Another Red State Democrat Calls On Elizabeth Warren To Bring Home A Victory

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The conventional wisdom in the mainstream media is that Elizabeth Warren is too radical to have national appeal. Beltway pundits typically characterize Warren as a far left Senator who has appeal with Democratic progressives and with her Massachusetts constituents. However, they typically depict her as too far outside the political mainstream to have appeal in swing states or red states.

However, the out of touch pundits may be overlooking the appeal of Warren’s economic populism. Red state Democrats may have discovered the strength of Warren’s message to help out folks on Main Street instead of Wall Street. Elizabeth Warren has already been welcomed by Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky and Michelle Nunn in Georgia, to campaign on their behalf.

Now West Virginia Senate candidate Natalie Tennant plans to campaign with Elizabeth Warren in July. Although the state went 62-36 for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in 2012, Tennant is welcoming Warren to boost her chances of winning the Senate race in November. Red state Democrats may have finally figured out that economic populism is not only the right ideology to fight for working families, but that fighting for working families is also smart politics.

Elizabeth Warren’s progressive economic agenda of holding Wall Street accountable, raising the minimum wage and lowering interest rates for student loans is popular. Democratic consultants have long embraced the mythology that the way to win in Southern red states is to support milquetoast candidates who take bland centrist positions on the issues so as not to offend right-center leaning Independents. This approach has done nothing but lead to the Democratic Party’s virtual collapse in the American South.

Now in 2014, some Democratic candidates appear to be waking up to the idea that poor and middle class people, who might be moderately conservative on social issues, are still progressively populist leaning on bread and butter issues. Democrats need to recognize that fighting for working class and middle class households is uncontroversial and that voters will support them if they believe Democrats will stand up for them when they go to Washington. Natalie Tennant has Joined Alison Lundergan Grimes and Michelle Nunn in recognizing that Elizabeth Warren’s economic populism is the key to victory even in red states.

While the media may still think that Warren’s leftist economic ideas are politically toxic in conservative areas, Democratic Senate candidates know better. The future of the party is bright if they move to the left on economic issues and align themselves with the hopes and aspirations of America’s struggling middle and working class voters.

14 Replies to “Another Red State Democrat Calls On Elizabeth Warren To Bring Home A Victory”

  1. Notice something similar between those 3 aside from them being red state Democrats? They are all women. Progressive women can take the message right into the kitchen where budgets are made or broken. This is a smart move to get red state women, who vote GOP because their husbands do, to vote differently in the secret of the ballot box when they see how it could help them make ends meet, save the family home/farm etc.

  2. I’d call it the return of the Johnson Democrats in the South. What the Southern reactionaries are calling it, is Tiamat and her minions breaking through the Gate of Ganzir and turning the established order of things upside down…oh, Hell, the Whore of Babylon.

  3. I was wrong when I said Warren wouldn’t play well in red states. I believe my reasoning was sound but I have to admit there is something there that even the most die hard neo confederate would admit.

    Something is wrong with the American dream and somehow what they have been told has been lies. Warren speaks to that wrongness and people are listening
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  4. Warren relates to the average person. She is the real “Joe plumber”. Coming from a modest background and working her way up. Her economic policies are sound and she exudes common sense. Perhaps her best trait is that when engaged in debate she doesn’t shy away or back down.

    I think it’s very smart of these candidates to call on her. While they may not agree whole heartedly, they still can relate to her on economics and wages.

    I think this country is crying out for someone like her. She not business as usual. The GOP is falling apart before our very eyes. As they grow increasingly more desperate and bizarre this is the opportunity for someone like Warren to fill the void. I’d like to see Warren/Sanders 2016.

  5. “I’d like to see Warren/Sanders 2016.”

    The American public would need a MAJOR uptick their collective IQ for that to happen!

  6. Sanders/socialist? If the people on here who post about socialism that they don’t have the foggiest idea what it means and times that by a millions of uneducated goobers, hell the grifter from Wasilla would win in a landslide.

    Lets be pragmatic

  7. GO Warren!! This is the difference between Dem’s and rethugs. Dem’s pick women who have both BRAINS and beauty. rethugs pick women that makes them stand at attention and who they can manipulate. Rethugs little hearts must beat rapidly for any women to make it.
    If Hillary does not make it this time, the Dem’s have women coming up that maybe can. The rethugs have no one, except P__A__L__I__N. what a future!!

  8. I think that that is the main problem with some Democrats these days, they think that to win they have to be Republican-lite.

    Democrats need to return to the roots of the party and stand up to the right wing before all we have are varying degrees of Republicans and no real Progressives.

  9. The Male Stream Media is so misogynist, they don’t even see a female elected official until she rubs their nose in it.

  10. Warren is all about working class people in this country,a strong middle class is what made this economy/country great.The middle class is taking on hell of a beating,we need to get the money out of politics for us to survive regardless of what the corroborate friendly Supreme Court says in there worst derision ever

  11. If Warren comes to GA, I plan to be at the event. I am looking forward to voting for Nunn in November because Jack Kingston will do the same thing in the Senate that he’s done in the House–run his frigging mouth, vote for anything that helps the rich to get richer and corporations’ profits to increase and vote against anything that helps middle and lower class Americans, and I’ve had more than enough of that from Johnny Isakson(R-GA) and Saxby Chambliss (R-GA.)

  12. If I thought Liz Warren stood a chance I along with many others would jump on her campaign. I fear she is to honest and upright to avoid the smears of the likes of the Kochs and Adelsons of the world. Bernie Sanders is another candidate that is similar to warren. Both appear honest as the day is long.

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