Conservatives March On Washington to Demand Legalized Discrimination Against Same Sex Couples


A march is defined as walking in a military manner with a regular measured tread, but it can also be a group of people walking together not unlike a parade designating a special occasion such as a holiday. When thousands of people are bussed to a location and given signs to carry along a predetermined route, it may give the appearance of a being a celebratory parade, but it is more likely to serve a specific purpose such as in support for a specific policy or to demand certain rights marchers feel are being abridged by the government. Usually, the purpose of a march is intuited by the title the organizers bestowed on it, and if that is the case, the march today in Washington D.C. is in support of matrimony.

It is curious why heterosexuals would organize a “March For Marriage” when there is absolutely no need to garner public support for, protest against, or demand the government to establish their right right to marry the person they love. However, when one considers the sponsors of the march and the evangelical celebrities lending their support, it is a certainty the parade is to appeal for support to restrict the rights of other Americans to marry the person they love. Such is the purpose of the National Organization for Marriage’s second March for Marriage.

Organizers claim they are marching to demonstrate that among evangelicals dripping with Old Testament hatred for gays, there is still “deep and wide support” against same-sex marriage in spite of poll after survey revealing an ever-growing majority of Americans favor marriage equality. It is just as likely that even more Americans feel it is none of their business if same-sex couples marry, but if there is one thing Americans can count on, it is that evangelicals make other Americans’ personal lives their business; especially Republican evangelicals.

Two Republicans featured as high-profile speakers are Fox News’ host and preacher Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum as well as a bevy of extreme champions in the evangelical anti-gay movement. Still, it makes no sense that NOM is touting the march (and rally) as a show of grassroots support for traditional marriage as if there is an active campaign to stamp out heterosexual couples right to marry, but there is no making sense of people driven by religious hate or the need to lie to better spread their hate.

NOM promotes the march as a grassroots movement, but if last year’s march was indicative of today’s gathering, it is an astroturf event. Last year many attendees were bussed in, free of charge, from New York City by state Senator Ruben Diaz (R) who claims to have sent 32 busloads of primarily Latinos to Washington to participate in the purely “grassroots” march and rally for marriage. This year Diaz promised to “dispatch 100 busses” from the Bronx as a result of a YouTube video promising rally attendees an all expenses paid trip to “visit the monuments in Washington and testify that Jesus heals and saves and is the king we await.” It is unclear who is funding the “all expenses paid trips,” but there is no shortage of money in the evangelical hate movement so it is anyone’s guess who is footing the bill.

The list of anti-gay hate mongers is like a who’s who in the evangelical hate ranks including America Values president Gary Bauer who condemns homosexuality as a “destructive lifestyle and a gay man, Doug Mainwaring who claims same-sex marriage is objectively evil. The Republican Heritage Foundation and Jim DeMint is well-represented by their in-house crusader for legal discrimination against the LGBT community as well as a dirty filthy preacher just back from speaking in Singapore to keep homosexuality a crime. Not to be outdone, San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is attending despite several Bay Area religious leaders, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and 30,000 people who signed a Faithful America petition pleading with the Catholic leader to withdraw.

It is likely the National Organization for Marriage organized the March for Marriage just to give voice to anti-gay evangelicals and little else. Even NOM co-founder Maggie Gallagher and Jennifer Roback Morse have conceded that nationwide marriage equality is inevitable. Still, there are enough Republicans, wealthy religious corporations like Hobby Lobby, and signatories of the Manhattan Declaration who oppose marriage equality and gays and are willing to fund and fight for legalized discrimination against the LGBT community.

Hatred is as dangerous a contagion as extremist Christianity, and despite same-sex marriage bans being ruled unconstitutional across the nation, the National Organization for Marriage is behaving like a mortally wounded and cornered wild beast. The anti-gay, anti-marriage equality movement may be in its death throes, but it will not go away quietly as long as there are Republicans,  evangelical celebrities spewing anti-gay hate, and extremist Christians funding all-expenses paid trips to Washington to march for gay hatred; because they are not marching for marriage.


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  1. I guess life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, along with equal protection under the law only applies to the christian fundies. Why do these, I don’t want government in my business types want the government in other peoples business? My advise to them, keep your nose out of other peoples bedrooms.

  2. If these extremista are allowed to have their way, what will be next? Lynching gays? There is way too much hatred in this country. If the Cliven Bundy incident is any indication how fast hatred can spread, then the media is to blame for irresponsibly agitating people, who may have bottled up their hatred, to explode.

  3. All I can say, to read this on this day is truly sad and disgusting.

    Happy Juneteenth everyone who believes in the equality of all men/women regardless if they are not like you

  4. one man, one woman . . . . ya know, religious marriage ceremonies mean ‘squat’; which is why for a marriage you need a civil license and then its’ file with the court clerk . . it’s the civil union that makes it a legal union, not some religious ceremony. . . deal with it !

  5. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

    Oops, silly me, Jesus said that in the NEW Testament.

  6. Don’t get mad at them now is the time to celebrate. Like the horse buggy makers their time is up and all they have to offer is hate and discrimination but today we have a victory against that

    Judge Strikes Down NC GOP’s Effort To Silence Moral Monday Protesters

    A Superior Court Judge in North Carolina has struck down most of the new rules the state legislature passed in order to thwart those vexing Moral Monday protests that just won’t go quietly away. Judge Carl Fox said the lawmakers can’t ban noise, like singing and clapping, nor can they confiscate protest signs because it has a messages that disturb the sensibilities of a lawmaker.

    That sound you hear are the collective jaws of the American Taliban dropping

  7. Those same evangelicals are the ‘fakers’ in that they spew their love for God & do everything opposite. They ‘HATE’ on the poor, disabled, old and our military. They think nothing of scamming them — just think Palin & her ilk.

    In honesty, I couldn’t read whole post as I want to puke everytime I hear the morons ‘preach their believes’ as the only role they play is always being the ‘victim’ and NEVER taking responsibility themselves. They spew that everyone’s ramming it down their throat but clearly they’ve never looked in a mirror as THEY do that themselves but cannot see & acknowledge it. They do same with guns.

    I’m a vocal person online & in ‘real’ life & have banned family members from my home as I will not tolerate stupidity which they ‘drip’ & think nothing of ramming their ‘fake’ love to kids that are in my home about abstinence only – the list too long to post.

    Hilarious hearing them say gays ruin marriage. They’ve done good jo…

  8. As I always say, “Marriage is a legal contract”. Otherwise you would go to church to get divorced.

    Shuts ’em up every time.

  9. So whats the difference between these people and the Westboro Baptist Church, they’re all full of hate!

  10. Since you mentioned “going to church to get a divorce,” Marriage is also more than just a legal contract in most religions that also extends beyond Christianity to Judaism, Islam, Hindu, etc. When practiced in these religions, the state of marriage rises beyond just being legal but to the level of the sacramental. While many Protestant religions recognized a legal divorce, the Catholic faith does not. You’re diminishing marriage to just the level of a legal contract makes it sound like something just entered as a business transaction without the physical, spiritual and emotional dynamics involved–in other words, you’re cheapening it…I realize I will never change your mind about this, but I did just want you to know that your comment failed in this instance to “shut em up every time.” You didn’t shut me up.

  11. But in history marriage was business transaction in the west. So before you think someone wants to shut you up, open a book and learn

    Marriage is a way to consolidate resources
    between families.
    When societies develop into the halves
    and the have-nots, marriage usually changes
    becoming a way to hold onto power and land.
    Stephanie Coontz

  12. This group of marchers are definitely marching to a beat of a sick drum. They are hateful and don’t get the fact that most Americans don’t care if there is same-sex marriage. Let people be happy. If you don’t like same-sex marriages, don’t get one, don’t go to a wedding of a same-sex couple and please mind your own business.

  13. Heap as much religious mumbo jumbo onto marriage as you want, in the US, you are not married without a secular state license.

  14. Did you see the news reports, what few there were? It was about as successful as Operation American Spring and the twitter hashtag #March4Marriage is loaded with parodies.

    I guess people are getting burned out on bigotry.

    Also it’s indicative of social media inflation. It’s easy for a right wing troll to create 30 accounts on twitter and endless accounts on Facebook, buy likes and buy followers to make their numbers seem bigger.

    But when it comes to actually presenting their pale faces, freshly emerged from their mother’s basements, I think even they are shocked by how few their numbers really are.

    Screaming fleas, my friends. Screaming fleas,

  15. Seriously, anti-gay HATE MONGERS? Did you actually listen to the speakers? What HATRED are you talking about????????? They talked about praying and about what marriage means. Typical Gay politicizing and bullying.

  16. Jane, it is a legal contract whether you like it or not. The churches were not involved at first.

    The problem with some folks is they think their religion is our government. It’s not and never was. They look like total hateful fools.

  17. you can have your religious values to determine what’s marriage, but, loving and marrying someone, is not predicated on who is your god and what book you swore to live with.. i don’t care what your religious beliefs are, but please, keep it to yourself. if you claim that our rights are “god-given”, that’s for you to believe. i’ll not gonna take that way from you. imposing your belief on me, who died and made you the judge and the moral police of everyone?

  18. and what exactly does saving the traditional marriage means? the devil speak in several languages. beware.

  19. It wasn’t until the 12th century that a claim was made for marriage as a sacrament. It did not exist in the early church at all and the only reason for it then was for property rights.

    I should say also that whether the couple is same sex or opposite sex, it really shouldn’t matter much to YOU. If you’re married and your marriage is threatened by marriages where the couples are the same sex, then your marriage has the problem.

    Would you have stood by and let people condemn a marriage between you and your husband or a friend and her husband, etc., just because you’re opposite sex? No, of course you wouldn’t.

    So why should same sex couples stand by and tolerate such discrimination?

    If you’ve found the one you love, Jane, and decided to marry him, then why on earth would you deny other couples that same happiness?

    Your happiness does not outweigh the happiness of others…and your rights are no more powerful than the rights of others who may be different from you.

  20. I guess she feels threaten when she is with her husband walking about and they see a happy gay couple her husband might have a change of heart and join them. If she is that stuck up about people she don’t even know I can imagine the hell she puts husband through.

  21. What does marriage mean then, Howard?

    The early church did not define marriage at all, and the Bible itself doesn’t really define it either. In fact, in early times marriage was nothing more than a legality designed to protect property rights. It did not have religious connotations at all.

    Are those who are married by the appropriate civil servant any less married because they did not have a religious ceremony? No, they are not and I doubt you’d make the opposite argument.

    I’ll ask you this: What right do you have to say which couples can marry and which cannot?

    If YOUR marriage is threatened Howard, then I will say to you what I said to Jane above: There’s a problem in YOUR marriage.

    You aren’t being hurt, are you? Your marriage hasn’t crumbled, has it, with all the same sex couples who’ve already been married?

    Then what’s the problem?

  22. Over 50 Percent of Heterosexual Marriages
    end up in Divorce.

    Wait a few Years and then take a look at
    the Divorce rate for Gay Marriages.

    Anyone want to place a BET on which group
    will have the MOST Divorces ?

  23. I got some news for some people on here. Marriage has nothing to do with Religion. I have friends who are atheist. Their ceremonies were with friends and family. They had NO Church Involvement in any way shape or form. Jesus, the bible, God, Crosses, etc. were NOT involved in the ceremony, the wording, the language of the ceremony, there was no pastor, there was no priest, there was no bibles, there was no religious anything before or after or during the ceremony. It was the justice of the peace. They had the state document and a ceremony with friends and family in a private location. As much as some people continue to insist that religion is a part of marriage IT’S NOT!

  24. EXACTLY!

    Heterosexuals get married all the time – even on board ship! – without any religious involvement. No one would argue THOSE marriages are any less valid.

  25. there was a time when the catholic church performed same sex ceremonies, if either male had no male children, to ensure that their money and property would stay in the hands of males.
    marriage is and always has been about property and ownership.
    when human beings created religion, it was then that the idea of marriage was something spiritual and ‘godly’.

  26. Howard, the anti gay side is hateful and you know it. Those folks should be mad at their RWNJ leaders who lied to them. Why have they been led to believe that their religion is our government? Wake up.
    Love God, follow your religion and leave the rest of us alone!!!
    The country has moved on and your side looks like hateful ignorant fools.

  27. …actually, these assholes are PSEUDOCHRISTIANS, because they turned thier back on everything Jesus Christ taught…
    They need to ditch the big Bibles, and get the little green Bibles that have just the New Testament…plus Psalms and Proverbs…
    We who are REAL Christians follow His teachings…{well, as best we can…lol}

  28. …years ago, I posted an article on Facebook, entitled “How to survive Holidays
    with NeoConArtist Relatives.”
    Gonna have to resurrect it.{IF I can find it…lol}

  29. Surviving NeoConArtist/Teahadist relatives dropping in for Holiday meals…
    May 28, 2011 at 12:17am
    …How to survive holidays with NeoConArtist/Teahadist relatives…
    1}Just before dinner is called, bring in a small chain saw and set on a small table right by your place…
    2}Right after Grace is said, jump up with a blood-chilling yell and start chainsaw while looking NeoConArtist in the eye…
    3}De-activate chainsaw and enjoy dinner;occasionally staring at NeoConArtist while petting chain saw…
    4}After dinner insist on sitting right next to NeoConArtist with chainsaw on lap….no matter what NeoConArtist says comment on high cost of funerals…
    5}Wave goodbye to hastily departing NeoCon Artist/Teahadist)…you probably won’t see ’em for a LOOOONG time…

  30. One wonders if the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons ever had issues surrounding marriage. I’m sure some of them had to have mated at some time with each other and possibly even procreated occasionally on those rainy nights when there was nothing else to do in the cave but paint on the walls.

  31. You are correct Jane. For these intolerant anti-TM bigots, marriage in the West has always been a religious ceremony that bore full recognition by the State. The idea of the contrivance of a secular, legally binding contract is a more modern adaptation

    Article 16 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, United Nations, declares that “Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses.” Welcome to the NWO Baby.

  32. In 1948 your bigoted ancestors didn’t give African Americans their Civil Rights. It wasn’t until the late 60’s that interracial marriages were recognized and you and your hateful attitudes bring up something from almost 70 years ago. I have a idea you asshole, don’t marry anyone gay. Unless you dream of riding the big one

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