Dick Cheney Claims Obama Is ‘Dead Wrong’ On Iraq While Rand Paul Insists Cheney Is To Blame





Former Vice President Dick Cheney was on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos Sunday to discuss the recent violence in Iraq, as well as his infamous op-ed in the Wall Street Journal where he claimed that President Obama is directly responsible for the chaos in Iraq and the Middle East. Cheney has been roundly criticized for article and has been taken to task by both the left and right. Last week, Cheney was lambasted by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly during an interview. On top of that, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) claimed that Obama should not be blamed and that the the decision to go to war with Iraq is the main cause of the current unrest there.

In his interview Sunday, Cheney continued to criticize the President and took shots at Paul. At the same time, Cheney skirted any blame the previous administration should take for deciding to go to war in the first place. Instead, Cheney advocated for a “two war strategy” and basically stated that the United States needs to commit tens of thousands of troops in various portions of the Middle East for an indefinite period of time. He said that Obama should send 20,000 American troops to Iraq now, devote resources to Syria and not withdraw any troops from Afghanistan. Overall, Cheney was defiant and pushed for American imperialism, while dismissing any criticism he should take for his role in this mess.

When pressed by Jonathan Karl on his own strategy in Iraq and the Middle East, Cheney presented a total imperialistic plan that would keep the US in an eternal quagmire.

KARL: But let me — let me ask you specifically on Iraq, because that — that’s the crisis confronting us right at this moment.

Would you in — would you take war — you know, air strikes against ISIS?

Would you move Special Forces into Iraq?

What would you do in Iraq?

CHENEY: Well, I — what we should have done in Iraq was…

KARL: No, no, what would you do now?

CHENEY: — leave behind a force — well, what I would do now, John, is, among other things, be realistic about the nature of the threat. When we’re arguing over 300 advisers when the request had been for 20,000 in order to do the job right, I’m not sure we’ve really addressed the problem.

I would definitely be helping the resistance up in Syria, in ISIS’ backyard, with training and weapons and so forth, in order to be able to do a more effective job on that end of the party.

But I think at this point, there are no good, easy answers in Iraq. And, again, I think it’s very important to emphasize that the problem we’re faced with is a much broader one, that we need to — an administration to recognize the fact that we’ve got this huge problem, quit peddling the notion that they — they got core al Qaeda and therefore there’s no problem out there.

KARL: Now, you…

CHENEY: They’ve got to rebuild trust and relationship with our friends in the region.

KARL: Do you…

CHENEY: It’s very important to take a broad gauge approach to it.


Karl then asked Cheney about Paul’s statements that those who were the war’s biggest cheerleaders should not be listened to this time around, Cheney shrugged it off and stated that we shouldn’t look to the past and that we need to maintain a presence in the Middle East. He also dismissed Paul as being an isolationist, apparently meaning that Paul’s opinion is meaningless.


KARL: Now, Rand Paul, pointing to things like that, wrote in “The Wall Street Journal” also, “Many of those clamoring for military action now are the same people who made every false assumption imaginable about the cost, challenge and purpose of the Iraq War. They have been wrong for so long, why should we listen to him — listen to them again?” your response?

CHENEY: With all — all due respect, John, I was a strong supporter then of going into Iraq, I’m a strong supporter now. Everybody knows what my position is. There’s nothing to be argued about there.

But if we spend our time debating what happened 11 or 12 years ago, we’re going to miss the threat that is growing and that we do face. Rand Paul, with all due respect, is basically an isolationist. He doesn’t believe we ought to be involved in that part of the world.

I think it’s absolutely essential.

One of the things I worried about 12 years ago and that I worry about today is that there will be another 9/11 attack and that the next time, it’ll be with weapons far deadlier than airline tickets and box cutters.

And when we have a situation developing in Pakistan, for example, where there are nuclear weapons, where supposedly that technology has been sold to the North Koreans, at the same time, the president announces the complete withdrawal from Afghanistan right next door, that we’re — we’re missing the boat. We don’t understand the nature of the threat and we’re unwilling to deal with it.


Finally, Cheney made sure to completely disparage the President and suggest that he is making America less safe by not engaging in combat with several different nations. Because, nothing says peace like and ongoing, multi-front war.


KARL: Do you — in your op-ed, you have a broader critique, which you’re — you’re making now, as well, of the president’s foreign policy. And you write, “President Obama seems determined to leave office ensuring that he has taken America down a notch.”

In this op-ed, you also suggest the president is a — a fool — that was the word you used — only a fool would — would take the — the approach he’s taking in Iraq right now.

It almost seems like you’re accusing the president of treason here, saying he’s intentionally bringing America down a notch.

CHENEY: No, my reference didn’t refer just to Iraq. It referred to the fact that we’ve left a big vacuum in the Middle East by our withdrawal from Iraq with no stay-behind agreement, by the commitment he made just a couple of weeks ago, that we’re going to completely withdraw from Afghanistan with no stay-behind agreement.

We create a vacuum and it’s being filled. And today, it’s being filled by ISIS — by Sisi (ph) from Syria. It’s being filled by their attempt, obviously, to take over all of Iraq, but it’s also being filled by places like Pakistan, where the Taliban have just launched a major attack on the Karachi airport.

The — the scope of the problem, in part, is based upon an unwillingness by the president to recognize we have a problem. They’re still living back in the day when they claimed we got bin Laden, the terrorism problem is solved.

That wasn’t true then. It’s even less true today. The threat is bigger than it’s ever been. The danger of nuclear proliferation in the hands of terrorists is bigger than it’s ever been. We need to dramatically reverse course on our defense budget. We are decimating the defense budget, not al Qaeda. We need to go back to a two war strategy, not the one war strategy that he’s put in place.

We have 40 brigades in the United States Army, only four of them are combat ready. He is dramatically limiting the capability of future presidents to deal with crises by virtue of the policies he’s taken.

Now, I don’t intend any disrespect for the president, but I fundamentally disagree with him. I think he’s dead wrong in terms of the course he’s taken this nation and I think we’re in for big trouble in the years ahead because of his refusal to recognize reality and because of his continual emphasis upon getting the U.S. basically to withdraw from that part of the world.


I think I speak for the majority of Americans when I say the following: Dick Cheney, please go far, far away and don’t ever come back.

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  1. What I had to say elsewhere is basically unprintable here, so I won’t say it so you don’t have to not print it.

  2. Remember on 9/11/01, the day our nation experienced its worst terrorist attack, and its worst attack since Pearl Harbor in 1941, how Cheney went on TV and radio to address the nation, calm our fears and assure us that we would prevail? Yeah, me neither, because Cheney was cowering in an “undisclosed location.” While the nation grieved, our “leaders” were hiding.

    If Cheney had any decency, he’d go back to that “undisclosed location” now and stop addressing the nation, telling us that we need more war.

  3. Another front for the soul of the American Taliban has opened. We have talked about the fight between the social misfits and the business side of that clown car now its a fight between the isolationists and the war mongering neo cons.

    It might turn out to be a real fight but with Rand Paul being the (cough) leader, I wouldn’t hold my breath. The minute the wind changes he will fall in line, apologize and be the wet noodle he has always been

  4. So they are asking a guy with absolutely NO foreign policy experience, and wears a squirrel on his head, about a decrepit old war criminal? Where are the Cronkites and Brinkleys?

    This is like bringing me of the show to talk about rocket science. Just amazing.

  5. I guess Cheney doesn’t believe in the Shakespeare remark “past is prologue”. Cheney you and Bush caused it, you are responsible for what is happening in Iraq and surrounding areas.

  6. If you DON’T talk about & recognize history – what went right & in the case of Iraq – what was so, so wrong – you will make those same mistakes again & again which is where the GOP & most certainly Warmonger McCain/Palin, Graham, Ayotte (the parrots) would have us now if he had been elected.

    Rebuild relationships — from Cheney’s mouth — isn’t that rich. Coming from the hateful mouth of one of the many warcriminals from the Bush Admin that destroyed those relationships.

    “..we’ve left a big vacuum in the Middle East by our withdrawal from Iraq with no stay-behind agreement,..”

    Tells you how delusional the buffoon is. That was under Bush/Cheney’s admin that said agreement was not obtained.

    I offer to volunteer to administer water boarding on Cheney & his as bad son, I mean daughter – didn’t fall far from the tree — she too a warmonger. Too bad none of them have ever worn a uniform. They all cower like Romney & his ilk with ever excuse they …

  7. I hate to even imagine what the world would be like today if we hadn’t been smart enough to elect Barrack Obama to be POTUS.

    I know a lot of people complained when President Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, but I think he is earning it now.

  8. A history reminder:

    When you hear McCain, Cheney, et al talking – they bring up there will be another 9/11.

    Remember and think about it — they have already started using the old election/re-election playbook chapter on ‘Fearmongering’. That very same chapter that Bush used to get re-elected to a 2nd term.

    Don’t buy into it. Remember the history — we’ve been down that road before.

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”

  9. Rand Paul is trying to sound reasonable for once, but it’s important for folks not to be fooled. Leopards change their spots, and he’s no exception. He’s still the same reactionary cur he always was, and that’s not going to change. Just the same, it’s hilarious to see one reactionary cur turning on another, much older one. I wouldn’t trust either one as far as I could throw them. One needs to be voted out of Congress and the other needs to slither under the rock he crawled out from other because of the blood on his hands.

  10. When I hear Paul speak, I remember his actions on the committee hear when Hillary Clinton spoke. His disrespect showed for Clinton and for the 4 who lost their lives. More importantly – his total lack of knowledge of anything outside his ‘little’ brain showed.

    If Paul is held up as someone with ‘foreign’ knowledge/experience — I’m the Pope.

  11. Also, let’s not forget:
    Not only did Bush/Cheney lie to the American people when they convinced us that Saddam was a threat, they also ignored the FBI’s warning that the terrorists were going to his us on 9/11.

  12. Can we just hand Cheney over to the Hague for his war trial, for invading a country that did not attack us, for lying about WMD,s
    for his black hole torture sites overseas and for those 4000 caskets that have been flown home!

  13. There is also all the documents released of Bush/Cheney holding all the secret meetings with oil companies setting up the plans for takeover of Iraq oil masked as the war against WMDs. These meetings prior to the Iraq war.

    Maddow did an excellent show on these said documents — names of persons & corporation, places & times meetings held — no info held back.

    Yet — Not one talking head on any other MSNBC show has made mention of the show nor of the said documents that were released. Proof that the egos of the MSNBC shows are bigger than their brains. They too have proven to be no better than the other ‘hack’ networks/shows. It shows they have no interest to research or pay any attention to their own cable shows. They just march to their own drum — bad ones.

  14. Cheney should have been shunned by the media long ago. We shouldn’t be wasting bandwidth discussing any of his opinions about anything whatsoever. Unless of course it’s about him turning himself in to the ICC for admitted war crimes. Anything else concerning him is of no interest to me except his obituary.

  15. Contrary to what Cheney said, President Obama knows there’s a problem in Iraq and in that entire area of the Mid-East. Also, contrary to Cheney’s words, President Obama is not a fool.

    And just because Cheney and his contemporary group of war-mongers have saturated the media in all it’s forms in an effort to pretend their past actions were all to the good does not make them so. Nor does it give credibility for a renewed drumbeat for more war and for it to be continued indefinitely.

    President Obama not only knows about the problem, he will deal with it seriously. He is no fool; he will deal with it wisely. While the war hawks spout off, our Commander in Chief will figure out what is the best course to take, and he will take it. It will not be the course that Cheney advocates, that’s for sure. I wholeheartedly believe that he will find a better way.

    Once again, I am elated that our Commander in Chief, our President, is Barack Obama, and not Mitt Romney.

  16. So Cheney, I guess this means that you have ALL the answers as you did when you and your boss, Bush, lied to get us into Iraq the first time.

    Get a life, Dick Cheney, and get lost forever!

  17. Shouldn’t Cheney just be wearing Depends and sitting open-mouthed in an ALF rocking chair somewhere in Wyoming? How did he escape?

  18. seriously. only dick cheney could make rand paul sound reasonable.

    mr cheney do you think we’re that stupid? (if we were we’d have voted for you….) do you think we don’t know the reason there is a power vacuum in the middle east is because we removed saddam hussein. he was many things, evil being one, but he was the glue holding iraq together. bush the first knew this, which is why he stopped short of baghdad.

    the past 12 years have shown the folly of the iraq war, and cheney the fool thinks we should just forget about it? those who do not learn from history repeat it. of course, cheney is financially tied to halliburton, so if he personally prifited from the war at the expense of the american people. and if we get bogged down there again, he stands to profit even more.

    cheney is like a used car salesman selling a creampuff.

  19. Everyone should write ABCs “This Week” and let them know how ludicrous it is to interview guests such as Dick Cheney who have no integrity and credibility. Yet they continue to idolize this bum week after week for his ill advised opinions. This is a show that must be desperate if they have to stoop this low to interview liars like Cheney.

  20. I find Dick Cheney to be a joke…As a Vietnam War veteran, I learned first hand what war is all about….while Cheney was busy back home dodging the draft…legally mind you…but dodging it just the same…Which is OK…But WHAT in God’s name made him all of a sudden such an expert on war…and so eager to send men off to fight and die….He was certainly NOT so eager when it was his own life on the line back in the Nam era….the guy should simply keep his mouth shut….

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