Pat Boone Says That Obama Has Committed ‘High Crimes’ By Faking His Birth Certificate

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Pat Boone, who became famous in the 1950s for singing white-washed versions of black artists’ songs, appeared on The Alan Colmes Show Monday. During the interview, Boone, who now fancies himself a political commentator, discussed President Obama’s birth certificate and how he predicts that by September, there will be proof that the President’s birth certificate is a fake. The 80-year old conservative Christian said he knows for a fact that President Obama was born in Kenya and that the birth certificate that the White House has presented is a fraud. Boone believes that by presenting this fraudulent birth certificate, the President and his staff have committed “high crimes” and that a Congressional committee needs to look into it.

Boone jumped right on board the crazy train when he said the following to Colmes Monday. (Colmes helpfully posted the transcript to his blog Tuesday.)

BOONE: What I’m going to predict here is by September of this year, the major smoking gun, which is a high crime, not just a misdemeanor, but a high crime, that supposed copy of the birth certificate that is displayed on the White House website as we talk, by many experts has already proven not to be not a copy of anything, of something that perhaps doesn’t exist, which is an actual birth certificate, but it is a Photoshopped fraud created to look like what they wanted it to look like. And I say “they” because I don’t think it was the President himself but those around him. But experts who understand the techniques of these things, including a guy in my own office who knows how things are Photoshopped, and knows the telltale signs of things that have been pasted on to other documents or other things. It is obviously to anyone who knows that process is a fraud. It is not a copy of anything and that is a high crime.”

COLMES: Tell me how you know this.

BOONE: Well I’m talking to some people that they are trained detectives and investigators and I’ve been trying to get people in Congress to pay attention to these things and create. We should have to be us citizens saying, “Wait a minute, this thing doesn’t look real.”

There you go. High crimes were committed, and Boone knows this for a fact because someone he knows totally thinks the birth certificate looks photoshopped. Boone also went the Donald Trump route by claiming that he has investigators and detectives and people in his office and experts working the case.

When Colmes pointed out that Hawaii has already stated that the President’s birth certificate is legitimate, Boone went into super-secret spy mode, telling Colmes that he couldn’t give any further information other than to state that the birth certificate will be exposed as fraudulent by September.

COLMES: The State of Hawaii said this is a legitimate birth certificate

BOONE: There are trained investigators who are finding out, and I can’t divulge any more than I will make a prediction that by September of this year, it will be proven that that is not the case. And look, if there was a hospital in Hawaii, in which the President had been born, and they had a birth certificate to prove it, do you think there would be a plaque, something to indicate they’re proud.

Boone also told Colmes that he was in Kenya right after the President was elected in 2008 and the people there told him that Obama was born in Kenya.

COLMES: You believe he was not born in the United States?

BOONE: All I can tell you is I was in Mombasa just after he was elected and everybody there said, “You know you’re President was born here.” I brought home a T-shirt that said “Birthplace of the President of the United States.” Either the whole nation was fooled or there was something else going on.

Colmes pressed Boone on whether or not he believes the President should be impeached for this. Boone said the following:

BOONE: Look, I’m not a constitutional law expert so all I’m saying is I’m not going to try to draw, you know, either a judgment or a verdict. But I’m saying there are facts, smoking guns on the table that a Congressional committee ought to at least if nothing else settle all the doubt and the allegations that have been made and show substantive proof. But if this thing is a fraud if is a Photoshopped fraud, then there has to be some kind of reason for that.

Does Boone think he is a birther, though? No. He thinks of himself as something far more reasonable.

BOONE: I’m not a birther

COLMES: But it sounds like it Pat, you know that based on what you’re saying?

BOONE: I’m a questioner

Sorry, Pat. No matter how you try to frame it, you are a birther. You believe in right-wing fairy tales because you have a very, very hard time dealing with the fact that a black man with an ‘exotic’ name is the President of the United States of America. Boone, who ‘earned’ his fame and fortune from stealing black artists’ music and making it ‘socially acceptable’ for good, clean-cut white kids in the ’50s, is once again trying to take credit away from a black man. This isn’t the first time he’s gone down the birther route and it certainly won’t be his last.

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  1. First of all Pat I thought you were dead. Second of all you do know wearing the American flag as a shirt is forbidden but I know you’re a member of the American Taliban so rules don’t apply to you. Third have you paid any royalties to the artist of whose songs you stole.

    Other than that, KISS MY BLACK ASS YOU IDIOT.

    That is all.

  2. Pat, go off & make your birther-love to Donald Trump. Neither of you is relevant to our lives since the 1850’s….which is probably the last time someone listened to your music.

  3. Who cares what religious fundamentalists think? They’re responsible for 95% of the world’s problems. We need to get them out of our government — not listen to their idiotic opinions.

  4. Wow you birthers are idiots.
    Obamba’s mother is an American citizen. Ergo, even if he were born on the moon, he is an American citizen.

  5. At 80 years of age as of June 1st, Pat Boone proves that there’s no fool like an old fool. He is definitely a birther, with all the craziness and the refusal to accept the fact that a black man who’s been elected president twice was born in Hawaii. In fact, it was a conservative Republican former governor of Hawaii named Linda Lingle who confirmed it. Pat Boone is a washed-up musical has-been who needs to go somewhere and sit down.

  6. The azzholes keep coming out of the woodworks and joining the TeathugliKKKan klan aka the American Taliban.

  7. So sad. I have access to TWO birth certificates from Hawaii right around the time Obama was born there.

    I know what they look like and even knew one of the doctors that appears on one of my children’s birth certificate, and Obama’s.

    His is as genuine as the certificate of live birth I have access to.

    At the time there were no computers common in government agencies (though I had access in the military), and I can tell you that the typewritten portions were genuine and funky, like all type documents of the time.

    There’s nothing wrong with Obama’s certif. of live birth.

    As for Kenya …. Want to guess what Obama’s Father’s name was? Of course “Obama,” was born there, and it’s a common name. Just not this Obama.

    In fact the T shirts, if they exist at all, were a wry jest. I don’t recall Kenyans being short on humor.

    I have met rather a lot of them when I studied Swahili, the common language there. And humor was on all the time at parties I atte…

  8. This is the RightWing Propaganda Machine absolutely out of control!

    Even RightWing Rabble Rousing Radio is paid for by the Koch Brother’s and Tea Party Money.

    We need the Fairness Doctrine!


  10. As long as the GOP refuses to debunk all birther claims they can mark the White House as off-limits.

    The Tea Party / Birther vote will never be able to deliver 270 electoral votes.

  11. I am sure by now, if not when you register to run for office of the President, that requires you to be an American citizen, you have to present evidence that you are, in order to run. And I am also sure, with all this brouhaha, some government agency has checked and double checked his credentials and that if the President really had been born in Kenya, and lied about it, we would know the truth. This is just another scam to use gullible people as political pawns, and this sort of thing should not be acceptable in our political discourses. And Pat Boone, I personally loved your music, but you need to get a reality check.

  12. Pat Boone for a,supposed christian I use that loosely on you, you have forgotten your Bible it appears. Mainly the book of Matthew Ch 7 Vs 13-18;
    13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat : 14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. 15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits . Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    You are guilty of a sinful act of accusation without proof or provocation. You yourself are guilty of theft as an artist when your career began you stole from Little Richard. SINNER….

  13. Why is he waiting until September. Why not prove it now. If he has proof, he needs to either put up or shut up.

  14. I thought it was funny when Little Richard sang his lyrics so fast Pat couldn’t keep up. Just proof he had no rhythm at all. To think a whitey who wanted to be a black in the day stealing music and pointing fingers.

  15. Pat is 80 years old, I can’t really blame him for talking nonsense. he’s probably going senile for all I know.

  16. He Was sitting down….at least in a commercial for those walk-in bathtubs. There is something so intrinsically creepy about seeing Pat Boone in a bathtub…..gads, thought I was going to go blind. Or maybe I just wanted to for awhile there.

  17. WTF medication is this geezer on? And I’m with you, DJ, I thought he was already dead – wishful thinking, apparently.

  18. What’s with White Southern males? So many of them don’t believe in science, only quirky religions (and, of course, guns, guns, guns.) Obama’s mother was born in Kansas, which is just about in the center of this country, and it doesn’t take until September to figure out that Obama’s mother was an American. What is amazing is the fact that the South, and the religious right, are so full of hate (and other stuff) that they no longer recognize truth and honesty if it doesn’t fit their ultra-partisan pre-digested blind and hateful racial prejudice. But Pat Boone? Ditch the one-size-fits-all flag. That’s a fake American flag if I ever saw one!

  19. Pat Boone is just another Victoria Jackson – crazy people who are racists.

    The Republicans and their masters have spent billions trying to prove that President Obama is not an American citizen; if the proof was there, we would see it (much like the WMDs – always thought, if they had pictures, they show it and they didn’t … proving later there never was WMDs).

  20. Are Trump’s investigators still in Hawaii? Shouldn’t Trump have released all of the info his investigators found? What is the holdup?

  21. GOP is Blowing Coming Election!

    Write Your Newspaper: Help America see how crazy/unhinged Republicans have become.

    I’d love to see this commercial:
    (Two attractive Young Women)

    “Wow, You’re a former Republican…Me too!”

  22. Wow! What’s Pat gonna’ say when it’s proved that Sarah Palin is/was a fraud? Maybe he can have his birther investigators investigate her.
    Can’t wait until September. What happens when September comes and goes and no proof that Obama’s bc is not real? Go away Pat and take Debby with you!

  23. The one question I have never heard a birther address is *how* or *why* Obama’s mother would have gone to Kenya to give birth. She was 18 years old at the time and living in Hawaii. It was 1961–a time when it was not easy or cheap to travel to Africa, by any means. Her husband was a bigamist, having a living wife in Africa. So under what imaginable circumstances would this young pregnant woman have traveled to Africa (then much more primitive than the United States) in order to bear her child? Would her husband have wanted to make sure his child was born in Kenya? Of course not. He wanted to keep the whole wife and baby thing under wraps. The story makes not a whit of sense. It seems like the birthers forget that it is women, not men, who give birth, and in order for Obama to have been born in Kenya, his white mother would have had to travel there, of which there is no evidence, nor a single reason to believe it. And of course, if she *had,* he would still be a natural-born American!

  24. Pierre, What a kind/thoughtful comment.

    We should realize, These are fellow Americans…going off the cliff. Can’t we save them?

    As Mark Twain said:

    “Anger/Hatred is an Acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured” -Mark Twain

  25. Went to vote today. Had on my Obama and his birth certificate t-shirt on. It was a small turnout but being in OK a republican ask me do I support the President. I thought for a hot second and ask him tell me what has republican policies done for you or the average American in the last 40 years? As you guess crickets.

    Their supporters cannot even articulate what they believe in other than the usual tripe about small government and what they hear on fox. I feel pity for them. I really do. SIKE

  26. Poor Pat. He thinks he is Pat Robertson. How could a man who drank milk on TV do so little for his country?

  27. Pat Boone has been a spokesman for a walk-in tub, for a couple of years on infomercials. Now I realize he has been soaking WAAAAY to much, his brain must be over soaked. What a way to go into the twilight of a wholesome career. I feel sorry for him.


  29. Dear Pat,
    PLEASE stop sniffing the carnations with brown stuff on them. That appears to be dog shit. You may be getting high from over-sniffing. Come up for some fresh air. The Birth Certificate is LEGAL !!!!!


    YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

    Mr. Obama was born in 1961.

    KENYA WAS A BRITISH COLONY AT THAT TIME. The country declared its independence in 1963, and established itself as nation in 1964. It would be crazy for ANY AMERICAN to be in a country wracked by Civil and Revolutionary War. Remember the Mau-Mau army???

    I lost a considerable amount of respect for today’s Conservatives. Instead of some leader denouncing such stupidity, they let this thing fester like a sore. The Governor of Hawaii when Mr. Obama was elected was A REPUBLICAN, and made it known that his birth certificate is REAL. I as a Black person was born in Ohio, will some idiot birther challenge my papers??? This is completely more STUPID than racist. Where is the intellectualism in today’s Conservatism???? Why allow such stupidity to continue????

  31. He seems to have difficulty putting English sentences together. This rambling is a symptom of dementia. Strange that suggesting a person is demented works out as a defense of him, but if he hasn’t lost his mind, he’s an idiot.

  32. Pat Boone is making it too easy to mock his profession that the Holy Spirit is a real person who fills believers with spiritual gifts of wisdom, knowledge, and discernment.

  33. The nature of the irrational, hate-driven, delusional mind of the birthers is that they will continue to insist that ANY document proving Obama was born in the U.S. must be, by definition, a forgery.

    Because they know what they know, and that’s all that they want to know. Absolute state of denial.

    I would not be surprised to learn that the medical community has defined birtherism as yet another form of OCD.

  34. Does it matter, really, where he was born?

    He was born of an American mother, that much is not debateable.

    In my opinion, that makes him just as much American as Ted Cruz.

  35. not only does his mother being an american citizen make him an american regardless of where he was born, but there is no way he was born in kenya….President Obama was born in 1961 & kenya wasn’t founded until 1963

  36. At this point all liberals in conservative districts should turn birther, and demand their House representative fight to suspend all legislative activity until this matter is truly settled.

    Take lots of time and resources.

    Be thorough.

    There’s no rush.

    End of the year, is fine.

  37. For those of us that took American history, NO. I am surprise that the American Taliban is still bringing this nonsense up again. We know why they keep bringing it up. One: They have nothing to run on. Everything they have said or done has been lies and Two: its simple, they are nothing but a racist piece of pond scum and what little sense they have, the majority ran down cousin bob’s leg while he was banging Aunt sallie mae

  38. I thought the American Taliban is already doing that. If I am wrong then I want one of their brain dead zombies to tell us what they have accomplished that benefitted the majority of Americans

  39. OMG, I heard him on Alan Colmes’ show Monday night! Of course he’s a birther! What else should we expect from someone who calls liberalism a cancer, and whited out black music in the 50’s (and Ain’t THAT a Shame!)? Even if he were right about Obama’s “Kenyan nativity” – which he is NOT! – Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, was born in Wichita, KS, so, as her son, Obama is an American citizen, no matter what. Secondly, Boone seems not the least bit troubled that Ted Cruz – who was born in Canada to an American mother – is a citizen, who hopes to run for POTUS. Very disturbed person. How many times will these ignoranuses (ignorant A-holes) pump this bile? Pat Boone, get back on your dinosaur, ride off into the the sunset of your fantasy America, and get a clue!

  40. Obama had an American-born mom (Wichita), AND he himself was born in Hawaii. He’s more of an American than either Ted Oh Canada Cruz or John Panama McCain.

  41. So the great, white Christian singer is a racist. If Obama had white skin, you can be sure that Boone, Trump and the rest of the whacko Republicans would not question his birthright. Nothing that they say is even rational. Just insane babbling that makes no sense. I am speaking as a Canadian so I am most certainly non-partisan, and cannot comprehend why anyone would ever vote for the Republicans. Historically they have a record of doing harm and caring nothing for the people. Their persistent lying and fear mongering makes me want to vomit.

  42. I always thought that Pat Boone was an asshole, he reeks with it. He claims to be a Christian but he’s a fake, phony, arrogant piece of crap. It was proved long before the Barack Obama ran for President that he was born in these United States and I think Pat Boone, who voted for George W. Bush twice has blood all over himself.

  43. Few people seem to know that even if Obama had been born in Kenya he would have been just as eligible for the presidency as he was being born in Hawaii. All that needed to have been
    done was for his mother to have presented Barack to the US Embassy for identification as a native born American Citizen. It only takes one parent. Further requirements are that the new citizen must reside in the US for 5 consecutive years between the ages of 18 and 25. My son was born in Japan on a Us Naval base, and he is eligible. You say, well that is because he was born where the American flag was flying, or because I was in the US Military, but that is not true. The law is called The Missionary Law and has been in effect for a very long time. An American parent with a child born in China, for instance, need only follow the procedure I cited above. One does not have to be born in America to be President, so Trump and all Birthers and others who do not know the law are just ignorant and laughable.

  44. First, why would the President or his ‘accomplices’ even Bother to forge a birth certificate since it wouldn’t be necessary for Barack Obama to be our President? All he needed was one American parent, which he had, his Mother. If its ok for the Romneys….you conspiracy nuts are pretty Pathetic.

  45. Funny how the Right’s darling Ted Cruz can be born and raised in Canada and it’s ignored but then these idiots never let facts get in the way of a good myth. It doesn’t matter if the POTUS was born in the U.S, Kenya, or on the moon, his mother was definitely an American citizen.

  46. ok all first off let me say that in my opinion this is ALL a bunch of right wing nonsense from the tea party/christian conservatives who have hijacked the republican party but that said i want to comment on a couple of points- my daughter was born in south africa to me (im a born and bred us citizen from texas) and her mother who has dual citizenships (uk and south africa) therefore my daughter has 3 citizenships and 3 passports….she even has a us ssn and is without a doubt a us citizen….that said there is a debatable and questionable clause in us law that states that the president must be born in the us….it was for this reason that alexander hamilton who was born in the virgin islands was never able to run for president….this is the position of the birthers….their claim is that obama is not qualified to be president due to his so called “foreign birth”….not that hes not actually a us citizen….

  47. Not dementia, he’s always been an ass hole, he’s just stopped hiding it since the others have come out & made it the official GOPTP platform. He’s turned my stomach into vomit mode from my first sight of him.

  48. Pat, you have worn those ‘WHITE BUCKS’ for so long, your brain has fallen to your feet. My advice to you is to ‘GO THE HELL AWAY’. You are not going to try and make a comeback to fame by slandering our POTUS! A lot of us grew up admiring you but all it took was for a black man to become president, to see all the bigotry in celebrities (etc. Clint Eastwood). SO SAD!

  49. Pat Boone, you call yourself a Christian”?
    Well, you are NOT! You’re a Cino.

    BTW, I heard news several years ago, that you died. Did you forge YOUR death certificate?

    You are disrespecting our American flag by “wearing” it. Our flag is NOT an article of clothing to be abused by anyone!

    I quote one of our Founders and say, “Disgusting”!

  50. Last time I checked, Hawaii was a state when the President was born…therefore, he’s not foreign born.

    John McCain ran for President and he was actually born outside the U.S. – no one said anything. Gov. George Romney was also born outside the U.S. yet he ran for President.

    This birther nonsense is just that – nonsense – because they don’t like Pres. Obama. They will try anything they can to discredit him. They’ve latched onto this birth certificate thing and like a dog with a bone, they won’t let go.

    They’re just making fools of themselves.

  51. Boone is a pathetic old fake christian. He is looking for his last 15 minutes by spewing slime and lies.

  52. I assume he is no longer doing that creepy leather biker outfitted routine anymore.

    Seemed kinda Village People-y rather than biker dude.

  53. He’s clearly joined the crazy crowd on this one, but the man does know something about fraud. Just listen to his cover of Fats Domino’s “Ain’t That a Shame” or Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti”.

  54. was going to say the same, with the exception, I am not black but agree 100%.
    Pres. Obama must be a very smart clever man. Having his birth announced in the paper of Hawaii, so 40 some years later he could prove his birth. He is a smart clever man but not a deceiver! That is the soul territory of the rethugs.

  55. To quote Garth Algar..”If he were an ice cream flavor he’d be Pralines and dick!” Pat..go have a glass of milk and STFU!!!

  56. …met a Kenyan exchange student at out local college growing up…he told me one of his most fun projects was transliterating puns…he said while they seldom translate exactly,{ this kid spoke 4 languages} the translations were often hilarious…he translated puns of all the languages he knew into English,AND translated literally what American puns sound like in other languages.
    I wish I had kept that notebook, {it was lost while I was in the Navy} because I laughed so hard reading it I had to stop every 3 jokes because tears of laughing kept blinding me…

  57. …I believe they still ARE there…living in a hotel right on the beach, surfing and SCUBA diving with thier family’s, and living EXTRA LARGE, and billing The Donald for it ALL under the “Research” and “living expenses” billing…lol

  58. Actually: Cruz is not eligible to hold the office of president as he is a naturalized citizen and not a natural born citizen (thank goodness), which makes him unqualified. Just goes to show you how much of the Constitution these Republican boobs which are suppose to represent us actually know.

    Qualifications for the Office of President

    Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1
    No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.

  59. …probably the same team of “detectives” will work for Pat Boone, and any psychotic birther who wants “proof” of Obama’s “nonexistent” birth certificate…
    …if so, I hope they milk ’em for every cent they can get…lol

  60. If his mother is a natural born citizen then the discussion is over. Now there are questions with her residency and even if she is a citizen of Ireland. Those questions have yet to be answered.

  61. …I believe Pat Boone is sooo full of shit, that it has fossilized…he is beyond the help of laxatives…he now requires dynamite…
    {I think he has been full of shit since the ’50s when he started “Covering” African-Americans songs…as soon as I found out, I quit listening to him…I laughed so hard my ribs hurt for a week when I heard Little Richard sang a song so fast, Boone could not properly “cover” it…}

  62. Mr. Boone, at your age you should be doing something positive in society rather than negative. I’m a senior citizen as well, and whether I believe President Obama is an American citizen or not, at this point is immaterial. Dedicate yourself to something useful and generous in society – Lord knows there are plenty of deserving causes out there! Push for funding for better fine arts programs in schools – you were a singer for heaven’s sakes! If you’re so Christian-powered, work to help those persons who through no fault of their own are in dire poverty! If it’s easier to flap your lips & hold close to your “subversive” lingo – “I can’t say right now” concerning this great issue you’re chasing, I suggest you get off your duff and volunteer at a soup kitchen. At least you’ll have some sort of “legacy” to leave behind that has real value!

  63. Not quite….the law to which you refer is to establish citizenship. I believe the law regarding the President is that the President must actually be born in the US. I think that Pat Boone needs to be the next President of the US is the next president needs to be GOP. (God, I hope not.) He could join Ronnie as being the only two presidents suffering from Altzheimers while in office. Boone couldn’t possibly be a worse president than Ronnie or Tricky Dicky were anyway.

  64. His brain is dead and that’s all that matters.

    Hey, Pat Boone, if a tree falls in a forest and there is no one around to hear it, do you still piss all over yourself?

  65. Even if Hawai’i were not a state in 1961, it would still have been a US territory when the President was born, and he would still have been a natural-born citizen. Reference Barry Goldwater, born in Arizona Territory in 1909, prior to statehood in 1912

  66. Thanks Evelyn! The logistics of a Kenyan birth are as preposterous as the teaparty birther moron movement itself. How would his mom accomplish that insane feat? However, there is no room for logic and sanity on the right. Anyone who claims “both sides do it” should go to Somalia and see the effects of the idiotic Libertarian mantra.

  67. You’re more right than you know about that, Catguyphx. I actually have secret experts who have confirmed that they know what CGI looks like, and that photo is definitely CGI. I cannot discuss the matter further, however.

  68. Did old ‘lightning rod’ Boone also look down when the folks in Kenya told him that his shoe laces were untied?

  69. Pat Boone never was and never will be the sharpest tool in the shed. At his age he should have obtained enough wisdom to realize that ignorance breeds bigotry. Pat and Phil Robertson were cut from the same mold. What a waste of skin those two are.

  70. Not only would it have been very costly for Stanley Ann Dunham to travel to Africa, she would have been alone! According to State Department records, Barack Obama, Sr. NEVER left the U.S. after he arrived here until he departed permanently in 1964 after receiving his Master’s Degree from Harvard. It was also impossible for a pregnant woman to receive the necessary immunizations to travel to Africa. Most of them are too dangerous to receive during pregnancy.

    There is also the “little” matter of a passport. SAD first applied for a passport in July 1965 after she married Lolo Soetoro. It was NOT a renewal of a current passport but the initial application.

    There’s a great website with up-to-date info on debunking birthed nonsense @ Look under “Debunker’s Guide” for accurate and detailed info.

    Birthers have nothing but old, repetitive nonsense that has been debunked.

  71. Pat cannot remember what county he was born in. Country,county. He’s lost it. Horrible looking jacket. Bets he forgot his dementia pills. His father in law was a preacher. He has nothing better to do then to try and pull a Trump. Both are idiots.

  72. Pat Boone has been a “has been” for the last 50 years. Also, he is all tattoo’d up! ( that’s why he wears a long sleeve shirt for the reverse mortgage commercial.) Google -Pat Boone-tattooed on network TV. Enjoy!

  73. Pat Boone is 80 years old. He is entitled to his old, narrow minded opinions. He may have some form of dementia or he has always been a racist. Either way, I really do not think most Americans could give a flying “F” what he thinks or states.

  74. Poor, poor Pat, apparently you haven’t kept up with the birthers grand Queen, The Orly.
    She has proof of Obama’s miraculous birth, even more grand than Jesus’.. Because of her original copies of Obama that proves he was born in 4 places, in the same second, minute, hour, day, month and year. Delivered by the best magical wizard with the strange African last name of Lavender..Then there is that Hawaiian birth certificate she also has ’cause it might make her seem to be mentally able. Attention Pat, get on you knees and worship The Orly, because of her proof that Obama was born in Nairobi, Mombasa, and in the tribal birth hut in his step grannies village..

  75. What fucking difference does it make? He had one parent that was a US citizen. Assholes does that sound like Ted Cruz to your ignorant ass? I didn’t think it would. Your hate is because he is black. And only because he is black! He has taken none of your freedoms away, he has not schredded the constitution or any think else! What the fuck is your bitch?

  76. Isn’t it amazing how so many self-proclaimed Christians forget that little old commandment about “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

  77. Was talking to O worhipper the other day; filled with propaganda / conjecture. I asked him one of those matter-of-fact questions that none of you can answer honestly, he stuttered, stopped chewing his lunch and sat up from his face in the plate. What accomplishments has O over those of Sarah “Joe 6 pack” Palin? I didn’t care for some of her rhetoric, but I could at least balance between “feelings” and “fact”. The O worshipper listened to a few facts offered by others at the table, sat back and said, “I think I need to do some more research before I open my mouth”, with a sheepish smile … a logical and honest awakening. So goes this one-sided discussion. You haven’t bothered to look into any of the allegations or even acknowledge the village signs, newspaper articles, Kenyan B.C., etc. You just spew racist hatred and throw flames. Nothing of substance, just tantrum. Then the lack of understanding the issue of an American President presenting fraudulent documents to the…

  78. I see you sip from the cup of stupid and in the future don’t give yourself a thumbs up before this drivel is posted. As to answer your question about accomplishments, Well the President graduated from Harvard, was the editor for its law review and taught Constitutional law at one of highest rated Universities in the world.

    Palin on the other hand went to 6 schools over 5 years to get a journalism degree from Idaho where she proceeded to get a sports anchor job in Anchorage, really, and then caught a case og jungle fever in banging Glen Rice, a basketball star in college.

    Just STFU your ignorance is showing

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