Kentucky Getting Ready to Ditch Mitch As Democrat Grimes Leads McConnell 48%-46%


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What looked like it could be an anomaly is beginning to look like a real thing in Kentucky. The Democratic challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Alison Lundergan Grimes, is leading in a new poll from Public Policy Polling (PPP) by 2 points, on the heels of McConnell’s primary win. That’s right — if this is McConnell’s post-primary bump, he’s in trouble.

The poll contains a flood of bad news for McConnell. Eighty-nine percent of respondents are more likely to vote for a candidate who will pass legislation to create jobs. By an 80%-14% margin, voters (including 70% of Republicans) want a candidate that will close tax loopholes on millionaires. Seventy-eight percent of voters want a candidate who will end gridlock and partisanship. Seventy-six percent want a candidate that will make sure that the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and by a margin of 63%-31% voters oppose cutting taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

Mitch McConnell opposes everything that Kentucky voters said they supported in the paragraph above. What’s even worse for McConnell is that voters strongly oppose what he supports. McConnell has been a vocal supporter of tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. McConnell has personally blocked a wide range of job creation bills in the Senate, and he has publicly admitted that he is using gridlock as a strategy to destroy the Obama presidency.


“Grimes leads by a substantial margin among independents with 56% to McConnell’s 30%,” the PPP analyst noted. That’s a pretty big indictment of the incumbent Senator. But then, when 40% of his own party voted against him in the primary, the one narrative that was clearly intrenched was that Kentucky voters are sick of Mitch McConnell and his belief that creating jobs for Kentuckians isn’t his job. That gets old, especially when times are tough and in a state whose main industry has taken a hit.

The PPP analysis of what Kentuckians cared about showed marked support for what Democrats are championing in terms of making millionaires and corporations do their part, “(T)hey want to make sure that millionaires pay their fair share and do not get a lower tax rate than the middle class, and they want to close corporate tax loopholes, especially for shipping jobs overseas.”

And this is made all the more real and painful because PPP is a “liberal-leaning” pollster. And we all know that reality has a thing for liberals these days. Yes, that’s right. While other pollsters were unskewing themselves to show a horse race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama in 2012, PPP was found the most accurate after they “projected a 2-point Obama victory and put him at the critical 50 percent mark, 50 to 48 percent over Romney.”

Two points.

After 30 years of listening to Mitch McConnell blame others for his own failures while lining his own pockets, Kentucky voters seem to be over Mitch McConnell. And it doesn’t help the incumbent that his Democratic opponent is strong, smart, and a known quantity in Kentucky. The cheap smears the McConnell people have been aiming at Grimes aren’t sticking.

With Republicans poised once again to waste the American taxpayers’ hard earned money with yet another frivolous lawsuit against a Democratic president, laying the groundwork for even more egregious impeachment proceedings, all voters who care about things like jobs and infrastructure need to make a concerted effort to tell Republicans “enough of the clownshow.”

The only way to be heard by this crowd who pretend to speak for the average American whilst refusing to pass a jobs bill is to vote. VOTE.

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  1. Kentucky may never be a blue state, but more and more progressive-leaning peeps (and I count myself among them) moving into Lexington, Louisville and Bowling Green are going to definitely flip it to a lovely shade of purple.

  2. Yeah ol’ Mitch is toast. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. As the lunacy grows I not only think we will keep the Senate, we will get the House too.

  3. The most important thing is that in none of the polling has Mitch broken beyond the 46-47% mark, not even early on. This is very bad nes for an incumbent. All the upward momentum has been on Grimes behalf, and I have a feeling the more motivated voters are hers.
    If McConnell supporters end up feeling he is going to lose anyway, they may stay home.

  4. Stupidity is a lack of intelligence, understanding, reason, or sense that can either imply a congenital lack of capacity for reasoning, or a temporary state of daze or slow-mindedness. The height of stupidity is carefully observing actions that are proven failures and repeating them knowing full well the results will produce the same outcomes.

    Kentucky voters are not stupid !

  5. “Grimes leads by a substantial margin among independents with 56% to McConnell’s 30%,”


    If that holds up, she’ll ditch mitch by 8-10 pts.

  6. Grimes is no progressive, but I am still joyous at this news. If Cecil the Turtle loses, will this reduce or end the abuse of the filibuster, which is the most abhorent of all McConnell’s actions? (I assume Dem’s will not win 60+ to moot the need.)

  7. For me it’s still way too early. I’ll believe it when the old fox is sitting at home come January 2015.

  8. Watch for some real dirty tricks from the Koch Brothers forces in the months to come. A Grimes victory would spoil their scheme to take over the Senate and get rid of Affordable Health Care.
    I also would watch the election sites for election fraud. The Koch Brothers have big money riding on this race.

    … Who in KY are voting for Alison Lundergan? Are the Republicans tired of all the bs going on in Congress?

  10. I set up a straw poll for your state. I am wondering how KY is looking. What is your idea about climate in the KY race?

  11. If Grimes beats McConnell in November, it will not only be amazing, it will be earth-shattering because McConnell won’t only NOT become Senate Majority Leader, he’ll be looking for non-government-related employment for the first time since 1967! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving politician. McConnell has done very little for KY’s citizens, and I hope they’re finally aware of it and the need to shed themselves of him. I hope Rand Paul decides to run for POTUS in 2016 and loses. It will rid KY of him, too, since per state law, he cannot run for POTUS and for the senate at the same time. Ridding themselves of these two self-serving, do nothing pols could mean a brighter future for KY’s citizens and the country.

  12. Here in south central, around Bowling Green, it is still as red as a pickled beet. I have been trying to make these nuts realize that Mitch was partly responsible for 52 million being cut from education. At 46th in the nation, we certainly don’t need education cuts. And am pushing the fact that he wants to kill the Davis-Bacon act on prevailing wages, so the Spence bridge workers will make around 7% less than prevailing wage. It is a tough uphill struggle, as nobody listens to anything but Fox, or never keeps up at all. Maybe by November I will have it pushed through to them, with some help.

  13. You are a little late to the show. Every since Bevin lost, outside pacs have been running Mitch ads and ads bashing Alison. They even cut commercials from even Fox and NBC and MSNBC to run local commercials, now they are full of Mitch ads. I donated 2 times, and will try to again, as Alison needs all the help she can get. I will be glad when Bubba comes close and stumps for her, or Hillary one.

  14. People have no pride in their state. I live near Knoxville and everyone is crazy about UT, but seemingly could care less that money is cut from their kids

  15. I hope so to Majiir. The people around Bowling Green absolutely love Rand Paul. They still love old Mitch here, but maybe this killing the Davis-Bacon act will catch up to him, as jobs are scarce, and a lot of them here are construction with places like Scott-Murphy_Daniels and other places.

  16. Hello all Kentuckians. I just donate $10 to Alison Lundergan Grimes campaign to win the Senate seat. I hope she wins in your state. She would be good one!

  17. It is definitely a decidedly, steadfastedly red state once you get more than 5 yards beyond any city. the red runs deep, and mitch can reap the benefits of what he has sown: very low information, easily-led people who’ll vote against their own best interests “because coal” (a dying industry that kills its own people and pollutes with impunity), “because obamacare” (that’s SOCIALISM, unlike the Kynect you signed up for), and “because values” (which is just jingoist, ____-phobic, religious dogwhistling). mitch has been coasting on false equivalency to slander grimes because that’s the best he has – she’s a democrat, clinton was a democrat, clinton was in a scandal, all democrats are scandalous…

  18. I work for a company the Koch brother own. We got no raise in our pension for the next 4 years. I run twice as many machines as I did before they bought us.

  19. Um, not going to happen.

    A liberal polling group is going to spin for the liberal.

    Next weeks polls will have McConnell up. Watch.

  20. And that’s why you are a bagger, because of the sheer ignorance you just displayed. FYI PPP has the highest success rate of any polling outfit. But then again you probably read the same polls Cantor did.

  21. I live in Kentucky. Obama is loathed in this state. The more things go south for Bam, as they are, the better for McConnell.

  22. But American voters are, hence, voting for an inexperienced, half a term US Senator for President, twice.

    The wheels are coming off.

    Hope and change….

  23. And he turned out to be pretty dammed good at his job.

    Just think, with Romney or McCain both we would be at constant war with our vets being denied everything. You would be payinhg far more in taxes so the 1% dont have to.

  24. Not trying to sound obnoxious but what exactly has gone south for the President? And I think why he might not be well liked in Kentucky. COAL but it is not him trying to have clean air to breathe that coal is losing jobs. I guess when you blow up mountains you need lesser workers and with more natural gas coming online that couldn’t be the reason. Its the black man taking our jobs away.

    In a way its simple thinking for simple people because where else can one with a high school or less education make 50k a year mining coal? I never did it but do you have to have any certificate to do it?

  25. Instead of tired ass talking points can you be more specific on why the wheels are coming off? Or are you another cowardly republican who like a one night stand leaves you hanging saying ‘Is that all”

  26. I am a Tea Party conservative. I would not agree with you and you would not agree with me….however, we have a common goal. Getting rid of Mitch McConnell. I want to get rid of Mitch because he is kneecapping every conservative across the country that he can. You want to get rid of him because you want Grimes as Senator. McConnell was in Mississippi spreading lies about McDaniel and was able to get liberals to vote for the senile Cochran dragging him across the line. Tea Party people do not like McConnell. If 5 or 6 percent of us vote for Grimes (because McConnell has turned so many off, many are going to stay home), you win. I think we actually have a common goal.

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