Romney Returns: Big Money Republicans Working On a Deal To Make Mitt The 2016 Nominee

Mitt Romney

It is being reported that Mitt Romney wants to be the 2016 Republican nominee, and the millionaires and billionaires who bankroll the GOP are trying to make it happen.

Not only is Mitt Romney interesting in being the 2016 Republican nominee, but the big money donors in the Republican Party want him to be their candidate. The big money event that Romney held in Utah wasn’t designed to help other potential 2016 GOP candidates, but to let the big wallets know that ol’ Mitt still wants to be in the running for president business.

According to former Republican Rep. John LeBoutillier, there are a series of conditions being worked on to get the 2012 nominee the 2016 nomination, “Mitt Romney wants the GOP donor class to pledge all the money to him — up front — as a means of scaring other possible serious candidates out of the race so that he can preserve the money for the general election. He wants the field cleared — the same way the Democratic field is being cleared right now for Hillary — so that he, too, can arrive at the GOP convention Fresh, Full of money and ready to Feast on Hillary — and President Obama’s — record. If these conditions are met, he will make a third run for the White House.”

LeBoutillier also wrote that Mitt and Ann Romney haven’t gotten over the 2012 defeat and that they blame the loss on the Republican primary system forcing Rommney to move too far to the right to capture the nomination. This is why Romney wants fewer GOP primary debates, and the 2016 field cleared for him before he will run.

Romney got his wish on the primary process, as the RNC has compacted everything and cut the number of debates from twenty-four to five. He will have a much more difficult time convincing the rest of the Republican wannabe presidents not to run. Rand Paul is already running. Ted Cruz looks primed for a vanity campaign. Chris Christie still thinks that he could be president, and Scott Walker is making noises  about a presidential campaign while dodging Johnny Law in Wisconsin.

Romney has been looking a lot like a 2016 candidate, but he wants the nomination handed to him. It is as if Mitt and Ann Romney’s belief that they are entitled to occupy the White House now extends to the Republican nomination.

There is something fundamentally un-American about the idea that the preference of the voters doesn’t matter when it comes to picking a nominee. Democrats may clear the field for Hillary Clinton, which wouldn’t be a wise idea in my view, but Clinton is wildly popular within the Democratic Party. Mitt Romney doesn’t enjoy the same popularity and support within the Republican Party.

It makes sense that the millionaires and billionaires would want Romney to run again. After all, who could better protect their interests than one of their own? If the Republican Party can’t find a viable candidate, and they want to run someone who can beat Rand Paul, don’t be surprised if they give Mr. 47% another chance to be their nominee.

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  1. What planet are these money republicans on?

    Do they truly believe that this pasty faced
    loser can ever win? Try picturing these past 6 years had he become president—oh boy would we be in deep shit.

  2. “entitled” — Romney’s very favorite word in the English language! Two knock-outs haven’t disabused hi from that favorite word. The guy is as thick-headed as he is thick-skinned, but he hasn’t got much political savvy — his candidacy would be a gift to Hillary!

  3. I hope Dems candidate is Elizabeth Warren. She would be like a wood chipper with him in a debate. GOP never learns, money does not a candidate make, (yawn).

  4. A fool and his money are soon parted.
    As far as I know, there aren’t any Obama supporters that now say “I should have voted for Romney”

  5. The current Republican cadre firmly believe that they are *entitled* to *rule*, and they mean to do it by hook, crook, pus, blood, or permanganate, but preferably by crook and blood. They bear watching, and we’d all better vote.

  6. Political cartoonists and late night comedians can rejoice at the prospect of another Romney candidacy- let the gaffes begin!

  7. The only way to be sure that they nominate someone who won’t win a state that Romney lost in 2012 is 206 Electoral Votes, The Sequel.

  8. Simply open up the book of lies he used last time, have someone read them on Fox while Romney waits on the beach for the election results

  9. Romney is determined to buy that dam POTUS position if it’s the last thing he does…

    Are we going to let him get away with not showing those dam tax returns again or are we going to raise some hell about it…

    I am sick and tired of these rich snobs walking all over the rest of us.

  10. I guess that electoral map doesn’t mean as much anymore

    Did anyone point out to Rmoney that he only got 186 votes the last time and where are the states he could win to get to 270 with Clinton on the ballot?

    This is why the 1% needs to be taxed at 80% because if they have money to throw away they might as well the government take it to rebuild America so all can benefit

  11. Mitt would be forced to make some hard choices, when he runs. The business community wants immigration reform, and cheap labor. The libertarians want those immigrants deported and the border made impenetrable. Irreconcilable differences, and a major floor fight for the GOP primaries.


  13. The only thing that bothers me about their throwing their money at Mittens is that we can’t tax it. Bring it, Mitt – you fake businessman, fake christian, fake leader, FAKE.

  14. Not to worry, they’ll shift their focus to “regulating” women and gays, and they’ll all go to bed happy.

  15. Mitt Romney spent about $1 billion on the last election and got nowhere near the electoral votes he needed to gain the presidency.

    Winning an election, especially the presidential election, takes more than money.

  16. Einsteinian insanity continues to be prevalent among conservative pundits, politicians, and voters.

    MItt’s tendency to flip-flop on his policy positions is somewhat akin to coherent superposition in the field of quantum mechanics. In much the same way that light is both a particle and a wave, Mitt Romney is both a moderate and a conservative, depending on the situation.
    It is not that he is one or the other; it is not that he is one and then the other. He is both at the same time.

    However, what type of political ideology Romney displays at any given moment will depend on the audience’s expectations — what he thinks you want to see is what you’ll get.

  17. I don’t think he has even a 47% chance of being President! they are most definitely are desperate if they are drafting Mr. Binders full of lies as their candidate AGAIN!

  18. Oh this has to be a joke. If there are truly any big GOP donors thinking that Romney running again will end with a different result, they are so diluted. Plus, the radical base won’t stand for it.

  19. We can expect to see four or five of the so-called “vanity” campaigns, along with two or three who actually have the sand to make it to the final weeks before the nominating convention. After two “practice” campaigns, Romney should benefit from a bit more experience than the others have, but he’ll be shorter on stamina — unless there’s a flood of adrenalin because this really will be his LAST CHANCE ever! I can imagine him undertaking another campaign, but I don’t see him finishing it. Heck, if there are wallets willing to squander good money on him, he probably will. And, it will raise the hopes of all those who thought he’d be an “awesome” president. Ain’t politics something?

  20. The Republican primary system forced Rmoney to move too far to the right in order to capture the nomination? The way the baggers are going they will force him even farther to the right or they will revolt.
    Sounds like a plan.
    Please proceed guvna.
    Works for us either way.
    Don’t get me started on queen anne of the uwe people and her “entitlement.” Measuring the drapes again annie?

  21. …so this pseudoChristian megalomaniac thinks he has a shot at the White House???
    He was a serial liar last time, he’ll be one now…and he’ll make sure the moderators at his reduced debate schedule don’t have the guts to call him out on lies, no matter how egregious…
    he STILL has nothing but contempt for we “lower class” citizens, still works for the 1% exclusively, and still will take whatever position he thinks will get him votes…
    {After the disastrous debate where he got PWNed on a major lie, Candy Crowly became one of my heros…lol}

  22. Big Business, backed by Big Money, fears populist candidates like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and others, who don’t toe the line. Their hope is a replay of the 2012 Republican primary season, where each extreme candidate had their moment in the spotlight, only to give way to the next extreme candidate in the following primary, while Romney sat back and bided his time because he knew, as did Big Money, that all the others would pass their shelf life, leaving Romney the last man standing. Now, all the wacko-birds are emerging, leaving Romney and Big Money in the position to be patient. Although Big Money will soon be taking a look at Marco Rubio, who is beginning to sound more moderate and seems to be the viable alternative to Romney. I think Jeb Bush is going to pass. Again, pay attention to Rubio.

  23. “…and where are the states he could win to get to 270 with Clinton on the ballot?”

    This. He dogwhistled like crazy last time and still got buried. With Clinton on the ballot he’ll be lucky to break into double digits.

  24. $$$$$$ … didn’t they find out last time it doesn’t always work??? He’s been in DENIAL and mourning since his defeat … smh … lmao

  25. Move the cheese. Demand live chat with the candidates. and blogs – with comments.

    cut out the middleman – the Male Stream Media.

  26. It’s pathetic that the Republicans have to dig up losers for their ticket. Actually, it would be fun seeing Romney ground into pulp by Hillary.

  27. I can see the first DNC ad. Jeep, Romney said it was moving to China or Mexico. It is still here ans expanding. Then all the lies he was caught in, and the lies he will inevitably tell should be enough for him to only win the extreme southern states like, Ms.,Al.,Ga., S.C., and Tx. I foorgot Tn. and [ossibly N.C. and W.V.

  28. Willard Romney has had a sense of entitlement for all of his 67 years of life on this planet. That sense of entitlement made him bitter about losing the last presidential election. I remember back in 2008 when he lost the GOP nomination to John McCain. The deficits that helped to cost him that nomination were magnified in 2012 when he actually became his party’s nominee. He was living in a delusional bubble, thinking that he didn’t have to make much effort except to move farther to the right. He also had people telling him what he wanted to hear, up to election night. So, he only prepared a victory speech and not a concession one. I’m not sure what his financial supporters hope to accomplish in buying the nomination for him. They are sure to alienate a significant number of erstwhile GOP supporters, and they sure didn’t get a return on their investment in his candidacy in 2012. In any case, we dodged a bullet with his defeat back then.

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