Obama’s Strategy Against Putin Worked As Ukraine Signs Trade Agreement With EU



The Ukraine government announced Friday that it had signed a trade agreement with the European Union. This occurred some seven months after the country’s previous President, Victor Yanukovych, rejected the pact and set off nationwide protests that forced him to vacate his position. The ex-president rejected the deal at the behest of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who did not want to see another former Soviet Republic associate with the West, lessening Russia’s influence. The protests and Yanukovych’s flight from Ukraine led to the tensions that allowed Russia to snatch Crimea from Ukraine and claim it for itself.

However, in the end, while Russia may have flexed some temporary might by taken over a small region in Ukraine, they ended up being the big losers in all of this. Ukraine has elected a new President, Petro Poroshenko, who is not in the pocket of the Russians. Putin’s actions have led to Russia’s economy dipping into a recession. And Ukraine got what it wanted in the first place — a trade pact with the EU and the reduction of Russia’s influence on its economy. Meanwhile, Putin is left to sit and stew in the mess he created for his own country, as individuals and businesses in the country have been hit with sanctions and his own wrongheaded aggression has led to his country’s influence in the international community being greatly weakened.

With this news, will we see any conservatives come forward and state that President Obama was correct all along with his strategy to deal with Putin? Remember, back when Putin was meddling in Crimea and sending troops to the Ukraine border, conservative pundits and politicians were falling all over themselves calling Obama “weak and timid” while praising Putin’s leadership skills. Now, Putin has done real damage to his country, while Ukraine, despite losing the Crimean peninsula, has been able to pull itself away from Russia’s influence and join itself to the Western economy.

Steve Benen at the Maddow Blog said it perfectly in his piece Friday:

Putin’s quite the grand master chess player. It takes a rare talent to push potential allies away, while tarnishing your country’s reputation on the global stage and pushing your economy into a recession.

In the end, this is why President Obama does not need to listen to the likes of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), two-time loser Mitt Romney and Mr. 9/11 Rudy Giuliani. By sticking with sanctions and a generally hands off approach, Obama allowed Putin to hang himself. In just a matter of months, Putin has done long-term damage to his country and his own reputation. He has shown himself to be the one who is truly “weak and timid.” By irrationally acting out with bluster, Putin has already shown his cards and revealed to the international community he is holding nothing.

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  1. Puty still has a card to play although its weak. He could stop the natural gas he sells to Europe in protest. I doubt he will do it because as they say money talks, well you know the rest

  2. But, but, Putin rides a horsey! A manly, manly, horsey!


    Looks like mom jeans beats manscaping after all, conservatives. Oh, and intelligence, education, experience, and character are also important.

  3. Why does Putin remind me of the Republicans, because they’re of the same ilk. Both will never take responsibility for their actions, they’ll just sit and stew about the outcome and blame Obama, when things don’t turn out right for them.

  4. If McCain had been President today….we would have been fighting the Russian Bear together with the Ukrainian Army
    {{{ Shudder }} The whole region and the Mideast would be in chaos–Wars here, there and everywhere. Panic all over. BUT, wake-up your nightmare is over. Obama is in charge. A different tactic was employed and Putin blinked ((( shhhh don’t tell the Putin lovers here in America that their macho man was brought to his knees by Obama and not the, “weak”, “don’t know what he’s doing” etc. spitted out at him by the foolish fake patriots. They have their tail between their legs now and pies in their faces. Good. Are they talking smack still? Did they get the Memo? Maybe, some…the rest are still in the dark and praising Putin. Tsk, tsk.

  5. You see this is what happens when you actually THINK and wait patiently instead of letting your lizard brain take the lead. I hope Ukraine is able to expel Putin’s Bully Boys and become sovereign again. Then we should arm them and our allies in the region to the teeth and dare Putin to cross the line.

  6. This ought to teach those who stubbornly stupid to attack Obama for what he did here.

    He got what he wanted out of this, which was for Ukraine to sign the deal with the EU, without any bloodshed whatsoever (well, from Americans anyway).

    All Putin can do is sit there in the Kremlin and stew over his plans basically backfiring on him because of his own greed.

  7. Putin has never stopped being a Soviet communist, and a totalitarian. Republicans have become Soviet communists and have always been totalitarians.

    Maybe that is why Putin reminds you of republicans.

  8. I think what causes some republicans to misjudge and underestimate Pres. Obama is that they’re always in attack, boots on the ground, let’s use military options first mode. They know nothing of the history of the regions/countries they always want to attack and tend to think violence is the way to show power. What they don’t think about is diplomacy is a powerful tool, when used properly. Everything Putin has done recently in regard to Ukraine shows he’s very worried about the Russian economy. He decided to rescind his ability to send troops into Ukraine, not because he doesn’t still want to do it, but because he knows Pres. Obama and major nations in Europe are preparing another round of targeted sanctions which have the potential to wreak even more havoc on Russia’s struggling economy. One thing Putin is not is a fool. He’s a bully for sure, but he’s learning that his bullying has a limit when an American president can, and does, rally the international community to oppose…

  9. As i said when this whole mess started and people calling Putin a Master Chess player and Obama a Checkers player. I said if Putin is such a master Chess player why is it that he sacraficed his queen so early. Honestly i believe president Obama to be a master poker player, calling other’s bluff and holding his cards close to his chest. Hats off to you president Obama. Now the people of Crimea will see that when push comes to shove, the Russian people will see them as moochers and takers and they will not want any of their money going to a region where people know nothing of national loyalty.

  10. We are only a few chapters into this story. This agreement could end up costing Ukraine more then it gains. Like Half the country and I wouldn’t expect Crimea back any time at all.

  11. If I had just one penny for every dimwitted posts on what a “real man” is from RWNJ’s, I would be an enormously wealthy lady. In their minds, manliness is only about brawn, and cautious, deliberate strategizing like President Obama employs is not part of what makes a real man. As for the Republicans who praised Putin’s macho aggressiveness over the president’s quiet, strategic approach, they are once again left with egg in their faces. But things like this that have proven them to consistently be on the wrong side of issues haven’t taught them anything. They continue to go down this path and make themselves look stupid. Frankly, I don’t see them changing. I do see them coming up with some self-serving, face-saving, and equally ridiculous rationalization for why things didn’t turn out the way they thought they would.

  12. Ideology tends to suffocate logic and reason. Republicans are attempting to surf the wave of the hate mob they’ve stirred up. It never works. The mob will swallow them.

    If they had studied rather than stud-ing, they would have learned that.

    America needs to get off the testosterone kick and relearn our manners and social skills.

  13. I gave you a “no way” and feel I should explain. I was with you up to the last sentence in your statement. Arming them to the teeth and daring Putin to cross the line would be to do as he wants us to do. We would then have to back up that bravado and the cost would drive us, as well as them, to the point of bankruptcy. I might add the obvious,as well,every single time we have taken that path it has backfired in our face. Once armed and having achieved their goal the resistance fighters
    unilaterally turn on us and fight us with weapons we financed.
    Suggesting this to be a viable option makes you no better than the Neo-Cons your trashing on this thread.
    Rethink your position on this and we are in complete agreement.

  14. Some people here are delusional….
    You think the US or the EU won in ukraine?
    Let’s talk next year at the same date….

  15. Yes lets. In the meantime Putin is pulling his troops out.

    Tell us, have you got the Russian pledge of Allegiance down yet?

  16. Putin is best off destabilizing the edge of Europe.
    Same strategy as in Syria
    Why ? For Putin it is all or nothing, because success of Poland and EU crumbles Russia
    Europe always did collapsed along the edges first, history learns
    Puttin is a spy and This is how spies work

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