Fox News Contributor Moronically States That Obama Is Using World Cup As A Distraction

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During Thursday’s airing of Fox News’ Outnumbered, the network’s resident psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow, amazingly claimed that President Obama is using the World Cup as a distraction. Apparently,  in Dr. Ablow’s view, a sporting event that is carefully planned and scheduled years in advance and occurs every four years is really just a scheme by the White House to get people to pay attention and talk about something other than the “issues” that this president is facing. Thankfully, based on the absolute idiocy of Ablow’s claims, the rest of the panel members quickly refuted him. When you have Kimberly Guilfoyle telling you that you’ve crossed a line, then you’ve likely gone too far.

Below is video of Ablow’s remarks, courtesy of Media Matters:



Seriously, this guy is a psychiatrist? I think he’s the one in need of psychiatric help. Sheesh.

This is taking the whole ‘Obama is using X event to distract the American people from X scandal’ meme way too far. If I was just shown this clip cold, without the knowledge that it was aired on Fox News, I would have sworn this was a Saturday Night Live skit. That is how utterly ridiculous Ablow’s comments are. This man seriously said that he’s suspicious of this event, feeling that it is being used by Obama to distract everyone from pressing international and domestic issues. Dr. Ablow is certifiable.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Ablow’s made insane comments when discussing the President of the United States. In a column for, Ablow stated that President Obama believes he is God’s instrument for implementing a new world order and needs to make America less powerful. Vladimir Putin realized Obama’s psychological defects and took advantage of this by snatching Crimea away from Ukraine.

How then could Vladimir Putin fail to notice the remarkable presence on the world stage of an American counterpart (Barack Obama) who is as interested as he is in disempowering the United States? How could he fail to act on the remarkable symmetry of such a moment in history? To not test the possibility that God intends him to be the instrument of a new world order, based on Russia’s manifest destiny, would be contrary to every fiber in his being.

To go further, I do not believe that Vladimir Putin would miss the fact that Barack Obama has imperiled the notion of individual autonomy (by seeking to disarm Americans, by seeking to make Americans dependent on unemployment checks and food stamps and by making it officially impossible to choose how to spend your own money, via the Affordable Care Act). Since giving each individual the right to power is not the goal of this American President, why would Putin believe that taking power from others would be opposed vigorously by this President’s Administration?

Last month on Outnumbered, Ablow decided to psychoanalyze the President once again. This time, he focused on POTUS’ commencement speech at West Point. Ablow felt that President Obama hates the American people because he has been abandoned so many times in his life.

ABLOW: Well, when a president takes office and immediately apologizes for the country he’s leading and goes on an apology tour, when he says “You didn’t build that business” so if you thought you were using capitalism and your own smarts to build something, you didn’t. He’s a dispiriting president who has it in for the American public, and he masterfully — why? Um, well, because I think he — well, it’s a long story, but I think he distrusts autonomy. I think people abandoned him in his life again and again and again, and individual decision-making is anathema to him. He hates it.

I believe Dr. Ablow needs to see a doctor ASAP. He is obviously suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome.


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  1. That’s like the Cavutto/Bachmann exchange. Now it’s the crazies trying to keep the more crazier crazies under control. Barnum and Bailey couldn’t put on a show like this. What’s next, eating light bulbs? I love it! They’re coming up to full self destruct mode. All we have to do is pull the trigger in November and they will explode.

  2. Is there an outlet somewhere called “Morans(sic)-R-Us” where Fox goes to hire these guys? Is this the best that they can come up with? And after all these years of stupidity, who the hell is still watching this network?

  3. THIS JUST IN!!!

    Fox News panel discovers that Obama has scheduled the World Series to distract voters and keep them from going to the polls in Nov.

    also we’re working on a story that the Super Bowl has been given to San Francisco in a clever plot to expose corporate bigwigs to the dreaded ‘GAY’ in time for the 2016 election…

    film at 11:00

  4. This guy isn’t smart enough to be a crash car dummy and he’s right where he belongs @ faux news for the mostly delusionally insane.

  5. Good Lord your right!! Where in the wold do they find goof balls?? The scary thing is there are people who actually believe this bull shit.

  6. It will be amusing to watch the Reichwing “base” attempt to follow multiple, contradictory, marching orders.

    Buster Keaton and the Keystone Cops will have nothing on them…

  7. Just another so-called expert on the News Corp payroll whose actual expertise is limited to making crap up.

  8. Where do Fox find these people? He should be nominated as the next Supreme Court Justice, he meets the qualifications, idiocracy!!

  9. Uh, I don’t watch SOCCER, but I wonder if they would say the same if the World Series, Basketball or Stanley Cup was on? I doubt it…Heck, it would be unamerican if the President didn’t watch these sports…soccer?

  10. Watch it Tim. I am not a soccer fan but when you watch it then you know why its called the beautiful game

  11. Wouldn’t it be great to just be able to just slap some of these liars? God I feel so relieved aahhhhh….like my first……well? it’s ok to dream ain’t it?

  12. What’s sad, and scary, is that neither of those headlines would be laughed at by everyone. They should sound beyond ridiculous to everybody and yet you could type that on any GOPTea site and they would instantly believe it, spread it all over the net and righteously claim they have proof!

  13. Besides, the increasingly irrelevant Ann Coulter hates soccer. That’s all the more reason to watch it, IMO.

  14. I’d say, “Freakin’ Uncle Fester who needs Prozac.” =)

    The guy is certifiable and needs a straight jacket.

  15. I’m sick of hearing about Faux News and their ignorant rants. What a waste of print to even write about them! They’re not worth the paper it’s written on or the computer space they take up!

  16. CURSES!! you beat me to it! However I think that he already attempted that Paws and not only did he fail but he screwed himself up even more. You know if indeed Obama has the power to schedule world events and cause disasters to happen then why wouldn’t he just remove the Reich Wing from existence with just a wave of his hand!? But then we must all remember that the Reich Wing’s thought processes are corrupt and insidious.

  17. Sorry djchefron I’m not a sports fan in the least except auto racing. I’ve heard that title and yes I’ve Tried to watch soccer but it just doesn’t click, so “beautiful game” I don’t see it in the same way that I don’t see boxing as being “a sweet science” There is nothing sweet or scientific about a blood sport of pure idiotic violence. It’s just another thing that keeps the human race from evolving into a civilized society. As far as soccer I have a apt description, More than a game and less than a sport.

  18. Keith Blowhole shouldn’t be paid for his stupid advice. Bet they laugh when they decide to say the idiocy the spew. “Dumb people” they say to themselves. If the people had minds it would be hard to control them but when you speak to people who are hypnotized it’s easy to spew false statements. As they collect their pay they laugh what crap they can get away with.

  19. I don’t think the rest of the world is going to take too kindly of this nincompoop once they get wind of this.

    The World Cup means a lot to most, if not all, of these nations. It’s a great honor to compete in the world’s biggest sporting event. To say that it’s a ‘distraction’ is downright insulting not just insulting to people here in the States, it’s just as insulting to those world wide who watch the World Cup.

  20. One can only assume from this doctor’s logic, that Bush used the 2006 World Soccer games to distract Americans from the Iraq War.

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