The Same Party That Nominated Palin and Romney Thinks Clinton Is Too Obnoxious To Be President

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The same Republican Party that nominated Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney is warning voters not to support Hillary Clinton because the Clintons are obnoxious.


Transcript from Meet The Press:


A lot to get to on politics, for you to respond to the former president. Let’s talk about this wealth issue. Is this an issue, and is this an impediment for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy?


Well, I think it’s an impediment because of number one, how they earn their money, how they talk about their money. Obviously, I don’t think there’s a problem with people being rich in this country. It’s just sort of–


Mitt Romney didn’t lose because he was wealthy, did he?


No, but I think that when you are perceived as being out of touch with people that are struggling, with people that are out there working hard, I don’t think flying on private jets and collecting $250,000 for a speech is considered to be hard work. And so people respect folks that earn their money and work hard and they become rich.

But when you talk about being dead broke and when you try to make believe that you understand how average people live, but you made $105 million giving speeches, I think people are kind of tired of this show, quite frankly. I mean, I just heard the interview, I think there’s Hillary–


“The show” meaning what? The Clintons?


There’s Hillary fatigue already out there. It’s setting in. People are tired of this story. And I just happen to believe that this early run for the White House is going to come back and bite them. And it already is. People are tired of it.


You sound a little bit like Barbara Bush. Would you send that same message for Jeb Bush? That the Bushes and the Clintons are–



No, because I don’t think Jeb and the Bushes are being as obnoxious about all of this. I mean, you have Bill Clinton chastising Dick Cheney for speaking opinion, while Bill Clinton is out there speaking about his opinions on every subject there is under the sun. The guy’s a hypocrite.

This is the same Republican Party that nominated Sarah Palin for vice president in 2008, and Mitt Romney for president in 2012. It would be difficult to find two more obnoxious people than Palin and Romney in American politics, so it is clear that the GOP has a unique definition of obnoxious. I consider Romney telling 47% of the country that they are a bunch of takers and moochers the height of obnoxious behavior, and the majority of the 2012 electorate agreed.

What Priebus seems to find most obnoxious is that the Clintons are out in the public giving their opinions onthings. The whole idea that someone who wants to be president should tell the voters what they think about the issues and what they would do if elected has long been lost on the Republican Party. Under Priebus, the RNC has gone in the opposite direction. The Republican Party has shortened the primary process and dramatically reduced the number of debates so that voters know less about their nominee.

Republicans are running out of reasons why voters shouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. The majority of voters probably don’t view Bill Clinton smacking down Dick Cheney for being wrong about Iraq as obnoxious behavior. The comments today are par for the course for the GOP, as Chairman Priebus has been flailing around on the Sunday shows for months trying to find a reason why voters should reject Hillary Clinton.

His latest reason for why people should vote Republican is that the Clintons are obnoxious, and people are tired of them. Republicans have been floating the myth of Clinton fatigue since January. A more accurate statement would be that Republicans are desperately hoping that voters get tired of Hillary Clinton by 2016.

Republicans better hope that Priebus was wrong. If it is true that voters are turned off by obnoxiousness, the GOP may never win another presidential election.

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29 Replies to “The Same Party That Nominated Palin and Romney Thinks Clinton Is Too Obnoxious To Be President”

  1. From the party who said a “community organizer” had no clue how to run a country, yet President Obama has worked to get us out of so many messes they created and he’s well respected globally. Imagine what he could have done had they cared one iota for the citizenry of this country instead of their own corporate-owned selfish purposes and to make the BLACK man fail no matter whom has to suffer.

    Reince Preibus. Remove the vowels.

  2. Reince Preibus. Remove the vowels.

    I suppose that makes Reince Preibus the Consonant Republican.

  3. So this country has had enough of the Clintons huh? What about the Bushes? Between George I, George II, Barbara and now Jeb, I would say we have had enough of them!! At least Bill and Hillary have some ability to speak the language. Nuclear is always pronounced correctly by both of them, unlike GII, who never learned how to say the word. It used to make me cringe each time he said it. You all know what I mean. I cannot even imagine how to spell it but people tried to say it was a Texas thing. Why did GI never butcher the word? Trivial thing it may be but trivialities can be telling and it tells me GII was a dunce!!!

  4. I like Hillary and I think Priebus and his party are bad news for America, but Hillary has demonstrated many times over the years that she has a “tin ear”. I hope that doesn’t kill her chances in 2016.

  5. These people on the Sunday reacharounds are smoking some fire for them to come up with the bullshit they pedal

    Jeffrey Toobin Tells Americans To Be ‘Grateful’ That Dick Cheney Is Back On Their TVs

    CNN guest host Jeffrey Toobin and two of the network’s military analysts concluded on Sunday that America should be “grateful” that former Vice President Dick Cheney was doing interviews, and calling for military action in Iraq even though he had been so wrong about invading the country in the first place.

  6. Perhaps Dubya intentionally mispronounced
    it Nu-cu-lar. That way he could lie and
    say Saddam had these scary weapons.
    Instead of saying Nuclear Weapons, which
    Iraq did not have?

  7. they are right about one thing. the country is tired. but what they fail to realize is that we are tired of watching congress block everything that could possibly help us. it’s the economy stupid! and by blocking everything that would help get the economy rolling again they shoot themselves in the foot. we are tired all right. tired of the gop’s temper tantrums, and tired of a mentality that considers people like palin, nugent, bachmann, santorum, et al, to be patriots while considering obama sanders & warren traitors. the only bright spot is that by living in their cocoon world of yes men and ditto heads, they blind themselves to what is really happening out there. be careful what resentment you stir up, it may come back to bite you in the ass.

  8. Well, that Rincey fella, every time he talks you can hear him not-quite-convincing-himself that Hillary didn’t do anything as SoS, that she has never accomplished anything on her own, that everybody’s tired of the Clintons, that “the American people” blame her for the Lewinsky episode, that “the American people”, they want answers to BENGHAZI from Clinton, and on and on and on.

    Oh, honey, if you can’t convince yourself, how can you convince the rest of us?

    Just keep whistling past that graveyard.

  9. Great Interview of Bill Clinton! I’ve seen clips, but full interview showing Bill Clinton’s heart is truly amazing!

    Thanks for bringing it, Jason.

  10. To Priebus I say: The American public can decide for itself when people have gotten enough of whatever or whomever. You, sir, do not have anything remotely resembling a grasp of public opinion and what and who it wants. You do not have a candidate (yet) who can rival Hillary Clinton and, as of right now, all anybody knows for sure about what the GNOP stands for is that you don’t like President Obama and you don’t believe in responsible governance. Good luck in November and especially in 2016 trying to convince the public that YOU care about them more than Hillary. Hillary and Bill may be wealthy, but, unlike you, Romney, and the rest of your ilk, Hillary and Bill want everybody else to be well taken care of too and have opportunities for achieving the same sort of success that they have achieved over the course of their lives.

  11. “There’s Hillary fatigue already out there.”

    Only for the Republicans who are scared of her.

  12. Not only the republicans. The far far left, EMOS are already bringing out the knifes for her. Some of their reasons are valid but their solutions are not pragmatic in moving the country forward. I say that because they tend to forget the Congress and not all Democrats think or have the same goals as they do

  13. They really, really, REALLY do NOT want to have to run against her, which is why they are obsessed with somehow knocking her out of the race quick and/or keeping her out of it altogether. I don’t think it will work, however. I will gladly support her if she runs, but I do hope that she makes up her mind soon so that, if she chooses not to run for whatever reason that other potential contenders are able to get an effective campaign together.

  14. yeah, the way they’re talking on some of the progressive boards, it’s like they’re talking about Hillary like she is Romney. *sigh* I REALLY hope that we don’t wind up in another 2000 situation because of the so-called “professional left”

  15. They don’t have the power like they once did in shaping the debate but they still will whine. Case in point I last saw Jane Hamster on a milk carton.

  16. Your attack on Hillary is specious and part of the GOP’s war on women. Please take your Reich-wing hate-speech elsewhere.

    Oh my most serious gosh!

  17. As someone who used to turn neutrons into steam and made things go roundyroundy that was like nails on a chalkboard every effing time.
    To me, it was like one more piece of their anti-science garbage.
    New-clee-arr damnit!

  18. This is the same party and their propaganda machine threw a American soldier under the bus with no proof whatsoever. But slowly the truth is coming out and I have no idea how I miss this. The article is behind a paywall but the headline shatters one lie

    No Evidence of Misconduct by Bergdahl While Captive, Army Says
    WASHINGTON—The U.S. Army said Wednesday that there is no evidence that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl engaged in any misconduct during his five years in captivity.

  19. Any normal person would think this obnoxious little twit would love her. I mean, being in debt 10 million bucks from, I suppose lawyer fees from fake scandals, then being able to come back and amass 105 million in speaking fees is pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, amirite?

  20. There they go — being subjective again and criticizing the “other” for their own faults and for being obnoxious.

  21. Runt Preebus is just another obnoxious little troll brought to us by the right wing Gestapo. They use the same words on the left and act all kinds of hurt.
    Hillary has more political knowledge than all of them put together. Whether or not she runs she has more experience than any of their soulless candidates. None of their candidates have as much political clout as she does. That why they cry Benghazi,Benghazi over and over. They have nothing. I f they run Willard again it will be hysterical to watch “Corporations are people” line up his middle aged sons and parade around a stage with the same cold,callous no sense he spew before. People are tired of the right wings nonsense of yapping and doing nothing. A bunch of inconsequential fools. Run Christie,Walker,Cruz,or Paul or one of their assorted idiots and we all can laugh. Just remember to vote this Nov. to get rid of them in Congress. Get rid of the obstructionists. VOTE!

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