Epic Fail: Ben Carson Exposes Marxist Plot to Gay Up America!

Ben_CarsonOh those wild and crazy Bolsheviks, exporting gayness everywhere they go! General Patton saw the problem, saw it clear, he did, and suggested that since we already had the army there in 1945, that we pick up where we left off smashing those goose stepping fairies in Nazi uniforms and crush the gay defilers of Soviet Russia as well, and hang Joe Stalin in the Kremlin with his own pink tutu.

Surely you remember all that history!

Retired neurosurgeon and professional bigot Ben Carson seems to, warning now that Marxists plan on taking over the world by promoting LGBT rights. Really! It’s not our flush toilets they want after all!

You can take your chances watching the videos below. I was consumed by conflicting needs to go to sleep and an uncontrollable rage at human idiocy. To retain my grip on sanity I had in the end to picture Ben Carson practicing this speech at home in his pink princess costume, using a sparkly magic and instead of a microphone. Go ahead, see if that helps you:

Carson really has flipped reality on its head, claiming in what can only be labeled one of the most gratuitous lies in history, that it’s marriage equality’s hetero opponents – not gays and lesbians – who just want to be “left alone” to be themselves.

Here is Carson’s tendentious argument – a straw man of course – explaining the problem with marriage equality supporters to his dim-witted audience:

You know, I liken the gay marriage crowd to a new group of mathematicians who say 2 + 2 is five, and the traditionalists say no, it’s four, it’s always been four, it always will be. And the new ones say no, no, no, we insist, it’s five. So the traditionalists say, okay, for you it can be five, for us it’s four. And the new ones say, no, no, no, it has to be five for you also, and if it’s not five for you, then you’re a mathophobe.

Of course, this isn’t what is happening at all. What is happening is the traditionalists (conservatives) are the ones insisting it has to be the same for everybody, not the “new mathematicians.” No marriage equality proponent I’ve ever heard of has said that straight people can’t get married to members of the opposite sex, but Carson and his crowd are insisting that gays and lesbians can also only marry people of the opposite sex.

Dr. Carson, this ain’t brain surgery. Why are you making it so hard?

Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re against sodomy you must be for Tea Bagging. This guy gets it:


So anyway, these poor bigots just want to be left alone and the pesky gay folks keep badgering them to have gay weddings. It’s horrible! The humanity! Next thing you know somebody will be demanding Carson marry his pet gerbil!

Feel his fake pain:

When we talk about liberty and justice for all, doesn’t that mean that people can be left alone, that no-one else gets to change definitions on them and change life for them?

“They have no right to say to me that I must change the way I think in order to accommodate what they believe. That’s where the injustice comes from, and we have to understand that.

That’s what these folks are doing by the way, just demanding to be left alone while they march around with their hateful signs:


Ben Carson thinks it’s perfectly okay for him to force other people to change how they think, of course, meaning not only gays and lesbians and transgenders themselves, but you and me, who support their constitutionally-given right to be free to be themselves and not how Ben Carson want s them to be.


Ben Carson isn’t selling freedom. He’s selling tyranny. Joe Stalin would be proud.

63 Replies to “Epic Fail: Ben Carson Exposes Marxist Plot to Gay Up America!”

  1. While I was listening to him talk, my spouse said:

    “This man really sets off my gaydar”

    It’s been my experience that those who obsess about gay marriage are closet cases.

    In Ben Carson’s case I just have to say this again: if he was such a successful surgeon, why isn’t he still a surgeon?

    Just like Dr. Oz. Why isn’t he still a cardiologist? Oh, yeah, he thought he would make more money selling bogus diet aids.

    He found it was much more lucrative to yank the chains of simple minded people. In short, a grifter, just like Ted Cruz.

    We’re supposed to be deferential to these grifters because they have Dr. In their titles.

  2. It’s really scary to think this guy was operating on other human beings. I have never understood people who go out of their way to gay bash and delve in to the lives of LGBT people. Live and let live, brother. Keep your nose out of their bedroom and you won’t be offended. Damn!

    There is a solution for Carson and his anti gay crowd. Pack up and move to Russia. Old Putin would welcome all of you with his anti LGBT agenda. More over we wouldn’t miss you at all. Personally I think it is a very big closet these types of people are hiding in.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the article say he is “retired” from practice? He will be 63 on September 18th, so it wouldn’t be surprising at this stage in his life. In any case, Ben Carson has truly gone down the rabbit hole of Republican insanity. He has lost the respect of many folks because of that, particularly many black folks who once held him in a position of respect. I remember reading his autobiography narrating how his mother divorced his father for bigamy and struggled to raise him and his brother by herself. She was an intelligent, resourceful woman in spite of her limited education. One thing she did was to force him and his brother to do book reports, and got someone else to critique although she couldn’t read well herself. He went from being the “class dummy” to much bigger and better things in life. It’s disheartening to see an intelligent man swallow the homophobic, misogynistic nonsense of the GOP and proudly spew it publicly.

  4. Yes, Ben, we will leave you alone to marry whomever you choose. Please be as respectful of other human beings, and keep your opinions to yourself. You are not a theologian. You are not a psychiatrist. You are not even a surgeon any more. What you are is a man being used by the RNC to gin up support from blacks. Sort of like they used old Sarah. She has flamed out. Hate speech ages one. And hey, wasn’t Marx Russian? Last I read, Russia is jailing homosexuals, so how are they over here promoting them again? I know you want to join the GOP clown car for 2016…please proceed, Mr. Carson. We await your debate performances with bated breath. You and Sanctimonious should have a good old time.

  5. Carson spent all those years making a name for himself as a preeminent surgeon. Now all of that is down the drain in a matter of months when he began to open his mouth so lunatics can pat him on the back and pay him. Now he will be known as the former physician, pandering wing-nut, who thinks affordable healthcare is worse than slavery or the holocaust. And Carson is just a little too obsessed with who others choose to love. Stupid man.

  6. My understanding is that Dr. Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon. More power to him in that regard.

    But the term idiot savant is beginning to come to mind more and more every time I read one of his spectacularly stupid and completely divorced from reality blatherings.

    Stick a camera and a mike in front of him and he becomes an instant moron.

  7. “My understanding is that Dr. Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon. ”

    As someone who knows, your understanding would be wrong. Dr. Carson has had brilliant PR.

  8. I am a 59 year old gay man, I was a gay boy, all my life I have been who I am. I have never asked anyone to “accept” me, the way I have never questioned another’s life.
    My partner of 24 years and I live a quiet life in a cabin in the forests of upstate New York, with our dogs.
    We are good friends to the people in our life, and everyone knows we are the first to come when called.
    We respectfully pay our federal and state taxes. We gladly pay our school taxes even though we have no children because we know a good education benefits everyone.
    So why would any right-winger think my partner and I should be happy with second class citizen status?

    I had been taught from an early age that in America ALL people are created equal, no one is any better or any worse than their fellow citizens. I was told from an early age that anybody could be president if they applied themselves.
    We are finally living in the America that we were promised.
    It is a good day for liberal, progressive…

  9. I feel sad for his mom she worked so hard to turn out a warm and loving human being and GOP ruined it all !

  10. “When we talk about liberty and justice for all, doesn’t that mean that people can be left alone, that no-one else gets to change definitions on them and change life for them?

    They have no right to say to me that I must change the way I think in order to accommodate what they believe. That’s where the injustice comes from, and we have to understand that.”

    The staggering denial that must be in play inside his well-educated mind, to make that claim and NOT picture those words coming from the lips of Southern racists, in the decades before the civil rights movement forced such bigots to be more circumspect in their rhetoric. He truly has sold his soul for political ambition. Would his mother approve of such talk?

  11. Carson is simply the latest member of the tea-chugging political wannabe club, a cadre of hyperbole-ranting wingnuts who ignorantly toss out loaded terms such as fascist, Marxist, socialist, and communist in order to draw the media spotlight and foment fear and hatred against the Obama administration.

  12. It’s apparent to me that all those years in the OR, breathing the anesthetics, has rotted the good doctor’s brain.

  13. Carson simply tried to relate the issue to something even the dumbest of people could understand, obviously some people still don’t understand. To say he Is trying to force you to think like himself Is ridiculous, and I would consider you to be a hypocrite. You can twist it to be what you want in my opinion it was a very logical argument given by a brilliant individual.

  14. Listen to the speech again and try not to twist it or bend it in anyway, maybe you will see his point. I didn’t hear anything in the speech that led me to believe Carson has a problem with freedom of thought, or that he was “speeking for God” If you believe in God and have read the bible than you will know his views on these issues.

  15. Stop demonizing/belittling Ben Carson because he believes differently than you. Tolerance goes both ways. Ben Carson (and myself) believe that gays shouldn’t get married, although they should have a civil domestic partnership that has very similar benefits. You can call it whatever you want to; but it’s not marriage.

  16. Of course, Carson has become a DARLING of Fox News because he’s a black conservative. Fox is just dying to prove that it’s not just an ols white people’s sation, though demographic polling shows …… it is.

    Right wind organizations “bulk buy” his books, in order to get them to rate high on the N.Y. Times Bestseller list. Newsflash for you, Mr. Carson. People who don’t agree with you on abortion and gay marriage are NOT trying to destroy the American family. So stop the paranoia !Because ……. it seem to me like you’re a narrow minded freak who is trying to stir up fear.

  17. Huh? You can call it what you want but its not marriage? Okay I am quite sure that makes sense to you but the problem is you American Taliban don’t even want them to have their civil rights for shacking up, if that terms make you feel better.

    The last time I CHECKED MARRIAGE IS A CIVIL CONTRACT NOT WHAT SOME VOODOO PASTOR SAYS.If your church don’t want to marry gays then don’t. The government is not telling you that you have to. But keep your voodoo out of my government. You want a theocracy? There is a countries that will accommodate you. Of course you will have to convert but that shouldn’t be a bother since you believe whatever nonsense someone tells you to beleive

  18. What have we done to you for you to subject us to torture. New world order? The term “new world order” has been used to refer to any new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. It was first use during the time of the league of nations debate on how countries should treat each other after WW1. BTW Happy Gavrilo Princip Day .

    In recent times it was use by George Bush(the smart one) to describe the end of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Now how you baggers come to think it means the gays want to destroy your marriage I have no idea and anyway it seems you fake Christians doesn’t need any help in that department. Christian Polling Group Finds Atheists Divorce Less Than Christians..“According to a Barna Research Group report, fundamentalist Christians have the highest divorce rate, followed by Jews and Baptists,” Westerfield writes:

    The godless are tied with Catholics and Lutherans for the lowest divorce rate. It seems that some groups that claim to follow the Bible most strictly are not putting their money where their mouths are. The godless who are thought to be without morals seem to take their vows more seriously.

  19. I have began to think it’s useless to try and get through to some people. “American Taliban” , “don’t even want
    them to have their civil rights for shacking up” I fear we have past the point of no return, and wonder what my children’s quality of life will be.

  20. Instill in them intolerance then I hope you keep them far far away from people who are sane
    And the term American Taliban fits because you both want the same thing. Religion to rule the people instead of what we have, the Constitution.

    I just have to ask, did you first had to go to the state to get your marriage license or did pat Robertson mailed it to you from the 700 club?

  21. What difference does it make to a heterosexual couple, if homosexuals are allowed to marry???? Can someone tell me how it affects the hetero lifestyle??

    It doesn’t, so keep your beak out of other peoples’ business. Besides being rigid and out-of-date thinking, it is immature to pout and fight gay marriage. It is the “couple’s” marriage..NOT yours. Geez Louise. I have a neighbor next door who is gay and his relationships have no affect on me whatsoever!! We chat like neighbors, compare gardens, and act human. It boggles my mind that some “factions” cannot just let people be WHO THEY ARE. Try it, you might end up meeting some really great people, broaden your horizons.

  22. 2 down votes but not one can point to the Constitution where the god is listed. The deity must be unlisted

  23. And why not? Why do you believe gay people should not be allowed to be married and enjoy all the benefits that straight married couples enjoy? Is it because it is a sin and against God? Well then we can’t allow murderers to get married either. Is it because the Bible says one man and one woman? Which part of the Bible? Plenty of instances where the man had more than one wife. One man and one woman didn’t mean one at a time. Maybe the Catholics got it right the first time and you can only marry once and no BS annulment so you better get it right the first time. Believe what you want in a religious sense but this is a legal matter.

  24. An archive of the most hilarious, bizarre, ignorant, bigoted, and terrifying quotes from fundies all over the internet! The FSTDT archive is the largest collection of fundie quotes on the planet.

    Gay is communism

    We have seen in the past several years under the Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) administration a militant homosexual movement on steroids, running at warp speed. Many of us have been warning you that this movement is not what it seems, what it’s being sold as to the American public. While its proponents claim it is simply about gaining “marriage equality” and “civil rights” for homosexual, “transgender” and other sexual deviants, that is not the case.

    At its core, this movement is about tyranny. It’s about subverting the rights of people who hold traditional moral values, which are antithetical to immoral, centralized government control. It’s about silencing the dissent of those who oppose the destruction of marriage and the mainstreaming of deviancy. It’s about deconstructing the foundations and truths of our freedom-based, constitutional Republic. This movement’s goals are in line with the goals of the communists, and I’m certain that many homosexual activists, who are only useful pawns of this movement, do not see this.

    Gina Miller, Renew America 27 Comments

  25. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a north-end of a south-bound rosy red rat’s posterior what you think about my marriage of thirty-three years, which ended with the death of my spouse.

    The Fourteenth Amendment trumps your ignorance, bigotry, and fake religiosity, with the First Amendment for backup.

    YOU don’t get to dictate how I live my life based on YOUR idiotic, narrow, hateful, ignorant, illogical sectarian “religious” beliefs.

    Go handle some snakes.

  26. Sadly, there are a large portion of people who think like this man. As President Obama has mentioned previously, let’s not boo at these people, let’s vote for change. I really hope democrats win in 2014 and have a functioning government. GOTV 2014. The stupidity of the comments of the rethugs is so tiring and infuriating.

  27. ben carson, like herman cain, like condi rice, like allen west are simple props USED by the GOP to FOOLISHLY try to ease the consciences of MOST caucasian republcans by show boating these OREO’s! trust me, the vast majority of the black community don’t take them seriously! the GOP black membership is less than 2%! obviously their “Get The Black Vote” isn’t working. Here’s the facts, Colin Powell woke up! and I don’t EVER hear a peep from jc watts anymore!! Good luck, mr. and mrs. “BLACK REPUBLICAN” because you’re just about as rare as a Jews for Hitler.

  28. Ben Carson as a gay-hater?
    Sorry politicus you must not know much… anything… about Ben Carson. Hes like the least hateful politician ive seen in twenty years. He doesnt even play the whole “my team is built of team players who dont sling crap unpike….” that every candidate from bush to obama has done.
    Now I agree hes wrong that their is more anti-gay people than anything. What hes defending is how people who just resigned to “I dont think its right but im not going to stop you” are being practically criminalized for not promoting gay marriage. Hes not saying gays want everyone to be gay, hes saying the gay movement says “except us, because no opinion but our own is acceptable. It doesnt matter how good a person you are if you dont openly support us well ruin your life” and is there people like this?
    Oh hell yes. Anyone who doesnt needs to untuck their head for just a moment and look up “Mozilla CEO”. That is in attack for no reason but hate, because he has his own…

  29. I think we know than you because we like to research before we speak. You on the other hand….

    Dr. Ben Carson Sinks To A New Low

    Ted Strickland Calls Out Ben Carson For Divisive Remarks Comparing America To Nazi Germany

    Dr. Ben Carson: Send in the Clowns
    “Dr. Ben Carson is a well-trained plantation fox, guarding the hen house of White supremacy.”

  30. Just where did this nut meet any mathematicians who say 2+2=5? Did he meet them at the university where he got his medical degree? I would not want someone so out of touch with science operating on my brain.

  31. “When we talk about liberty and justice for all, doesn’t that mean that people can be left alone, that no-one else gets to change definitions on them and change life for them?”

    you mean like an unwanted pregnancy?

  32. The fact that sexuality is fixed while a person is still gestating apparently means nothing to that idiot; he is too stupid to be called a bigot!

    Me? I’m straight, but that is not due to a choice that I made, I was just born that way. I wonder when the idiot chose to be straight?

    Apparently the guy doesn’t know what Marxism is and what it isn’t. How in the hell did he ever get a M.D.?

  33. A penis is not designed to go into a anus. An anus is where waste comes out. Would you elaborate on this?

    This fight is not about civil rights this is about civil acceptance. Government backed homosexual marriage will normalize homosexual behavior everywhere else. People think that whatever is legal is moral.

  34. Here is a valid argument.

    Income taxes will be increased to make up for the marriage tax benefits given to homosexual couples and to pay for the social costs resulting from the increase in illegitimacy. We provide finantial benefits to married couples because they produce and care for children. Why should homosexual couples get the same benefits as men and women raising children? Moreover, providing financial incentives for homosexual unions would be doubly counterproductive. First, taxpayers would be subsidizing, and thus encouraging destructive behavior. Second, we then would pay for the results of the behavior in the form of increased medical and social costs.

  35. Is there a difference between skin color and sexual behavior? Why should we classify people because of what they desire to do sexually?
    Homosexuals want to be considered a class of people by depicting themselves as victims who, like blacks, have been denied civil rights. That way, they can make the unsuspecting public think that those who oppose their political agenda are discriminating against them rather that their behavior. According to them, conservatives are all bigots on par with racists—we are opposed to fairness itself. But all of that is nonsense. First, the comparison of homosexuality to race is completely invalid. Skin color is benign, but sexual behavior in not. Having a certain skin color does not hurt anyone, but homosexual behavior can and does hurt others. Furthermore, sexual behavior is always a choice, race never is. You will find many former homosexuals, but you will never find a former African-American. Homosexuality is not an identity or class it’s a behavior.

  36. And? All this is based on your sense of religion?

    This is pure civil rights. Gays have the same right to marry as non gays do. The constitution says so.

  37. homosexual behavior hurts no one any more then hetero sexual behavior does.

    Your choice statement again is a false argument

    Damm straight you are apposed to fairness. The word has no meaning to you

  38. It’s like 1+1=4, but these tyrannical asshats are telling us their ancient book of math says it really = 5, and if we say, “no, all proof and logic indicates it is, in fact 4”, they say “well, you have to believe it’s 5 otherwise you’re waging a war against our religious freedoms!”

  39. Well actuallly…Dr. Oz still does cardiac surgery when not doing his show.

    I see no particular reason why anyone does not have the right to change careers if they want to. That does not generally mean that they were not good at their previous careers.

    Besides Dr. Carson is a possible Presidential candidate. That would beat being a successful MD.

    However that does not mean that I like Dr. Carson. He is an odious creature. But now I get why the TPubs are keeping a black man around.

  40. Always trying to find a way to justify bigotry. Since getting a tax credit is not dependant on having children then that is an invalid argument. And why would the government want to be in the business of trying to get people to have children? They do a pretty good job of that on their own. And the government should also not be in the business of promoting marriage either. You guys are big on social engineering.In fact in order to fair perhaps we should get rid of that credit altogether.

    The issues regarding the rights of married gay people are way more complicated than that. Being able to make decisions about the medical care of their loved one, getting veteran’s benefits and getting social security for example. There is a whole slew of legal rights that they are denied if they only have a civil union or no marriage at all.

    But just keep going right on ahead and look for reasons why people you don’t like and have nothing to do with you deserve less rights than you do

  41. What destructive behavior? The anti-gay propagandists portray gays as being promiscous. Yes there are promiscous gay people, just like there are promiscuous straight people. But in general people who make the commitment to marriage are not likely to be that way.

    In fact it could possibly be argued that encouraging monogamous relationships by example could reduce the health problems of the gay community.

  42. Yes that it the thing…no one is changing the definition FOR HIM. He can still believe in “traditional” marriage.

    I use that in quotes because there really is no such thing. The definition has changed so many times that it is meaningless. “Traditional” marriage before civil rights was to marry within your own race. Go further back in history and marriage had nothing to do with a government, just a church. And going back further “traditional” marriages were arranged by the parents. It had nothing to do with love while we consider that to be an essential spiritual part of marriage today.

    Go back to the Bible and you have polygamy and concubines. And a widow was required to marry her brother-in-law so that she was taken care of and to have children to further the family line.

    There really is no definition beyond what society gives to it at a particular point in time, other than a form of commitment.

  43. Yes I would wager that most of these bigots do not know any gay people to begin with. Or on the other hand, maybe they do but do not know it, and are the best of friends with them. Point being, they are only different from straight people in a very superficial way.

  44. OH COME ON! Who in the gay rights movement HAS EVER wanted everyone to be gay??? NO ONE. I have NEVER heard that from anyone! The problem here is that brainwashed people think that people who are asking for rights are actually trying to “normalize”it so they everyone will become gay.

    This isn’t some big conspiracy. They just want to live in peace without harassment from others. That is their only “agenda”

  45. Brooke I don’t think you know taxes too well. Tax credits are giving for ANYONE having a child; married, divorced, single, gay, straight, black , white, gainfully employed, under-employed. AND taxes are NOT set up to reward all Married people AT ALL, sit down and throw some different scenerios on tax papers and see what you come up with, don’t forget to mingle up the income levels along with or without children and MARRIED or single also… don’t a short task for you to get the WHOLE picture. YOU cannot use tax status as an argument… JUST saying!!

  46. This right here demonstrates my point. I made no implication that I was saying gay people wanted everyone to be gay. Pretty sure I specifically said otherwise. But because I didnt agree to what is slowly becoming a doctrine, im automatically wrong and couldnt possibly make a point?
    So in other words: “if you dont agree to everything I believe you don’t deserve to be heard”
    Which was Ben’s point

  47. Under that line of thinking is why they dont leave them alone: because tbey consider the ferus to be a living thing. You wouldnt shoot a 5 year old because of the financial and mental strain on the mother right? Well thats how they see this fetus; as its own life. Its own entity. And that killing a living human being who had done no wrong would be an injustice. Its not about objectification but about preserving what they believe to be a living human, albeit the fact that there’s no evidence it is yet.

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