The Truth is, Religious Bigots, if Islam is Not a Religion, Neither is Christianity

David_Barton_Voting_BiblicalThe forces of theocracy in America are pushing against the U.S. Constitution harder than ever at a time when the ISIL movement has renewed the Religious Right’s assault on Islam as a religion.

David Barton, voice of the idiocy that claims the anti-theocratic U.S. Constitution somehow embraces theocracy, says Christians must have a biblical worldview and vote accordingly. The Ten Commandments, he says, must be their guide because through those commandments, God tells them how he wants them to vote:

For a biblical voter, when I got vote in November, I’ve got to say out of the top ten, I’ve got to look at those four things.

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

So the Ten Commandments are a voting guide and specifically represent God’s “Top Ten” issues. Things like immigration and the economy didn’t make God’s Top Ten so they should not make yours either. The most important thing, obviously, is God’s exclusive control of the public sphere. There can be only one god, and we can’t put anything before him.

Like the planet we live on.

Or the Constitutionally-guaranteed rights of gays and lesbians.

Like people who follow other gods.

Or no gods, even though Barton says atheism is a religion and somehow violates the First Amendment.

You know, people like Thomas Jefferson, who disagreed with Barton when he said,

But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty gods or no God. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.

It may not pick your pocket nor break your leg, Mr. Jefferson, but it by God breaks the Almighty’s leg, and sure as shooting picks his divine pockets!

Never mind, through all this nonsense, that nobody actually gets to vote in the Bible. You don’t elect kings and high priests, after all. Voting? That’s about as unbiblical as it gets.

I suppose this is all in accord with what Barton’s buddy Bryan Fischer says, that choosing a president is choosing a minister of God. Not “like” choosing a minister, but literally choosing a minister, even though the Constitution says that “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

But there is a bigger problem, isn’t there? According to Rev. Jody Hice, who is now seeking to represent Georgia’s 10th U.S. House district, Islam is not afforded First Amendment protections because it’s not, strictly speaking, a religion. He wrote in his book It’s Now Or Never (2012):

Although Islam has a religious component, it is much more than a simple religious ideology, It is a complete geo-political structure and, as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.

The same – the exact same – can be said of David Barton’s Christianity. It is a complete geo-political structure. That extremely conservative brand of Christianity has always been, since Christianity got the upper hand under the emperor Constantine in the fourth century. It is Bryan Fischer who said that Muslims are parasites who must convert or die.

The non-Christian world has been literally geo-political-structured to death (ask the Native Americans how that feels).

According to Hice, Islam is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution. According to The Citizen, in 2011 he told the Coweta County Tea Party Patriots, echoing Bryan Fischer, that Islam is not a religion:

Most people think Islam is a religion, it’s not. It’s a totalitarian way of life with a religious component. But it’s much larger. It’s a geo-political system that has governmental, financial, military, legal and religious components. And it’s a totalitarian system that encompasses every aspect of life and it should not be protected (under U.S. law).

Funny he should say that since scholar Gerd Lüdemann says the exact same thing about Christianity, that it is incompatible with the pluralistic ideals of the modern liberal democracy established by the Constitution. Writing in Intolerance and the Gospel (2007), Lüdemann explains,

Intolerance seems to be an inherent, even necessary ingredients of the Christian religion. The noted theologian Karl Barth says it quite openly: “No sentence is more dangerous or revolutionary than that God is One and there is no other like Him. Let this sentence be uttered in such a way that it is heard and grasped, and at once 450 prophets of Ball are always in fear of their lives. There is no more room no for creatures or false gods, and beside faith in Him there are religions only as religions of superstition, error, and finally, irreligion.” Clearly it would be misleading to think that freedom in general and freedom of religion specifically are the consequences of the Christian message. Indeed, the religious tradition that claims as its founder the Prince of Peace has through the centuries shon an inability to endure other religious viewpoints. And this is as true today as ever, despite the protestations of church leaders ho would like to have it appear otherwise in order to retain their welcome within the institutions of power and that comprise the secular state.

In reality, neither Christian theology nor the church can champion freedom of religion without betraying a considerable degree of hypocrisy. For tolerance requires an unconditional acknowledgement of the freedom and dignity of human beings without recourse to God. Yet the jealous Yahweh of the Bible who demands unconditional obedience can never approve of such liberal affirmations.

As if to prove Lüdemann’s point, Hice tells us,

This is not a tolerant, peaceful religion even though some Muslims are peaceful. Radical Muslims believe that Sharia is required by God and must be imposed worldwide. It’s a movement to take over the world by force. A global caliphate is the objective.

What has Christianity spent the last twenty centuries doing if not trying to take over the world by force? It is still trying to take over this country by force, stripping rights away from all those who lack biblical credentials. Remember, we are all Canaanites, those of us who refuse to bow to Barton’s and Hice’s god, and we will get the same treatments the Canaanites and the prophets of Baal got if the David Bartons of the world get their theocracy.

And that will be just the beginning of the world’s problems under a nuclear-armed theocracy run by lunatic Talibangelicals.

33 Replies to “The Truth is, Religious Bigots, if Islam is Not a Religion, Neither is Christianity”

  1. Thank you for this very lucid and absolutely correct article! When I read what Hice said, I immediately came to the same realization. His Christianity is EXACTLY like what he claims Islam is. Forcing people to become Christian or lose their rights? How is that different from Sharia law? The hypocrisy and arrogance of these pseudo-Christians would be laughable except, yes, this country has the nukes. They intend to take over DC and start bombing people into submission. Just like Jesus did to the Jews…oh wait. We must not allow this takeover by the dominionists. We must vote for freedom. For everyone!

  2. When I came to the conclusion that all religions pretty much demand the same thing Then I understood that there is no true religion.
    I find no difference between the Christian and Muslim religions. To qualify that I would say, the normal Christian and the normal Muslim religions are perfectly sane And useful to the people who want to believe in them. However both religions have there fanatics who insist that their religion must dominate the world. This is very dangerous for the people of the world. And exactly why religion must be kept out of any situations where it may have any legal or binding power over people. Everyone who has a religion thinks that they belong to the one true religion. This just proves to me that there is no true religion and never has been.

  3. I wish I could find a way to post this so the entirety must be read. My Jewish, Muslim, atheist, and “other” friends know, by my actions, that I am not represented by these extremists, but I wish all could see how the loud ones don’t represent all.

  4. Mr. Barth rails against the Prophets of Ball. Has he got it in for baseball, football, basketball,or the presumed contents of his jockeys?

  5., wait, “thou shalt not kill” means dumpin’ all them nookler wepons in th’ ocean. huh?

  6. I always find the fanatics disturbing, because they FEAR being swallowed up by the other. So they begin the subjegation drumbeat again and again and again.

    Why do American Christians feel they have the patience and restraint to be theologians? I have always found it amusing they need to add God in our constitution to legitimize their admiration of the constitution and adherence to the law.

  7. “Although [Christianity] has a religious component, it is much more than a simple religious ideology, It is a complete geo-political structure and, as such, does not deserve First Amendment protection.”

    Just look at the Vatican.

    And if the Ten Commandments are to be your voting guide, why vote at all? The Republicans got us into the absolute quagmire in the middle east, costing extra thousands of American lives (and far far more innocent lives of regular civilians in Afghanistan etc), and a democratic president regularly drones innocent people to death. Clinton did it when he bombed that clinic, Obama is doing it and mostly obliterating innocent bystanders.

    Christianity is a willful divorce from the morals of reality. Stop pretending it isn’t. Vote for whoever you see fit to vote for but don’t pretend that your god favors one candidate. Yahweh’s laws are broken by both sides, and they’re archaic and vapid to begin with. Be like Jefferson, listen to Jesus if you want, bur…

  8. “Christianity is a willful divorce from the morals of reality”

    I would say this:

    “Dependancy on supernatural entity(s) that may or may not exist is a willful divorce from the morals of reality”

  9. Quote from Erick, the son of Erick Erickson

    ” When preachers give up that prophetical role and focus only on the pastoral, we get people claiming the gospel is about fairness and other nonsense.”

    Piggybacking on Astorix comment “There is nothing more scary than the idea that end-timers could get ahold of the nukes.”

    So at all cost they must be kept from power because if they have the codes they will blow up the world to bring Jesus back, kill the Jews and whatever else that gives them a woody because of a foolish belief system.

    One thing that bothers me and I hope someone clears this up. If the American Taliban believe in the end times, do they get that belief from the old testament or did Jesus who they claim you need to have salvation through him, say it?

  10. As a recovering Catholic, I can remember the intolerance of being taught that Catholicism was the only true religion. But through the years i have learned you don’t have to belong to any church to lead a christian life.

  11. You know Tricia, it makes you wonder why the loudest and most repulsive are heard. I would also say, these “leaders” if asked do they represent a group, will if the light of public is upon them say, that is what they feel. But lo, they are the same ones who will be before a crowd to rile them up.

    There are many people who are atheists and agnostics who fortunately, do not blindly follow these rabble rouses and false prophets.

  12. Mike Huckabee told reporters all Americans should be forced at gunpoint to listen to his friend Barton speak.. If that does not sound like the Taliban, I don’t know what does…. Huckabee also added his name in 1998, to a full page ad in USA Today that proclaimed his belief that women should be subservient…. Personally, they seem to me to be pretty much like the ones they feel do not have first amendment rights….

  13. From what I understand John wrote that about the Roman Empire 100 years after Jesus had died. Then there are some who said it was written about 70 years after Jesus died and it was about the coming destruction of Jerusalem. But I want to know when did Jesus predict the end times?

  14. As a Christian, I believe, The Almighty, does NOT pick my pockets however the pseudo Xtains SURE DO. Then they intimidate us with the Onward Xtains soldiers with their Swords inplace of plowshares.

  15. Jesus just basically said, I’ll be back and no one will know the time. He said he will come like a thief in the night.

  16. The ‘ten commandments’ are instructions to the Jews, not Christians. ‘Love thy neighbor’ is New Testament.

    Outside of King George and Parliament allowing the East India Trading Company to abuse the King’s loyal subjects, a huge bone of contention was the appointing of Anglican bishops by the King, who is the Head of the Anglican Church. Remember the divine right of kings?

    Americans rejected any religion in their government because they had suffered under it in Europe.

    You can be free, or you can be ignorant. Never both.

  17. Recently there was a salesman in our shop who is also a teacher at a parochial college. After a short discussion I asked him if he knew of David Barton and as I watched the gears in his head began to grind and he said no that he’s never heard of him. To which I responded that he was indeed a true conservative Christian, I told him flat out that I knew he was lying because he quoted David Barton word for word and denied the truthful statements that I made. These Bartonites are as intellectually corrupt and morally bankrupt. They make dishonesty an art form.

  18. I think it was Thomas Jefferson that said, “A nation that wishes to be ignorant and free, wishes for that which never was, and never will be”.

  19. I recently pulled up beside a carload of end-timers and gave them a dose of reality when I commented on their bumper sticker. “WARNING! In case of Rapture this vehicle will become un-inhabited!” I told them that the vehicle was already un-inhabited!…by cogent humans that is! They gave me that look of a dull animal and looked at each other for an answer of which none came. I told them that the word “rapture” never appeared in any testament and was added by another religious fanatic in 1854 or there abouts, they had no clue of what or how the word was first used…typical.

  20. Shiva I have distilled it down to this, “Those who believe are the easiest to deceive” I like to counter some of their screeds with the fact that I have a Knowledge system and they have a belief system. I would much rather Know than believe.

  21. The Hebrew Scriptures and the Christian Bible include apocalyptic literature. Such is written when a group is in fear of being destroyed and eliminated, and there is no solution within history, so they look beyond history for the solution.

    The letter of Revelation, written in common Greek, is NOT prophecy as is often claimed by so-called “Christian” fundamentalists.

    Revelation is a letter of HOPE, written in symbols, and read aloud to those who understood the meaning of the symbols. It is cyclical and takes from the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Persian literature.

    Some claim Jesus will return for believers for the “rapture.” This is NOT true and a cop-out from working to bring about the reign of God on earth. Jesus is already here in the real Christian who is working to bring about the reign of God on earth as he did when he was here.

    Those who advocate theocracy — “only one way to ‘believe'” are not true Christians but Cinos, Christians in name only and nothing…

  22. PseudoChristian: Any person who bases their faith on the Jewish laws, traditions and early history that is the Old Testament of the Bible, and completely ignores the teachings of Jesus Christ, which is SUPPOSED to be the basis of their faith…
    Also : Anybody who purports to be a Christian who, instead of doing Gods Will, do their own will in Gods name…See also “God forsaken “f”ing idiotic hypocrites”
    {I feel a little better now…}

  23. Terrific analysis. The Catholics have a Vatican and (many) Jews have Israel, but where is the instutional center of Islam?

  24. For anyone who wants to get rich quick, you can start a ministry, because there’s a lot of Cons who’d like to buy their way into heaven.

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