Democrat Laughs in Do-Nothing John Boehner’s Face For Suing Obama

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Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) seems to have found Speaker Boehner’s hubris hard to swallow today.

On the heels of Boehner’s announcement that the Republican Party will be doing what it always does when a Democrat is in office — sue and try to impeach (after obstruction and ginning up scandals) — Pocan laughed in Boehner’s face with a statement denouncing the Speaker for his historically lazy House that tried to shut the government down just last year.

“With Speaker Boehner and the Tea Party at the helm, this Congress has failed to act on vital legislation to help improve the lives of Americans. The same Speaker who allowed the government to shut down last October, now intends to sue the President of the United States for acting while Congress has not, instead voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act 54 times and turning the tragedy in Benghazi into a manufactured scandal.

“In fact, the least productive Congress in modern history – the so-called ‘Do-nothing Congress’ of 1948 – passed 350 bills in their first year; this Congress passed fewer than 100 bills in its first year. It is ironic the Speaker would sue the President for doing his job while the House of Representatives fails to do its job.

“Speaker Boehner is allowing the Tea Party tail to wag the dog. It is clear he has chosen to be the Speaker for the extreme right-wing of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, this Republican controlled House of Representatives has no intention of actually governing and will continue to block any effort by President Obama at the expense of our constituents.”

In July of 2013, I reported on the Double-Down-Do-Nothings for PoliticusUSA, “You might have thought the 112th Congress’ historic low of 23 legislative items passed at this same last year was the epic fail, but you’ll have to revise that. This 113th Congress has only passed 15 legislative items at the 6 month mark.” None of the 15 legislative items were of any significance, either.”

More about the Do-Nothings:

The 112th Congress made history as the most unproductive session since the 1940s (records only go back to 1947) for passing only 220 laws. For perspective, President Harry Truman labeled his Congress the “Do-Nothing Congress” for passing just 906 laws. I know math isn’t exactly the forte of Republicans, but 15 versus half of 906 is pretty basic.

And it’s not both parties:

Before Republicans took over the House, we had the same level of movement in Congress as prior to Obama taking office. “In 2011, Congress passed just 90 bills into law. The only other year in which Congress failed to pass at least 125 laws was 1995,” USA Today explained. That was another Democratic President, Bill Clinton, with a Republican Congress. “When Democrats controlled both chambers during the 111th Congress, 258 laws were enacted in 2010 and 125 in 2009, including President Obama’s health care law.”

On January first, House Republican leadership unveiled the new House work calendar revealing that the House would only be in session for 97 days prior to Election Day and 112 days through the end of the year. That’s a Do-Noting-Double-Down.

As Jason Easley pointed out earlier today, this lawsuit is all about impeachment proceedings against President Obama. Speaker Boehner denies this, but this is how the Clinton impeachment started. Boehner claims he’s doing this to keep Obama from destroying the integrity of the office, but that claim is laughable given how Republicans rolled out the red carpet for Bush’s gross expansion of executive branch power. It’s okay when other presidents do it, but it’s not okay when Obama does it.

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64 Replies to “Democrat Laughs in Do-Nothing John Boehner’s Face For Suing Obama”

  1. Boehner is going to rue the day he became spokesman for this nasty scheme of the Republicans. Democrats, in response, will be motivated to go to the polls in great droves in November.

  2. Please do it….please so the American people can sue you and your legion for lying to us about these wars and then were gonna sue you for 9/11 inside job and then were going to send you to the Hague for war crimes so please do it….please.

  3. Sue or Impeach President Obama for doing his job and saving American lives? Guess it is time to Sue or Impeach every Republican for passing legislation, following the orders of Koch/ALEC that have resulted in killing millions of Americans.
    GOP…The Pro-Death Party – policies that increase the suicide rate. 6-23-14
    GOP’s Obamacare spite means death toll for red states
    GOP’s Fracking death rate increase:
    Fracking – North Dakota – the deadliest state to work in:

    KOCH/ALEC: We can trace back every Killing Republican Policy/Legislation to ALEC- http:…

  4. I wonder if those who complain about the House of Representatives (currently under Republican control) are representative of their constituents; and therefore are working to do the will of the ‘people’s house’?

    The Senate (currently under Democratic control) are working to do the will of a Democratic president & his cabinet members.

    It’s common sense and some knowledge of how the U.S. Republic is set-up.

  5. If Boehner were a true leader he wouldn’t tolerate their nonsense. A leader leads. He follows along with whatever the nut jobs want to make peace. He should throw down the gloves and get it over with, win or lose.

  6. Wonder no more. They revel in their ignorance till they need the Federal Government to come to their aid be it disaster, welfare or whatever else they can sponge off hard working taxpayers. It is no mistake the vast majority of states who takes in more than pay to the Feds are bagger states.

    It is coming to the point where I say cut them off, move all military bases out, stop giving them all welfare and build a fence and say ADIOS with a side of kiss our asses you ungrateful idiots

  7. Orange Julius is trying to keep his job as speaker as I said in the past. I just thought they would wait to after Nov to make their move. My mistake again for underestimating the stupidity of the Reich

  8. Boner & the whole RethugliKKKan party should be sued by the American ppl because the do nothing mofo’s waste our tax $ day after day after day.

  9. The funny part is the boner knows his congress and its failings will be the defense of the president

    Bringing his failures out into the open is just what the Dems need.

    Lets say it now: John boner is a democrat. He is set on getting a Dem elected in every race from now to forever

  10. You cant sue the Federal government without their permission to do so. They have this thing called imunnity.

  11. The Federal government enjoys sovereign immunity. That is a theory with its roots in the idea that the king could not be sued or prosecuted. Here in the U.S., the federal government may not be sued unless it was waived its immunity.

    There are several statutes under which the government has waived its immunity. For example, if you get run over by a mail truck, you can sue the federal government for that accident. (Absent the statute permitting such a lawsuit — the Federal Tort Claims Act — you could not).

    I am unaware of any statute that permits a citizen to sue to recover social security payments.

    Regardless, social security contributions are mandatory. You would not be successful in suing to recover what you are required to pay.

  12. While the War Criminals go free, Lets prosecute our current president for:

    1. Being Black
    2. Creating 8 million jobs
    3. The Dow going through the roof.
    4. Healthcare reform ‘Which I have healthcare for the first time in 8 years’ and the wingnuts want to take it away.
    5. Ending 2 Trillion dollar wars and saving countless American lives. Yep, I say sue this man for SAVING THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Sue him Boner. You worthless pile.

  13. This is the funny part Boehner doesn’t realize, because he is just too blindly stupid.

    But his worthless antics are going to ultimately shine a very bright and revealing light on all GOP/teaparty lies and obstruction.

    Boehner is actually helping point out all that is wrong with the GOP, why Obama is not out of bounds doing his job, and how the CONS should never be in charge, ever, ever again.

  14. Well step right up, BONE HEAD! Where’s your line in the sand? Where are your big steely ones? Or has the Tea Gag Party clipped yours off? C’mon Speaker Orange! Put up or shut up!! You got nothing else to waste money one!!! Step up!!

  15. Have you John Boner nothing better and more productive to do? We have immigration reform to tackle, yet you want to sue our president, for doing his job. I am ashamed to have YOU sir representing our fine country! You need to resign and retire, take up woodworking, you’ll good at that!

  16. The world must be laughing at us.The President is to be sued for doing his job, while Boehner allows the House to get away with not doing THEIR jobs?

    What have they accomplished? Nothing. Over 50 votes to repeal the AHA, passed bills that t h e Koch Bros/Wall Str/ALEC asked them to pass, try to take away a womans reproductive rights, and starve poor children.Not a winning track record.

    If they try to sue President Obama, this will probably anger the black community, who will come out in droves to vote come November. So go right ahead, sue away.

  17. I think he would be much better at being a rancher: He put out as much bull shit as the rest of them!

  18. I like that handle Rethuglikkkan!!
    It all comes down to this: Orange man does not like Brown man..his masculinity is threatened..
    Orange man has only one defense mechanism… Blatant ignorance and more trips to the tanning salon in hopes of appearing more masculine!!

  19. Carolina — that isn’t quite true. Your assumption that no one supports the president’s programs is false to start with. You have to always remember, the media wants division, it sells. So, when you look at something like Obamacare, not adding into the “pro” column the consistently more than 15% that are angry about Obamacare because it doesn’t go far enough and doesn’t have a single payer option is disingenuous at best. I would prefer there to be a single payer option, I’ve expressed that consistently. However, this is better than nothing for the poor — so statistically, with that 15% added where it properly should be – to the OTHER side of the discussion entirely. Universal health care has never dropped below 50% support, NOT ONCE. The media just mixes disappointment with the conservative nature of the bill with arch-Right wing opposition with temporary distrust of the website… and creates a false statistic. That’s only one example. My representatives represent…

  20. There are too many laws and lawyers already. Measuring the productivity of Congress by the number of laws it passes is just plain stupid.

  21. My concern and fear is that republicans seem to have no concept of right or wrong which means that their level of inhumanity to man could be unlike anything ever seen.

    Power in the hands of an uncaring heart can be devastating.

  22. While thinking about this farce to see if the baggers have standing to bring this suit and what’s the end game I found this nugget.

    First do they have standing? Orange Julius is claiming under Article 3, well I guess that’s what they will use:Clause 1 of Section 2 authorizes the federal courts to hear actual cases and controversies only. Their judicial power does not extend to cases which are hypothetical, or which are proscribed due to standing, mootness, or ripeness issues.

    We can rule out hypothetical, so that leaves standing. To meet that standard they have to show that the Congress has been injured. Since the court has ruled that individual members cannot bring suit as was decided in Raines v. Byrd, 521 U.S. 811 (1997), was a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held individual members of Congress do not automatically have standing to litigate the constitutionality of laws affecting Congress as a whole. Even if all baggers vote for it the Democrats wont….

  23. All of you smart folks who are regulars on this site – If Boehner is going to sue the president with taxpayer dollars, consider all the expenses they have already racked up, 51 healthcare repeal bills,Issa’s never ending lists of kangaroo courts, the Cruz government shutdown etc etc, and these people only work about 1/3 of the year.
    Any estimate of the spending and waste?
    Also what have they ever done for the american people, other than cut off unemployment pay, food stamps etc.

  24. Don’t get Mad America, get justice. Watch, Learn, and Pledge. It’s is way past the time for the majority to awaken from it’s slumber and set this Nation on the straight and narrow once more.
    Enough of the servitude to the special interests.Enough of their grip on Congress to create laws that enrich them directly from our pockets. Enough is enough. End the GREED party, and both sides of the Isle cater to it.
    9 days left to make this a reality. 9 days left to make your voice a shot heard round the world. This is what the special interests and big corporations fear the most, you, me, and the rest of America uniting to end the bull shit once and for all.
    Don’t get left out.

  25. Continue: So in effect they have no standing to bring this suit. In other words the baggers will be laugh at before the case is even heard. Raines v. Bird Casebriefs

    Which bring us to the why. Its about power and maintaining it. The two names that pops out are Boehner and McCarthy.

    First the orange one. When Cantor lost I think he saw the writing on the wall that its the baggers who will decide if its a revolt in the next Congress. He knows impeachment is a dead ender but to mollify the children he has to do something. This is why he is bring the suit.

    Now McCarthy. His position is even weaker because he promised the baggers some ridiculous items. Like reauthorizing the Export-Import Bank’s charter when it expires on September 30. It will be a tough test for him and how he handles it will have real consequences in…

  26. Continue:November when he comes up for reelection.

    My take is when the suit fails and it will fail the baggers will go berserk and demand impeachment. Forget what the drunk said that this is not about impeachment because that’s where we are heading.

    As Winston Churchill said: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” Boehner and McCarthy are trying not to be last but like all thing the American Taliban touch this too will backfire and they will be eaten first by the very people they are appeasing.

  27. The face of Clinton’s impeachment farce was Serial Cheater Newt Gingrich who was so vilified for his role in trying to destroy Clinton that he destroyed his own presidential ambitions. He diminished himself in America’s eyes.

    Now he’s an old fart that not many people pay attention to.

  28. John Boehner Committed Six Times As Much Government Money As He Originally Said He Would Defending DOMA
    The Republican-controlled House of Representatives is paying the legal bills, which have accumulated to six times as much as originally anticipated.

    So its free money to them and the sky is the limit on how MUCH OF YOUR MONEY they will spend against the President who was elected and reelected in a shellacking of the American Taliban.

  29. From your keyboard to all Democratic voters ears Martina. We need to get out the vote for these midterms !!

  30. Excellent and well-articulated post!

    Reminds me of the saying, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  31. Exactly!

    I’m thinking that the American people should march on Washington and into the halls of Congress. I’m not talking about the tea party poopers, but the American people!

    IMHO, this action is long past due. It should’ve been done when we first heard of the fifteen who, at their meeting on 1/20/09, vowed to not support President Obama.

  32. …so Agent Orange, working for the 1% to sabotage the American Way is trying to sue PRESIDENT Obama for doing his job, and doing it in the face of the Teahadists intransigence???
    …it seems like every-time he opens his mouth a gush of lies vomit forth, because THAT is all he has…
    …Agent Orange qualifies for Harry S Trumans assessment of Richard Nixon…the part where Harry said he talks out of both sides of his mouth, lying out of both sides…

  33. the source of these evils Kimberly castle in Colorado the council of 13 in the usa govt , council of 33 the 300 the b;na brith.Grant0rient .communism,scottich rite white rite, white masonry, rotary, elks, ymca. blue lodge. masons w/o apron secular humanism you take thee out of circulation and place a GOd fearing govt you could see the world for the good , the cain seed elimited the LORd YAH and his kingdom rule the source and kevin annetagainst crimes against humanity and the USA govt is held accountable too

  34. Thank goodness we do not have a religious government. We would be just like the muslims overseas. Forget the god thing, we live under the rule of law not some sky god

  35. You said it, djchefron. You did leave out that in spite of the harm done by the GOP in refusing benefits and extensions, they want to immediately get back into another war, while our soldiers suffer and starve at home. Then they use the Veterans as camera ops to blather about how “patriotic” they are.
    I love your logo, “Poverty is a weapon of Mass Destruction”.
    It is time to turn the house and senate red. Everyone needs to help GET OUT THE VOTE!

  36. Maybe some of the old school Republican members of the House actually represent the bulk of their constituents but only if their districts have not been unfairly gerrymandered, no thanks to Tom Delay.
    The only way Democrats will regain control of the House is to first gain control of their state legislatures and do away with gerrymandered districts.

  37. I wonder if we can file a class action law suit against Boehner personally for dereliction of duty….

  38. Gerrymandering has taken the will of the majority of the people and placed it into the hands of the few. If those who were elected by the majority of the vote were the ones who are actually sitting in the House we wouldn’t have this problem right now.

  39. Could the President counter sue Boner because of their stated intention to block anything he proposes?

  40. How in the name of the Creator can these repugnant Republicans hold their heads high and say that they are doing and have done the right things for the country? The 113 Congress (Republicans at fault) is the lowest rated since 1948. The Do nothing Congress of the 21st Century. They (every one of the Republicans in Congress today) will occupy the Wall of Shame for as long this world exist and this country keeps records.

  41. I read a quote somewhere recently,

    The republicans don’t care about the law, the only law they care about is God’s law.

    Scary stuff right there!!!!!

  42. Republicans find it much easier to call for resignations and impeachment then to actually win elections these days! What has clearly become a Tea Party pastime, Sarah Palin has once again called out President Obama on an “impeachable offense.
    1. Darrell Issa Says Offering Joe Sestak a Job is Impeachable
    2. Tom Coburn Says Obama Not Doing His Job is Impeachable
    3. Herman Cain Says Gay Marriage and Obamacare is Impeachable
    4. James Inhofe Says Benghazi is Impeachable
    5. Blake Farenthold Says Obama’s Birth Certificate is Impeach
    6. John Boughner says that the I R S scandal is impeachable
    7. Michelle Bachman says that fast and furious is impeachable
    All it takes is for one. JUST ONE CONGRESSMAN to apply for the articles of impeachment ,,,yet not a single case has been filed by these people,,ever wonder why?
    For over six years now we have heard Impeach! Impeach Impeach and NOTHING EVER happens,, then again this is the SAME people last election were saying JOBS JOBS JOBS and…

  43. Well, we did, until the five morons on the SCOTUS decided that Hobby Lobby could flaunt the law because of ‘religious principles.’

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