John Boehner’s Obama Lawsuit Is a Complete Disaster as Democrats Raise $1 Million

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Instead of firing up Republicans, Speaker of the House John Boehner’s lawsuit against President Obama has raised more than $1 million for House Democrats.

Here is the tweet from the DCCC making the official announcement:

Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama is the gift that keeps on giving for Democrats. Wednesday was the biggest fundraising day of the year for the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee). After Boehner had announced that he was going to sue President Obama, House Democrats raised a 2014 record $584,000 in 24 hours. The money has continued to fly in from mostly small Democratic donors all over the country. Passing the one million dollar mark in a few days is even more impressive by the fact that the majority of Democratic donors are giving less than $200.

The idea of suing President Obama have been floating around in conservative media for years, so Speaker of the House John Boehner likely assumed that he had found his golden ticket to increase Republican turnout in the mid-term election. Boehner did find a golden ticket, but instead of getting the keys to Mr. Wonka’s factory, he is being rolled into the squeezing room Violet Beauregarde style.

It is easy to foresee a situation where Boehner’s lawsuit gets thrown out of court due to lack of standing, which will mean that all the Speaker will have accomplished is raising millions of dollars to help the Democratic Party replace him as Speaker with Nancy Pelosi. Republicans are so trapped in their own bubble that they never imagined that Democrats would react to the Boehner lawsuit by getting energized, mobilized, and opening their wallets.

Democrats are thrilled that Speaker Boehner decided to sue the president, because he has reminded Democrats and Independents what the Republican Party is really about. House Republicans have made themselves into the issue that may decide the 2014 election.

Republicans have awoken the giant voting bloc that has crushed them in three of the last four elections. If a small fraction of these voters go to the polls on Election Day, the Republican decision to sue the President Of The United States could banish them to minority party status for another decade.

24 Replies to “John Boehner’s Obama Lawsuit Is a Complete Disaster as Democrats Raise $1 Million”

  1. Anytime I hear Boehner make a statement, he always says ‘this is what the American People’ want, think, desire, believe…which is ALWAYS utter BS – maybe this type of activity will sober him up enough to realize that NOBODY believes his garbage or the idiocy constantly spewed by the Repigs.

    The American People are damn sick and tired of this doing nothing but lie and obstruct while WASTING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS that would be used to BENEFIT the ‘American People’.

  2. PLEASE call 888.845.2087 and be connected to Boehner’s office to DEMAND empirically based authentic immigration reform, or Boehner and the GOP will suffer the consequences of THEIR FAILURE on this issue NOW.

  3. I know it is a long shot but boy wouldn’t it be great if we pulled off and upset and kept the senate and took the house. I mean they really need a wake up call and 2012 wasn’t it. These people are out there in lala land.

  4. I can say that here in Florida, everyone I talk to is damn sure going to the polls in November to make sure that our criminal governor Skeletor is one and done, even if we do have to replace him with a former Republican.

  5. I have never worried about the gop taking over the senate, and this is why. I expect the gop to continue making gaffes like this right up until november.
    they cannot help themselved.

  6. A heartfelt “Thank You” to Mr. Boehner for single handedly assuring that the Republidiots fall further from relevancy! ^.^ Keep up the good work, sir, and I shall fondly remember you as one of the proud few who Derped your party right off the edge of the political map.

  7. Me too. When Bonehead says something about what the American people want. He does not seem to understand that this Pres. was elected with a majority of votes, that he is not speaking for them at all, only his small section of teabaggers believe his B.S. The teabaggers and the rethugs believe the old story that if a lie is repeated enough times, it becomes truth and they hope, it works.

  8. already did that. There should be a massive attack in this manner. Only I asked, demanded these rethugs do the dam job they were elected and get paid for.

  9. You’re absolutely correct!

    It isn’t that Boehner “doesn’t know” what the American people want, he just doesn’t give a damn. He’s interested only in his own agenda and to hell with the rest of us!

    IMHO, Boehner needs to go to rehab. He wasn’t always as he is today.

    Great post!

  10. I would like to see 113th we don’t work because of the Black Family in the White House Congress go for suit and impeachment! Do it, Please Try Hard Boehner and your attached Tumor McConnell! This will Only Bring the Democratic Party into a Voting Frenzy that would make Obama’s massive turnout in 08 look like a vote for the Prom Queen?

  11. If everyone who gripes,complains,and really wants their voice counted just Vote in Nov. Elections. That is what the right fears most,people actually voting. It irks them when we unite and show them that they are not in charge. I love to irk them and so should everyone else. Voting against them will let our voices be heard. No matter what I will vote and so should everyone else.

  12. So much pro Democrat bull !#$&. When are yall going to wise up NONE of the elected are for US, they all follow their own agenda, obama just as much as the rest. Only way to fix the problem is to fire them all. Pelosi is a joke, wants to take away all your rights and is as socalist as they come. WAKE UP YOU BRAIN DEAD OF AMERICA, NO POLITICIAN HAS YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART.

  13. So Mr. know it all, what has the President done to e sued? And please no libertarian/anarchist or whatever you call yourself BULLSHIT

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