Boehner’s Obama Lawsuit Backfires As Democrats Have Their Biggest Fundraising Day of 2014


John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama is already showing signs of becoming a Republican disaster, as thanks to Boehner, House Democrats had their biggest fundraising day of 2014.

According to Politico, “Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that House Republicans would sue President Barack Obama for misusing executive authority turned into a big payday for congressional Democrats. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee posted its best fundraising day of the year on Wednesday, bringing in $584,000, according to figures shared with POLITICO.”

It is obvious that part of the motivation for bringing up this lawsuit now was to fire up the Republican base ahead of the 2014 election. Since Republicans can’t run against Obamacare, and their latest Benghazi revival has flopped miserably, congressional Republicans needed something to run on. Boehner and his allies assumed that nothing would get the Republican base riled up more than dangling a whiff of Obama impeachment in front of them.

What Speaker Boehner didn’t count on was that his antics would also fire up Democratic voters. Yesterday’s record DCCC fundraising was $100,000 more than the previous record that was set in February after Paul Ryan revealed his budget. The majority of the 27,000 online donations came from people who donated less than $200. A sign of just how badly Republicans misjudged the lawsuit’s impact of Democrats was that 7,885 of the DCCC’s received donations came from first time donors.

The lawsuit was already looking like it would politically backfire on Republicans, and now it is financially backfiring on them too. Democrats who may have been planning on sitting 2014 out are getting engaged. Potential Democratic voters need to understand that 2014 isn’t going to be a typical midterm election. Republicans are eyeing up the Senate, and potentially removing President Obama from office.

If Speaker Boehner thought that he was going to be able to threaten President Obama with legal action with no consequences from Democrats, he was mistaken. Democrats aren’t about to sit back and let Republicans steal the presidency. Instead of motivating Republican voters, John Boehner may have awoken the same Democratic sleeping giant that crushed the GOP in 2006, 2008, and 2012.

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  1. Keep up the good work, Boner. You finally have found something worth doing with your miserable hate-filled life.

  2. Yep, all the republicans have done is awaken & fire up the democrats. Boehner is nothing more than garbage! Trash to be taken out asap.

  3. I said the other day that his BS would excite a few tea bags and INCITE a ton of democrats.

    His party will pay for it. His speakeshipness is tanking fast

  4. Wait till November. They want to sue and impeach a president WE elected. There’s a storm on the horizon.

  5. That’s great and all but I have a question. Why is it if the Democratic Party with all its colors, women, sexual orientation basically America, the shots meaning consultants who run the campaigns are still white men?

    I am sorry but under their advice it has been a disaster. There is no way, how the American Taliban have destroyed working people we should be in this position.

  6. It is imperative we all vote. I’m going to go online and find out when our early voting for Nov will be. I usually vote early. We all must vote and make sure we tell our friends and family and also find out what is needed when you go to vote and pass it on to our dem friends.

  7. I agree. I wasn’t going to bother to vote but this makes me know I have to vote. Even if Texas is a red state, I still don’t want the Republicans to win big. They refuse to work with him even when he meets them more then halfway. Now they don’t want him to exercise his rights as a president.

  8. Who cares?

    The outrage expressed in June simply doesn’t matter. The only thing that counts is who actually shows up to vote in November. There is plenty of time between now and election day for people to get distracted by shiny objects.

  9. Ah specom, is that your call of duty call sign. Donna Brazile does not run campaigns. She is a pundit. Damn you people lack basic intelligence

  10. After the last election, the GOP had a chance to really change — but instead, they have chosen to try and keep people from voting and continue to refuse to govern. These “tricks” are why Congress has a 7% approval rating. I don’t think they understand just how angry we are. Everything they are doing is firing us up. We need to turn out and take our country back from the crazies.

  11. Please proceed Boehner, not only will Dems get more money, but you are motivating more Dems to come out to vote in the November 2014 elections.

  12. WHY, with all the completely obvious evidence that we desperately need to purge our government of Republican seditionists and traitors,would you even CONSIDER not voting????? People not bothering to vote in the last midterms enabled these thugs to cause enormous damage!!!!

  13. This is nothing more than Birther 2.0. Boner isn’t leveling any specific charges, just bloviating grandiose generalizations. A hard blow on the dog whistle to call up the base.

  14. Why would you, or anyone else, decide not to vote? I have never understood people like you.

    I registered to vote in Alabama in 1963, when I reach 21 years of age, had just graduated from college. Before I could register I had to answer questions from people who could barely speak standard English. This method replaced paying a poll tax.

    Since that time I have NEVER decided not to vote. If I ever met anyone who said “I was not planning to vote”, that would be last time I spoke to that person. If that person were a member of my family, I would use some choice words before I cut off contact.

  15. Di – Glad you have realized how critical it is that we vote in the midterms! Don’t listen to the intolerant haters. To “JustADumbFireman” and “Sammy”: Way to chastise a fellow Democrat who has decided to vote in the Midterms. Your blunt and tactless criticism is a great message to help discourage people from voting to get the Repubs out. Rather than discourage and alienate fellow voters with your intolerance, I would encourage you to be a little more supportive. :-\

  16. Thanks for reminding me to donate to the DCC fund, Mr. Boehner. As a matter of fact, I am going to ensure that my whole family and and all friends go to the voting polls come November, with IDs in hand if you are wondering, Mr Boehner!
    Your days are numbered…

  17. Donna Brazile is a veteran Democratic political strategist and if you know anything about politics strategists are an integral part of any campaign in giving advice on how to win and the best way to run the campaign. She was been involved in Presidential campaigns and others. She has always been more then a pundit.

  18. I was registered Republican for over 25 years and have now switched to Democrat due to the antics and lack of action shown by the uncaring republicans now in office. It should be our goal to remove every single one of the lazy , shifty , insensitive politician that does nothing for the working class except take our money and spend it on other countries. They stand on the sidelines and let them lose their jobs , homes and savings not lifing a finger to help. Why not tax breaks and / or incentive plans to work / find work instead of refusing to sign for UC extensions for people to get to job interviews and look presentable. It would be hard to meet the standards considered acceptable with your utilities turned off and living on the street or (if fortunate enough not to have it repo’d) out of their vehicle.

  19. “I wasn’t going to bother to vote…”
    Thanks. You’re the reason we’re in this mess. All because people such as yourself don’t care, but find every opportunity to complain. SMH.

  20. Boehner has always been a dim bulb who follows the crazies in his party rather than leading them. He is arguably the worst House Speaker in recent times, if not in the entire history of this country. The fact that Democrats did so well in fund-raising shows that people are sick and tired of these types of antics. During his tenure as Speaker, he has done absolutely nothing for Americans, but has invested his time, energy, and money in trying to thwart this president. The spectacle of these stupid Republicans trying to sue or impeach a president who is simply exercising authority that the Constitution provides to all presidents is an embarrassment. They are too full of hatred and ignorance to be embarrassed, but I am embarrassed that the world sees what morons are in our government.

  21. Oh yes, did i mention I wasn’t hiring?? If anything I’m downsizing, plus you can’t do your job now, so there really is no reason for a campaign unless you feel the need to waste more money or more time to pillage

  22. Yeah, she was a campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000. That’s 14 years ago. For several weeks in the spring of 2011, she served as interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee well that’s a little more recent so I stand corrected. We have broken through the old boys network and we can point to her career as proof.

  23. If Democrats think the president’s blatant disregard for the Constitution is a reason to celebrate, they’re even more out of touch than we thought. Lmao.

  24. Instead of parroting stupidity why don’t you educate us on this blatant disregard for the Constitution

  25. With all due respect, why wouldn’t you want to vote? Whether the TGOPs win “small” or “big”, they are still a danger and menace to our society.

    “Republicans Win When Democrats Don’t Vote.”

    Remember President Obama’s warning to his base in 2010 when he told us to get out and vote or there would be changes. Well, he was correct!

    Your vote, every vote, is important to defeat the poison that has infected Congress for too long. They are beholden to big $$ not to their constituents.

    Then, we need to keep after the Democrats to grow a spine, speak out and do what they were hired to do – represent the people and do the majority’s will so we can move ahead.

  26. Exactly. If repubs take over the Senate, the House will impeach PBO and then the Senate will try him. We should use this as our rallying cry to get folks to vote in 2014.

  27. Mark,

    Did you cry out in condemnation when W did it? If not, we here do not care what you have to say. You are a total hypocrite. PBO is doing his job. He is doing what he can as executive. You are on the wrong side of history and one day when you wake up, we will welcome you.

  28. Wake up Betty. If we don’t shake folks up, they will sit home. To say you weren’t going to vote, but now you are shows a major lack of how our government works. What does being supportive have to do with it????

    Repubs always vote. Repubs know that power is not just with the President. It is with the House, Senate, the Courts, the media etc. We have a lot of work to do.

  29. AHH! djchefron on this I have some first have info.. My Daughter worked in the political field for around 15 years. During that time she also was on more then one campaign. Wining ones. She worked in Washington DC and at the State level. The word was out, that no Women would ever be in the placed in the WASHINGTON OFFICE as head, as long this one man, had the say so. Women were in the position of decision on the campaign at the state level only. So as you see, there is still much feeling of Women in high level decision making positions.
    It seems, that idea has had some movement since Hillary hit the scene. Thank you Hillary!! lets all hope so anyway.

  30. Voting is overrated, and ineffective. It’s a guise to make it look like we have some sort of say. Look at the options they give us to chose from. We have anti-intellectual candidates that talk about surface topics on purpose to distract us from real issues. I REFUSE to vote, b/c what we do in our government is BS ! EVERY SINGLE politician is FULL OF Sh– ! I’m not buying anymore. You go ahead, and knock yourself out. The economy will crash again BTW. My Social Security is spent before me. The planet is doomed. We’re losing our rights. We’re on someone else’s agenda. Not a democratic cooperative. You vote, b/c you’re naive enough to believe that politicians are SOMEHOW accountable to you. They’re not. They’ve proved it. You’re trying to squeeze water from a stone. They’re all liars. Congress hit a new low. Guess how many support our do NOTHING congress ? 2016 is not going to be some wonderful transformation. It’s business as usual. For you, and for them. We have nothing…

  31. This is what I am talking about. A white male can continue to fail with the same tired message and keep getting phone calls. I am a Democrat but wrong is wrong. They keep going for the so called Reagan Democrats/democrats who let their inner racism get the best of them because the other were getting all the breaks and now look at them? Not a pot to piss in and quite frankly we don’t need them to win

    Open the doors for other people be it POC, WOMEN OR HEAVEN FORBID TEH GAYS. We do have ideas that appeal to all and lets face it we couldn’t do any worse than the Mark Penns of the world

  32. Im still a little wary what any lawsuit may cost obama/ the democratic party. I mean obama clearly violated the law and anyone with sense knew it. Now even the supreme court in its embarrisingly slow movement ruled 9-0 that obama violated the law and clearly defied seperation of powers, than created a series of falsehoods and attacks against people who questioned his power when he clearly didnt have it. Im just saying 600,000 wouldnt have been a formidable number. Its not about impeachment its about money. And how much this is going to cost…. well lets just say that they may want to start saving up.

  33. People didn’t die for us to sit at home. We honor their sacrifice when we exercise our voting privileges. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to sit it out.

  34. Between this and that T-bagger committing suicide, this has been a day of great headlines!

    They are Libertarians, not repubs, and they are nutjobs to boot. At least the old GOP understood the word compromise. These freaks have no place in government.

  35. Hillary Clinton,Nancy Pelosi,Elizabeth Warren,Debbie Schultz all women. We’ve come a long way, baby. Still have work to do and need all the help we can get. Join us.

  36. I think you are missing the point. Yes women has come a long way but what I was talking about are the power brokers who run the operation. Hell even Obama had to surround himself with them. Are there no women who can run a successful campaign instead of being the face, no matter what her qualifications are for the office?

    Power comes from the roots not who is on top.

  37. You know one way we are equal to the Koch brothers is they have one vote per brother just like we citizens. They may have billions of dollars but they have ONE vote. Don’t waste this moment of equality. It has been hard won for women, minorities. Don’t sit on your hands – when you have the choice to make a change – take it!

  38. AFM yea get out the vote but insure you and all you liberals vote just once. Don’t forget to bring your voter ID and all voters must have a real heart beat, votes from the the local cemetery don’t count. Signed “The Voter Poll Watcher”.

  39. Maybe you should post this turd over at briefart

    Voter Fraud Is Rare – and in This Cycle, It’s All Been Committed by Republicans
    Voter fraud, registration fraud and other shenanigans.

    I really love this one
    Republican Voter Fraud Found as Scott Walker Supporter Charged With 13 Felonies In Wisconsin
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    If any of you fools question my right to vote you will be turn in for voter intimidation and that will be the least of your problems

  40. Why don’t PB and his cronies find the work that are suppose to do for the people that voted them into office. They are still trying to waste money we “don’t have” so you guys tell us. Our president has done a good job, at least as many as that he could pass with out them and everybody say’s he hadn’t done any thing. None of us could with hater against him. What has this man done to hurt any body. All he has done to help us all, sure he wasn’t suppose to get this far, but he did. Maybe he’s not “perfect” like many of the pass presidents. He don’t have the right DNA. As many said before, they need to go about the true Americans. PB doesn’t scare anyone with his ugly face making or is that just his everyday look? I am so sick of looking at the face he carries or is it the face he lives with. All they are doing is keeping the American people angry. I think they are carrying this thing way too far. That’s just what I think.

  41. I agree, its so important to vote, I were one of President Obama runner on the street campaigning when he was running for president and his second term as well. Republican’s are against the Middle class.Honesty I have a hard time understanding how anyone could vote for tax break for millionaires and for billionaires for large Corporations and than say we don’t have the resources to protect our Veterans.Congressional Republican have blocked or voted down every single proposals fair pay/minimum wage and extending unemployment insurance had stalled in congress.Republicans hate Pres.Obama they are focus on destroying Pres.Obama presidency. Speaker John Boehner’s said he going to sue Pres.Obama for using executive power for passed minimum wage,and Students loans for lower interest rate. I think that Boehner, McConnell and others Republicans should be brought-up on charges for dereliction. Its is proven by the lack of legislation they have passed.

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