John Boehner’s Lawsuit Is The First Step In A Republican Plot to Impeach Obama



It was only a matter of time until the other shoe dropped after word leaked out that Speaker of the House John Boehner is planning on suing President Obama. It turns out, the lawsuit is the first step in a plan to impeach the president if Republicans take back the Senate.

Yesterday, Boehner told his fellow House Republicans that he will be suing President Obama over his use of executive orders. Boehner didn’t know which executive orders he would sue over, but he is certain that he will be suing. On its surface, the lawsuit looks like more Republican sour grapes over the fact that Barack Obama is president, but Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post started putting a few pieces together, and what is emerging is a plan to impeach Obama.

Capehart writes what everyone knows about the Republican plan to crush President Obama, “The plan all along has been to crash the Obama agenda and then climb on top of the wreckage and seize power. Not only are Republicans complicit in the “failures” they rail against, but they are also the reason the president has had to resort to executive action to get some things done. Even (George) Will agrees Obama is within his authority to do this. He just doesn’t like the degree to which he has done it.”


If Boehner and the Republicans won in court, they would be able to claim that President Obama violated the law with his executive orders. The door would then be open for Republicans to pursue impeaching the president.

The point is that Boehner and the Republicans are suing Obama because they don’t like his presidency. Even conservatives like George Will admit that President Obama was within his legal authority to use the executive orders. Congressional Republicans have abused their investigative powers (Issa, Darrell), spending powers (debt ceiling, and government shutdown), and now they are preparing to abuse their impeachment powers.

Republicans failed twice to defeat Obama at the ballot box. They have failed to stop the Obama agenda through obstruction, and now with nothing left to lose, they are plotting a hostile takeover of the White House.

The problem for Republicans is that even if they take back control of the Senate, they won’t have the two-thirds majority needed to convict and impeach the president. Anyone who remembers the Clinton impeachment trial can recall the circus that Republicans transformed our national politics into. Republicans could use an Obama impeachment trial to try to stop Hillary Clinton’s march to the White House, but this tactic is likely to backfire and sweep both Clinton and the Democrats back into power.

The election this November is more important than ever. More than just the control of the Senate, the future of the Obama presidency depends on your votes on Election Day. A Republican controlled Senate could mean Obama impeachment.

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  1. Again, what proof do they have to even sue the President for doing his job.

    They were going to stonewall him at every corner, so what else was he supposed to do, just sit in a corner and cry?

    NO! The President has the option of using executive orders in case of these kind of issues.

  2. This destructive party will do everything possible to bring down this President. If that’s their plan, and it is, it will backfire so badly that their heads will never stop spinning.
    The Taliban? Nah. The Republican Party, more dangerous; more deadly.

  3. Letsee, in no particular order:

    1) Someone who should be accused of war crimes has been saying the President has botched up a mess that individual help cause.

    2) A governor of one of the 50 states of the union has been calling for a take over of the country.

    3) Members of the House and Senate have gone out of their way to stop anything and everything the President has tried to get done.

    And yet somehow its the President’s fault?

  4. Democrats need to get off their collective asses and VOTE in November. Keep the Senate and boot some Republicans from the House. We might not be ableto take back the House, but we can at least make the Republicans fear moderate voters more than they fear the Tea Baggers.

  5. i need some sort of chrome plugin that replaces all pictures of boehner and mcconnell with something that doesn’t make me want to punch kittens.

  6. It’s far easier to blame others for your screw ups then to take the bullet and admit that you screwed up.

    That’s how it works anymore.

  7. This is hilarious. A drunken bum and delirious side kicks are going to sue a Constitutional lawyer over what his abilities are as president. This is chess vs. checkers. They are truly grasping at straws as the GOP goes down in flames. They will be laughed out of the court. Not to mention rile up every Democrat in the country.

    They are worse than pathetic. Look at Mississippi yesterday. Dems had to come in a save Cochran from his own party.

    All I can say to Boehner is you go boy. You sue to your hearts content. We will dhow you a backlash that will look like a hurricane.

  8. These fools think that the people will just sit by and let this happen. There will be uprisings all over the country. All hell is about is going to break loose

  9. So George Bush not only issued MORE executive orders, but added signing statements to bills saying they did not apply to him, and that was ‘constitutional?’ Suddenly now, Obama is a criminal for trying to do his job. Pretty weak, John boy. By the way, I can hardly wait for people to start replaying your campaign slogans from 2010..”JOBS JOBS JOBS!” Little did we realize that you meant to take them away from us.
    And no, you are not going to impeach the President. We may however, kick your sorry butt out of the House for sedition.

  10. It’s not that they have justifiable reasons to file a suit and impeach President Obama, or that if they tried there wouldn’t be enough opposition trying to stop such a charade, but the real problem is THE MONEY AND THE POWER BACKING SUCH A FOOLISH MOVE.

    AS WE HAVE SEEN WITH THE T-PARTY, MONEY CAN MAKE SUCH FOOLISH BECOME A REALITY, & WITH POWER. THE EXTREME RIGHT RELIGIOUS GROUP IN CONGRESS CONSTANTLY VIOLATES THE BILL OF RIGHTS IN TERMS of the separation of Church and state. And no one speaks to such religious imposition, why because money talks and money walks. It’s well known how the Koch brothers are so involved backing extreme right moves against Pres. Obama. I read how the Koch brothers are best known as part of a family that has repeatedly funded stealth attacks on the fed. govern. and now more so on the Obama Administration.” BIG MONEY IS BEHIND THIS…

  11. Yeah, and that uprising will include a lot of scary/uppity BLAH people. Who knows; some of them might even engage in open-carry.

  12. Wasn’t it George W. Bush that said that the constitution is “just a god damn piece of paper.” So why they so worried about following that piece of paper?

  13. Bush issued 291 executive orders to Obama’s 168. Who’s the imperial president now? Bush had a Republican House and Senate for 6 of his 8 years, and he still issued that many almost twice as many orders as Obama has. Clinton issued 364 executive orders.

    Clinton – 364 – good. Bush – 291 – good. Obama – 168 – bad, imperial, tyrant, (fill in bad name here). What’s the difference between Obama and the first two guys? Why is it okay for the first two guys to issue far more executive orders than Obama has?

  14. Clinton – white
    Bush – white
    Obama…oh fer chrissake, we’ve explained this 1,000 times already.

  15. God please remove Boehner, he is a bum. Democrats, please go to the polls and vote to remove the objects of destruction that is causing our country chaos.

  16. I disagree. I don’t believe the Republicans are foolish enough to try and impeach the President. I believe that this is all about the mid-terms. They want to gin up their base to believe that they are “victims” and turn out to vote in November. That’s what the IRS faux scandal is about. And that new House Select committee to investigate Benghazi ? They won’t move forward with that until after summer recess so the timing lines right up with the November elections. It’s all about the 2014 mid-terms to those wing nuts.

  17. Boehner has repeatedly demonstrated his lack of testicular fortitude over the last several years, bending and folding on a regular basis. This is just a ploy to bolster his reelection, considering that it’s no longer a given. He just yammering, as usual.

  18. Well, this will end poorly for them on three counts.

    One: If nothing else will motivate democrats to get to the polls en masse, this will. We can thank the GOP for breaking the traditional blue midterm malaise.

    Two: As was said, the backlash against the GOP will be considerably worse than when they tried this stunt during the Clinton Administration. Those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat it indeed!

    Three: Suppose, by some unthinkable long shot, they do succeed in removing President Obama from office. The victory, however improbable, would be a pyrrhic one.

    They think things are bad for them under president Obama? A Biden presidency would be the stuff of nightmares for Republicans.

    And how much do you want to bet that President Biden’s first act would be to put Bush, et al. war crimes prosecutions back on the table?

    The Republicans’ problem is that their hatred has blinded them to the very real consequences of their actions.

  19. I never realized how many fans Joe Biden had in the Republican party, LOL!

    Yes, this is an attempt at a hostile takeover of our Democratically elected President. Every Democrat must vote in November, bring your family, bring your friends. NO EXCUSES!

  20. The Executive Order has been around since the dawn of our nation, and the constitutionality of this process was validated by the SCOTUS in the 1950’s. Every President in the past century has used executive orders with greater frequency that the current POTUS.

    Using the powers granted to the Executive Branch to enact certain programs and policies is just as legal and part of the democratic process as is the Senate Republican minority’s use of the filibuster to obstruct said programs and policies.

    Had the GOP not blatantly abused the latter, Obama would not feel compelled to implement the former.
    So why the current right wing uproar over Obama’s plan to “get things done” via Executive Order? What is substantively different this time?
    I suspect that it’s largely a matter of some complexion.

  21. And so House Republicans once again resort to voting on wholly partisan, politically-loaded, yet fundamentally meaningless, totally symbolic proclamations as a means of avoiding any discussion of useful, substantive, productive legislation that meets the needs and concerns of the American people at large.

    In short, the GOP — addicted to tepid tea — has resigned itself to serve as little more than a speed-bump on the road to progress.

  22. Oh my, here they go again. Now, let’s assume that, by some mischance, Fitzgerald and Jones is somehow, by a bizarro world miscarriage of justice, overruled and Obama is sued, even impeached. How does the GOP see this ending well for them? The country is much more center left than the last time they tried this under Clinton, and the backlash would be considerably worse for the GOP.

    And let’s further assume, since we’re taking a dive into the GOP fantasy world tank, that they somehow impeach and remove Obama from office.

    President Biden would be the stuff of Republican nightmares-maybe even putting war crimes proceedings for Bush, et al. back on the table.

    But the long and the short of it is that this is nothing more than political theatre, a desperate attempt to create an election year scandal to disguise their own singularly disastrous performance since taking the House. The GOP is in a state of blind panic due to the Cantor upset, and pandering desperately to the…

  23. @Shiva,Oh yes GWBush did indeed say that. he called the Constitution a god dam piece of paper. All the executive orders, the two wars, the 13 Benghanzi under GW Bush and the pukes never thought about suing him. Now they have tried everything else to try and get Obama out to no avail and now they are stooping this low to sue him. FOR WHAT???? what did he do?? He has had less executive orders, less vacation time, ended the war that the two morons lied us into, all the murdering they did and yet they want to sue OBAMA AND THEY JUST LET GWBUSH GET AWAY WITH ALL THIS BULLSHIT. They are a dam disgrace and they should be ashamed of themselves for the way they have treated this president. It is DISGUSTING Never in all my yrs and i am 70 yrs. old have I seen a president so badly treated and it is all because he is black and they just can’t accept it. he won TWICE AND FAIRLY, DIDN’ HAVE TO CHEAT OR STEAL THE ELECTION AS THIS IS WHAT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WANTED. GET IT THROUGH YOU STUPID ASS…

  24. (Continued) far right. It’s a sign of the times in light of the House majority’s seeming tone deafness to the growing dissatisfaction of their constituents. Lacking any solutions, all they can do is try to fix blame. They (and sadly the press) ignore the fact that President Obama has made far fewer executive orders than Bush or Reagan by a decent margin.

    Sloppy journalism by the press and cognitive dissonance on the part of the House Republicans.

    However, the whole thing is moot, since the Fitzgerald v. Jones decision has established precedent that a sitting President may not be sued.

    That said, I don’t envy the lot of the GOP: In the wake of the Cantor upset, they feel they have to pander to an increasingly virulent radical right on one hand and angry plutocrats demanding that get what they paid for on the other.

    I suspect that the few remaining sane heads in the GOP know that this is only putting them further out of touch with the mainstream.

  25. The civil action brought in a court of law in which Mr. Bhoener the party who claims to have incurred loss as a result of a defendant’s actions. Bhoener demands a legal or equitable remedy. Now the President is required to respond to the plaintiff’s complaint. Typically only money constitutes a justification for a lawsuit but a suit for specific performance might be accepted. If Bhoener is successful, in demonstrating the loss then a variety of court orders may be issued to enforce a right, award damages, or impose a temporary or permanent injunction to prevent an act or compel an act. A declaratory judgment may be issued to prevent future legal disputes.

    A lawsuit may involve the resolution of private law issues between individuals, business entities or non-profit organizations, but not the President of the United States of America. To undermine executive power destroys the Government.

  26. The key point to remember is that the President wuld be required to respond IF it sees the inside of a court.

    Federal lawsuits require a $400,00 fee and must be certified into the record by the clerk of the court.

    Given legal precedent (e.g., Fitzgerald v. Jones) and the fact that Boehner doesn’t have a legal or constitutional leg to stand on, I doubt seriously that this will even be granted cert.

  27. they did this to clinton and they made a foll out of their self. They will piss of the voters and they will lose

  28. The Republicans are just making themselves look more stupid than they are. The president has the right to use executive privilege, since the Republicans have refused to back anything he suggests. Our president was fairly elected. He should finish his term and continue to do the best he can while battling the Congress. They should all be kicked out of office for not doing their job.

  29. Boehner should resign himself before he makes a bigger fool out of himself than he already has. What exactly is he doing to earn his big fat salary. He wasn’t elected to spend 6 years trying to oust the legally elected POTUS. He was elected to do a job which he hasn’t done. This is again doing nothing for our country, but successfully bringing on the demise of the Republican Party. Accept it! You ‘re too stupid to run this country or anything else for that matter. Boehner has smoked what brains he had, out. What’s he smoking anyway?

  30. The President is so dignified and classy. While the Speaker does this, he goes about his day as usual juggling a million and one things and doesn’t even bat an eyelash. He does his job while the House and Speaker of same sit around thinking up new silly games to play. Actually, this one isn’t new…but you remember the definition of insanity, right?

  31. Speaker Boehner need to go… He needs to take his Koch Brother’s money sucking a**,and get out… this is why the President can’t get his job done…..can’t work with one another… All about the BIG MONEY backers….like the Koch Brothers… it is all about what they want and think they need….So find someone like John Boehner, put lots of money in his hand and he will do the work for them…think of the mess we would be in if Boehner was in the White House…. he thinks he is a god now..he just needs to go away.. his goods friends the Koch Brothers need to go with him…. Impeach???? yes that is what they need to do with the Boehner/Koch group…..God help the government,you are our last hope….God help us all!!!!!

  32. That is what really scares me, if this goes that far, this justice dept. is not that reliable, nor is the supreme court.

  33. Thank you Gail for saying that.. I was going to post the same. After hearing that statement, I never believed a word he said again. Knew he was a (lawless) word the rethugs like to use) man, and he would do things not, acceptable in a democratic run country. he did not disappoint.

  34. Diane,

    I could not agree more with you. However, THAT is precisely what they want. Think about it: Uprisings all over this Country and what will they do then? Blame the daggum president. I swear: he cannot catch a break! I hate the GOP!

  35. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the destruction of the Republican Party came from their own actions?

    After their witchhunt of President Clinton, another baseless attack would enrage Democrats and bring out the troops for November.

    Boehner could be handing us the keys to the House.

    Imagine Nancy Pelosi walking back down the aisle with her old Speaker’s gavel in her hand…

  36. The Taliban? Nah. The Republican Party, more dangerous; more deadly.

    More dangerous to democracy and deadly for democracy. These people are insane with the desire to emulate 1930’s Germany. They long for a right-wing dictatorship for this country.

  37. The Teapublican Party that still wants to be seen as “the Party of Lincoln” (NOT!) are horrible poor sports and sore-losers.

    They can’t stand it that democracy has prevailed and that the majority of Americans voted Democratic Party (and will continue to do so since, well, the majority of Americans don’t like living in a RW dictatorship that would make Adolf proud).

    So they will try to impeach each and every Democrat who wins the White House. They’ll be doing the same thing when Hillary Rodham-Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States on Friday, January 20, 2017.

  38. 53 repeal obamacares.
    4 benghazi Investigations, they’re not done yet untill they do 53 benghazi Investigations.

  39. Bring it on Boehner!!! You and your extremist Tea Party Republicans have propelled us to action. We, the people, will not allow this country to be ruled by extremists in your Party. Suing our President borders on lunacy!!!!!

  40. The President released 5 high-ranking Terrorists for an accused deserter. “The United States does not negotiate with terrorists”

    Now look what’s happened? “one year of promised immunity” There have been many recent outbreaks of terrorist attacks! Now they are threatening Israel!

    That is why the United States does not negotiate with Terrorists, because you put more lives in danger! Obama should have been impeached as soon as he committed the act of treason against the United States and it’s policies.

  41. LOL, you dont get out much?
    They would have been released in 7 months by agreement. Every president including Reagan has negotiated to get our troops back. Stop acting like an uneducated loon. This argument is useless on your part.The 5 released will be under watch for a year and have had nothing to do with any terrorist out breaks. Jesus, dont you know any history?

  42. Instead of trying to sue the president you should be working on unemployment stop taking so many vacations learn to do your job. The offer that because he’s black you don’t want a black president anyway your races and no one likes you and I hope you get jurors I’m voting Democrat republican I’m switching and I hope you lose in November elections hope all Republicans lose because of you

  43. Why don’t we as American people sue you are not doing your job to help us and stop trying to impeach the president because he’s black all Republicans are racist we understand you don’t want a black president specially John Borhner

  44. Youake it sound like a bad thing. Because of Obama care a lot of companies won’t hire full time and people go without benefits. And all you people fall into the negative tone this article puts out and FYI they are not doing this because he is black who ever posted that comment is stupid as a donkey’s ass.

  45. Please post your objections when bush did abuse his Constitutional powers. While we are at it, please tell us what President Obama has done to dismissed the Constitution. Your teabagging friends have so far fail to answer that question but I have faith in you. And you know what they say about faith?
    A casual stroll through the insane asylum shows that faith proves nothing – Nietzsche

  46. Washington was the first toi use executive orders. And that power is afforded to him……yes… the constitution

  47. wow. i like how there is arguing over which president had this many executive order uses, But, What isn’t being stated is that IT IS WRONG TO BEGIN WITH. None of these presidents shouldn’t have been able to do it to begin with. Look around you and tell me we’re actually free, keep voting for the wrong guy- Have Any of you heard of Ron Paul, democrat republican (politics) vs FREEDOM.

  48. President George Washington issued the first executive order three months after being sworn into office. Four months later, 3 October 1789, Washington used this power to proclaim the first national day of thanksgiving.

    Should have nip this in the bud at the beginning. Please stop with your nonsense

  49. “The Congress shall have Power … To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.” The President has the power to make a day a national holiday, but does not have the power to make or change law. Only to execute the law. So….. if it was wrong in the past does it make it right now? Is the Constitution going to be only cherry picked, or followed as a whole? In my honest opinion, there are many in Washington, including the President, who do not follow the law of the land, and all of them should go. Both parties ignore our freedoms and rights and the restraint placed upon them. We are a republic. A free country with the rule of law. This, should be not a right or left issue, but an American issue. Thanks, An Independent Voter.

  50. The issue is not looking very closely at what has been done with executive orders and how they relate to being a law or not

  51. How can we have a democracy if the power to make law is given to one person? That is why we have checks and balances and 3 equal branches of Government. The speaker decided to allow the 3rd branch to review and see if executive power was used Unconstitutionally. Even though it is probably a political move, we should hold our leaders accountable as well. Law is the law. And law shouldn’t be ignored because of party affiliations.

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