Sore Loser! Tea Party Senate Candidate Still Refuses To Concede Two Days After Loss



Two days after losing in Mississippi’s US Senate Republican primary runoff election, State Senator Chris McDaniel is still refusing to concede to the winner, incumbent Senator Thad Cochran. McDaniel and his supporters (like Sarah Palin) claim that the election results are illegal due to Democratic voters crossing over to vote in the Republican primary runoff. They point to Mississippi election law, which states that voters who participate in a primary election should intend to support the candidate they vote for in the general election. Also, voters who participated in the Democratic primary are barred from voting in another party’s runoff election.

While appearing on the Mark Levin Show Wednesday night, McDaniel said that Cochran received 35,000 Democratic votes on Tuesday. Apparently, he is counting all of the extra votes Cochran got compared to the primary election. Of course, McDaniel conveniently ignores the extra votes he got himself.  He also stated as fact that a number of these voters participated in the Democratic primary, so their votes should be cast aside. On top of that, McDaniel feels that a lot of these voters will not support Cochran in the general election this coming November, so more votes should be cast aside.

We haven’t conceded and we’re not going to concede right now. We’re going to investigate.

Naturally sometimes it’s difficult to contest an election, obviously, but we do know that 35,000 Democrats crossed over. And we know many of those Democrats did vote in the Democratic primary just three weeks ago which makes it illegal.

We likewise know that we have a statute, a law in our state that says you cannot participate in a primary unless you intend to support that candidate. And we know good and well that these 35,000 democrats have no intention to do that. They’ll be voting for Travis Childers in November. We know that. They know that. And so that makes their actions illegal.

So we’re going to be fighting this.


Below is audio from the show, courtesy of The Right Scoop:



A few points need to be made. First, the Mississippi law about voters needing to support the candidates they vote for in primaries has already been ruled unenforceable by a federal appeals court. Therefore, McDaniel doesn’t have a leg to stand on if he tries to file a lawsuit centered on that law. That particular law is impossibly vague, especially since Mississippi doesn’t have party registration. There is absolutely no way you can find out if a voter stuck with a candidate in the general election. This could hardly even be called a law. It is more of an honor system.

As far as voters participating in the Democratic Senate primary and then this Republican primary runoff, McDaniel may appear to have a somewhat valid argument. In this instance, voter rolls from the Democratic primary can be compared with log sheets from the runoff. It would seem possible that some votes could be tossed aside. However, I wouldn’t bet on a huge amount. The Democratic primary had a very low turnout, especially when compared to the Republican primary. In the initial Republican primary, 313,000+ votes were cast, compared to just 75,000+ votes in the Democratic primary. The runoff pulled in an even higher number, as over 372,000 votes were counted.

McDaniel is assuming that a very large portion of the Democratic voters that participated in the runoff also voted in their own primary a few weeks ago, while conveniently ignoring the fact that the vast majority of Democrats in the state did not  take part in that primary. My feeling is, even if the state decides to check and compare the voter rolls between the Democratic primary and Republican runoff, they’ll find very little crossover. And, even if they did, they can’t simply make the assumption that every one of these votes was for Cochran. Once again, McDaniel is left with no recourse even if he tries to go down this road.

The fact is, Mississippi effectively has an open primary system. The laws are vague and unenforceable, allowing voters from separate parties to cross over into the other primaries. Going with the assumption that Cochran got a bump in this runoff election due to Democratic participation, all he really did was game the system. McDaniel can whine about it. He can call Cochran unethical and claim that this was all ‘dirty pool,’ but that is pretty much where it ends. McDaniel lost and it is time for him to throw in the towel.

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  1. Guess he thought it was a sure thing being as how he was supposed to win. Suck it up and lets move on.

  2. I think the GOP infighting will become much more intensive, and probably the republican coalition will fracture. The results are much better than having McDaniel win, since the state is very racially polarizing, and for sure he would have won the general election. Mississippi is not an elastic state compared to Nevada, Missouri, and Indiana with their tea party nuts and the victory of democrats in those states. If McDaniel does want a write in campaign for the general election, that will take off votes from Sen. Cochran and a possible win for the democratic nominee.

  3. O!
    The irony….
    McDaniel seems to be just fine with
    Republican dirty tricks,
    as long as he’s the one using them.
    When the tables are turned tho’….
    not so muchie.
    Meanwhile, Dems can just sit back
    & watch as the GOP eat their own.

  4. Andy You sure are using a mild form of accusation. I could use a much more unsavory sort of language, but I won’t. Just can’t make myself use that kind of talk.
    On another point. If there are rethugs in the party that still do have a sense of right and wrong, they had better get their act together and bring the unsavory side of their party under control Or they may find there is no “grand old party” left.

  5. Surly you jest Charlesincalf. these rethugs do not believe in Democracy they only want a theocratic form of gov.

  6. How on earth is that “If you vote in ‘x’ primary you must vote for the ‘x’ candidate in the general election” even enforceable? Or discoverable? I thought voting was supposed to be private.

    I understand about open vs closed primaries, but then the people in one party shouldn’t even have a ballot for the other party in the first place. In AZ, “decline-to-state” (another name for independent) people like me would be asked which ballot do I want? But how can they follow me around to the general election to see how I vote later on?

  7. Does he really have to concede the election? After the state has certified the results Mr Cochran’s name goes on the ballot. Mr McDaniel could sue but he would lose and then should have to pay all court costs.

  8. This should be more of a reason/incentive to VOTE.
    The TBillies are just a worser version of the repubs. in congress (too many to name).
    These a**holes wasted $24B+ on a S/D, $17B+ Debt Ceiling + down grade AAA -> AA,
    $$$M on tribunals, fake investigations, & chopping at the bits for war (McCain & Co.). Don’t count on the msm, they are the cheerleaders.
    And if they (TGOP) get control of both houses, you think this is Batsh** crazy, then times this by 100.
    So, people GOTV & VOTE..

  9. Corry “Fraudster” Westbrook acted like a Tea Party candidate when she refused to accept the ruling of the Florida Division of Elections that she was “not qualified” to be on the ballot. Then she had the chutzpah to continue to use her campaign Facebook page pretending to still be a candidate. She then showed her disconnect from reality by posting “2016 –maybe” which documents that she is still refusing to accept the reality that she is under investigation for voter fraud.

    Her childish behavior ensures that she will never be elected to any government position in the future.

  10. Tea Party Senate Candidate Still Refuses To Concede Two Days After Loss

    I have no horse in this race, but McDaniels seems like a scrapper. Good for him.
    Fvcked are the meek if they run for any national office. They’ll end up with nothing. If they don’t have enough ba!!s to claw their way to the top in a merciless death match then they have no business in politics.
    Who wants to support a candidate who doesn’t have the grit to play the whole game?

  11. Please tell on what basis was there fraud in the election that he is claiming? I doubt you would have the same attitude during Bush vs. Gore

  12. Memo to Chris McDaniel:

    Hire a 5th Grader to explain the words
    “Open Primary” to You.

    Go to the Store and BUY a CLUE.

  13. The results of this primary race have made race and racism a central issue in the GOPTP. I think this is great because it provides some validation to the claim some of us have made that the GOPTP is a place where racists are given a seat at the table! Some national level GOPTPers are trying to stop the TP racism from gaining too much attention, but it’s too late, especially when you have those like McDaniel, Palin, Fischer, and others publicly questioning blacks’ right to vote in a republican primary in MS. It’s clear to me that some who are complaining are indicating that, were it left to them, no black in MS would be able to vote in any election. MS must not have passed a very effective law capable of preventing voter fraud since the same ones complaining of voter fraud now are the same ones who were complaining of voter fraud before the new law was passed. I’m enjoying seeing these folks’ evil plots come back to bite them in their *sses. Karma, baby, karma.

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  15. McDaniels 3 cohorts that were locked in the courthouse with election ballots must have screwed up somehow. Course he may not dare to publicaly say anything.

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  17. I think I read that the poll workers were instructed clearly in making sure that someone who already voted in the Democratic primary could not vote in the Republican run-off. Then again, since they don’t have party registration, how would anyone know who they voted for the first time around? If they did have a way to cross check, no one should have been allowed to vote twice. California also has the “undeclared” (or whatever) designation, which I love just so I can vote in the GOP primary if I am so inclined. I haven’t been, but in theory, I could be — would be if we had a possibility of a nut job getting into the top-two general election. (I know, very confusing.)

  18. What a sore loser, indeed. I love in his speech how he claims “We know that…” as if he somehow actually knows something the rest of civilization doesn’t. His childish “We were right” would be so cute if it actually came from a real child.

  19. The thing I’ve noticed about the teabaggers is that they’re so delusionally convinced they’re right that they can’t possibly accept the idea that other people might disagree.

  20. Today’s South is boldly moving backward
    We used to call it the “New South.” That was the era after Reconstruction and before the Civil Rights laws — when the states of the old Confederacy seemed most determined to preserve a social and economic order that encouraged low-wage industrialization as they fought to maintain Jim Crow.

    What was then distinctive about the South had almost as much to do with economic inequality as racial segregation. Between roughly 1877 and 1965, the region was marked by low-wages, little government, short lives and lousy health — not just for African-Americans but for white workers and farmers.
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  21. Idaho did something similar with Obama, the whole state, voted to get him on the ticket by helping the dems., help them. The rights brilliant plan was to, then go back conservative and vote for johhny McCain/halfwit. Their reasoning was, to get an African American man on the ticket, because when it came right down to it, no one would really vote for him. Idaho is a REALLY red state, but it turned out that 85% of registered dems voted and a few neocons apparently voted for Obama. Not a word about that little plan backfiring. lol

    Now that loser down in MS….goes to show that these silly tea-baggers can be knocked down, even if it is by another rightwing nut.

  22. One thing these buffoons don’t get is that the Tbags are done. They need to see why they are losing elections. People see the light and see how bad these rejects are for our country. If there is anything they can learn while falling on their faces is that there are less and less voting for them. I sincerely hope they are all booted out of Washington so that the country can get on its feet again and actually take care of the country and her citizens, ALL citizens, not just the baggers; who hate everything, but guns. They are a tragedy for the people of this great country; and we know it.


  23. Just ignore the cheaters and claims of cheating. Look at what candidates stand for and hope they stick to those positions in office. McDaniel is just looking to make other t-party followers feel that the corrupt power machine is against them and truth.

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