To No One’s Surprise Sarah Palin Doesn’t Understand How The Election Process Works



Former half-term Governor of Alaska and the Republican Party’s 2008 nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin did not have an enjoyable Tuesday night. Two Tea Party Senate candidates she wholeheartedly endorsed lost their primary elections. One candidate, Oklahoma’s TW Shannon, was defeated by 23 points. The other, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel, lost a close runoff election after finishing ahead of his opponent, incumbent Senator Thad Cochran, in the Republican primary weeks before. A runoff was necessary as McDaniel, while coming in first, did not receive 50% of the vote. Cochran won Tuesday night by a slim 7,000-vote margin.

Both McDaniel and Plain are crying foul over the results. Both are taking issue with Cochran appealing to Democratic voters to ‘cross over’ and vote for him in the runoff election. McDaniel has not conceded and has vowed that he will challenge the results of the election and take this to court. Palin has urged McDaniel to do so and went to her favorite media platform, Facebook, to offer McDaniel her support. Late Wednesday morning, the ex-mayor of Wasilla posted the following to her Facebook page.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Liberals?
As we pointed out last week (see:, there were several potentially illegal political games afoot in Mississippi to motivate Democrat voters to “switch” over to the GOP for a day to help save a 42 year Republican member of Congress. On top of that, millions of dollars from out of state liberal billionaires like Mike Bloomberg poured in at the last minute on that same incumbent’s behalf. You have to ask yourself why? When a primary election is lost fairly, I am all for unifying behind the victor and joining forces to fight in November. When an election is questionable, with potential legal violations, politics MUST be put aside and the irregularities MUST be fully investigated. Regardless of party, we owe it to voters and to democracy within our Republic. The integrity of the vote speaks directly to the integrity of those who serve and the trust we ask the American public to put in our institutions. I told Chris McDaniel last night that I stand with his effort to get to the bottom of this – he needs to know average, but tremendously concerned, citizens want to make sure the integrity of last night’s results in Mississippi are verified. Voting shenanigans never cease to amaze, but they had better cease altogether for the sake of ethical elections. And any GOP “architect” behind these abhorrent voting shenanigans should be ashamed of this Pyrrhic victory for the establishment. If we find out it’s true that some of the characters alleged to have masterminded this Mississippi hijacking are the same ones who’ve tried to destroy other Republicans’ careers, they need to be taken to task and only be hired by unethical campaigns. Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us. And if any news organization ignores a free and fair elections issue like this, then whether left-leaning or center right, their silence will speak volumes.
You can read more about this issue from an article last week here:
– Sarah Palin


First off, I want to assure you that there is not a formatting error with the above quoted excerpt. That is indeed one long run-on paragraph. Just like any Palin screed, she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about, but it isn’t going to stop her from babbling. She complains that there were “several illegal political games afoot” and that this all needs to be investigated immediately. However, this is all just sour grapes and it doesn’t matter how much she whines about it, because nothing is going to change the outcome.

The fact is, Mississippi has a mixed primary election process. Voters do not register with any particular political party. During the primary, they can vote in whichever political party’s primary they choose when they get to the voting booth. Obviously, they can’t vote twice, once for the Republican primary and another time for a Democratic primary. However, in this instance, there was a runoff election only for the Republican primary. Essentially, based on the Mississippi system, anyone who wanted to cast a vote in this election was able to do so.

There is a caveat. Per Mississippi’s election laws, a person who votes for a particular nominee during a primary must honor that vote come the general election. However, all that states is that anyone who voted for Cochran must vote for him in November, if they vote at all. A vote for another candidate will not be valid. (How is this even enforceable? No one can say.) If the main complaint from Palin and McDaniel is that Democratic voters voted in this primary and cost McDaniel the election, they really have no recourse to fight this. They can’t sit around and wait until November to see if certain voters change their mind and vote for another candidate besides Cochran. (Once again, how can they even prove this.) If that were the case, then Mississippi could not validate any primary election results.

Perhaps one can make a point that the strategy to attract Democratic voters to the polls on Tuesday by Cochran’s campaign was unethical and low. That is fine. That’s politics. But you can’t whine that it is illegal. Because, it just isn’t. Mississippi’s election laws are just vague enough to allow this to happen without any repercussions. By not having party registration and allowing more of an honor system in regards to the general election, McDaniel’s campaign really has nowhere to go with this other than to stomp their feet, hold their breath and complain. Cochran gamed the system. Plain and simple. And no amount of screeching and wailing from Sarah Palin is going to change the results of Tuesday night.

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  1. I think Eric Cantor being over thrown for the complete Tea Party lunatic David Brat has scared a whole bunch of people. As bad as Eric Cantor was in ignoring his constituents for the 1% David Brat’s mind is orbiting the outer rim.

    The GOP is fighting back because the last thing this country needs is to elect a bunch of insurgent horse flops.

    If Sarah Palin is grumbling that these tea party lunatics lost, then believe me, defeating them was the right thing to do.

    Sucks to be you now, Godzilla from Wasilla.

  2. Palin complaining about ethics in campaigning? Her party has Karl Rove, where are his ethics? Somebody needs to call her a waambulance.

  3. Tea party politicos view election results with the same skewed logic and nonsensical reasoning that they regard judicial decisions on federal and state policies:
    Said outcomes are valid only when THEIR candidates are elected and THEIR policy positions are upheld.

    And I seem to recall Rush Limbaugh encouraging Republicans to participate in open Democratic primary elections a few years ago in order to impact the outcome, and tea partiers expressed their adulation for the arrogant ass for making the suggestion on the air.

    Of course, there is as yet no actual demographic data from the election outcome demonstrating that Democratic voters — be they black, white, or purple — made the difference in the outcome, the racist rants of bombastic, bellicose blowhards such as Limbaugh and Palin notwithstanding.

    On a side note, a political endorsement from Palin has as much value and impact as does a diet plan promotion from Limbaugh.

  4. The masters of dirty tricks and deceitful campaigns, the Republicans, don’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

  5. “Per Mississippi’s election laws, a person who votes for a particular nominee during a primary must honor that vote come the general election.”
    Sooo… Mississippi does not have secret ballots in their general elections? You have to vote publicly? Or vote in front of a ballot inspector? Or turn your ballot in to someone who will check it against your ballot from the primary? Seriously?

    Or is this just an incredibly stupid and unenforceable law that no one thought through to its logical conclusion?

  6. How does Mississippi law square the “must honor” in the General Election law with a free and secret ballot?

  7. There is a caveat. Per Mississippi’s election laws, a person who votes for a particular nominee during a primary must honor that vote come the general election.

    And pray tell how would they enforce this?
    Maybe they have some McGuyver truth serum to inject the voters to make sure you are on the up and up.

    You cant make this shit up

  8. One thing they could do to make sure that no dirty tricks are going on is to break in to the Election HQ and check those ballots for themselves. That seemed to work pretty well for them the first time around.

  9. Weird law or not, it still was an open primary and Palin is the “last” one to talk about ethics and ruining careers. Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, does it, honey?

  10. Justin B, that is called a word salad. And $carah tosses a mean and I do mean MEAN word salad. The Palinites think she’s hot but someone that ugly inside could never be attractive to a real man.

  11. Yeah, that one doesn’t make any sense to me either. Then again, we’re talking about Mississippi.

  12. [However, all that states is that anyone who voted for Cochran must vote for him in November, if they vote at all. A vote for another candidate will not be valid.]

    How is that known or enforced? Aren’t ballots secret?

  13. Not to be out done Rush limpballs on his radio show said” What is this Uncle Toms for Thad”

    I don’t even know where to begin with that idiocy

  14. Being a red state I’d venture to say that Republicans put that law in place because it somehow benefited them.

    Now that it has backfired on them, I’ll wager it isn’t long before the law is changed.

  15. The chilla from Wasilla strikes again.Scarah needs to go hide under a rock because she serves no purpose to humanity.

  16. From someone who was under a plethora of ethics investigations when she quit to make reality shows that is RICH. That house on the dead lake has a LOT of glass.
    Waling whelk from wasilla.

  17. I wonder if that dumb bitch remembers Rush inciting people to vote for Dems to sway the results of primary’s?

  18. Come On You Can’t Blame Her After All She Suffers From Shitforbrains ,Have Pity ,You Know She Feels Real Empathy For The Rich,Like all Republidupes She Hopes That If You Stand Next A Rich Person ,Riches Will Flow To You Through Osmosis.Never Realising That Is A Fallacy.

  19. There are some really small letters on that
    shirt right after the big letter “S”.

    Look really, really close.

    You can see the letters “tupid”.

  20. Mississippi also doesn’t have a policy in place that permits recounting of votes following an election. Most states do, but for some reason MS doesn’t. This will make it very difficult for McDaniel to call for a recount. The state’s top GOP Party official is now calling for the law to be changed to make party identification a requirement for voting in primaries. I find it ironic and amusing that those who were in favor of new voting restrictions to prevent voter fraud are now howling about voter fraud because some blacks voted for Cochran yesterday. With MS’s new voting laws in place, one would think that voter fraud would have been stamped out in MS. LOL.

  21. I really don’t know why they are complaining. If the true bagger won, that would mean no more gravy train for that third world state and when you get over 46% of your revenue from Washington I would think you wouldn’t want to rock the boat

  22. What is really sad is this is the women the rethugs put on a national ticket!! What does that say about this party?

  23. You can blame media for giving her a platform.If she “was on ignore”,and nobody paid any attention to her she would go away.Instead she is like an annoying case of the flu.feeding her ego is not the way to make her go away.

  24. …whereupon the ex post facto {before the fact} part of the Constitution kicks in…meaning the Teahadists CANNOT invalidate this election…
    …no matter how much they try…

  25. I recall something recently on the news prior to the MS primary election that McDaniel was busing in poll observers. I guess his poll observers didn’t do a very good job of intimidating the Cochran voters away from the polls. I guess Cochran out- shenaniganed McDaniel.

  26. McDaniel should have known he was destined to lose the second Palin publicly endorsed him.

    A nod from Sister Sarah is the political kiss of death.

  27. Cochran has played the system wonderfully here. Not only has he appealed to Democrats to knock McDaniel out, he has also reduced the Democratic voting base by tying their voters to him. He’s pulled off a blinder.

  28. Very well said Sir. I’m always amazed at how Sarah Palin tried to sound like she’s so knowledgeable and well versed on politics, the U.S. Constitution, and U.S. Government affairs, etc. When we all know that she’s proven many times over that she is completely clueless about anything remotely related to these issues.

  29. The key to understanding the MS law is, first, reading it. MS Code 23-15-575: “No person shall be eligible to participate in any primary election unless he intends to support the nominations made in which he participates.”

    Now, proving intent is very difficult. What if the voter intended to support the nominee the day they voted, but later, changed their minds? In practice, then, this law is almost unenforceable.

    Almost! There *is* one case where it is easy to prove: when a voter casts two votes, for different parties, in the primaries (and primary-runoffs).

    Consider: a person votes in the dem-primary on 6/3. (It doesn’t matter WHO they voted for … as long as they *did* vote in the d-prime.) Thus, by the law about intends-to-support-the-nominee quoted above, this voter MUST intend to support the dem nominee (Childers) in November.

    Later, the same person votes in the 6/24 r-runoff. By law, they MUST intend to support the r-nominee, too… but that’s a…

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