Republican Voter Fraud Found as Scott Walker Supporter Charged With 13 Felonies In Wisconsin


It turns out that voter fraud is real. A Republican Scott Walker supporter in Wisconsin has been charged with 13 felony counts related to voter fraud.

According to

Robert Monroe, a 50-year-old Shorewood health insurance executive, was charged Friday with 13 felonies related to his voting a dozen times in five elections between 2011 and 2012 using his own name as well as that of his son and his girlfriend’s son.

According to those records, Monroe was considered by investigators to be the most prolific multiple voter in memory. He was a supporter of Gov. Scott Walker and state Sen. Alberta Darling, both Republicans, and allegedly cast five ballots in the June 2012 election in which Walker survived a recall challenge.

According to the John Doe records, Monroe claimed to have a form of temporary amnesia and did not recall the election day events when confronted by investigators.

Hallelujah!!!! Republicans have found their voter fraud. Unfortunately for them, they are the ones committing it. The Monroe case is even worse, because he voted multiple times in the April 2011 Wisconsin Supreme Court race that required a recount. This isn’t the first episode of Republican voter fraud in the state. In 2011, a Republican legislative aide was investigated for voting multiple times.

The greatest irony of all is that the Monroe case exposes why voter ID laws don’t do what Republicans claim they do. Since Republicans benefit most from absentee voting, they have refused to address the glaring potential for fraud by absentee ballot. The Republican in Wisconsin was able to commit multiple acts of state and federal voter fraud by using absentee ballots for state elections, and driving across state lines for federal elections.

Republican voter ID laws address none of these issues, and instead focus on suppressing the vote by requiring voters who are more likely to vote for Democrats to show identification. A person is least likely to have identification if they are living in the city, and don’t drive. Voter ID laws are being used to suppress the votes of women by making strict rules about acceptable names on the identification.

It turns out that voter fraud is real, and Republicans are guilty of doing it.

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  1. The sad part of it is, is that it is not surprising. Those who think that they have an in, with the rightwing, are the worst of everything crooked in politics.

    The other sad part, is that it can happen on both roads. But more likely than not, on the right side of the road.

  2. So that’s why Walker wanted tighter voting laws! AHA HA HA! Funny how everything repubs allege against Dems is what they get caught at. A guilty mind is always suspicious of others.

  3. Simple solution to end so called perceive voter fraud and voter apathy

    Vote by phone. If you can do banking by phone with relative safety why not voting.

    Register by phone with your SS number and 6 digit security code and you’re done after you make your choices.

    Now the only problem I see is who counts the votes or what computer system we use to count them but w already have that problem to a degree but once you vote no one else could use your SS number without being flagged.

    The days of standing in line for hours should come to an end. For one it seems to effect minorities more unless someone can show me a line to vote in a upper scale precinct that’s my story and I am sticking to it.

    So if you disagree please tell me why instead of just a down vote and if you somewhat agree but have questions also tell me why

  4. Tip of the iceberg, As we know that the GOP only gets elected in public office by manipulation and fraud, As they bought out most of our courts, judges, and lawmakers!!, and refuse to have campaign reform laws or any bills to fix this big problem our US people have!! ……………… joe

  5. As the saying goes,”It takes one to know one.” Of course the lying, cheating GOP scum assume everyone else is as dishonest as they are.

    I’m glad these associates of Walker were caught. It will be interesting to see how hard Walker pushes the voter supression laws now that its become known that this multiple voting scam run by Walker & his GOP buddies had benefited him not the Dems.

  6. it’s easier to send in multiple fake ballots. this exposure discourages people from voting, the very thing they should be doing in each local, state and federal election. Each state can set up barriers to voting because there is nothing in the constitution that gives each legal citizen the right to vote. Therefore, while we can vote, we should listen closely to the beliefs of elected and potential lawmakers. Everyone should be aware that their ability to vote can be abridged by unscrupulous lawmakers.

  7. Maybe the good citizens of this country should be informed that there is nothing in the constitution that guarantees us the right to vote. The states have the rights to set laws that allow people to vote, or not. You cannot be discriminated from voting based on sex, religion or former state of servitude. We should remember why this amendment was enacted in the first place. Yet, a lot of folks who ask, “Why should I bother to vote for crooks,” don’t understand they/we will be governed from cradle to grave by people who are elected to make laws. We would be wise to listen to the lawmakers, check out their platforms for feasibility and humaness and vote.

  8. Research shows the absentee voting is done primarily by Republicans, thus it favors them when anti-fraud measures are exclusively focused on election day. Furthermore, research suggests that if fraud occurs at all, it is far more likely to occur in absentee voting. For example, my conservative uncle completed my grandfather’s absentee ballot despite the fact that he had dementia and didn’t even know what year it was, who I was, or who the candidates were.

  9. The days of standing in line for hours should come to an end.

    So very true, djchefron, but Republicans need people – especially us minorities – to stand hours upon hours in line just to cast their vote, hoping that these non-Republican voters will eventually be so disenchanted or fatigued that they’ll just give up and go home. Otherwise, how will they otherwise win elections? :-/

  10. I think it’s because Republican voters are often older, and it’s a physical hardship to vote. It may also be that Republican business people are away on business or for a vacation during elections. Also, military personnel vote by absentee ballot, and traditionally they favor Republicans, too.

  11. I think the voter ID is a good thing. It will keep the ones who are Illegally here from voting plus cut out the multiple votes as well

  12. I think it’s hilarious how you Dems think ALL the improprieties and fraud are committed by “Republicans”. AND, Read all the articles about this guy. I live in Milwaukee and the “Criminal Complaint” is NOT Public Record until the case (#2014CF002625)has concluded because under Constitutional Right that a Defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty by trial before an unbiased jury. So the criminal complaint Cannot be accessed, read or Even seen by a person “OTHER” than a Court Officials. And also NOBODY can force this Knucklehead to tell ANYBODY who he voted for and it’s ALL Democrat media propaganda whom themselves are PROVEN LIARS in MUCH larger crimes. Doesn’t Anybody think for one second The Obama camp didn’t use the “race card” to gain the lazy, uneducated, poor, criminal element Minority Vote? “Your all fools, the Mob rules!!”

  13. First case in the many thousands where it is a Republican. It is always CRIMINAL and wrong regardless of who commits voter fraud.

  14. Trouble is jerry, they do not get caught enough times for them to stop. Their evasion of the law, gives them enough to believe they will always get by with illegal acts. Usually when they do get caught, the first thing is accuse the others of the acts they are guilty of. Pointing the fingers at some one else. Rethugs are low class in every way possible. Thinking they are higher then anyone else. Very small humans is what they really are. Rethugs is too kind a word even, just can’t think of one worse without getting down into the muck with them

  15. Before anybody gets their undies twisted up, I WAS NOT referring to ANY Particular “Race”. Only quantifying “his” race garnered favor from All “lazy, uneducated, poor, criminal’s of minorities” hoping that he would give them Free stuff unscrupulously. Good play on his staff’s cheating part

  16. The problem will not be the PEOPLE that commit voter fraud, but the VOTING MACHINES that are rigged to commit fraud. Voting machine manufacturer DIEBOLD is capable of doing much more damage than any one voter could possibly do; and they have the record to prove it:

    Voting Machine Manufacturer Diebold Charged Over Bribery, Fraud, And “Worldwide Pattern Of Criminal Conduct” –

  17. See!!! Republicans can be counted upon only to _accuse_ in others what they _do_ themselves. Despicable! REPUGS EXTINCT in 2014!

  18. “I think the voter ID is a good thing. It will keep the ones who are Illegally here from voting plus cut out the multiple votes as well”

    @Jess: kindly explain to those of us who are ignorant how an ineligible voter can cast a ballot. I have voted since 1967 and have always had to have my name confirmed at the polling place. Once, when my name was not found, I was told I could not vote. Ironically, the polling place was a Lutheran church in a heavily Republican District. I pressed the election worker and her supervisor and she eventually “found” my name with a “D” rubber stamped next to it. Afterwards I learned there were a number of similar “irregularities” at this polling church. This was in the early 70’s. The only thing that appears to have changed since then is the blatant contempt your party has for truth and fairness. I only wish there were a mulato, lesbian presidential candidate we could support. Anything to demonstrate that we are America and equal rights extend to a…

  19. This overrated toilet paper salesman goes on to describe how one man voted multiple times and then quickly pushes on to his real agenda VOTER ID LAWS. He explains the problem, but then accuses Republicans of wanting to take voting rights away from women and those without ID. Forgive me, but I’ve never met anyone without an ID. Those who have a job, must present an ID to be hired. Those who rely on public assistance must present ID to sign up. Even people who do not drive are required to have some form of ID to prove they are who they say when seeing a doctor, cashing / writing a check, opening a bank account, applying for a job, or any other of the myriad of things where identification is required.
    That said he then begins to explain how Voter ID laws would not solve the problem of absentee voting, and this is probably the only truth in the article. IDs themselves will not solve all of the problems, but they will insure that those who are voting should be voting.

  20. The absentee issue can be easily solved by requiring a copy of the ID to be sent in with the ballot. That copy can then be scanned and the voter removed from the register of eligible voters. Or we can do what I’d like which is to limit absentee voting to college students and the military.
    Either way, shame on all of you for not using that grey matter between your ears and encouraging this poor excuse for journalism, and shame on the author for trying to try Scott Walker in a court of public opinion, just because all other attempts have failed miserably.

  21. Perhaps he should simply claim an insanity defense, citing his party affiliation as supporting evidence.

  22. Not much was said about the acorn workers who were prosecuted for voter fraud in 2008 and 2012 because they voted for Obama*. one other acorn worker registered 72 times as a democrat and he tried to vote multiple times and was caught when he tried to vote for the 9th time in the same district.

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