Tense Times As Supreme Court Could Rule In Favor Of Hobby Lobby’s Attempt To Rule By Religion


During the 2012 Republican presidential primary and general election campaign, Americans learned from various Republicans claiming Christianity informed their policy positions that “lying for the lord” did not violate number nine of the Ten Commandments so long as it helped them garner electoral support. Apparently, godly mendacity is a cherished biblical trait permeating the extremist American evangelical population that Hobby Lobby’s owners have embraced in their pursuit of religious freedom to impose their perverse interpretation of biblical principles on all Americans. According to Hobby Lobby’s owners, the Greens, and the majority of so-called Christians, their demand for comprehensive religious liberty is not about imposing bible dogmata on Americans, or in Hobby Lobby’s case its female employees, but just their constitutional right to circumvent laws they believe restrict their ability to freely exercise religion.

Americans mortified the Supreme Court is going to rule that corporations such as Hobby Lobby are not only people, but people who pray and worship a deity that gives them authority to impose their version of Christianity on their employees and flout any law that offends their religious sensibilities, may remember that the Greens claimed they are only fighting to honor the lord and not push their religion on anyone. It turns out that the Greens are lying about more than just not wanting to impose their religious beliefs on their female employees, they are spending hundreds-of-millions of dollars to push what they claim is the literal and historical truth of the bible on all Americans; including public school students. Besides a pubic-school biblical curriculum, the Greens are funding a giant museum near the Smithsonian as well as traveling public displays and forums teaching American sinners about the devout Christian faith of the Founding Fathers.

Besides building a bible museum near the Mall in Washington with as much space as the National Museum of American History, the Green’s funded an ornate traveling religious exhibit replete with a conceptualized recreation of a Holy Land cave, a “Noah’s Ark experience” for children, and animatronic characters such as William Tyndale burned at the stake for translating the New Testament into English. The Greens also sponsor “scholarly” bible studies and host historically inaccurate forums preaching Christianity’s role in founding America they intend to package for national broadcast. However, the proof they lied about not pushing Christianity on Americans is their multimillion-dollar attempt at bible curriculum intended for every public school in the nation. According to a source close to the Green family, the museum’s cost alone is estimated to be $800-million, and with the public school curriculum and traveling exhibits the family will spend about a billion of their $5 billion-dollar fortune.

The textbook for the first of four year-long public high school theocratic courses presents Adam and Eve as historical figures and “introduces God as ‘faithful and good,’ ‘gracious and compassionate,’ and includes a list of ‘curses for disobeying the Lord’ that warns students of defeat, fever, disaster, and panic in everything you do.” According to Hobby Lobby owner Steve Green speaking at the National Bible Forum last spring, “Our goal is to reintroduce this book to the nation that is in danger because of its ignorance of what God has taught. We need to know it. And if we don’t know it, our future is going to be very scary.” Steve Green said his dream and goal is for the bible curriculum to become a mandatory course for all high school students in spite of the persistent claim his family is not interested in pushing Christianity on Americans.

The high school curriculum portrays the bible and its mythical cast of characters as historically accurate and unflinching force for good according to the executive director of the international Society of Biblical Literature, John Kutsko. However, Kutsko quite rightly said the Greens’ approach fails miserably to incorporate the latest biblical scholarship or acknowledge that the bible has played a role as a significant tool of oppression like the Christian Right is doing in America, or recognize different religious viewpoints. Kutsko continued that the Green’s bible curriculum is “a simple, superficial, literal reading of the Bible that’s inappropriate both in a public high school and in a private museum that by virtue of being adjacent to the Mall gives the impression that it’s almost a national museum.” The Greens cannot possibly say pushing Christianity on the nation is solely about their, or their corporation’s, religious liberty without lying. A lie is a lie, and lying for the lord no more exonerates them for violating the ninth commandment than their hypocrisy in seeking Supreme Court authority to exercise religious freedom on their female employees that had to have been a revelation from god in 2012.

Prior to 2012 when Hobby Lobby’s owners concluded “religious freedom” meant controlling women’s reproductive health and sought Supreme Court authority to “exercise religious freedom,” they covered most of the disputed methods of contraception in their employees’ health plans they suddenly deemed violated their religious liberty in 2012. The Green family is so righteous and driven to honor the lord in all they do, that they invest in pharmaceutical companies that manufacture and produce IUDs, emergency contraceptives (Plan B etc), and drugs utilized during the performance of abortions their biblical sensibilities claim violate their religious liberty. Apparently, the Green’s have no problem reconciling funding production of contraceptive and abortion drugs with their deep-seated passion to “honor the lord” by appealling to the Supreme Court for religious freedom to control women’s reproductive health choices. It is another in a very long list of instances of evangelical hypocrisy that is a defining characteristic of the extremist Christian movement they justify because it “honors the lord.”

The Green family has not sought the kind of publicity for their near-billion dollar effort to “Christianize” America like they have with their corporate religious freedom case and the reason is clear; it decimates their assertion they have no interest in pushing their religious beliefs on “anyone,” much less their employees. Their hypocrisy in investing in pharmaceutical companies producing the same contraceptives and abortion drugs they claim their religious freedom prohibits their female employees having access to is only exceeded by the lie they are not imposing their religion on those employees. However, now that it is revealed they are willing to spend nearly 20% of their $5 billion fortune to push their religion on Americans with lies about the bible’s veracity as a historical document and key to America’s salvation, especially in public schools, they expose themselves as typical extremist evangelical liars.


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  1. This is serious. These people and ALL their ilk MUST be stopped. Their vision of what this country should be is NOT what the founders intended as any student of history knows.

  2. We know the four dunces who are conservative Catholics and worship at their pin up of Bill Donahue will vote in favor of hoppy lobotomy. The swing vote will be Kennedy.

    Maybe he is finally coming to his senses and don’t want to go down in history like Roger Taney

  3. This is the mindset of these people and women better recognize

    Republican: If a Woman Has Right to an Abortion, a Man Should Have Right to Force Himself on a Woman
    Republican Maine state Representative Lawrence Lockman is under fire for comments he’s made in the media regarding rape, abortion, and homosexuality.

  4. Does this mean they could get tax exemption due to their religious affiliation????? Kind of like Salvation Army stores. Just asking.

  5. These people want to diminish other people’s freedom by imposing their vision of religion on everyone else. This cannot be allowed to happen. Our schools are
    having a hard enough time without this kind of religious imposition. This MUST NOT be allowed!!!!!

  6. It’s not about politics or their so called sincere concern for students and workers alike. It’s all about power and control. Greens always love to preach how Christians they are but they are more of Dominionist who seek to control everything. Greens sure has made Leviticus the proud man.

  7. I hate being the English Nazi, but there’s a world of difference between “flaunting” and “flouting”, Rmuse.

  8. I’ve heard that a decision in their favor could be a sledgehammer to the concept of management immunity, and opens the door (sorry to mix metaphors) to civil lawsuits of corporate board members and individual members of management teams for their actions. They will no longer be afforded the assumed individual immunity (and legal protection) of a corporation, because that no longer exists, since corporations are now people. Good news for Hobby Lobby. Bad news for all of corporate America.


  10. Also, I dont believe hobby lobby said the American people can’t use birth control. I believe they said that they wouldn’t pay for it.

  11. One can only hope (and dare I say pray) that the Supreme Court does not give these religious power junkies what they want. On the other hand if they rule for them and it causes the kind of chaos that you describe, I will be glad of it. Corporations have too much power in my opinion.

    As a female, I do not feel anyone, the government or employer should be able to tell me what I can and cannot do with my reproduction system.

  12. Aside from ALL of the other hypocrisies here, what these people are doing is nothing more then what is going going on now in Iraq and the attempt to take over and place Shiria Law in this country! These people are setting themselves up for a HUGE dose of KARMA! And if the Spineless (on the take Conservatives)on the Supreme Court can’t see through this BULL-SH*T we can kiss this country good-by as far as Democracy is concerned.

  13. Religion causes more misery in this world than any other cause.

    If these folks want religion in their government then they should move to the mid east.

    Just look at the problems caused by religion in government.

  14. If SCOTUS allows this to become “law”, then they scrap all laws prohibiting any sort of discrimination in the work place. It doesn’t take rocket science to see that any business can refuse to hire and/or fire any employee for being black, hispanic, homosexual, the “wrong’ religion, etc. to protect their right of free exercise of their religious convictions.

    Go ahead SCOTUS, make it possible for me to refuse to pay taxes because of my religious convictions.

    I really can’t believe that they want to go there.

    When adherence to any law depends on whatever I pull out of my… uhhh.. holy book, then look out.

  15. The hobby lobby people are not paying for it. That comes out of the group insurance the people fall under. The hobby lobby people are trying to prevent the use of birth control in the insurance policy that their company gets for employees. They do not believe in the use of birth control, also they have investments in birth control producing corporations. In fact, prior to the ACA the hobby lobby people had birth control in their insurance policy. Now they dont want it there when its required to be there.

  16. Excuse me, but their bible is my bible, which I love.

    However, it’d work much better if they cram their interpretation and so-called faith up their nether regions where the sun don’t shine.

    I feel they’d do better in a theocracy… and see how THEY like being told how and what to believe!

    We need to get after the SCOTUS for their zany and unAmerican rulings.

  17. It will be purely political if the Court allows this and if so, the legitimacy of the Court, already on the ropes, will take a nose dive.

    Hobby Lobby does not have to pay for contraception; the insurance company will and all they do is basically not require a co-pay. That’s it. Some insurance companies were doing this long before the ACA was passed and nobody said a word.

    I don’t much believe this has anything to do with their religious beliefs. It has to do with Obama and Hobby Lobby’s desire to make the reproductive health decisions for their employees. They have no right to do this regardless of what they believe.

  18. As a not-believer I wonder, is the kind of god these two worship the same as other christians? Is the kind of god the majority of the supreme court are evidently going to endorse the kind a majority of christians believe in? If both are answered by yes, well, then we know. If by no, where the hell are you people?

  19. Well, then there will be a religious war in the United States of America. I and tens of millions of people in this country will not be ruled by the bible, ever. People fleeing from religious persecution fled to this country. I will not flee the religious zealot, I will fight him and her and put them down like the mad dogs they are, and never thing twice.

  20. I’m glad the Greens are finally standing up for stoning rebellious children to death. I’ve got a huge pile of rocks just sitting there, sad, nothing to do, just waiting on an unruly teen so it can do the Lord’s Work and pummel that brat to death. Glory!

  21. It will not stop unless we make it so. Until we get a Dem President (Hillary) with a TRUE Dem majority (not just 1 or 2 votes) in both the House and Senate, nothing will change. Of course we don’t know when the Dems ruled supreme, but it did back during FDR’s time. That is how we got Social Security passed. It would have never happened otherwise. So we have to work on getting more Dems elected. If we don’t have a huge majority, repubs will play their games like now and nothing will get done.

  22. Repub women are traitors. History will not be kind to them. This is about the future of all women in history and not just repub women of 2014.

  23. It’s frightening to think that the Supreme Court would give a corporation power over another person’s free will. It has already lurched that way with its Greece NY decision that lets legislative bodies impose sectarian prayers on its citizens.

  24. It must be absolutely terrifying to be one of those true believers. The world is ending! All around us are signs that the Lord is bringing His Kingdom! Aside from having to capitalize a whole bunch more proper nouns than usual, their heads must ache from connecting all their silly dots. It is so much more desirable to simply love this planet and its people, wishing it and them a long and prosperous life — and working to ensure that this wish becomes reality.

  25. Yes Tom! And it is high time that we realize that attorneys wont stop them, legislation wont stop them and our courts who are supposed to be defending us from people like them instead give them more power to lie. We must do what must be done and DESTROY Hobby Lobby and the Green’s. We must do whatever is required to stop them. The first step is boycott, and the next step is the physical removal of their stores.

  26. What are the chances that the Green’s & Hobby Lobby allow unmarried men to get Viagra on their insurance…?

  27. They would have to file as a 501(c)3 corporation, and they would be prohibited from playing in politics…

  28. Why not just 1.) Don’t go to work for them and; 2.) Don’t patronize them or any of their endeavors. Leave every one else free to follow their own feelings.

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