Dick Cheney Falls Apart and Admits That He Has No Answers On Iraq


When pressed on ABC’s This Week for a solution to the problems in Iraq, former vice president Dick Cheney’s Obama criticism fell apart as he couldn’t come up with an answer.



Transcript from ABC’s This Week:

KARL: — you made a big splash this week with an op-ed in “The Wall Street Journal” under the headline, “The Collapsing Obama Doctrine.” Some very harsh criticism of the president.

But what I didn’t read in your op-ed is what is your solution, your plan right now, for Iraq?

What would you be doing?

CHENEY: Well, first of all, Jon, I’d recognize that Iraq is not the whole problem. We’ve got a much bigger problem than just the current crisis in Iraq.

The Rand Corporation was out within the last week with a report that showed that there’s been a 58 percent increase in the number of groups like al Qaeda, Salafi jihadists. And it stretches from West Africa all across North Africa, East Africa, through the Middle East, all the way around to Indonesia, a doubling of the number of terrorists out there.

The first thing we have to do is recognize we’ve got a hell of a problem and it’s not just in Iraq. I worry about Pakistan. Just a couple of weeks ago in Pakistan, the Taliban, the same group that we just released five of the leaders of from Guantanamo, the Taliban raided Karachi Airport.

Why do I care about that?

Well, Pakistan is unique in that it has a significant inventory of nuclear weapons. We have evidence that the man who built the Pakistani program, AQ Khan, offered up recently and that was that the North Koreans have bribed Pakistani officials for sophisticated technology for enriching uranium and that the North Koreans now have some two — 2,000 centrifuges operating to enrich uranium.

We had North Korea try to provide Syria with a nuclear reactor.

The — the difficulty, the spread of the terrorist organizations is not recognized by the administration. The proliferation of nuclear capability and the possibility that it could fall into the hands of terrorists is not really being addressed at all.

And I appreciate the problems we’ve got in Iraq right now.

KARL: But — but…

CHENEY: But what I think we need is a broad strategy that lets us address this whole range of issues. And that involves reversing a number of the policies of…

KARL: But…

CHENEY: — the Obama administration.

KARL: But let me — let me ask you specifically on Iraq, because that — that’s the crisis confronting us right at this moment.

Would you in — would you take war — you know, air strikes against ISIS?

Would you move Special Forces into Iraq?

What would you do in Iraq?

CHENEY: Well, I — what we should have done in Iraq was…

KARL: No, no, what would you do now?

CHENEY: — leave behind a force — well, what I would do now, John, is, among other things, be realistic about the nature of the threat. When we’re arguing over 300 advisers when the request had been for 20,000 in order to do the job right, I’m not sure we’ve really addressed the problem.

I would definitely be helping the resistance up in Syria, in ISIS’ backyard, with training and weapons and so forth, in order to be able to do a more effective job on that end of the party.

But I think at this point, there are no good, easy answers in Iraq. And, again, I think it’s very important to emphasize that the problem we’re faced with is a much broader one, that we need to — an administration to recognize the fact that we’ve got this huge problem, quit peddling the notion that they — they got core al Qaeda and therefore there’s no problem out there.
Dick Cheney tried to filibuster the question about what should have been done years ago, but when pushed his answer was an admission that he has got nothing. His only solution is to send American troops back into to spill more blood in Iraq. Cheney is advocating the same thing that he has always wanted. The former vice president wants the United States to take over Iraq.

Former vice president Cheney’s criticisms fell apart when pressed by ABC’s Jon Karl for some real ideas about what the United States could be doing differently now. Cheney is stuck in the past and can’t get over the fact that combat troops left Iraq, but instead of blaming Obama, he should be blaming his former boss for signing the agreement to leave Iraq.

Cheney has nothing. He is as devoid of answers as he was when he was vice president. Dick Cheney is an angry that Obama has undone his legacy in Iraq, but he should be thanking the president for cleaning up the mess that he George W. Bush left behind.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Dick Cheney was one of the Republicans who got the United States into Iraq, and nearly a dozen years later, Cheney still doesn’t have a solution for the problems that he caused.

Cheney has nothing to add to the discussion, which is another reason why the media needs to stop giving him airtime on Iraq.

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  1. Why should Americans die to make Dick WarBucks Cheney happy?

    If we hadn’t invaded their country or tried to steal their oil, we wouldn’t have this problem.

    We’re in the same boat as the Iraqi’s. Lives destroyed so the few can play at being kings.

  2. We have evidence that the man who built the Pakistani program, AQ Khan, offered up recently and that was that the North Koreans have bribed Pakistani officials for sophisticated technology for enriching uranium and that the North Koreans now have some two — 2,000 centrifuges operating to enrich uranium.
    Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 August 2005,

    Khan ‘gave N Korea centrifuges’
    Disgraced Pakistani scientist AQ Khan supplied North Korea with centrifuges and their designs, President Pervez Musharraf has confirmed.
    Recently? Look at the date and who was in office and this draft dodging blood gurgling sociopathic chickenhawk have the nerve to say recently? It took me 60 seconds of a Google search to find this nugget.

  3. We waited to see ABCs morning show, expecially hateful Mr. Cheney interview, but show was replaced by the soccer game. How did this happen?

  4. Dick the orchestra over Bush, for wars of personal profits caused this whole disaster and expensive killing mess we are in, and he can’t understand it by being blinded by vulture capitalist greed!! This is a sick armchair warmonger without compassions or guilt!!!……………….. joe

  5. Well seeing that the World cup doesn’t start till the afternoon I would say they showed a replay of a earlier game. Why? Maybe they didn’t want you to see the draft dodging blood gurgling sociopathic chickenhawk bumbling incompetence. Who owns your ABC affiliate and that will answer your question on why this week with stupidity was preempted

  6. Dick Cheney Falls Apart and Admits That He Has No Answers On Iraq

    Ok, then do us all a favor; STFU AND GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!

  7. More WAR,
    That’s always the answer you get from
    Republicans. Nothing gets them salivating
    like another WAR. Like John “Bomb Iran” McCain. The guy who never met a WAR
    he didn’t LOVE!
    Big Dick Cheney & his evil spawn Lizzie need to crawl back into the Hate filled
    crypt they slithered out of & stay there!
    We don’t need or want their advice.

  8. Why is this jerk invited back again!

    Why does he get to give HIS opinion? Down with CBS for having him on the show.

    I thought Mr. DICK left the WH for good. He seems to be reveling in his lies once again. I thought he left the WH once and for all.
    He sits in that chair as if he is still running our country. He can’t stop. (Look at me, me, me. I know it all! Well Dickie, we know it’s all about the oil and Halliburton.)
    He couldn’t wait to do one upmanship again on Pres. Obama.
    We have to obstruct (sound familiar) this man in every which way possible from hitting cable news shows, newspaper articles.

    Not one more interview with this man!

  9. Any program that gives this war criminal air time should be held accountable. He should not be allowed on any public venue at all. The same with the rest of his henchmen.

  10. But isn’t ISIS the resistance in Syria (the ones McCain posed for in pictures when he visited their camps)? So in Cheney’s world we’d be arming the same group who is trying to take over Iraq. WTF, this ass is so senile he doesn’t have any idea who is who and he wants to send our people over to get butchered AGAIN?

  11. The thing about this beginning of our failure is from not understanding how to vote, As we all know where dick came from Reagans camp of corporate armchair war mongers That got to empower!! As I tried my damndest to tell people not to vote for this sick group of vultures that will filice America, and you know the outcome!! This hindsight is a sad reality!! But we can use this big mistake the next voting periods to fix the peoples USA!!!……….. joe

  12. You speak of Senater McCain….The man is everywhere these days. If he’s not spewing hatred for Pres. Obama in the hallways of Congress, or standing before the podium on congressional floor..and last Friday was at the AZ border spewing more hatred along with Gov. Jan Brewer…(It’s all Obama’s fault of course.) Then Sat. night he and his beloved wife,Cindy, were at the Diamonbacks baseball game, seen on TV sitting in the audience. (Yes. I know he is part owner.) If McCain thinks his bluster is working for the state of AZ it. It’s all for show, same as Gov. Brewer. Heck, after she dissed the president the other day, I heard she immed. took to the Internet and asked for more money to fill up her coffers.
    Doesn’t any Republican EVER take any responsibility at all. For the past 6 years…NO responsibility coming from Congress. I thought, they, too, were voted in to work for we the people, just like the president. MSM gives the neocons a free ride. Amazing.

  13. On my cable channel ABC interview will be shown a 3 pm pacific time. check out the time for your location. It is just delayed.

  14. ‘When we’re arguing over 300 advisers when the request had been for 20,000 in order to do the job right, I’m not sure we’ve really addressed the problem.’

    Dick Cheney also said:

    “We’re decimating the defense budget, not Al Qaeda. We need to go back to a two-war strategy, not the one-war strategy he has in place.”.

    Are two wars less expensive? I bet 3 wars are even more less expensive. I get it, Dick wants Halliburton in charge again so he can get a larger share than this 30 pieces of silver. Cheney has never had any use for average Americans.’

  15. Cheney and Bush created the increase of al-Queda groups in the area by their policies. Cheney’s answer to anything is more troops on the ground. He knows that neither Bush or Obama couldn’t get the guarantees they wanted from Maliki in order to leave a remaining force in Iraq. Cheney’s answers to anything involving the area, is more boots on the ground. It seems he hasn’t learned anything from the failed policies of Bush/Cheney.

  16. Let’s all agree to put all the chicken hawks on the front line as in … Romney and all his sons. Also Lindsay Graham, too.
    Does anyone remember when Romney was running a campaign (which one?) when Romney was asked, “Why his sons never served in the military/for their country?” Romney replied, “They are. They are serving their country working on my campaign..”
    It was prob not exact words, but very close to it.

  17. Obama is to blame for all the incompetent idiocies B & C conned us into. Simple.

    All aftermaths of any evil deed B & C did is Obama’s fault too. Obviously.

  18. This is the same ass that said deficits don’t matter. Question, why is someone who has been so very wrong on almost every issue, and who has taken us into a war based on lies, still being listened to as if he has credibility? What the hell is wrong with us?

  19. Koodoos to Jon Karl for asking the right questions.Instead of putting up with Neo-cons saying that “Obama must do something”, ask them for SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS as to what they would do differently if they were the President.
    There is no quicker way to show that these blowhards have no ideas other than “bomb baby bomb” and “drill baby drill”.

  20. It is all about Cheney’s legacy now. He has to fight to the finish line before he kicks off. He still is trying to change history.

    Am sorry, people ask why is this man still alive. DICK, 5 deferments, Cheney has the best health care ever while others don’t have any healthcare at all. Despicable.

    Am livid that ABC gave Mr. War Monger Cheney free riegn to whatever he feels like talking about as if his word is law.

    Enough of ABC and their ilk. I’m through with all of them.

  21. This is the second time that Cheney has either went on a Reich wing network, Meghan Kelly and now a shill for the right Jonathon Karl that he got pimped slapped.

    Not putting on the tin foil hat but I find it highly questionable that they would be the ones to do it.

    Something tell me the Reich wing propaganda machine put the word out that the Cheney regime is persona non grata and they don’t want to remind the public how they have bent over backwards coddling this war mongering blood thirsty sociopathic chickenhawk.

  22. Why hasn’t Dick Cheney and the rest of the the Bush Administration that intentionally deceived the American people about Iraq been tried and convicted for war crimes against humanity? Just because they were elected officials doesn’t make them above the law. Our nation is built on laws so why don’t theses laws apply to politicians? STOP THIS INSANITY, HOLD POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE!

  23. delusional jerk! a political criminal of Iraq and a blatant liar! why don’t you US lawmakers trade Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney for peace… I am sure it’s worth it.

  24. I wouldn’t call it public service. I’d call it downright thuggery for personal gain and wealth at the expense of how many lives?

  25. McCain is working on his GOP legacy. His GOP list of accomplishments now is dominated by two things.

    a) He unleashed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party on the American people, but most importantly…

    b) He lost the White House to a black man!

  26. Cheney never had any good answers regarding Iraq. Now that he acknowledges this, I hope the msm will quit asking his opinion about Iraq.

  27. Read the 4 part article by the Washington Post on Dick Cheney. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/cheney/ Because people forget how dangerous he was for this country. People have yet to connect the dots — or maybe it’s just me that sees them — between the timing of the Iraq war and the beginnings of discussions on the investigation of Cheney and his company Halliburton. You DO remember how much Halliburton/Blackwater made from the Iraq war, right? $39.5 BILLION. I haven’t forgotten the unsolved allegations that Blackwater blew up the levy in New Orleans 9th Ward either. THAT TOO, was swept under a very lumpy rug, along with the 7.1 Billion in cash that went missing from the US in Iraq. That was a line item on the CNN feeder that was never followed through on by any media.
    So someone…provide Cheney with a seat and have him SIT in it.

  28. No way whatsoever is this Pres. O’s fault. Why did W. Bush signed a treaty with Iraq for a specifc date to pull out.
    You cannot blame the president for EVERYTHING that happens in this world. What the heck do we have Congress for. Are they completely exempt from any responsibilites at all! Yes, I’ll bets it is lots of fun for the Rs to constantly diss and hate on the president so Santorum has said and others too.”This is fun. We can actually ask our constituents to send us money. Wow, this is so much fun!” We all have responsibilites, but obviously no one told Congress they have to do work also. Weeper Boehner, it’s not all about golf games.

  29. The media reported some time ago that this is the year of the Republicans.
    They are being paid $$$$ by right wing corporations to keep their rhetoirc going in their favor.

  30. If Obama had forced a re-examination of the war, he could never have pushed through Obamacare because of the political turmoil that would be caused by a sitting president prosecuting his predecessor for war crimes. That was his “forward looking” strategy to actually do something positive at home for Americans struggling with no healthcare, and rising costs.

    Is it a trade-off that would be acceptable to all Americans? Of course not. But here’s the thing: if Obama had indicted and tried Bush era war criminals, it would have also opened us up to lawsuits, because of Bush’s negligence, which could have reached hundreds of billions of dollars, at a time the country was reeling from recession. That might have pushed our then-fragile economy into full-blown depression. He was doing the best he could, given what he wanted to do, and what he was required to do. He only has so much real power to affect change, especially in a country as divided as we are.

  31. Dick Cheney and George W. Bush were the original Koch Brothers stooge puppets, and now there are thousands.

  32. ..watching this robot with his shark-like eyes and his rabid snarl reveals how someone can convince themselves to (send others to) slaughter innocent men, women and children for the love of money and power.

  33. Blah blah blah. No new ideas, just more criticism. We don’t have a stay behind agreement because Maliki refused to sign an agreement.
    OBAMA got bin Laden. You decided he wasn’t that much of a threat and quit looking for him.
    You and your puppet Bush were WRONG about EVERYTHING, then and NOW.
    Let us hear from those who were right about the war in Iraq.

  34. GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: It costs too much to fund the VA
    The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost us between $4 and $6 trillion dollars, but that is not the true cost of war. The true cost of war is counted by the dead and wounded, 6,640 U.S. service members who were killed and 50,540 who were wounded through Feb. 5, 2013. Of the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines deployed, 103,792 were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and 253,330 service members were diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) of some kind. A total of 1,715 service members received wounds that required amputations and 1,493 lost an arm or leg.
    The cost of war includes those whose lives will never be the same whether they have visible wounds or not. Horrific scenes will haunt the dreams of the young men and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan for the rest of their lives. Suicides, alcoholism and drug abuse will take even more of those who served. The costs of war are counted in broken marriages, domestic abuse, and homelessness. The costs of war will be counted for more than just the generation that served.

  35. There must have been a serial killer in jail that has committed less murderers, that the MSM could have interviewed, rather than this chicken hawk “war criminal” hiding behind his title of VP on his murder spree for profit and now trying to rewrite his own middle eastern HISTORY on how he didn’t theoretically rape these people of everything in their life, pillage, their natural resourses and economically murder an entire country that they will never recover from, for his own black heart gain. You sir are one piece of human waste. Because of you this Country will suffer for years to come, God bless our Veterans.

  36. (contestant) I’d like to switch categories, Alex, and take “Cheney’s Reason for Invading Iraq” for $400…

    (alex or art) the question is: What would her name be if Halle Berry married Richard Burton?

  37. Maybe it’s because McCain is a senator and not a congressman?

    Back in 2008 when he lost the election to Obama he said in his concession speech that he would help Mr Obama in anyway he could. Ever since then he has been siding with the GOP and Tea Baggers. He has never come forward to help Obama.

    As far as Cheney goes he is a dick for sure. He wants the war to continue because it means more money for Halliburton which he has a ton of stock in since he stepped down as CEO to run for VP. Somehow he managed to get a heart transplant at his age over other younger candidates waiting on the list

  38. Shut up, Mr. Cheney. Just shut your murdering pie hole and go the fuck back to hell. Even the scum in your own murderous party wouldn’t touch you with a twelve foot pole. You are the most hated man on the planet.

  39. So Mr. Cheney, so what exactly ARE you proposing that the United States should do to resolve the conflict in Iraq?

    “Proposing? Nothing. It is not the role of the Republican Party to propose any viable solutions to the problems facing the nation. Our job is simply to oppose any and every proposal emanating from the White House.”

  40. Uncle Dick did everything possible to keep his ASS out of Viet Nam, from “getting Married” to “having his oldest daughter”!
    He scammed his way through collage and kiss-assed his way into politics and $$$! This man doesn’t have a HUMAN bone in his body they’ve all been formed by the SCUM he’s SUCKED all his life! KARM is eating at this man right now and I LOVE WATCHING IT!

  41. You are so right! I use to watch ABC News religiously until I started noticing about 6-8 months ago their “Fair-And-Balanced” thing was starting to diminish. People I use to have a great deal of respect for as Journalists were beginning to sound quite a bit “Less” than “Objective” and then that Twit from FOX showed up with some ridiculous commentary and I thought to myself “WTF?”! It seemed like ABC WORLD NEWS was trying to compete with FOX and CNN to see who could put out LESS FACTS and MORE LIES! I’ve Boycotted ABC, the only Shows I watch are Modern Family and Castle, “That’s Entertainment” not “BU*L-SH*T!”

  42. …how about we stick him in a mechanical heart/lung machine,put his room on lock-down, and keep all reporters far, far away…prob solved…

  43. I love the idea that history will connect Sarah (the mouth) with Mccain(the mouth) for ever!!That is karma!!!

  44. I just love it!

    What he should have said is:
    “well, Karl, George and I fucked this up. We went in without understanding the region, George did not even know where Iraq was, we started to shoot people at will and thought that would be ok. You know, just like I do when I go hunting and those that I shoot then apologize to me because they had their face in my sight.
    So what George and I started in 2003 was a giant recruitment of terrorists all over the world and by that we made the US a safer place for us.
    What would I do today…well what every Republican would do….repeal Obamacare! “

  45. I have not paid ANY attention to the War Mongering Corporate Owned and Billionaire Controlled Main-Stream Media. SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MEDIA! The People are morons if they spend one @#$%ing second watching or listening to those corporate fascists and the War Mongering, War Profiteering drivel they they spew from their bloody gob-holes! May they all rot in the Right-Wing, Religious FundaMENTAList hell that THEY invented and believe in. I am so sick and tired of how totally ignorant my fellow Americans tend to be when the so-called presidential “elections?” (you mean: SELECTIONS) come around. Wake up people! Vote for an independent! Stop wasting time, money and votes on the Two-Party Corporate Fascist System!

  46. I hear you but I have one question. Lets say we voted for whatever independent is running. What makes you think they would be effective when one of the two parties would control the Congress? You do remember its the Congress that writes the laws or you haven’t thought that far ahead yet?

  47. Cheney is plain and simple a war mongering POS! His company Halliburton, made billions of dollars off the Iraq war. Why would he want it to stop? All of this fear being promoted is being done so by those who want to keep it going. The same people who brought you 911 in the first place. Do some research!

  48. Agreed. These sick neo-cons have but one goal – feed the Military Industrial Complex (in which they are heavily invested), no matter how many American kids have to die in the process.

  49. All anyone has to do is listen to what he said PRIOR to going into Iraq and in 2009 when, after he & Bush couldn’t get the agreement to keep troops in Iraq, when he then said it was a good deal!

    How convenient for him not to want to talk about his ACTIONS, words, and policies when he was in office.

    Is this his new two-prong attack: 1) BLAME President Obama for everything and 2) DO ANYTHING to get his equally far right-wing daughter elected to the senate?

    If network news reporters would only do half as good
    as John Stewart and Steven Colbert do in finding the TAPES of what Cheney, Bush and the other neo-cons SAID was going to happen do in Iraq, then the American people would see for themselves what a bunch of garbage we were sold by this crowd.

    Iraq did not attack us, we attacked Iraq. In so, doing we unleashed an international threat to ourselves that we will have to deal with, but, please, without the smug idiocy of Dick Cheney.

    One bad Republican Dick is enough!…

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