Boehner’s Obama Lawsuit Backfires As Democrats Have Their Biggest Fundraising Day of 2014


John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama is already showing signs of becoming a Republican disaster, as thanks to Boehner, House Democrats had their biggest fundraising day of 2014.

According to Politico, “Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that House Republicans would sue President Barack Obama for misusing executive authority turned into a big payday for congressional Democrats. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee posted its best fundraising day of the year on Wednesday, bringing in $584,000, according to figures shared with POLITICO.”

It is obvious that part of the motivation for bringing up this lawsuit now was to fire up the Republican base ahead of the 2014 election. Since Republicans can’t run against Obamacare, and their latest Benghazi revival has flopped miserably, congressional Republicans needed something to run on. Boehner and his allies assumed that nothing would get the Republican base riled up more than dangling a whiff of Obama impeachment in front of them.

What Speaker Boehner didn’t count on was that his antics would also fire up Democratic voters. Yesterday’s record DCCC fundraising was $100,000 more than the previous record that was set in February after Paul Ryan revealed his budget. The majority of the 27,000 online donations came from people who donated less than $200. A sign of just how badly Republicans misjudged the lawsuit’s impact of Democrats was that 7,885 of the DCCC’s received donations came from first time donors.

The lawsuit was already looking like it would politically backfire on Republicans, and now it is financially backfiring on them too. Democrats who may have been planning on sitting 2014 out are getting engaged. Potential Democratic voters need to understand that 2014 isn’t going to be a typical midterm election. Republicans are eyeing up the Senate, and potentially removing President Obama from office.

If Speaker Boehner thought that he was going to be able to threaten President Obama with legal action with no consequences from Democrats, he was mistaken. Democrats aren’t about to sit back and let Republicans steal the presidency. Instead of motivating Republican voters, John Boehner may have awoken the same Democratic sleeping giant that crushed the GOP in 2006, 2008, and 2012.

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