The Koch Brothers Take a Loss As The Supreme Court Rules The EPA Can Regulate Greenhouse Gasses

In a complicated ruling today, the Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Koch Brothers by not overturning the EPA’s ability to regulate greenhouse gasses.

The utility industry, the Chamber of Commerce, and 13 states led by Texas argued that the EPA does not have the legal authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, but by a vote of 7-2, the court ruled that the EPA does have the authority to regulate emissions at facilities that already release pollutants.

The EPA declared victory in a statement, “Today is a good day for all supporters of clean air and public health and those concerned with creating a better environment for future generations. We are pleased that the Court’s decision is consistent with our approach to focus on other Clean Air Act tools like the Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution as part of the President’s Climate Action Plan.”
Meanwhile, Justice Scalia grumbled that the EPA got almost everything they wanted out of the ruling.

The EPA wanted the power to regulate 86% of emissions, the court ruled that they could regulate 83%.

Republicans and the Koch Brothers have been contesting the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions for years, so this is a major loss for the Kochs and a definitive step in the fight against climate change.

The EPA has the authority to regulate, so now the political battle will move towards regulating future polluters, not just those who are already polluting.

17 Replies to “The Koch Brothers Take a Loss As The Supreme Court Rules The EPA Can Regulate Greenhouse Gasses”

  1. Nice. The Fascist Feckless Five Con majority has still made several decisions in their favor (on financial issues), though. Even a stopped clock is correct twice a day….

  2. Bad day for the Kochs and their minion Scott Walker. They turned away his dream of abortion banning. So we’re 2-0 for the day. Still doesn’t make up for their other horrendous rulings.

  3. Finally…..the reason I voted for him. Thanks for keeping your promise Mr. President!
    This gives us security in more ways than one!

  4. Without looking the vote up, I am gonna take a wild guess and say the 2 that voted against it are Thomas and Scalia.

  5. What are the odds of Scalia and the silent one being invited to the koch mansion after this?

    I smell cold shoulder for lunch coming

  6. No Do Overs Please! Now Lets Have emission Control and Noise Control for Nasty Loud Redneck Trucks That are Killing Me in this Nasty State of Alabama!

  7. I just want to correct Scalia’s statement. It wasn’t the EPA, but it was the people who got what they wanted today.

  8. KO2CH = Potassium Formate. May cause irritation of respiratory tract. May cause allergic skin reaction. Avoid contact with eyes. Harmful if swallowed, especially hook, line, and sinker. If allowed to dump in waterways, will cause H2 woes. http://www.BestPuns.Com

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