Fox News’ Sean Hannity Lets The Hate Speech Flow And Pushes All In On Islamophobia


During the Thursday and Friday night broadcasts of his show, Fox News’ Sean Hannity not only provided a forum for a noted intolerant bigot to spew hate speech and bully a Muslim guest, but jumped on board the hate train himself and criticized and harangued the young woman. On Thursday night’s episode of Hannity, American University law student Saba Ahmed was brought on for an interview along with Brigitte Gabriel, founder of the anti-Islam group ACT! for America. The interview came about due to a verbal altercation that occurred between these two women at a Heritage Foundation panel discussion on Benghazi that took place June 16th.

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post described the Benghazi panel discussion as deteriorating “into the ugly taunting of a woman in the room who wore an Islamic head covering.” Ahmed had confronted the panel about their portrayal of all Muslims as being bad and not realizing that there are 8 million Muslims living in America. Per Milbank, it quickly went downhill, with Gabriel leading the charge. Essentially, Gabriel bullied and taunted Ahmed from the stage and essentially claimed that 300 million Muslims worldwide were bloodthirsty terrorists determined to kill Americans while dismissing the idea that any Muslims can be peaceful.


Politico’s media critic, Dylan Byers, criticized Milbank for his description of the event (Milbank was there; Byers only watched a short video clip of the event) and stated that Milbank had sensationalized the entire interaction. After what we saw transpire on Hannity the past two days, I am pretty sure Milbank provided an accurate description of the Heritage Foundation event. Also, Ahmed responded to Byers in an op-ed published by the Post, as Byers said that she did not seem troubled by the conversation with Gabriel and others on the panel. She pointedly stated that Byers was wrong. At the same time, she said that she is a Republican (conservatives have labeled her a Democratic plant) due to her conservative Islamic values.

That brings us back to the two days of unadulterated hate directed at Ahmed and all Muslims that was brought to us by Sean Hannity and Brigitte Gabriel. During Thursday night’s show, the interview quickly fell apart, as Hannity and Gabriel tag-teamed to personally tear apart Ahmed. It was an extremely disgusting display of xenophobia and bigotry.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of Media Matters:



As you can see, Hannity and Gabriel bullied this woman and barely allowed her to speak.  Meanwhile, they are essentially painting all Muslims as barbaric terrorists that need to be hunted down and killed. Gabriel accused Ahmed of just trying to grab the limelight at the event by asking an irrelevant question. When Ahmed tried to point out that her question was not irrelevant, she was shouted down again and again by Gabriel and Hannity. One sadly funny moment was when Hannity wanted to know why more moderate Muslims weren’t speaking out against radicals. When Ahmed tried to answer Hannity and point out that she is trying to do just that, Hannity cut her off.


On Friday, Hannity played an extended portion of the interview that wasn’t shown on Thursday. This was, if you can believe it, even worse than what was aired the night before. In this portion, Gabriel just continued to berate and bully Ahmed, continuously calling her a “liar” and a “terrorist sympathizer.” She even mocked Ahmed when Ahmed wanted to know why Gabriel was being so mean. Amazingly, Gabriel thought she was being civil and was only showing her “passion.”



This is ugly behavior at its worse, but then again, what else should we expect from Hannity. The fact that he is even giving Gabriel a forum to spew her hate speech, and endorsing it, is absolutely pathetic. Gabriel is the same person who said the following at a conference in 2007:

The difference, my friends, between Israel and the Arab world is the difference between civilization and barbarism. It’s the difference between good and evil…. this is what we’re witnessing in the Arabic world, They have no soul, they are dead set on killing and destruction. And in the name of something they call “Allah” which is very different from the God we believe….because our God is the God of love.

Brigitte Gabriel is just another charlatan who has has made an industry out of preaching hatred and intolerance. She has made an industry out of making conservatives feel good and right about their natural inclinations to hate anyone who is an ‘other.’ Especially when it comes to Muslims. It is all about whipping the far-right into a jingoistic frenzy. It is about embracing Islamophobia and alienating millions of Americans. And, in the end, it is about making the Republican Party less and less inclusive, assuring that it will kill itself rather than acknowledge how diverse this country has become.


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  • Maybe someone needs to remind Hannity of all the killing, violence and destruction that has been done in this world in the name of a Christian God.

    This notion that Muslims are bad simply by virtue of the fact that they are Muslims needs to end. The majority of Muslims are peace-loving people who simply want to lead their lives like anyone else.

    Paraphrasing what I told someone yesterday, judge them not all equally.

  • These people are to stupid to realize when you say something today it goes around the world in seconds. Then they sit and wonder why this country is hated and despised by so many.

  • I am ashamed to admit it, but I can't deny it. I Don't want any Muslims near me... None... None North or West of the Mediterranean. Keep them confined to their original tribal lands and let none migrate out. Hate! It is all they know. I now return the courtesy.

    • I was married to two of them, though not at the same time. They avoided pork, wine, and indecency, studied hard, and were good, if incandescent, cooks. They were in no way violent or terroristic, and truthfully, my alliances with non-Muslims held up no better.

    • Derrick learn to better articulate. I am a liberal who has struggled much with the issue of fundamentalist Islam. Let me give you a real good lead that will help you to better articulate and not be torn in an inner conflict. It is a big step to clear the fog of political correctness. The fact is political correct jargon like the crap that is this article is just as toxic as hate speech.This is a progressive Muslim who can help you to support progressive Islam & fight fundamentalist dogma while leaving political correct garbage like this article in your dust. Liberals liberate! There is a problem and if you want to get the brass tacks then you can start here. Also look into Thomas Paine. This article is for illiberalists who would've allowed the Nazi's to do their worst. Be a true liberal and liberate!

    • I am ashamed to admit it, but I can't deny it. I Don't want any Christians near me... None...

      See how stupid I sound? Now look in the mirror

    • I struggle with my opinions of Muslims too. I don't like myself for it but I equate them with violence & misogyny.I worked in retail in an area with many Muslin young couples. For the most part they were unfriendly. And the men seemed to hover over their wives like they were incapable of shopping on their own. There's plenty of every kind of idiots, warmongers & jerks I know.But my brain kept telling me they were "different". I need to work on it but their actions don't help.

      • Maybe it depends on the sect, but I have had a number of friends or coworkers who were Muslim... and a few that I wouldn't have even known they belonged to ANY church or religion. One guy, it was quite funny, but the only reason we even knew was when it was HIS turn to get the group lotto tickets and he had to decline.

        I appreciate your acknowledgement and effort. By the way, do not confuse culture and religious belief, they are not the same.

        • something about your post puzzles me. No one knew he was a Muslim until it was his turn to buy lotto tickets . Soooo it is fine for him to take part in any win, but to buy the ticket is wrong? This smells....

  • While these racist a@#-holes peddle hate. This is what happen in the real world:

    Russia Pres. Putin back's Ukraine's cease fire plan, call a halt all military operations:

    Afghan leaders back U.N. election role:

    Unemployment rate fall in 20 states:

    Interesting: 6% of voters feel positive abt the GOP; senate polling, Dems. up in MN, MI, NC, IA, NH:

    This is what a leader look like, that why I voted for Pres. Obama..

  • This is typical faux intolerance, to beat up anyone who doesn't believe in what they believe in. But of course their right wing audience eats this shit up.

  • IT IS TRUE that women are grossly mistreated in Islam as they are in every religion created by men (not even mentioning what happens to people who believe in other religions or are atheist,gay etc,).
    Saba Ahmed seems to be very uncomfortable hearing this happens under the umbrella of her religion just as Catholics hate to hear about the criminal acts perpetrated against children by their priests and the crazy crap Israel does to perpetuate the animosity between their people and the Palestinians.
    All religions have been a blight on humanity and to modern progress over all.

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