For Reasons They Will Never Admit Republicans Are Responsible For The Attack on Benghazi

One of the things Republicans claim is their biggest problem with most Americans is that they do not take responsibility for their circumstances that forcing them to be held accountable would remedy. However, as is usually the case with any conservative and particularly Republicans, the idea of accountability or responsibility is irrelevant when there are adverse consequences arising from their own actions or lack thereof. Disavowing their part in the current civil unrest in Iraq is a prime example of Republicans not taking any responsibility for creating the mess in Iraq when their great “war president” George W. Bush lied to launch a preemptive war of aggression that destabilized the country and the entire region. Of course, with an African American man in the White House, they have spent the past two weeks blaming everything going on in and around Iraq on President Obama as if he is responsible for Bush Republicans creating sectarian violence or signing the agreement to withdraw American combat forces from the country in 2011.

It is almost a certainty that when Republicans begin blaming Democrats or President Obama for anything, it is more likely than not that they are the real culprits. For nearly two years, Republicans have spent no small amount of time and taxpayer dollars blaming the attack on the American diplomatic outpost in Benghazi Libya that claimed four American diplomats’ lives on the President and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The concept that the President and Mrs. Clinton are responsible for the Benghazi attack is beyond comprehension, even coming from Republicans, but as they ratcheted up their bizarre and false assertions, it became really obvious there was more at play than just Republican politics; they are covering up their responsibility for the deaths of four American diplomats.

Republicans are ultimately responsible for the attack on the Benghazi outpost for several reasons they will never admit, but that does not absolve them for their very substantial role in the diplomats’ deaths or eliminate the need for a special prosecutor to hold them accountable for inciting Islamist militants to attack Americans. Taken on their own, any one of the reasons Republicans are responsible for the Benghazi attack is reasonable in any universe, but in their totality, there is no doubt whatsoever they, and not President Obama or Hillary Clinton, should be the focus of an investigation and subsequently held accountable for their guilt.

First, it is now a fact, right from the captured mastermind of the Benghazi attack’s mouth, that the attackers were driven by religious rage over an American-made anti-Muslim video that “depicted the Prophet Muhammed, Islam’s founder, as a homosexual, villainous child-molesting buffoon.” Republicans rejected, out of hand, the idea the anti-Islam video played any role in the Benghazi attack despite reporting in the New York Times the day after the attack that protesters were enraged over the slight to Islam they first learned of from watching coverage of anti-American protests in Cairo Egypt. Now, it is true Republicans probably did not secretly fund the production of the anti-Islam video, but they have incited anti-Muslim sentiments in America over the past thirteen years beginning shortly after the terror attacks on 911 and continuing to this day.

If anyone believes Republicans and their conservative masters at the Heritage Foundation have not portrayed Muslims as terrorists and sub-humans, they have been comatose over the past decade. On Monday, the day before the White House announced the suspect in the Benghazi attack had been captured by American special forces, the Heritage Foundation hosted an Islamic hate-fest documented in the Washington Post that focused on abusing a Pakistani Muslim, Saga Ahmed, for suggesting that some attending the Heritage conference readily stereotyped all Muslims as violent and anti-American. Add to the perpetual Muslim bashing the Republican predilection for military intervention in the internal affairs of Muslim nations such as Iran, Syria, Libya, and once again Iraq that from a Muslim, and many Americans’, point of view is just a reason to kill Muslims as part of what George W. Bush called a “crusade” replete with American troops carrying weapons emblazoned with Christian bible verses. There are also several Republican state legislatures passing absurd bans on what they call “barbaric” Sharia Law. It is little wonder that after a decade of defaming Islam and Muslims as sub-human monsters intent on killing good American Christians in a Holy War, that a devout evangelical did not appropriate funding to produce an anti-Islam video that drove Islamist militants to seek revenge and attack the nearest Americans at an embassy outpost lacking adequate security that is solely the fault of House Republicans.

Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, requested additional funding for embassy security early in 2011 to protect American diplomats working in Muslim countries. Republicans in the House rejected Mrs. Clinton’s request because as proud Republican Jason Chaffetz of Utah boasted upon being asked if he voted against increased embassy security funding, “Absolutely. Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country. When you’re in tough economic time, you have to make difficult choices how to prioritize this.” Not only did the Republican House not increase embassy security funding, they voted to cut $300-million from the U.S. embassy security budget as part of their priorities due to what they call “tough economic times. Remarkably, Republicans never prioritize prioritize funding anything whether it is for Veterans, food assistance, infrastructure repair, or embassy security and yet there is always money for tax cuts for the rich and corporations and subsidies for the oil, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industry; the things most important to Republicans.

Republicans will never take any responsibility for their integral complicity in driving anti-Muslim sentiments that led to the anti-Islam video that incited the attack on Benghazi the captured Islamist militant said enraged Muslims after seeing protests against America in Cairo. He clearly admitted he and his militia sought retribution against the nearest American establishment; the Benghazi outpost. Instead of decrying the video’s role in driving the Benghazi attack, or Republicans’ role in withholding funding for embassy security, Republicans covered their guilt by claiming President Obama and Hillary Clinton are responsible for murdering four American diplomats. Besides refusing to take responsibility for their role in the deaths of the Americans, Republicans are hypocrites for never investigating George W. Bush for the deaths of thousands of Americans on 911, or the deaths of Americans in any of the several attacks on American embassies around the Middle East due to the war of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There does need to be an in-depth investigation into the Benghazi attack, but the focus should be on Republicans for their significant thirteen-year role in inciting anti-Muslim anger that drove the production of the video that led to anti-American rage and the attack that killed four Americans. Republicans should also be held accountable for deliberately withholding funds for increased embassy security; particularly after then-Secretary of State Clinton requested help to protect American diplomats and then lying that tough economic times meant leaving Americans to die while the oil industry received millions in subsidies. It is time for Democrats to turn the tables on Republicans and lay out their case to the American people about why four Americans were killed and who is responsible.

It is true Islamist militants attacked and killed four Americans in Benghazi, but without two wars of aggression to kill Muslims, thirteen years of fear mongering leading a Christian malcontent to produce a virulent anti-Islam video, and Republicans withholding funding for embassy security, Americans would have never heard of Benghazi and four American diplomats would be alive. Republicans may not have pulled the triggers or launched rocket-propelled grenades that killed Americans in Benghazi, but they are responsible for the Benghazi attack and for that they must be held to account for killing four American diplomats.

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  1. The republicans need Benghazi slung at them just like they’ve been slinging it at the Democrats. Their vote to cut embassy security caused the whole mess.

  2. Most interestingly, the hopeful Mitt Romney said that what he needed to win the election was a hostage crisis like the one that unseated Jimmy Carter. On cue, the attack on the consulate came on the symbolically wrought September 11, and the evidence suggests that the death of the Ambassador by smoke inhalation was unforeseen. Several Lybian civilians carried him to the hospital where he expired; their advent forestalled others carrying him elsewhere. Had he lived and been abducted,we can only imagine…

  3. It isn’t that Repubs don’t prioritize funding. It is a concerted effort to defund anything they are against. They tried to defund ACA. They tried to defund the EPA. They have threatened the Pentagon with budget cuts. They cut funding on SNAP benefits and school lunches. They know as long as they have the House they control the purse strings.

    When Clinton became Secretary of State they began defunding or cutting budgets anything related to her. Then they sit back and wait for a Benghazi or any other event and start pointing fingers.

    Their overall goal is to get the House and Senate so they can really wreak havoc. That cannot happen. I will drive, drag, push or pull people to vote this year.

  4. Wait for it. Charlie will chime in any minute now. I know her talking points on this and no matter what evidence is presented she will stick with it.

  5. As far as I’m concerned NO AMERICAN is responsible for Hasbenghazi! The resposibility lies with the crazed FAR RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS FANATICS of Lybia. When you can blame THEM, and focus your attention on THEM and not on Americans, I’ll listen.

  6. The smoking gun is the captured leader who confessed that he was upset about the video that was critical of Islam.

    Too bad Susie Rice was a sacrificial lamb in this hyped up charade.

    So sad that our fellow Americans died in this incident.

  7. I love the way this article underscores the culpability of the GOP concerning Benghazi. They have definitely been waging an anti-Muslim campaign non-stop since 9-11, and their cutting embassy security funding was an act of spite against both former SOS Hillary Clinton and President Obama. There’s no other explanation, especially since they have eagerly pushed for more and more tax cuts for the wealthy, in spite of the “tough economic decisions” they claimed had to be made. Everything they have done since the president was first elected in 2009 has been designed to make him a “failure,” and this is no exception.

  8. Oh you called it and didn’t realize it; “The resposibility (sic) lies with the crazed FAR RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS FANATICS” of America who advocate war against all Muslims. Obviously you didn’t read the article, or had your head in the sand since 911. The GOP did cut embassy security funding and have never smacked down anti-Muslim hate. As the article stated, Republicans didn’t pull the triggers, but they incited the people who did. Grow up.

  9. Charlie will chime in any minute now
    Unabashed click-whoring. ^^^

    I know her talking points on this
    You’re hired.

  10. Muslims are the new Jews/godless Commies. Christians seem to have to have religious enemies.

    Persecution complex. smart business move.

  11. This was well-known among us who actually follow politics, but was pretty much kept a secret from the masses by corporate America that are in kahoots with the Libertarian and Republican propagandists.

    For some strange reason, and much to my surprise, as the GOP continued with their Blame-Obama-for-Benghazi circus, I heard and read very little about the fact that the deficit-wailing Rightwingers were not held to account for slashing the U.S. Embassy security budget. Not even ONCE.

  12. Republicans are ALWAYS ready to blame others for their transgressions. They refuse to own their actions.

    “…Republican Jason Chaffetz of Utah boasted upon being asked if he voted against increased embassy security funding, ÔÇťAbsolutely. Look, we have to make priorities and choices in this country…”

    Now, this is a line of crap if I ever read one! The “choices” the TGOP make, never include fair taxation for all, corporate welfare, oil company subsidies, war into which they willingly send Americans while their families are untouched by their decisions, etc.

    The TGOP is NOT “conservative”, but have become “authoritarian”, just as the so-called tea party. The GOP has lost ALL credibility. They wasted taxpayer money $1.45 Million for each “repeal” vote of the ACA, and this doesn’t include the wasted money from the “Cruz-led government shutdown. They continue to steal money from the taxpayer while they do the lobbyists’ and NRA biddings. They destroy our government …

  13. Of course Republican and so-called Tea Party pols won’t ever take credit for their Benghazi misdeeds; that would go against their core talking point that any federal government action (during a Democratic administration only) can be necessary or effective.

  14. Right on, Huckleberry. We cannot allow the radical right to gain control of the
    senate or the White House as long as the Tea Party controls their thinking. They’d get America right back into another knee-jerk “patriotic” adventure.
    But if they did, they’d soon learn our military doesn’t have the manpower to fight another war without a draft. Then we’d see how brave those hawks really are if they have to send their own privileged kids off to war.

  15. So RMuse, if a christian killed a whole bunch of people citing your daily bigoted anti-christian rants as their motivation, would those murders be your fault? That is, after all, exactly what you are arguing in one of these lame widely debunked reasons. That is, of course, unless you believe Muslims are unable to control their emotions and impulses, like some sort of sub human animal. Is that what you are arguing? I really can’t tell if you are an anti-christian or an anti-muslim bigot or both. I suppose it doesn’t matter.

  16. Well, then, what about the extremely anti-Islamic American-made film (if one can call it that) that was suddenly being shown all over the Middle East at that sensitive time in the presidential election season? While the movie might have thrilled some US pseudo-religious extremists, it sure was not meant to please any Muslims, here or abroad. And, in the end, I’m not so sure about coincidences – Mitt was awfully excited about getting a Middle Eastern crisis, just as the news about Benghazi was being reported. He saw it as his yellow brick road to the White House. Fortunately, most Americans were a lot smarter than he and were justly disturbed by his euphoria.

  17. Typical deflective response: critics of Conservative bilge must be “anti-Christian”. Standard tactic from the playbook: victimization, “Christians are persecuted”. Rmuse made LOGICAL connections, based on documented events. The conclusion is valid.

  18. Democrats stand up and use the facts against the GOP?

    They never do, I presume that is because they also have to appease their source of campaign funds. The Koch brothers give nearly as much to democrat candidates as they do to the GOP, so it’s not unreasonable to believe that they are under instructions not to be too effective in their political statements.

  19. I wouldn’t say nearly as much but they are some. Two off the top of my head would be Manchin and Landrieu if I were to guess

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