend, brought up the Trig birthers who claim that Palin’s son is not her’s. Clinton said that all of those sorts of attacks are disturbing.

Video: Part four of the interview:

Clinton was asked about the IRS and President Obama’s comment that this is a phony scandal. She responded by putting her own spin on it while calling out the partisanship behind the Republican fueled investigation, “There really wasn’t a lot of evidence that this was deliberate, but that’s why the investigation needs to continue. Clinton said maybe the right thing to say is investigate this in a non-partisan fair and balanced way.

The Fox News audience had to be disappointed as former Sec. Clinton tamed, charmed and owned Baier and Van Susteren. Mrs. Clinton put on a master class on how to dismantle Fox News while keeping your cool and winning with a smile. If the point of the Fox News interview was to get a Benghazi sound byte to bolster the Republican cause, it was a total bust.

Hillary Clinton sat down live on Fox News, and owned the conservative network. This kind of performance should give Republicans nightmares as they head into 2016. Clinton treated Fox News like a speed bump, and this alone should terrify the GOP.

43 Replies to “Fox News Falls Flat On Its Face While Trying to Play Benghazi Gotcha With Hillary Clinton”

  1. Baier and Van Susteren are mental midgets. They are so used to interviewing their lackeys and pundits that they don’t know how to interview an actual “guest”. I’m sure they went away all butt hurt. Hillary probably laughed all the way to the bank, literally.

  2. Please, they are asking her how she felt about the rumor going around that trig wasn’t Sarah Palin’s son, you asked real deep probing questions there fox news.

  3. If you can’t sell Hasbenghazzziiiiii to the mouth breathing knuckle draging Foxsuckers, who can you sell it to??

  4. Seeing that the same group of clowns are jockeying for the Republican presidential nomination, it will be such joy watching HRC shred them to pieces. They don’t stand a chance.

  5. Hilary Clinton-2016

    FOX NEWS… Continue to be true to conservatism’s fact-less propaganda but you DO NEED TO STEP-UP YOUR EXTREMISM!!!
    Look what happened to Eric Cantor for paling around with Democrats?!?

  6. Hillary suggests that Fox News viewers go to the State Department website and download the unclassified Benghazi report to get information themselves. Well, Fox viewers don’t do that!

  7. Fox has a serious problem. If Hillary can bust them up this easily, just wait ’til they invite Elizabeth Warren for an interview.

    Heck, even Joe Biden could mop the floor with this crew.

  8. Fox so-called News big-shots ran away with their tails between their legs. Go Hillary! Give ’em hell, Hill. Clinton/O’Malley 2016

  9. They should have known better than to ask a topnotch lawyer leading questions. She could spot them the moment they opened their mouths, and knew that they were trying to setup a trap.

  10. I wonder if Darrell Issa or John Boehner would have the guts to come on the MSNBC set to face Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow to answer a few questions regarding Benghazi?

  11. What happened in the new hearings on Bengahzi?
    It was talked about a few weeks ago but nothing since, are they holding them in secret or what?

    Is Van Susteran a man?

  12. Well sure now Nancy, IF there’s Anyone out there whose bound to be absolutely impartial regarding State Department procedure it’s going to be The State Department? That’s as credible as Eric Holder investigating Himself about Fast and Furious.

  13. How so? If F&F was a operation ran out of the Arizona office without knowledge from Washington what’s the point of Holder investigating himself? I know your tin foil hat is two sizes to small but jebus H Christ you are pathetic. Go back to briefart and have a reacharound with the rest of the Reich wing idiots

  14. She treated Fox a a speed bump; yes she did; however fox is not speed bump; it’s a boil on the rear ofAmerica

  15. I dis not see either interview, but I had no doubt hilary would handle fox news with aplumb. only a fool thought hilary would fall on her feet.

    the interviews must now have fox news, and the republicans nervous about her running for the presidency in two years.

  16. This is un-freaking believable the conservative media is controlling the goddam national rhetoric. And sadly the broader American public might just be falling for this garbage according to recent polling. Conservatives understand very well that they win when the American public is so frustrated that they stay home and disengage from politics. When the nation is in a bad mood and the voting percentages are low conservatives win.

  17. I did, and the information was most informative. I am sure that some of the info is still classified, but there is plenty there to shut down any attempts by Rethug friends to attack Obama or Clinton.

  18. Thanks Jason, it’s always good to know what the enemy (Faux) is up to, since their channel is restricted in my house.

  19. Hillary’s got more brains in her fingernail clippings than they have in the entire Fox organization and their viewers combined.

  20. You liberals are funny. The party that screams about fairness, equality and tolerance. Not one of you should eat out of your hypocritical mouths because things would be spilling out of both sides. You are the first ones to bash WOMAN conservatives or persons of color that are not “like” thinkers to your party. War on woman, Sarah Palin was called a whore daily by you comedians. Tolerance? Hypocrites. Jokers, just watch in November.

  21. Cons are so predictable. Even their talking points are predictable.

    This “Liberals are intolerant” lie surfaced at the same time as the “Liberals are racist” lie.

    Can we attribute them to Carl Rove or Frank Luntz?

    You see, “Tolerance” isn’t agreeing with whatever you say.

    “Tolerance” is the silent agreement that what you do in your private life is your business until you make it public.

    So, Sarah Palin’s family is off-limits unless SHE makes them public.

    When she opens her mouth and says something offensive, that’s wide open to a response.

    We don’t have to sit back and take it, any more than you do.

    As for calling her a “whore”, this is absolutely the first time I’ve heard that.

    Perhaps you’re repeating a third-party “interpretation” by Limbaugh, the King of Rude?

  22. Well, you want to know why Conservative women have a bad rap?

    Because they say stupid things. When has Sarah Palin said anything that wasn’t a total flat out lie? What about the other women in that end. All they do is constantly spout the way that, by all means, meaning to send women backwards.

    Oh, and calling any liberal a hypocrite is really classy. Here’s a mirror, pal. Just use it on your name there and you’ll see what I see: a hypocrite of the highest degree.

  23. I am neither Demo or GOP and I watched the Fox News Interview – this was “hardly” Fox News falling on it’s face. The questions were very pointed, direct and respectful – Clinton “talked around” them. When asked if she felt the “video” was the cause of the Benghazi attack – she “rambled” and eventually said yes – even though at the time State Department Beth Jones, acting assistant secretary Near East affairs was telling the Libyans it’s the terror group Ansar al Sharia.

    She doesn’t seem to want to “own up” to anything – does she. We DON’T need ANOTHER president like that.

  24. But the time now is according to the terrorist suspect they were the cause. Now when you have to reach back and quote someone who didn’t have all the facts then that says a lot more about you than what Clinton said.

  25. I would like to add the capture of the terrorist and Clintons interview was on the same day, the 17th. The terrorist revealed his motives about 2 days later. So how else was Clinton suppose to answer the question that you describe as rambling?

  26. I like how you all assume that Greta is a conservative…if you had been following her career over the years you realize she is a democrat. The interview with Fox was probably one of the best Clinton has done so far…she was falling short prior. Did not find she tumbled as she did previously. Now as a presidential candidate?? I for one am a bit sick and tired of recycled politicians. Hopefully both parties will provide us with some fresh meat that you can all poke at.

  27. So you can follow someone and presume what affiliation they are? Does that work like a gaydar? You know the first syllable of ASSumption , don’t make yourself one.

  28. What is not being talked about and should be are the plans for HelioHydroElectric technology. This is a plan to pump seawater inland to the Sahara Desert to create artificial rain. This would reverse Global Warming by increasing the amount of vegetation in the desert. But more important increase rainfall in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria. A lot of the problem there is simple, lack of water. This region is committing mass suicide over the drought. President Obama has ordered an executive order to the US Army Corps to review these projects, and do a climate model to see it would be feasible to change the climate of this region and frankly MAKE IT RAIN. That way we cool off these hotheads!!!

  29. Mr. Jones you are on to something good here. But there is a much better name. After Rupert Murdoch changed things up in his organization, he Fox TV into two categories: Media(news)and Entertainment. Guess which category ole’ Hannity and the rest of the college dropouts? I decree, from this day forward, the station formerly known as FOX NEWS CHANNEL, Is and will be known as FOX ENTERTAINMENT NEWS. Now I won’t feel bab watching it on Saturday Morning since there are no cartoons anymore.

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