Bill Clinton Shreds Rand Paul and The Benghazi Obsessed Republican Party


In a matter of seconds, former President Clinton went on Meet The Press and showed Rand Paul and the Republican Party why hopes of winning in 2016 on Benghazi won’t work.

Video of the full interview:

When David Gregory asked Clinton about Rand Paul’s claim that Benghazi disqualifies Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate, he answered, “Well, let’s go back to the first question because it’s serious. That’s not a serious comment. That’s not a serious question. Rand Paul, when ten different instances occurred when President Bush was in office where American diplomatic personnel were killed around the world. How many outraged Republican members of Congress were there? Zero.”

The Meet The Press interview demonstrated that Bill and Hillary have their fingers on the critical issue that will determine the outcome of the 2016 election. Just as it was in 1992, the issue is the economy. As former President Clinton said, the economy has recovered the jobs that were lost, but now it is time to bring wages up. Clinton said that he believed that it was time for both sides to work together again to get the economy moving. The blueprint for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run is coming into focus. She is going to hammer the issue of the economy every single day on the campaign trail. The Clinton legacy of economic success gives her built in credibility that other candidates won’t have.

Former President Clinton easily cut through Republican noisemakers on Benghazi. Clinton was careful not to say that Paul wasn’t a serious candidate, but the message was clear that Republicans shouldn’t be taken seriously when they go down conspiracy rabbit holes like Benghazi.

After eight years of bitter partisan warfare, the time might be right for Hillary Clinton’s message in 2016. Tactically, by giving the right-wing conspiracies no credibility, President Clinton was moving the discussion towards the issue that he wanted to talk about. In strategic terms, the Clintons have been driving the narrative. Bill and Hillary Clinton aren’t afraid of Rand Paul, or anything else the Republican Party can throw at them.

The GOP’s Clinton problem just got a whole lot worse.

46 Replies to “Bill Clinton Shreds Rand Paul and The Benghazi Obsessed Republican Party”

  1. If United States wins the World Cup, Republicans and Fox News would accuse FIFA for stage the win for United States to distract growing soccer fans from pay attention to Benghazi.

  2. It is about damn time for the Democrats to stand up and President Clinton and SOS Clinton have everything to win for America and nothing to lose for themselves. Bill Clinton is great at calling out TRUTH to Repigs LIES. Keep it up, Mr. President, you and Hillary both have handled these imbeciles all the way to impeachment alley and rose even higher!

  3. I do not know for sure if Hilary will get the Democratic nomination in 2016. She is definitely running I 2016 and the GOP are terrified of it.

    Lets say she gets the nomination, which I believe she will, the GOP will have a nervous breakdown!!

    They have no one, and I mean no ons who can defeat her! The Republican field is so bad that they are courting two time loser, Mitt Romney.

  4. As children we all learned that if we touched something and it stung us we didn’t touch it again. If we tasted something and it didn’t taste good we left it alone.

    Yet republicans after all these years have not learned to steer clear of Bill Clinton. He has bested them for years and yet they keep going back for more. It’s like a masochistic tendency that republicans have to try to go after him. It’s like watching a car wreck. You know something ugly is coming but you just can’t look away. Ha!

  5. You are not far from the truth. Remember Chicago lost its bid to host the 2016 Olympics and al you heard was cheering from the Reich? Right then you knew if not already the idiocy and insanity that we been living with ever since

  6. If Hillary Clinton will run,please call the republicans party the sexist party> They always bring up sex scandal and other topic unrelated to economy. jobs bill which is very important never been brought up by republicans ever since they are in congress instead they blame the president.not the president job to pass job bill in congress floor.

  7. I live in the UK and follow politics from around the world. President Mr Clinton well said and I wish Hillary Clinton real luck in the election campaign and I hope the GOP self destructs in the eyes of the voting public over there.

  8. What really gets Republican panties twisted in a wad is the thought of Bubba back in the White House, even if only as First Dude……

  9. Bill Clinton was a great POTUS, now a great foot soldier for a great potential candidate for the Next POTUS.

  10. Of all of the Republicans, Ted Cruz is the one who most believes that he can out debate Bill Clinton (and everyone else for that matter). The issue with Cruz is that debating skills cover “the rest of him”, as arrogant and smug a politician as I EVER seen.

  11. If not women Hillary doesn’t have a chance to succeed in 2016, I can bet she’ll lose the men vote. But women would even vote in a homeless if its their gender. How narrow minded, and that’s the reason we stand where we are right now, the more they pickup their heads, the more the country falls. Everything is created for it’s reason, women to raise a family, and men to lead, once they try crossing the border they mess up badly. Look around and you’ll see what’s going on.
    Just one instance, who’s happy with the choice we made on 2012, most would regret, well, some good news for you, there was a 20% gap in gender when voting in Obama! so women, did you think twice what you’ve done, and will you next time, I know the answer. They don’t have a clue what’s going on, and will just vote for however fits best their personal interest, especially if they’ve an opportunity to get one of their own, THAT’S WHY WE’RE WHERE WE STAND NOW!!!

  12. Well considering that the white male vote is diminishing you sound like chicken little. Remember Romney max out the white male vote and still got his ass kicked. Face it, conservative white males no longer has a monopoly on power. Call it reverse evolution. Going, going GONE!!!

  13. @Chris, man I would like to see Bubba and Cruz on the same stage. Cruz trying to use “the sermon”, and Bill with that “gee I’m just a country boy”. That would be a slaughter when Bill was done with him.

  14. Yes we women will vote again for a democratic president. We are not the narrow minded simple headed bigoted stubborn headed ignoramouses (sarag michelle bachman the witch) RW women are..I mean after all they support a party that does not believe in equal pay for women..rape is not rape, abuse is okay? We’ll decide if you should have that child or not but not help you when the MAN that gave you that child is no longer for that whole family values thing you on the RW brag about but never live by. So yeah SHGR we’re glad we don’t have your little RW mind. But good try in your effort to turn us. Please..we’re not idiots. We don’t kid ourselves like you people do while you party denies you everything. But thats okay with you. Enjoy your NOTHING they’ve done for you.

  15. I’ll bet the farm on Bubba. As far as intellectualism is concerned, Bubba is a Rhodes Scholar, no higher academic achievement than that. Cruz just has smug arrogance in his own infallibility, hubris I think it is called, on that matter. Besides, Bubba rules. My nephew, whom I call Bubba, will tell you that!

  16. This woman disagrees with you completely. Perhaps you should listen more and speak less, particularly to other women and leave the menfolk out of your education. And yes, I’m very happy with my awesome President Obama.

  17. You know, as much as I respect President Obama, if it weren’t for the 22nd Amendment Bill Clinton would still be in the White House. There’s no one in America who can smack down the Right Wing Nut Jobs with as much efficiency and finality as Clinton.

  18. “Bill Clinton is great at calling out TRUTH”

    That depends on how you define the word “is”. Oh, yeah, you forgot that Clinton was impeached for PERJURY, and you think he would be good at calling out others for lies? I guess you have a point if you consider experience.
    Speaking of, what “Republican lies” are you speaking of? “Benghazi was the result of a film.”? “You can keep your doctor.”? “Not a smidgen of corruption.”? “Exchange based emails were lost when a local hard drive crashed… six times over.”? Oh, wait! Those lies were not told by Republicans. So is it only OK when Democrats lie or do you actually believe them?

  19. Its interesting that Politfact didn’t list the bills to see what was in there. Now just because it has jobs printed it does not mean it was actually about jobs more or less tax cuts for the rich. I was surprised they included 107 bills on Unemployment since every bill on that has cut or refuse to increase the insurance. Unless the bill said unemployment bad lets vote it a jobs bill.

  20. “Benghazi was the result of a film.”? Since you cant read I will try to explain it to you. The terrorist admitted the film was the motivation
    NYTimes: Captured Suspect Said Benghazi Attack was Revenge For Anti-Islam Video


    Fox Benghazi Myths Dispelled By New Bipartisan Review

    instead of watching fox you should get off your ass and read sometimes

  21. UM, just a thought, but I’d bet my friends left nut nut that SHGR is not a woman, but a basement living in his mom’s house male southern redneck, I know enough of them, and he smells like one… even thru the ‘puter.

  22. In regard to Benghazi, the issue isn’t “how many Republicans were outraged after embassy attacks during the Bush administration.” I know of no one who is outraged because our embassy was attacked. The anger is over the way President Obama and Secretary Clinton insisted (for 10 days) that the attack was provoked by an obscure B-movie, when they had to know it was not, since they had real-time information clearly indicating it was an attack planned in advance.

    We’re also angry that no effort was made to assist those fighting for their lives inside the embassy, while the President went to bed, in order to be fresh for the next day’s Las Vegas fundraiser with Beyonce an Jay-Z.

    It’s not about the attack. It’s about the decision to hide the truth in order to win an election.

  23. Another bagger who don’t know how to open a paper
    The anger is over the way President Obama and Secretary Clinton insisted (for 10 days) that the attack was provoked by an obscure B-movie, when they had to know it was not, since they had real-time information clearly indicating it was an attack planned in advance.
    Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the suspect captured by U.S. special forces on Tuesday for his role in the 2012 Benghazi attack, reportedly said he was motivated in part by the anti-Islam online video made in America, according to the New York Times.
    “What he did in the period just before the attack has remained unclear. But Mr. Abu Khattala told other Libyans in private conversations during the night of the attack that he was moved to attack the diplomatic mission to take revenge for an insult to Islam in an American-made online video,” Times reporter David Kirkpatrick wrote in a story on Khattala on Tuesday.

  24. Here’s the reason your entire post cannot be taken seriously as per President Clinton: “Republicans shouldn’t be taken seriously when they go down conspiracy rabbit holes like Benghazi”.

  25. The “Benghazi!” offense by the RNC is being used simply because it is a “twofer” in the mind of the GOP.

    It hits Obama and the DNC, and also slams Hillary Clinton, who scares the daylights out of the GOP in regard to the 2016 presendential election.

    It is a tragedy when any American is killed, and that includes when our government employees are overseas.

    The fact that the RNC had NONE of this faux outrage when dozens were killed previously shows this political scam for exactly what it is…

    The current inquisition is nothing but an excuse. The problem is whether or not they were right about why the attacks happened? That is laughable, as nobody even inquired at all about that or anything else in the previous attacks. This while every stone is not only turned, but repeatedly, and every angle looked at in the most cinical light possible.

    “they MUST have known” is just one example. This cherade is complete, utter, ridiculous, political theater of of the most…..

  26. Don’t underestimate Ted Cruz’s debating ability, and I don’t think Bill Clinton would. Ted is a brilliant debater in an academic formal debate setting. However, I suspect in a debate with Clinton, his arrogance and narcissism would definitely handicap him. Ted would tend to discount Bill’s abilities, which would be a huge mistake.

  27. Jeffrey, others have answered you concerning the video, but you also claim the President just went to bed so he could be fresh for a fundraiser. You do realize that there is a time zone difference and even the second attack was over by midnight Washington DC time, don’t you? The President spent the evening in the residential part of the White House with advisors, plus I’m sure the White House has at least one working telephone so he could be contacted if necessary. GW Bush was the president who always went to bed at 9:00 p.m., this one not necessarily so.

    What would you have had him do? Don his Superman cape and whoosh! over to Benghazi to save everyone? Instead he did the best thing anyone could do – told Panetta and the Joint Chief of Staff chairman to do whatever was necessary to rescue our people. He let the experts do their jobs rather than micromanaging.

  28. @Elizabeth~Although it’s been stated several times that Cruz is a good debater, that’s not his major problem. I’ve watched him and his major problem is that he doesn’t seem to have a good understanding of the issues. Remember, this is the guy who wants to impeach AG Holder for something an official in the Treasury Dept. did. He’s also the guy who doesn’t seem to understand how the federal government works, even though he’s a part of it. He’s been holding secret meetings with House TPers to subvert the government. Cruz has another major thing working against him–a dad who says outrageous things in the name of the “Lawd.” If Cruz runs and his dad appears and speaks at his campaign events, I believe millions of Americans will be looking at him and his son the same way they looked at Palin and McCain when she went “rogue.” If there’s one thing Americans recognize when they see it up close and personal, it’s extremism, and Papa Cruz is just about as extremist as one can get.

  29. djchefron,
    Now you know when someone has only a few sources one consults for information on what is happening in the world, s/he doesn’t know certain things. It’s very likely that Jeffrey is a consumer of Fox News, the network that strongly censors its’ broadcasts so its’ viewers never learn/know about certain things. Most know by now that Khatallah said the videos played a part in his decision to attack the consulate in Benghzai–that is everyone who doesn’t watch Fox News knows it. Fox News and its’ RW media buddies want their consumers to keep thinking that the video had nothing to do with the attack. By not providing them with pertinent information, RW media knows it can persuade them to vote for the very politicians that are the reason our most important issues aren’t being addressed in Congress. I have to give RW media credit–it is great at diverting its consumers from very important issues by dangling shiny objects in their faces and screaming, “Look at the bauble!”

  30. You had to go back to a post from 2011 to defend this bullshit, didn’t you? Yet you fail to mention how long it has been since the GOP has actually promoted a bill that will bring jobs to the unemployed. Bills that encourage tax cuts and regulation cuts may be considered “jobs” bills by some idiots on the Right but since both have failed to produce jobs in the past, we know just how false that title is. President Obama’s bill from 2011 was ignored despite the fact that it was paid for and would have changed our economy in a most positive way and almost as important, improved our badly failing infrastructure. The GOP ignored it for fear that it might benefit President Obama. They would rather see our economy fail, unemployment continue and our infrastructure become even more costly than to see President Obama get the slightest bit of credit for doing what is needed. They fail to realize that their bipartisan support would also improve their abysmal ratings. F’ing idiots!!

  31. the definition of a lie has taken on new meaning since the W admin. Clinton had an affair and was wrong for lying. the republicans wasted millions of taxpayer money trying to “get” him. well they never did, at least to those that matter. but he left this country in pretty good shape and doesnt have to look over his shoulder wondering if he will be arrested for war crimes.

  32. Cruz’s big problem is he was born a Canadian citizen and thus is not eligible to run for the presidency. His birth certificate is available for all to see. He is not a natural born American. He’s the son of a Cuban communist who served with Castro and fled Cuba for Canada when Baptista issued an arrest warrant for him.

  33. His mother is an American Citizen so that makes him one. Now there are some doubts to that but as of now there is no HARD evidence to say she is not.

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