White Gun Nuts Plan To March Through Black Neighborhood Carrying Assault Rifles

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The Houston chapter of Open Carry Texas, a gun rights advocacy group, postponed an event that was scheduled for this past Sunday where their members were going to walk through the streets of the Fifth Ward in Houston openly carrying assault rifles. The event, which has not been canceled but merely moved to another date, was ostensibly also going to be a canned food drive organized with a local church. The Fifth Ward is a predominantly black neighborhood and the event was originally scheduled to take place shortly after the celebration of Juneteenth.

Per event organizers, the march has been moved to another date because one of the main organizers, C.J. Grisham, was unable to attend this past Sunday, as he was scheduled to appear somewhere else where open carry enthusiasts were appearing in public with guns. Per Grisham, the neighborhood march is meant to be a community outreach attempt by Open Carry as well as a charitable affair. If you are to ask the group, Open Carry’s purpose in doing this isn’t to antagonize and intimidate, but merely to ‘educate’ others and let them know that they all have the right to carry around scary-looking assault weapons everywhere they go. Texas’ laws now make it perfectly legal to openly carry long assault rifles, such as an AR-15.

Joe Deshotel at Burnt Orange Report, upon learning of the original event, checked with the local church that the event’s organizers stated they had coordinated with to do the canned food drive portion of the march. As one would suspect, the church had no idea what was going on and confirmed that they had not discussed any such drive with Open Carry Texas. It appears that the group was caught in a lie, as they were merely trying to create the illusion that this event was something more than just a bunch of nut jobs marching through a neighborhood carrying guns.

Deshotel also highlighted past incidents from some of the group’s members. He provided pictures and Facebook posts from some of the members showing quasi-racist behavior. One member took a picture of himself outside the office of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), who represents the ward, eating a piece of fried chicken. The Congresswoman is African American. Another person was shown holding a sign that stated that the Congresswoman supported slavery because she’s for gun control. One Open Carry member posted to Facebook that most blacks are thugs and that going to prison is no different than living at home and leeching off of the government, only the address has changed.

Basically, the Houston chapter of Open Carry Texas was looking for a way to be provocative and step it up as a way of getting further press, which they have now received. I guess you can only go to so many chain restaurants and box stores in the suburbs before people stop paying attention to you. Considering that the NRA retracted their original admonishment of the group’s activities, and have essentially endorsed what they are doing now, Open Carry now feels emboldened to push the envelope and organize more aggressively inappropriate demonstrations. It seems like race-baiting is the new direction.

I see this march with guns (if they still decide to go through with it) as a multi-front operation. One, considering that their membership is almost exclusively white, they are perhaps hoping to appeal to some people of color and add some diversity to their organization. Another reason to do this march is to garner some easy publicity. Finally, I think they are hoping that the antagonistic nature of the march will lead to a confrontation that could eventually lead to shots fired. Open carry enthusiasts and gun rights advocates constantly claim that they need their guns for self-defense and to fight off the ‘bad guys.’ By purposely causing a tense and volatile situation, there might be some gun nuts in the crowd that are hoping they finally get a chance to be the ‘good guy with a gun.’


H/T Burnt Orange Report


Correction: I initially wrote that the members of OCT planned to openly carry both assault rifles AND handguns. This was erroneous. The members only planned on marching through the 5th Ward while openly carrying their long assault rifles. Texas law, for the most part, does not permit open carry of handguns. This portion has been removed.

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  1. Hopefully the “black” neighborhoods will have some weapons of their own. Or perhaps set off some firecrackers and watch the “white crackers” go nuts!!

  2. Ah yes! Another example of responsible gun use. Remains, who was it marched—armed—into the alternate camp at the start, eh? What I see in crowds like this is like looking into a porcelain saucer of soured milk, skeined and curdled… spoiled and poisonous.

  3. What would be truly ironic is if many of them got shot by community gun owners who felt threatened and stood their ground. I hate to think that part of me wants that.

  4. I’m just wondering who is going to claim SYG first? After all, these guys walking into a neighborhood they fear, full of vim and vigor, are almost sure to see some guy with a gun and feel threatened… So some 20 guys with guns will Stand their Ground.

  5. I have been to the 5th ward. I was raise on the Southside of Chicago. Trust on this, you do not want to mess around in the Bloody Fifth, even I was scared when I was there. So bon voyage if you going in there trying to start something and the gun nuts wont be able to stop themselves from uttering the wrong thing and the wrong time.

  6. This is appalling. There is no control. Walking around with guns in front of small children and teenagers who are already at risk for dying from gunshots.

  7. This is a step beyond the Skokie case. These ammoerotics are not carrying signs and symbols. They are carrying deadly weapons, frequently military-type, into a community that has historically been subjected to armed lynch mobs many times before. In so doing, they are colorably violating both criminal and civil sections of the U.S. Code. Someone with standing to do so needs to seek an injunction against this display ASAP.

  8. These people are just asking for trouble. I’m sorry, but last I checked, charity drives in this country did not require people walking through a neighborhood with idiotic guns slung over their shoulders.

    There is NO justification for this. NONE.

  9. Now what do you suppose would happen if a bunch of black people decided to march through a white neighborhood? The police would be there in force. There would be arrests and violence I’m sure.

    We need to think about getting these wing nuts under control. This is going to explode at some point.

  10. Try talking to one of these people…ask them a reasonable question, they will just go “ahhhhh duuuuH”. I understand we are the gun country and they aren’t going where. Just like so many vices we have guns being fun and cool is going to out weigh the violence concerns. However this makes us look like some African third world war torn country when carry around assault riffles. Why do these people insist on making us look like shit? It is simply not cool to carry around lethal weapons around all time. It makes people feel intimated and uncomfortable and I can only imagine why they picked this community for their march. Most likely a number of paranoid and confused reasons. I hope the black folks go get some assault riffles and walk around in a white neighborhood so all this nonsense goes away!

  11. Once they are deep in the hood, surround them and look them in the eye. Until it’s dark. Just stand and stare at them. If they need to pee, make them ooze through the crowd staring at them. don’t move aside, make them ask for room to leave.

    No violence, no aggression. But no fear. Bring coolers of water, but don’t give them any. Take bets on who wets themselves first.

    When the police come to rescue them, be gracious and wave ‘bye-bye!’ Make sure their trucks have been towed when they get back to them.

  12. Unfortunately, this area is in the city limits – fireworks are prohibited. I’m sure the HPD would happily arrest anyone who set off fireworks. It’s extremely doubtful that any of the OCT people who terrorize the residents would be bothered by the police.

  13. Why do people like the author think adding a few black faces will make everything better? Ever heard of Clarence Thomas? Do their stupid “Stand your ground” laws apply?

  14. The point of doing this kind of stupid thing. Is to start a race war….Why dont they keep that mess in their own neighborhood….They know full well that if they walk thru an all black community with guns, what will happen…I hope they know that most of them dont care about legalized guns…They will be so outnumbered….All I can say is that if they go thru with this stupid march…”They gon learn today”!!!!!

  15. Gun Nuts are so stupid that they think that we are as stupid as they are to believe this is anything but “hey look at the white guys with guns” There are times when being Caucasian is an embarrassment.

  16. Do their stupid “Stand your ground” laws apply? Texas has te castle doctrine that does not apply and they have you have the right to defend yourself. Now who will be defending themselves if they march and hell breaks out? Being Texas, the law would favor the whites but I doubt they would get witnesses to testify.

  17. (It’s extremely doubtful that any of the OCT people who terrorize the residents …..) Really? We are talking crips and bloods here and I doubt the residents would be terrorize. If anything it would be a counter demonstration by the peaceful residents to show them get your white ass out of my hood. And then that’s when it will pop. Because someone will holler the magic word and BAM!! Its on

  18. The people who live in those neighborhoods should just stay quiet, and inside. Let those idiot gun nuts walk through a ghost town. Show that nobody gives a damn about witnessing them in their egotistical “glory.” In some ways, I’d like to see them get taken out, and in other ways, I just want them to go away. In the end though, I want responsible gun owners. No matter what color their skin is. I think it’s dangerous to let people who openly hate their neighbor so much, to carry guns legally through their neighborhood. They’re picking a fight, and EVERYBODY knows it, but them. Or maybe they do. Extremists are the ones pushing this further, and further to reaching a head. If they’d chill out, and be cool with their guns, they could have the privilege of keeping them. Some have to act like punks though to prove something real men wouldn’t have to prove. Yeah,…. I said it !

  19. Apparently, they don’t understand the concept of open carry is not just for white people. Seems to me open carry would be legal for citizens of any color?

  20. Why on earth would they do that? What are they trying to prove? You scared cowards need to stay in your own neighborhoods with your damn assault rifles.. You MF’s walk through my hood carrying weapons I’m gonna think that you’re gettin’ ready to start some shit.. I’ll turn into SNIPER on your PUNK-ASSES!! 5th Ward in Houston get ready.. Maybe you can kidnap a few of these PUSSIES and make an example of them.. You walk into our neighborhoods carrying weapons, you’ll SUFFER the consequences.. With the right weaponry, you could take all of these MF’s out before they can take the weapon off their shoulders.. You’ve seen “PULP FICTION”.. A-K Mother Fuckin’ 47, when you absolutely positively gotta kill every white person walking down our streets carrying assault weapons.. Gotta let these PUSSY, COWARD, most likely RACIST bastards know that we won’t have it.. MAN-UP 5TH WARD!! —- REGULATORS, MOUNT-UP!!

  21. Yes this gene pool on display here is only an inch deep and needs a gallon of Clorox added. There is something to be said for eugenics….

  22. you obviously cannot get much more antagonistic than this. This is certainly a stand your ground situation for those people who wish to say that they were intimidated or threatened. the only bad part is, that a bunch of their penis threatened fellow gun freaks would also have to come running and start shooting the neighborhood up.

    If there was any law in Texas, this would be stopped. But I am afraid that that is a forgone conclusion.the people of the neighborhood do would be well served to be out on the side of the street taking close-up pictures of the unbalanced, insecure gun freaks faces. If anything happens they’ll know who to go for

  23. Despite the supposed potential for this to go very wrong…. what I’d really love to see is this:

    The black neighborhood in question rallies. People bake cookies. Children make paper flower leis. The entire neighborhood turns out to hand out cookies and leis to these guys, while wearing signs saying things like “Love is Stronger,” “Fear Toting a Gun is Sad,” etc. :D They could have bands come out, playing music, and happy people dancing and having fun—make it a festival!

    Imagine how a solid show of love, peace, fun, life celebration, and total lack of fear, would break the brains of these Gun Advocates. :D

    Yes, I’m evil—but in a GOOD way. :D

  24. I understand your sentiment and hopefully that would be the case but I doubt it. The demographics of the Fifth Ward are Hispanic and Black. The Hispanic population makes up 40% of the population or 9,051 residents and the Black population makes up 58% of the population or 13,124. The other 2% of the population is White, Asian, and Non-Hispanic. The median income is around 25k.

    What you have here is a bunch of poor minorities who feel the only thing they can call home being invaded by a bunch of whites carrying guns. Now maybe a lot of them don’t know about Rosewood, the Tulsa race riots but trust they know in their bones who has been part of the American dream and who has not. This will not end well

  25. So whats the purpose of the march? To prove that ignorance is alive and well in Texas, or to prove a gun lovers brain is as small as their penis?

  26. PLEASE — PROOFREAD YOUR ARTICLES BEFORE YOU PUBLISH THEM!! Typos:Para.1 – in red font – should read ‘was SCHEDULED’ (past tense.) Also, “The event, which has not been canceled but merely moved to another date…” — Correct spelling is CANCELLED. Aside from that, why not simply say the event was POSTPONED??

  27. WTF!!!!! Why do these racist pigs think that it’s okay to walk into a black area with guns? If a black person moves these fools will shoot them. This is not stand your ground!!!!!!

  28. Someone, please please please glitter bomb these f**kers with bright pink heart-shaped glitter. The kind that you still find around the house week later.

  29. Wow! Does this mean that the NRA can now qualify for IRS tax breaks now since they are providing community education on gun rights and aligning with a church to provide food assistance to the poor?????

  30. Huckleberry, I guessed you missed all the news coverage of the black march in a River Oaks neighborhood and the black march lead by civil rights leaders all up and down the neighborhood streets of West University. It was covered on ALL MAJOR news stations last fall. So this coin gets tossed both ways from time to time. There are idiots on both sides of the racial fence.

  31. This how the conversation went
    Billy bob: Hey lets march through the fifth ward to show them we are in charge
    Billy joe: Yeah I just bought this ar-15 with night scope and all the whistles plus they had a sale on cammos at bass pro shops
    Beauregard: Man those will look good on you marching for our rights
    Dead silence
    Wyatt: Hey guys I am for marching but you do realize this aint no target in Plano them boys are packing too, I just watch American Gangster
    More silence
    Forrest: Lets say we will march but then ,never mind we have another place to be on that day.
    The group thought about it and said HELL YEAH, we can go into toys are us and then go to taco bell and show women and children we mean business

  32. A video camera every 50 feet and one cop on every corner until these children hop back into their Tonka toys and go back home with their manhood.

  33. Thank you. We are glad that you got all that from the article. The rest of the information is just silliness and unnecessary

  34. What has that got to do with a bunch of ARMED White men marching through a black community? Are there civil rights issues they want to address? I don’t think so! How do you justify civil rights marches, where I’m sure no one was carrying assault rifles, with this garbage? What “bad” coin are you referring to…those trouble-making black people who want to be able to vote? Please!!

  35. The perfect response to these hoods would be for the residents to link arms and refuse to allow them to pass, with plenty of cameras catching it all. Then when the wingnuts decide so much as touch someone they can be charged with assualt, and the victim will have grounds to sue their little club for contributing to the situation that devolved into violence.

  36. I can’t even imagine what these same cretins would do if a bunch of black guys walked through their neighborhood carrying AR15’s.

  37. The gun nuts are their own worst enemies and I support my 2nd Amendment. If there are any threats to 2nd Amendment rights in this country (as they are always screaming there are) that threat would only come from these whackadoodles and their own unstable behavior, they single handedly shut their own movement down (slow clap).

  38. But were they carrying weapons? And do you think those marches should start carrying weapons? Are peacefully marching for fair equality. Two totally different marches. Wish people can see and understand the difference.

  39. Were the civil rights marchers armed? Or do you think the right to carry guns supersede basic human and civil rights?

  40. Being Caucasian might be an embarrassment sometimes, but I don’t know any Caucasians that would trade it for anything else. We all have ideas about how our individual races or ethnicities should ideally behave, and it can be embarrassing when we are shamed by the negative behavior of our members.

  41. Taunting and contesting until a hostage is caught is unnecessary. Sad irony is a couple hostages entangled is all it takes to disarm the entire mob. Why fight our own strength and muscle. We need more Peace Love and Unity, without it we can potentially lose to a fabricated tyrannical power.

  42. All my people in the 5th should march with them what better way to get them in trouble and have their organization taken out JOIN THE MARCH BLACK PEOPLE

  43. DJ, I too have firsthand knowledge of the fifth ward. Ask any current surviving Jamaican about the attempted take over of the drug trade in the 5th ward or the Oakcliff section of Dallas, TX. If there are any survivors mind you. These racists are unaware of their potential death march thru..or should I say start thru the 5th in their bigoted coccoon. Hope their life insurance is paid up to date when they march. Just stupid.

  44. I agree. I wonder how these jagoffs would respond to a black group of open carry supporters showing up in a white neighborhood to march. Someone should organize that. Tit for tat.

  45. I’m black and I don’t see any racist intent in the least, especially if there is priming of the residents; BUT reading the comments, it sounds as if this is a bad part of town anyways. They’re asking for trouble.

  46. OK, NOW can we say that the race war is officially underway? This shit reminds me of the stories my granny used to tell me about how white men would do what they wanted to whomever they wanted, for whatever reason, as long as that victim was BLACK! Let the intimidation BEGIN!

  47. OK Chan is that short for Chandler evidently you don’t read your history or you would know when a group of armed white people come to a African American neighborhood they are not there to sell girl scout cookies. Before you comment chad read, and learn your history.
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  48. Two words: Water Balloons.

    Seriously, folks in that neighborhood should have thousands of water balloons ready to toss at those asshats.

  49. Fools. They are just asking for trouble. There are going to be some Fifth Ward residents who will not be intimidated on their own turf. You can take that to the bank. It would be best to have this all video-tape. You know one of these fools is just going to short circuit and a blood bath will follow.

  50. This march has one intent: to display their ignorance and hate. If this group were truly interested in making a point about protecting their rights they would march through the neighborhoods of their state and congressional politicians. Or better yet, they would march their sorry fat pale butts through the Koch brothers neighborhood – let’s see how long they last in the ‘hood of the one-percent before police intervention and force.

  51. This state needs to be set free. They couldn’t get a armed melee by open carry so now they are going to try to force a confrontation…send in the drones and wipe this shit off the planet

  52. The article is inaccurate. Open carry of pistols is illegal in Texas. Long arms are not. The article mentions open carry of ‘handguns’, which, Open Carry Texas does not do at their events because it is illegal. Please research more than “They got guns!” in the future. Inaccurate information merely gives your opponents things to throw back at you when you are cited as a source.

  53. Oh, I agree. The best place to protest is in the presence of the property of the scumbag politicians. Be some nice photo ops there.

  54. I wonder if timely distribution of rotten fruit, vegetables and road kill and other nasty stuff to local residents could make things interesting…

  55. it has to stop there is nothing that is gonna resolve except the guns being taken away…. then when riots happen we will all be stabbing each other and bat beating. way gross and brutal. its obvious they are not motivated to walk through a town!!! thats ridiculous. its the news getting the guns away. dammit, i dont drive my car on the sidewalk. i dont cook my food under my car. i dont climb a tree to go to sleep. i dont randomly start large fires. i dont believe any of the news its all lies

  56. omg stop, dont bring ammo, if you didnt have words on the top and just heard about the story you would think they are heading to shoot….i guess with no ammo….who carries that….

  57. Well…..I wonder what would happen if a huge group of black men walked to the streets of white suburbia???? Everyone knows damn well what would happen….they would be shot. These friggin nut jobs need to take their guns and shove them up their asses…….maybe then they would calm down after getting their sexual release. I say let Texas succeed from the United States. They can all shoot each other while standing their ground.

  58. I was actually apart of Open Carry Texas in San Antonio and I will say this. Your Article is RACIST. OCT allows for people of all race, religion, and creed to carry their rifles as it is a part of their Texas Constitutional Right. I’m Asian, my Marine buddy there was Hispanic.

  59. Then march your ass into the 5th ward. May whatever god you believe in, have mercy on your soul. BTW what Asian country does a parent name his child Matthew? I mean aint nothing wrong with it since Piyush Jindal change his to Bobby off the Brady bunch. What was your inspiration?

  60. I think this is an excellent idea for these type people as it relates to the future of eugenics, and I see no way in which this could go horribly wrong for them.

    Guns! White Gravy! Merikah! and Baby Jesus!

  61. And that’s what these people are looking for … and the NRA actually wants to promote this? They are hoping to create some type of race war … and I don’t be involved.

    If a group of people, who are not military or police, are open carrying guns in my neighborhood, I consider that a terroristic act. And how do you think the police would react? And that’s what these people are hoping for.

    Stupid Stupid Stupid. … and very dangerous

  62. It took 10 of the inbred “Open Carry” yahoos in Texas to walk into a Target & purchase 1 bag of Oreos. They are begging for a shoot-out. I’m sure all of open carry members are responsible & trained in owning & using assault weapons. Yeah, they just scream common sense.
    One woman had a huge gun strapped to where it hung on her back! Behind her in line at Target were her kids kids in a wagon. Now what could possibly go wrong. I was horrified that if that gun went off those kids would be the victims of their sick little agenda. Check any news day & at least one redneck accidently shoots himself or someone else. Usually a family member.

    Someone high up is pulling Target’s strings for them to allow these mongoloids to hold “rallies” in their parking lot & scare the crap out of their customers. Maybe a 1% wingnut CEO Obama hater. Target will regret it when an innocent customer gets shot.

  63. In Northern Ireland the protestants marched through the Catholic areas with the bands playing and were shot at and killed Then the police shot the Catholics And they all loves and died together in hatred

  64. the only nuts these guys have they carry on their backs.I really hope it doesn’t but this could turn real ugly

  65. Yeah, I bet more than a few of those supporting open carry will change their minds once they see black people openly carrying–just like Gov Reagan did in CA in the 60s when the Black Panthers walked into the state capital openly carrying legally-bought and registered firearms.

  66. These people are insane. Such a provocative act could well lead to bloodshed if they confront the wrong man. Maybe that is what they want. Any law enforcement agency worth its salt should step in to intervene in the interest of public safety.

  67. …I too am from Chicago…{was raised partly in Chicago, partly in Southern Illinois}…I discovered most minorities are easy to get along with…if you approach respectfully, and don’t start any shit…
    THIS is racial provocation plain and simple, in a SYG case, most states would say that provocateurs do NOT have SYG rights…but the locals do…however this is Texas…one thing for certain, this is gonna get ugly REAL fast…

  68. I don’t know how many people are aware that
    back in the 60s after the riot in Watts
    (south central Los Angeles)the national guard troops sent in were not allowed to
    carry amunnition for their weapons.I guarantee if these bozos walk down the
    streets of South Central LA they will die.

  69. From the standpoint of activism these folks think they are all Rosa Parks but they are really Claudette Colvin. The Rosa Parks arrest in 1955 was smartly designed, media savvy, and fully coordinated with the national organizations. These protests are not.

    The Panther’s 1967 open carry marches in white areas of CA worked so “well” that the national prototype for gun control was invented and passed as a direct response.

    These activists have passion but are wholly ignorant of effective activism techniques and of history. Fighting stupidly loses more battles than “being right” wins.

  70. The best way to greet this parade is with friendship and flowers. Insert a flower in every gun barrel. Did not you folks learn anything from the 1960s?

  71. You may be right but and I know they don’t teach this in US his-STORY is when armed white men come into our community something bad always happened and in the end we end up looking like this
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    We don’t forget

  72. Now, is this funded by republicans….I mean really, who are these guys trying to scare? This really make us look bad,no wonder some people call us racist.

  73. After re-reading that portion, I agree that I made it seem as if they would be openly carrying handguns in the march. While it is possible, if not likely, they’d have handguns on them, they would not be carrying them openly. As you stated, for the most part, Texas law does not allow for open carry of handguns. I have removed handguns from that particular sentence and issued a correction.

  74. This is sad. Defending our rights shouldn’t have to do w/race. This isn’t the confederacy, it’s the USA! I love my guns & I’m sure there are lots other Americans in different races who would agree w/ me more than a lot of white people I know.

  75. On behalf of my African-American friends, neighbors, and fellow men and women of good will EVERYWHERE, I hereby invite the Moron Militia to visit Philly and stroll through any of our neighborhoods. I guarantee that whatever area they go through—predominantly white, black, brown, yellow, red, or thoroughly mixed—they’ll all leave in body bags, probably with lead poisoning courtesy of the Philly PD. We PROTECT EACH OTHER from armed idiots who obviously come looking for trouble. I’m sure they’d get the same welcome in NYC, Boston, or anywhere people are sane.

  76. I am in hopes that NO Trouble will be started.The innocent usually wind up the victims.Kids, old people, the informed and many others just trying to get by.Life is precious and some other way to make the statement should be considered.

  77. They should stay where they are at. Problem solved. If not well….
    Sometimes progress happens one funeral at a time.”

  78. What I am afraid of is that they have already been set up.No matter who starts it the blame will be pointed straight at the marchers. (armed or not it is not a good ideal to intimidate a community.)I hope someone thinks of this before they go in there. “Watch your back Jack!”

  79. Giving gun’s to some people in this country is like giving a fur coat to a monkey. They think their King Kong.

  80. If you’re trying to scare folks or want a confrontation, you don’t announce you’re coming. They want police protection, just like the Clan, they always tell everybody their coming, to avoid problems. Only a complete idiot goes into a area their unfamiliar with, wanting a gun battle. If their so patriotic, they can use them in Iraq, to fight for oil.:-)

  81. This article is clearly biased in an attempt to make this group look bad. Wise up readers! Exercise your rights or lose them, period. Without our 2nd Amendment we have NO Amendments!

  82. The article is not biased. We are trying to save you from your own idiocy. Tell you what carrie, seeing that you are probably from some one stop sign town and have no idea about the 5th ward in Houston go right ahead. As a matter of fact just to let them know who and what you are carry all the rifles you want just don’t forget your stars and bars.

  83. Every Black person needs to fully arm themselves and be out there watching and waiting. You meet force with force. Moreover, this event needs to be filed because many members of law enforcement are members of White Supremacy Groups. This is why I was baffled by the cops reaction to the sneak attack which left two cops dead in California a few weeks ago. They know damn well that some of their own members belong to the exact same White supremacy group which the killers were members of.

  84. Every Black person needs to fully arm themselves and be out there watching and waiting. You meet force with force. Moreover, this event needs to be filed because many members of law enforcement are members of White Supremacy Groups. This is why I was baffled by the cops reaction to the sneak attack which left two cops dead in California a few weeks ago. They know damn well that some of their own members belong to the exact same White supremacy group which the killers were members of.

  85. hey man. thanks for seeing this rationally. i am with the open carry groups in TX, and we have members of all persuasions, races and ages. this author is playing the race card against us. no surprise there. the liberal association of gunowner = racist/bigot/KKK is dead.

  86. djchefron,

    i saw you telling Chan to read his history before he replies.

    you should get to know these open carry groups before you reply. i am member of these groups and our members are of all persuasions, races and ages. hell man, i’m 1/2 Vietnamese.

    so knowing that: how are we the racists again?

    race has never been an issue in the open carry groups. it is this article and other liberals who hate us that bring FALSE accusations of race into the issue.

  87. hey everyone. i am a member of the open carry groups in TX. have been for the past year. our members are of all persuasions, races, genders, and ages.

    the only people who associate racism with gunownership is people like the author of this article.

    this is not a racist issue. it doesn’t surprise me – and it shouldn’t surprise any rational, objective thinker out there that a site that says they are “Real Liberal Politics” would use the race card against something they hate (gun owners) when they see that we are having a positive effect in our community.

  88. really, people. look at the comments you have made and decide where your prejudice lies.

    you are essentially saying we should do have this event because it is in a black neighborhood? really?

    that thought never crossed any of our minds. we have an OCT-Houston chapter, and that is their hometown. most of us come from other counties to join them, out of friendship and respect for one another.

  89. Then I feel sorry for your ignorance of this countries history of armed white men marching in black communities

  90. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to expect that everything you say on private property will be published. You should learn what freedom of speech is and where it applies.

  91. Not all long guns are assault rifles. Open carry of long guns is not new. Its not “now” the law. Its been the law for a very long time.

  92. Define a long time? Because from what I see the only reference is in the late 60’s when the Black Panthers found a loophole and to protect themselves from the police they started carrying weapons in the open without a round being chambered. That was quickly change by REPUBLICAN GOVENOR NAMED Ronald Reagan AND ENDORSED by the NRA.

    If you have any sources to back up your claim please post them. But I know you wont

  93. It would be better if the black residents joined the march. After all they are welcome and there are black members in the organization already. It is in the interest of good citizens of all colors to be involved in protecting their homes from criminals.

  94. So sad that we don’t know the history of this country. That’s like asking Jews to march with neo Nazis to say lets bygones be bygones. Pick up a book sometime and learn

  95. Then there wouldnt be any point would there? If the blacks are with you, you cant go through the black neighborhoods.

    Fortunately intelligent people have far more important things to think about and do than walk around with their penis strung across their shoulders on a string

  96. I do not think I have ever experienced as many bad things said about black people as on this set of comments. It appears that the “people” that think that it is not safe to legally walk thru a black neighborhood sure must have a really bad opinion of black people. It seems that most of the comments here put all black people as lawless gang members. Truly sad.
    OCT are protesting for people of all color to have their civil rights.
    OCT would be glade to have the people that live in this neighborhood join in and march with them, OCT is not racist but it appears that many of the anti-gun people that posted comments in this story are.

  97. I guess that’s what the Klan said when they marched armed through Rosewood. Please keep your teabagging ass in your own hood. We know our rights and fight for them everyday against neo confederates like you

  98. It would be better if they showed you the cowards that you are. Why march with guns when you can peacable march for justice for all

  99. He says they marching for all rights but bottom cat never had one peep about the most important right which is to vote

  100. My spider sense tells me he is all for blocking the right to vote with his penis extender.

    These pitiful creatures rights are not being taken away or violated. They just need attention like 5 year olds. Not racists? If not they would be in a white neighborhood. These people need to be disarmed

  101. This is a MOVEMENT and it is happening all over America. Please be mindful that this is test of power. Why not march in white suburban communities, why there? There is something called a show of power or might. It means to let your opponent or opposition know that you are ready just in case. There are people who are preparing for something and the others are just sitting like this isn’t going on. If Black’s started doing this would it be OK.

  102. It appears that many of the people that are making comments do not understand what the goal of the OCT organization is all about. Please consider:
    1) illustrate the mere presence of a gun does not show intent to do harm
    2) show that carrying long guns is not desirable in many cases
    3) have TX allow open carry of handguns
    4) illustrate that all citizens have a responsibility to be trained and to have the tools necessary for their protection

    I see lots references to the KKK history. You know of course the NRA was one only of the groups that stood up for the black communities right to defend themselves.

  103. How is a group of people walking down the street “terrorizing” anyone? They are breaking no laws and not showing any intent to do harm. Why would you think they would bring their children along it they were attempting to start trouble?
    There have been no person harmed or any problems where OCT demonstrate. The only issues are those caused by extreme gun control groups that are not even at the scene.

  104. You know of course the NRA was one only of the groups that stood up for the black communities right to defend themselves.

    Oops…. Fear of a Black Gun Owner

    Ironically, the NRA used to support gun control — when the Black Panthers started packing.
    It may seem hard to believe, but the modern-day gun-rights debate was born from the civil rights era and inspired by the Black Panthers. Equally surprising is that the National Rifle Association — now an aggressive lobbying arm for gun manufacturers — actually once supported, and helped write, federal gun-control laws.
    Read More

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  105. Better yet, why do these people have to display their inferiority complexes in the street? Can you think of one valid reason to walk about in public with an assault rifle?

    Just one?

  106. We should not have opposing camps. The city of Houston is not divided into to opposing camps.
    You way of thinking is THE PROBLEM

  107. Theres nothing you like better then seeing more deaths of children and neighbors. Your crap about having the responsibility to be trained to protect your self is nothing more then your servitude to the arms manufacturers

  108. Just as I thought. You don’t even live anywhere near Houston Texas. I will leave out where you do reside out of respect.

  109. They want to march though a black neighborhood…Aren’t most of the mass shooters these guys want to protect everyone against, white kids & young adults pumped up on anti-depressants?

  110. What kind of sissy ass pansy has to carry an assault rifle everywhere they go. You cant get it done with a handgun?

  111. Yeah, Blacks with guns could march through white suburbs to help spread the message of right to carry. Do you think that would help?

    By the way, The Black Panthers open-carried guns in the 1960s but that didn’t go over well with the police.

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