First Lady Michelle Obama Shoots Down Rumors That She Will Run For Senate

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ABC’s Robin Roberts asked First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House Working Families Summit what her next act will be after she leaves the White House, and she flatly rejected doing anything political.

Robin Roberts asked the First Lady if her next act will be political. She answered, “No, it will not be political. No.” She said her next act will be service based. It will be mission based, but it won’t be political.

With that answer, the First Lady shot down the hot rumor that she was going to follow the Hillary Clinton path by going from First Lady to the US Senate.

Listening to the First Lady speak at the Working Summit, she demonstrated loads of political skill and charisma. Michelle Obama would make a great Senate candidate, but the one consistent about the First Lady is that she has expressed no interest in running for office.

It is looking more and more likely that the Obamas will retire from politics after the president leaves office, and move back into the private sector. It is a nice thought, but it looks like Michelle Obama has no interest in running for office.

6 Replies to “First Lady Michelle Obama Shoots Down Rumors That She Will Run For Senate”

  1. They deserve a good retirement after the way they’ve been treated. I hope they grow rich. I hope their children are wildly successful. Most of all I hope that in the future, politicians need to seek his advise as a wise elder statesmen. That would be the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. To bad, this woman has the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage, and we can sure use her in the Senate.

  3. can you blame her?! look at how they’ve been treated by the scumbag republicans…
    every policy proposed by her husband has been blocked by a fascist bunch of morons who call themselves a political party. Since when has any republican president been treated this way? It’s a fucking disgrace that the republicans have no other tactic than “NO”. God damn pricks!

  4. GOP in Heaven! Poll shows Dems won’t be voting come November!

    A new CNN/ORC poll indicates that the Democrats have been unable to overcome the apathy that threatens to keep much of the party’s traditional voters home this November.

    According to that poll’s survey of registered voters’ preference on the generic congressional ballot – a measure of voter enthusiasm that traditionally favors Democrats – the president’s party maintains a two-point lead over the GOP at 47 to 45 percent. However, among those who voted in 2010, a filter CNN/ORC uses to determine who are most likely to vote in November, the GOP holds a four-point advantage over Democrats at 49 to 45 percent.

    From Pub site:

    Will we prove the poll wrong?

  5. I always said that the first lady is a very smart woman now I have confirmation to that believe! Since she isn’t going enter that corrupt and racist cesspool called Washington Politics!

  6. I wouldn’t put too much stock in a market researched firm that polled just over 1000 people using data from 2010. Remember this is the same polling outfit that had Rick Perry in the lead for the American Taliban nomination Perry still leads Republican pack – CNN/ORC poll Plus it does lean republican and until we see the questions and the breakdown of who they called internationally its just another ho hum lets try to write the narrative. I think the village will be shocked come November and there will be plenty of karl rove meltdowns

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