Regarding Surge In Iraqi Violence, Majority Of Americans Feel That US Should Not Intervene

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CBS News and The New York Times released a poll Monday showing that 50% of Americans feel that the United States does not have a responsibility to do something about the recent violence in Iraq. Meanwhile, 42%, and a majority of Republicans, feel that the United States should intervene and provide assistance to Iraq to help curb the violence. When drilling further down into the results of the poll, we see that not only do Americans support the President’s response so far to this ongoing crisis in Iraq, but that a number of respondents feel that the President should do even less to assist Iraq. Essentially, this poll confirms that the American public is still quite war weary and is not prepared to get involved in yet another Middle East skirmish.

As one would expect from a poll of this nature, there were partisan divides aplenty. The majority of Democrats (51%) and independents (55%) feel that America does not have any responsibility to end the violence in Iraq. Meanwhile, 52% of Republicans feel that America needs to intervene. When asked of President Obama’s handling of the situation in Iraq, a plurality of respondents (41%) stated that Obama’s response was the right amount. Meanwhile, 29% felt that Obama should do more while 22% stated that the President should actually do less than he is doing now.

Only 13% of Democrats and 29% of independents said that the President should do more to help Iraq. On the other hand, 53% of Republicans responded that they want the President to further intervene and provide more assistance to Iraq. Only 19% of Republicans felt that the President’s response so far has been appropriate, while 63% of Democrats and 37% of independents felt the President has done the right thing so far. 21% of Republicans, 19% of Democrats and 25% of independents stated that the President should actually be doing less, revealing a substantial isolationist subsection across the partisan divide.

Overall, the American public still does not have an appetite for sending thousands of troops into harm’s way. By looking into these poll results, we see that 63% of Americans feel the President’s very limited actions towards providing assistance to Iraq is the right approach or perhaps even too much. That reveals a level of war weariness in this country that will be very difficult to overcome. We saw the level of dissatisfaction among the American people when the just the discussion of military intervention in Syria took place last year. That level is resistance is still being felt right now.


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  1. America has done enough damage due to our previous intervention that will take years, if ever, to be undone. People in this country are weary of wars that are unwinnable and have no end in sight. Only greedy, warmongering chicken hawks like Dick Cheney who benefited financially from the Iraqi war would welcome intervening again.

  2. No one is asking the question of if we get more involved then what is the end game? Our so called ally Saudi Arabia is arming ISIS so do we put up a blockade and or sanctions against them?

    Whose side will we take in a Islamic civil war? Do we side with the Shias who is aligned with Iran who is align with Hezbollah? Surely the 51st state Israel will not be please.

    What about the Kurds? Not if but when they declare their independence will we intervene so that Turkey wont get involved? And trust on this Turkey will not allow that to happen.

    I haven’t even brought up Assad and Syria yet because that is one clusterf*ck that will include Russia.

    This may be hard for people to understand but even though we broke Iraq we gave them billions of dollars, over 4500 American lives and 8 years to get it together and all that work was wasted.

    The fact is they will kill each other till they decide enough is enough. That’s what religious fanatics do. And it aint nothing we can do about it

  3. We never should have gone there in the first place, but, having broken Iraq, we might have to fix it.

  4. It was folly to invade Iraq and topple Saddam in the first place. We were lied to by the Bush Cheney regime and too many Democrats fell into the trap. There were no WMDs, no development of nukes, nothing but a run of the mill dictator who kept order in the way it’s done thereabouts. We stepped into a disaster of our own making and we cannot undo what we did. There is never going to be an American style “democracy” in Iraq. We need to abandon that pipe dream and quit the fight. It was a fool’s folly to begin from the start.

  5. You are so right – only unprincipled people like Dick Cheney want these wars. And I’d start doubting media polls if the number goes past 50%.

    The Iraq War accomplished NOTHING. To continue there (esp w/troops on the ground) is to waste billions and kill thousands more American soldiers and innocent civilians which money Cheney will put in his pocket as it is obvious he doesn’t care about the death or health of soldiers … and never did.

  6. agree with you on the ” never should have gone there” but this country will not be fixed, until the people of this country want to be fixed.

  7. The real roots of Iraq’s Sunni-Shia conflict

    There’s an important divide between Arab Sunnis and Shias in Iraq. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), a Sunni group, has grown powerful by exploiting Sunni discontent with Shia Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s government.

    But Iraq wasn’t always this way; this level of violent conflict between Iraqi Sunnis and Shias is a very modern phenomenon. So what happened? Where did this conflict come from?
    Read the interview

  8. MY QUESTION to all the Republicans who think it is a good idea to get militarily involved in Iraq AGAIN!
    DO YOU REALLY FEEL EMPATHY FOR ALL THE IRQUIS? WHY? THIS IS WHY YOU WANT TO “HELP” THEM? By getting our soldiers KILLED helping the unwilling to help themselves rid their cities and towns from the ISIS hoardes?
    Guess what? I don’t think you give a Eff about the Iraqui people. You just want to get your jollies seeing Americans engaged in a war kicking some arse. Right? That’s it. You feel that America is more respected when they are in somebody’s country trying to “save” them with our superior Military. Right? So, how come nothing’s change over there? So why do you want to do this again. It ain’t gonna’ work! Not in a thousand years in that part of the world. Nevah! So STFU with your jingoistic rants. Please.

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