Supreme Court Opens the Door to Harassment So Should Liberals Take Advantage of It?

abortion harassers

The Supreme Court made a unanimous decision on June 26, 2014, that there should be no buffer zone around abortion clinics. Effectively, this means that protesters can get right into the faces of women and their partners or other accompaniers as they go about their constitutionally guaranteed right to exercise their reproductive freedom. This decision is based on the First Amendment, so these poor protesters do not have their freedom of speech curtailed. Courts have of course seen cause to place limits on freedom of speech in many instances. For example, you cannot call your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend and leave 200 messages on their voicemail without receiving charges of harassment. You cannot make terroristic threats or threats against the life of the President. The justices should have been able to see the logic of giving people space when a known group of protesters with a history of rabid harassment and physical harassment asks to be able to get into close physical proximity of people they intend to harass. For goodness sake, they impose a 100 foot buffer zone around the Supreme Court building. However, the Court feigned ignorance, and issued this blatantly egregious decision.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon liberals to take this newfound freedom and put it to good use. There are scores of locations where we could be exercising our freedom of speech by getting into the faces of employees, customers, and executives of businesses, corporations, and organizations that pollute, exploit, discriminate, or otherwise undermine our society. For example, we can create pamphlets with stories of swindled homeowners who have had their mortgages foreclosed under shady circumstances. Pepper these pamphlets with pictures of now-homeless families in front of their foreclosed homes. Next, we can start campaigns to take turns in front of the big banks that were responsible for the subprime mortgage rip offs, handing out pamphlets to customers and employers. Remember, we can follow them closely as they walk into the bank, right up to the door, talking to them the whole time about how their choice to do business at these banks contributes to the huge government bailouts that already happened and are likely to occur again according to experts.

What about churches? The Catholic Church sends people to harass women going into Planned Parenthood. Why not go to the church and get into the faces of people to ask why they support a sordid institution that continues to stall in cooperating with law enforcement in prosecuting priests who sexually abuse youth? Create pamphlets that discuss the consequences of sex abuse on young people, both in the short term and in the long term.

The Koch brothers sell a lot of products in stores. Protesters could briefly station themselves outside grocery stores with literature about all of the ways the Koch brothers businesses harm the environment, giving people a list of products to avoid such as Georgia-Pacific paper products. Remember, you do not have to keep your distance. Freedom of speech allows you to walk right alongside people, talking to or shouting at them as they try to go about their business trying to walk into the store. This also works for Wal-Mart or other low-wage businesses. Stand outside on the sidewalk with signs and literature telling people that by shopping there they are contributing to the lowering of wages for the whole country.

This is a new right, so we have to use our imagination and remember to find out the parameters of our freedom. Sidewalks and other public locations are the only limitations to the harassment zone. Worried about backlash to your cause? Anti-choice protesters never seem to worry about that. They are convinced their methods work. Maybe they do. Maybe it is worth an experiment to test the waters and see if this “in-your-face” method of protesting has results after all?

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  1. This ruling is so wrong. Let them picket, but why should they be able to bully, threaten and intimidate people because of their religious beliefs? They are not real Christians. They are control freaks who abuse the bible for their own gain and the Supreme Court has given the power to continue on with their terrorists threats.

  2. Another stupid decision by SCOTUS.

    First amendment or not, when people become angry, frightened, or feel threatened, they need their space, not someone in their face harassing them. No boundaries is going to result in an ugly mess some day when some unstable person crosses the imaginary line. This is nothing short of bullying.

  3. We should bum rush the American Taliban convention. At the very least damages would be collected from the lawsuits that will follow

  4. Nobody’s brought up stand your ground ,what happens when pregnant women feel threatened and start shooting people,its their right in some states.

  5. This is going to get real ugly. The SCOTUS knew that when they ruled. I suspect that is what they intended. It’s obvious they ulterior motives.

  6. Anyone entering these clinics should carry a Super-Soaker full of some obnoxious liquid (your choice) as a means of self-defense……cat pee comes to mind…..

  7. While I deplore the decision by SCOTUS yesterday, protesting at churches is not the way to respond. Nor do I think we should harass people as they try to go about their day.

    Want to hand out information about the environmental misdeeds of corporations and the like? Fine. I have no issue with that.

    Want to confront a protester outside a clinic, one who is harassing women going into that clinic? Want to help escort women through such a group? Fine. But harassing people who are just trying to do their shopping or whatever?

    No, I’m sorry. As angry as I am that we are still having to fight for the right to choose our own reproductive destiny, fighting “fire with fire” serves no purpose but to turn us into the very thing we abhor.

  8. You make great points but what choice is there left? The very same people who go about their business attending church are the same ones who through their attendance/tithes endorse the very practices that harass people who they do not know.

    I wont go godwin but even how passively you may feel in the end if one don’t speak up then you are just as guilty.

  9. I am gandering to say that most liberals would not stoop to harangue people to impose their beliefs on others as these religious fanatics are doing. Liberals have too much class to do that. We are civilized and respect, for the most part, others’ beliefs, opinions, etc.

    So, no..the answer is not doing it back to them..we know better. Right now I don’t have an answer.

  10. Rey, that’s the ticket!

    My thumbs up icon is not working, or I would thumbs up everyone on this thread!

  11. dchefron, I hear ya. Believe me, ignoring menaces like these extremists has probably aided them getting as far as they have today. Nobody should have to fear following their conscience. When we do fear that, our liberty has been robbed from us. This is what has happened, and will continue to happen until these right wing fruit loops are voted and all.

  12. I don’t think that it’s a matter of fighting fire with fire – on the other hand, we can’t just roll over and play dead. There are many creative ways of thwarting one’s opponents, and surely we can figure out how to outsmart someone who’s intellectually mired in the first century.

  13. How exactly do you plan on collecting it?
    “Pardon me fellow liberal patriotic feline American, would you mind urinating into my super soaker? Please try not to make a mess, I don’t want any on the handle!”

    I think the biggest obstacle for a lot of liberals is being a jerk when you are not a “natural” jerk!

  14. I agree, rolling over isn’t the answer.

    But like I said before..I don’t know what the answer is…yet. The problem is when you deal with these cretins on the right, they only understand low-level communication, and sometimes you have to go down to someone’s level to communicate to them. But I think they are so caught up in hatred that they don’t want to solve anything any other way..except through violence. They are all about Jesus, babies (before birth), and guns.

  15. Not only foul smelling but contains a dye so they can be identified. I would also suggest chewing tobacco and use your right to spit the spittle out at a convenient time.

  16. Lol! Looneytunes..good question! Can always go to garden stores, they sell coyote urine already bottled!..There, we solved that!

  17. So that is why the road runner always gets away, it is an acme urine bucket poor Wile E has to keep filling in order to pay for the traps and gizmos. He is dehydrated!Good to know. I can sleep easy tonight!!

  18. Be louder and angrier about the way a citizen’s right to sovereignty of body is being crushed by law makers.

    They’re happy loosing the hounds on women now, but ultimately, they are coming for you.

    Fight religious based laws now, or be a slave.

  19. Forgive me, but I just had this idea of handing out cookies – baked with laxatives – to the protestors harrassing people entering the clinics. They just seem so uptight, they must be constipated! LOL

  20. “This decision is based on the First Amendment, so these poor protesters do not have their freedom of speech curtailed.”

    Only in the conservative world does this bs live…

  21. first they enjoy “something” in the 80s and create. After laying the propaganda that are the best. After they close by saying that only the best can live what they live. For example the sexual life free mode, in which only they had the best. In popular parlance trying to leave seduced us into that way of life. If they said the best in high middle class. It is not a matter that we do not accept, or we just attention (because it seemed somewhat artificial, futile). Now they ask for help and popular support?

  22. Visitors to Planned Parenthood need to remember: stand your ground. If a protester touches you, shoot them. It is, after all, perfectly legal…and the right wing is okay with killing as long as a gun is involved.

    In fact, the better solution would just be to do fetus skeet shooting at the local gun range. The NRA will support it 100% as long as it keeps sales up.

  23. I’m not saying don’t do anything or be passive about it.

    I’m merely saying that harassing people the way they do is not the answer. It doesn’t accomplish anything except make us like them – and I don’t want to be like them.

    Protest, yes. Help women navigate their way through these groups of people that hang about clinics, yes. Work to make sure women can control their own reproductive destinies, yes.

    Act like jerks, no.

  24. I’m not suggesting that you or anyone else roll over and play dead.

    I’m not going to do that. Hell no.

    But I’m not going to act like these people do either.

    I’d rather focus on getting people elected to local and national office that will protect women’s rights. I’d rather focus on helping women get to these clinics for the care they need. I’d rather help Planned Parenthood continue to provide the care that women need (and the care men need as well since they go to Planned Parenthood and similar clinics, too).

    There’s plenty people can do to help protect our rights without resorting to their tactics.

  25. I was just thinking yesterday that we should start protesting at these so called “pregnancy councilling” clinics like Birthright. And we would be telling the truth unlike them. You know, signs that say things like “liar, liar, pants on fire”. They’d be screaming in a heartbeat like the bullies they are.

  26. I can understand where you are coming from and what you say might be the best way to go and you are right, we are not like them

  27. Actually, collect human urine in a bucket and let it ferment there for a few days. The smell will be so obnoxious that the anti choice protestors will WISH they were tasking refuge in an overturned port a potty.

  28. I think it’s high time that we give them a taste of their own medicine.

    You see they COUNT on us to be civilized and recognize their need to express their point, when they give us no such courtesy or humanity. They are hateful, screaming threatening assholes. They play dirty, by publishing people’s home addresses and picketing their homes and businesses. It is BULLYING.

    How would they feel if we turned around and do the same TO THEM. This is the only way to stop a bully is to show them shat it feels like to be singled out and bullied.

    It’s especially galling that they do this to women. It’s a huge component of misogyny and feeling that women are easy targets. They wouldn’t do this to a bunch of men.

    How about some Stand Your Ground?

  29. There’s always the contents of the litter box that could be used – productively! One needs to make sure it reeks of the smell of feline urine so much so, that the protesters can’t open their mouths.

  30. IMHO, SCOTUS needs to read the Constitution and absorb this document before they consider any decision. What about the women entering the clinic, they have the freedom under Roe v. Wade to decide!

    The women entering the clinic don’t need hypocrites — pseudo Christians, who protest everything, to get in their face to decide for them. They are protected under the Constitution too.

  31. Huck, what the could the ulterior motives be? For the life of me I can not think of any motive,Other then they are just living such high lives they, no longer see the lives of people who are unlike, or unable to live as they do. In other words just selfish, self serving rethugs. All of them. Including the Women. who after all agreed.

  32. agree democratiny. Some times, a person needs to speak to another in the same language they do. Have found that in many cases, you must use the same type of examples. If they use the bible against you, there are many ways to use the same bible against them. If they swear, you need to use the same against them. Suddenly, they hear you. The eyes open wide and understanding begins.

  33. Oh, there’s a way.

    Cats like to urinate on things that already smell bad.

    Some fabrics, or rubber sheet, stink, and cats are attracted to them.

    Then there’s the solvent approach. Collect cat litter, add 1 gallon of vinegar, let stand, pour off the liquid though a filter.

    Bring to a boil on outdoor fire if you’re concerned with safety.

  34. Why can’t they be charged with Trespassing, Harassment, Stalking? Seems that they could be charged with any of these. In the meantime, we can gather to escort the women in and block these hacks.


  35. Hell, YES!!!

    Liberals have been too polite to the scum on the right. The righties are NOT misguided people who require only logical explanation to reach “enlightenment”…they are low life extremists who do not care about truth or reality, or indeed about our country, but only the advancement of their own ideas. They are concerned with taking the rights of the working people and making this country a place ruled only by the very rich.

    Don’t let them think for a minute that we are just going to hand it all over to them because we want to be “better people”…we already ARE better people.

  36. I would be willing to escort women into these clinics and I would thank the crazy protesters for being such a large fan base for abortion clinics. I think this might freak them out. I would do this loudly in their faces!

  37. It would be interesting also to give them pictures of dead people killed by guns since they love the dead baby pictures and pictures of dead bodies from the death penalty. I’m tired of the holier than thou typical liberal responses. I’m fighting back with their tactics!

  38. LOL, we already have the pictures and thats why we fight.

    You seem extremely confused. Or at least your post is very confused

  39. Okay, vets. Especially female vets.

    Now is the time to begin really defending the Constitution. Protect your fellow citizens and your own rights by escorting Americans as they exercise their 1st and 14th amendment rights. Demand your elected reps respect you as full citizens, not baby makers.
    If bikers can protect grieving families from hate, we can protect other women from the abuses we suffered to serve.

    Remember the jerks who saw only your breasts and not your rank? The people standing outside women’s clinics are their supporters and surrogates.They are the ones who demand you be a second class citizen.

    Women have suffered and died for this country. Demand your rights. Protect and shield those who walk different paths.

    I am old and broken. But before they broke me, I was carving out a path for you to follow. Do all of us proud. Fight.

  40. MACE THEM…if you have to go to a Doctors appointment and this bunch of idiots are outside yourappointment take mace or bear spray with you. If they just yell..ignore them but if anyone touches you let the mace fly in a circle around you and watch them run the f The only reason they keep this up is because it doesn’t hurt THEM..when it starts hurting..that’s when they will stop.

  41. I like the idea ‘what is good for the goose is good for the gander’ – bring it on – you being rude and intimidating gives me rights to be rude and intimidating also.

    Let’s get imaginative – protest church people, bank people, any institution’s people. Let’s walk real close to everyone entering the business holding little books and mystery packages (like baby dolls) and scream in their ears (because that’s what I see on TV in Planned Parenthood protests).

    Maybe then the Supreme Court will look at things differently. If it is fair to have no buffers for women going into Planned Parenthood, it is also fair to have no buffers for any bank, corporation, church, school, hospital or any other building that doesn’t house politicians (and I’m getting to believe that state buildings (like WI) don’t deserve buffers either).

  42. Open carry in a Stand Your Ground state …

    Will they be so obnoxious when the potential result could be very one sided against them.

  43. Any woman entering a Planned Parenthood location, for any purpose, should carry pepper spray. And use it if accosted.

  44. Outstanding! I suggest every woman employee and patient go to the clinic with pepper spray and when the anti-choicers start to harass or assault, let ’em have it in the face. Tell the police you feared for your life because these anti-choicers are notorious for killing people! There are laws that protect our right to self-defense.

  45. I’m in… Set it up & I’m there…. Let it be within driving distance of me please…we should give them a taste if their own medicine yeah

  46. I’ve got a bottle of deer urine that I got at a hunting store and my god does it smell. Not expensive either.

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