Editorial Cartoon: Biting


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  1. It’s not too difficult to do a recognizable caricature of Ann Coulter, but this one fails. Did the cartoonist actually study her facial features (particulary her eyes)?

  2. I cannot believe that this lying, garbage mouthed POS even gets published. Why? She is nothing significant to anything, but rubbish talk. Isn’t there more than enough of that already. I don’t listen to this POS. There is no purpose to her existence, much less her rants.


  3. It’s Luis, not Louis. Anyways, I applaud the Colombians for a deserved win. Uruguay has not been playing well, and was shocked at their level of play. Luis Suarez had bitten many players and used a racial slur towards a French player. Ann Coulter and the rest of the talk radio nuts have hypnotized a large portion of the American people, which vote against their own interests and scapegoat minority groups. I disliked McDaniel of Mississippi for his anti-Mexican comments, it really got me angry. Glad he got defeated, just very tired of hearing that type of verbal garbage. Also, I live in the deep south and just tired of white people staring at me like if I’m some sort of circus attraction. Hope Mexico wins against the Netherlands tomorrow. Viva Mexico!!!

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