President Obama Nabs Another Terrorist As US Forces Capture Benghazi Ringleader




After months of careful, quiet behind the scenes planning, U.S. intelligence agencies and the military have successfully apprehended one of the ringleaders of the Benghazi attack. U.S. officials have confirmed that the American troops, with the assistance of FBI investigators, have taken Ahmed Abu Khattala into custody. Khattala was one of approximately a dozen suspects wanted by U.S. authorities for his alleged role in the Benghazi terror attacks in 2012.

Remarkably there were no casualties in the secret raid. Khattala is being held in an undisclosed location, but he will be transported to the United States where he will face criminal charges for his role in the Benghazi slayings. While the Republicans have exploited the Benghazi incident to try to score political points, the Obama administration has been working diligently to bring the perpetrators to justice. Although most of the suspects in the attack are still being sought, the capture of Khattala marks a turning point in the efforts to hold those responsible for the slayings accountable.


Although Republicans like to portray the President as a weak and feckless leader, the Obama administration has quietly assembled an impressive record when it comes to capturing international terrorists through daring, carefully planned out raids. Obama’s Republican predecessor, George W. Bush spent the better part of two four-year terms unable to capture Osama bin Laden. President Obama’s administration conducted a successful raid to end bin Laden’s reign of terror in 2011.

While Republican leaders have always talked about getting tough with terrorists, they have never been able to match their rhetoric with decisive action. Obama, by contrast, has consistently found ways to work with intelligence agencies and military troops to apprehend terrorists. In addition, he has usually done so with minimal casualties.


In the weeks ahead we can expect Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and John McCain to continue to accuse the President of being a weak leader. We can also expect the talking heads over at FOX News to continue to shriek “Benghazi! Benghazi!” in shrill partisan tones. However, those words will ring even more and more hollow as quietly behind the scenes, the White House will be coordinating efforts to bring more and more terrorists to justice.



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  1. Dollar to a donut that within 24hrs. some Obama hating twit will give G.W. Bush the credit for it and Dick Cheney will agree and take partial credit while calling Obama “weak” and “feckless” in total denial of the reality of the occurrence.

  2. You can bet the American Taliban will get their panties twisted by crying that he cant be tried in the US he must be sent to Gitmo because of the terrorist. Code red breakout the duct tape

  3. Way to go, Mr. President. The “experts” at Fox are already claiming that he “timed” this capture to help Hillary’s book tour LOL. Can’t wait to see how they wind up giving Bush credit for this.

    Wait – Got it. The war that Bush lied us into destabilized the entire region and gave rise to Al Qaeda training camps that were never there before. There’s a good chance that this guy came out of the “Bush Terrorist Haven”. So if it had not been for Bush, Obama would have had no one to capture. Therefore, Bush deserves the credit. (Of course, we would have had no reason to capture this guy but for Bush, but let’s not talk about that.)

  4. Well, when the pie is opened and birds begin to sing, there could be some very interesting material about why, shortly after Rott Mimney said what he needed to win the election was another Iran-type hostage crisis, we almost had one – on 9/11. The Ambassador died of smoke inhalation instead, making him not very useful for that.

  5. Unlike Republicans who like to parade around like a bunch of Roosters crowing look at me, I’m the cock of the roost, I’m bad, President Obama just quietly and efficiently goes about getting the job done.

    We are very fortunate that President Obama is leading the US and not the RW warmongers.

    I can’t wait to hear what the RWNJs have to say now, it should be interesting.

  6. Benghazi is now a done deal and the GOPs’ heads just exploded!! What new “scandal” will they cook up next?

  7. Well now we THE guy who was responsible for Benghazi. So we will be able to hear from him the details of the attack. I am betting he is going to say that he staged it in concert with the internet video and riots to try to cover his tracks. That will shut down Gowdy and his merry band of idiots.

    Repubs talk the talk, the prez walks the walk. They should shut up, sit down , and take notes.

  8. On every issue the RW prefers strutting, boasting, breast-beating, and screed to actual accomplishments. “Mission Accomplished” over peace. Sanctity of marriage over actual fidelity. Job growth over cuts to everything that would make that happen.

    When loud proclamations matter more than actual achievements, you know you are dealing with the same folks who really believed the Emperor had on clothes.

  9. @Andy, well they haven’t used the aliens from outer space yet. I am expecting it one of these days. Obama is from another planet sent here to take over the earth or some crazy conspiracy theory.

  10. I agree with you on that one.

    Right now they are saying that he was caught awhile back and is just now being trotted out for political gain.

    You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  11. Another notch on his gun handle. Quietly getting the job done, without fanfare or letting the leakers in the House KNOW A DAMN thing!Bet they will be crying now: Whaaaa! Why didn’t you tell meeeeee! ?

  12. And on cue
    So what’s Lindsey’s alternative? The smarter ones among you have probably guessed already:

    Lindsey Graham ✔ @GrahamBlog

    Ahmed Abu Khattala should be held at Guantanamo as a potential enemy combatant. #Benghazi

  13. Right on cue the rethugs are whining, they cannot be happy about anything so they have to pick all the time/They sure should be investigated for not going after Bin Laden, instead they left that mess for the pres to clear up and now that he is coping with Bush’s
    invasion of Iraq aftermath they canno9t give him any credit of help, just bitching.

  14. One of the things that chaps their shorts is that this POTUS is smarter than them, and usually a step or two ahead of the Con-men.

  15. Oh, the Republicans will find something to whine about. They’ll say it’s all a conspiracy & the guy is still hiding in a cave somewhere. They will never give Obama credit for anything. But let’s keep a scoreboard of Bush & Obama. How many terrorists each of them captured. I still see a zero in Bush’s column. Obama got the big one, Osama Bin Laden. The GOP can’t accept that so they pretend it never happened. Then compare it to how many American soldiers were killed in Iraq based on a big fat lie about weapons of mass destruction by the Bush Admin.We are still paying for that one over in Iraq.

  16. Since when has the Right Wing ever been bothered by silly things like common sense? Or logic? Or rationality?

  17. I don’t think that Lindsay understands the law involved. If he’s so excited about the most recent troubles in Iraq, he should volunteer himself – as a private. He and McCain and all of those other fake patriot neocons who caused all of the problems in the first place.

  18. I want Hillary to run. But wouldn’t she be happier not having to deal with God awful Republicans? The most do nothing, know nothings in the history of congress. They have literally take the pages from the script of the movie Gangs Of NY which was based on the “Know Nothing” party.
    In some ways the Tea Party/GOP are more vicious. She doesn’t need this torment. They will hang on to the faux Benghazi scandal for dear life. Especially during the 2016 campaign. They will use Benghazi to attack her repeatedly. Truth be damned. They will run the video of her saying “who cares what happened” over & over. Never mind they took it out of context.

  19. Reid is not the greatest verbal communicator. But he was spot on it today over the disgusting reaction by the GOP.

  20. Hillary was a Crossing-Guard in Grade-School, inspired to help right from the GET-GO!

    She knows full well what GOP HELL is inevitably headed her way. Plus…she’ll have a right-hand-man with invaluable wisdom helping her navigate the treachery!

    We’ve never seen such a prepared person headed toward our White House.

    (Send her strength/positive thoughts)

  21. Graham and all the rest of the imitation hawks aren’t completely stupid.
    They don’t want any of the Gitmo internees tried in the States because they know that any information obtained by water boarding or any other Bush-era torture of prisoners is illegally obtained evidence and is not admissible in a US court of law.
    “Fruit of the poisonous tree” is poisonous fruit and the US involvement in Iraq is a helluva poisonous tree.
    This new Benghazi prisoner mustn’t be taken anywhere near Gitmo or any charges against him will be tainted with the same Bush era smell.

  22. I love Hillary and our President Obama NOW more then ever. In the words of Rev.Al Shapton. The RWNJ’s have got Blue Berry Pie all over their faces. Thank You President Obama. You are a Can Do Guy. While these RWNJ’s are saying it can’t be done. When Benghazi becomes a distraction to Benghazi. It’s time to vote these RWNJ’s out of the Power in Politics they have stolen from us the American people.Our President needs a Congress who wants to work. Throw out all of those RWNJ’s of Obstructionist of Washington DC in Nov. 2014 and every future election for ever. The Truth is Killing these RWNJ’s. They can’t campaign on anything any more then the lies from their very lips.Hillary 2016

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