Darrell Issa Crashes and Burns When Pressed By CNN For The IRS Scandal Smoking Gun


On CNN’s State Of The Union, Rep. Darrell Issa’s IRS scandal disintegrated on national television when he couldn’t name a single piece of evidence that proved that IRS singled out and targeted conservative groups.


On CNN’s State Of The Union, Candy Crowley asked Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) for a smoking gun in the IRS scandal. Issa answered with a non-answer, “We sent your people almost four hundred pages of the report, and that details item by item email by email statements that she made versus other people. The nature of the beast just like a criminal prosecution is that you build a case.”

Crowley pressed Issa by asking him for a fact, or a direct piece of information. The California Republican continued to stumble, “It’s a case file that’s built including her musing on working for the president’s 501(c) Organizing For America.”

Candy Crowley asked Issa if he would release the full transcript of the interviews, and Issa made excuses for why he couldn’t. Candy Crowley deserves some credit for pressing Issa by not letting him come on her show and spew his usual BS. Issa tried to get into his conspiracies by claiming that Lerner wanted to work for Organizing For America, but Crowley didn’t let him off the hook.

The IRS scandal, just like Benghazi and all of the other Republican scandals, falls apart under the slightest bit of examination. It would have been beneficial to Rep. Issa if he had named one piece of evidence that Lerner intentionally targeted conservative groups, but he couldn’t point to a smoking gun because one doesn’t exist. There is no smoking gun. The IRS scandal is nothing more than Issa abusing his investigative powers in order to weave the threads of a conspiracy theory together into something that he hopes will bring down the Obama administration.

It was more than a year ago that the IRS didn’t just target conservative groups. They were examining both conservative and liberal groups. After the Citizens United decision, the IRS was flooded with applications for tax exempt status by conservative groups. The reason why these groups were flagged is because they were breaking the law by engaging in partisan political activities while claiming to be social welfare organizations.

The point of the Republican targeting of the IRS has always been to warn the agency to stay away from the conservative dark money groups. Republicans are trying to protect the power of right-wing billionaires to try secretly to buy elections.

There is no evidence to support what Issa is claiming, but there is plenty of evidence that Issa’s investigation is a politically motivated witch hunt. The real criminal here isn’t Lois Lerner. It’s Darrell Issa.

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  1. The real criminal here isn’t Lois Lerner. It’s Darrell Issa.
    He has experience ……

    Don’t worry the usual wingnuts would still be out there lying or just plain ignorant of the fact of, there is no there there. PERIOD!!!!

  2. All Issa knows how to do, is waste taxpayer funds on investigating conspiracy theories. He has no interest in making lives better for all Americans.

  3. crowley pressed issa for fact.a direct piece of information.

    facts, from the gop? hahaha!!

    candy crowley asked issa if he could release a full transcript of the interviews, ans iss a made excuses as to why he couldn’t.

    because ther is not a scandal.

  4. Well, issa did say when the president was sworn in on day 1–who had not done a thing wrong–that he/GOP was”going to fill the docket with investigations his first term…and second term. Oh yeah and make sure he was a one term president…from the turkey’s own mouth. As you can see the lies are not flying..every single one is being blown out of the water. But they continune. It’s like someone behind closed doors acting/doing real embarassing things that if seen would be the laughing stock– not realizing the whole time theres been a huge clear glass window right in front of you/gop and everyones been watching. issa is the criminal who is worth over 400 million!! Can you please start a petition to sue these AH’s! Boehner wanting to sue the President! sheeze who the hell follows a party like that? Waste of more tax dollars while they deny min wage increase. Fkng incredble. 5-1/5 years of YOUR TAX DOLLOARS wasted on BOGUS INVESTIGATIONS instead of jobs.Please RWC!!!!look!listen!!

  5. …typical Teahadist BS…throw enough mud and SOMETHINGS gonna stick…prob is they got nothing, and the “Artificial Mud” they’re whipping up in these committees don’t have any consistency…
    …come November, somethings gonna change…

  6. As a Californian I truly hope he gets voted into unemployed status. Of course he is in a small pocket safe repuke district. Lets “pray” sarc/ that the good people will wake up and realize is not in Washington DC for them. But since we have a majority Democratic State government these people do not suffer from lack of safety nets.

  7. What? A snake oil salesman without his snake oil. C’mon Issa what kind of charlatan are you? Other than a despicable one. I’ll bet his cohorts wish he would just go away.

  8. I don’t know about his cohorts, but I’ve been wishing he go away for quite a while now. So, far my wish fairy hasn’t been able to pull that off.

  9. Don’t kid yourself, his cohorts are raising cash off of this BS Scandal, and have started another committee investigation. If they belong to the GOP/TP they are for it 100%.

  10. The Republican Party has become
    nothing more than a running JOKE!
    I’m surprised Issa even appeared
    on any network other than Fox ‘News’
    where they are thrown softballs and
    allowed to drone on & on and spew
    their RWNJ propaganda. The ‘hosts’
    ask a question then suggest the possible
    answer which is usually something like
    ‘So, is Mr. Obama (NEVER President)
    Guilty? Guiltier, or the Guiltiest?’
    Then they ask why the MSM isn’t even
    looking into this? Because THEIR viewers
    have some common sense!
    But, whatever…
    Please proceed Mr. Issa.

  11. Petition: 4-8-14: Sign the petition: Investigate Darrell Issa https://www.dailykos.com/campaigns/718&tag=040114splash7
    Petition: 3-10-14: Sign the petition: Denounce Darrell Issa https://www.dailykos.com/campaigns/717&tag=031014splash2
    Petition: 3-5-14 Petition: Censure Rep. Issa – Remove Rep. Issa as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, and be censured for “bringing dishonor upon the U.S. House of Representatives.” http://www.credomobilize.com/petitions/censure-rep-issa?source=facebook-share-button&time=1394121049
    Petition: Impeach Issa http://www.thepetitionsite.com/512/791/931/impeach-darrell-issa/
    Petition: Rep. Issa: Don’t jeopardize the security of HealthCare.gov! http://act.couragecampaign.org/sign/IssaObamacare/?akid=795.1534803.O5ItAj&rd=1&t=1

  12. I don’t know why they can’t get it through their heads that liberal political action groups were also targeted. It all started with Citizens United which is the biggest farce this country has ever seen. It should have been easy to see what that would start, but they wanted it, they got it, and now they are complaining. I’m so sick of the GOP I can’t stand it.

  13. I foresee a time in the not too distant future when the term “Four Issas” will totally replace “Four Pinnochios” as the supreme benchmark by which bald-faced lying will be measured.

  14. Issa used the excuse that he couldn’t release the whole transcript til the investigation was complete this morning. Funny how he let the doctored e-mails get out to jonathan Karl, then he himself released the IG report that he asked the IG for, and that was the one where only right wing pacs were critiqued. He also leaked false info that Cummings slapped dow numerous times.Sadly, the tea chuggers aren’t intelligent enough to see through this facade.

  15. It is not a requirement to apply for any IRS status.

    Any of those groups could have just filed their return as a 501(C-4). The IRS would have reviewed the return if they thought something was fishy with it.

    Why is no one talking about that fact ?

    oh…nevermind….that would not fit the GOP or media agenda…

  16. Impeachment proceedings can only be initiated in the House. As long as the Rethuglicans hold the majority, there will never be any impeachment proceedings of one of their own.

  17. There is no smoking gun for Scott Walker either and that did not stop blogs from posting misleading headlines. Both sides do it. You can’t just call out one side

  18. Why didn’t Candy ask…”were there any Liberial groups examed ?” We all know the answer is “YES”

  19. Time constraints. We know if she would have ask the answer would be, “butbutbutbutbutbutbutbut benghziiiii butbutbutbutbutbut the tea party” End of show

  20. Yes he is……tell me something, why does Bill Maher still have him as a guest on his show? As why isn’t he flipping his district?

  21. I must refer everyone to Lawrence O’Donnell and the 1959 change by the IRS from exclusively to primarily to give the real “smoking gun.” Everything else by Issa is a political hissy fit and nothing else.

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