The Big Guns Are Coming: Democrats Set To Unleash Bill and Hillary Clinton On 2014 Election

Republicans have got double trouble as Democrats will be deploying both Bill and Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail in 2014.

Roll Call spoke to Democrat strategists who detailed how the Clintons will be deployed to help Democrats in 2014:

Democratic operatives say each half of the Clinton duo appeals to different segments of the electorate — so assignments to races must be deliberate and strategic.

North of the Mason-Dixon Line and east of the Mississippi River is former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton territory — replete with voters who have already warmed to electing women to Congress. Former President Bill Clinton, party officials say, plays better in the South and Midwest, where he performed well with traditional Yellow Dog Democrats who relate to the party’s economic message but tend to be more conservative on social issues.

Together, Democratic leaders in the House and Senate say there are few areas where the Clinton duo wouldn’t have a positive impact.

The reason for the Clintons being very active on the 2014 campaign trail is simple. The more the former president and secretary of state help Democratic candidates in 2014, the more likely Democrats will be to return the favor when she runs in 2016.

Bill and Hillary Clinton learned in 2008 that they can’t rely on the goodwill and owed favors that they generated in the 1990s to carry them to the White House. As a candidate, Barack Obama was able to devastate Hillary’s campaign by moving high-profile Democrats like the late Sen. Ted Kennedy into his camp.

Mrs. Clinton isn’t going to face the same quality of primary opposition in 2016 that she faced eight years ago, but the fundamental principle behind building up a base of party support and endorsements remains the same.

President Obama remains popular with the base, and he is already raising tons of money while getting Democrats fired up to vote in 2016. Where the Clintons are helpful is in places where the president isn’t very popular. Bill and Hillary Clinton can go into red House districts and have an immediate impact on voters. Former President Clinton should be especially valuable in Senate races in Kentucky, where he has already campaigned, Louisiana, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Georgia.

Republicans thought they were going to get to run against President Obama in 2014. It doesn’t seem like they anticipated both barrels of the Clinton big gun unloading on them this year.

12 Replies to “The Big Guns Are Coming: Democrats Set To Unleash Bill and Hillary Clinton On 2014 Election”

  1. Will the anti-American right use their big gun to counter the Clintons? Will they pull Bush the lesser from his paint studio and go out there to rally crowds numbering in the tens?

  2. WTF are the Clintons waiting for?? The election is in June. Hillary should have been down in Texas campaigning for Wendy Davis for Governor. Wendy has the same women’s right message as Hillary. But, no. Hillary had to do a book tour with tons of interviews, distracting from the election in November. She needed a TRIAL RUN FOR POTUS after having run in 2008? What a joke! Not buying this Clinton love. Nor does the base!

  3. Do you really want to waste Clinton’s time during a primary election? The general election is not until November. We need them to help Dems win against Republicans, not other Dems. That happens in November.

    Plus, you’re wrong about the base. The base does love Clintons.

  4. The Republicans are going to regret not listening when she said in answer to her question, “It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”

  5. …Obama, Bill, and Hillary…more like one turret of a Battleships main guns…
    {yells} “INCOMING!!!

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