With One Sentence Fox News Has Completely Sabotaged Boehner’s Lawsuit Against Obama


What started out as an interview to champion John Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama turned into an act of sabotage with one sentence from Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.



Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

WALLACE: Chairman Goodlatte, the president says, it’s all politics, a stunt, he calls it.

REP. BOB GOODLATTE, R-VA.: Absolutely not, Chris. This is all about the United States constitution. Article 1 says the president of the United States — I’m sorry, the Congress is the legislative body. All legislative powers herein granted shall rest in the Congress of the United States. Article 2 says the president shall faithfully execute the laws.

So, it’s not about our wanting to stop him from doing his job. It’s our wanting to do the job that the Constitution prescribes and not to take powers resting in the Congress and to, through not enforcing laws or changing laws that have been passed, taking power from the legislative branch.

It’s very important and this should be bipartisan. People are standing up to protect the balance of power, the check against a too powerful executive branch. It’s been done in the past. It needs to be done again.


WALLACE: And what about the argument by the time this gets settled, Barack Obama will no longer be president, sir?

GOODLATTE: Correct. That’s why we passed a law through the House, and I’m proud to say five Democrats joined with all the Republicans to say, yes, we should make it easier for this process to take place — so that the court would hear a case when a majority of either the House or Senate or both elect to bring a case, and would do it in an expedited fashion with a three-judge panel and an immediate appeal to the Supreme Court which could be revived in six to seven months.

WALLACE: Of course, it hasn’t gotten through the Senate.

The fact that the Senate hasn’t passed the bill that would speed up the litigation process destroyed all of Rep. Goodlatte’s points about how critical it is to the future of our democracy that the House files this lawsuit against President Obama right now.

Chris Wallace and Fox News pretty much destroyed the entire House Republican cover story that this lawsuit has nothing to do with politics by pointing out that it will be impossible to speed up the lawsuit  because there is no way in hell that Senate Democrats will ever vote for this bill.

It didn’t take long for the Republican  facade to be exposed. There is no constitutional crisis being driven by executive overreach that calls for immediate legal action. The Boehner threat of a lawsuit is another dumb election year stunt that is designed to give Republican candidates something to run on this fall.

Senate Republican candidates will be lining up to promise that they will vote for the bill to sue Obama if voters send them to the Senate.

Of course, none of this will matter if Boehner files his lawsuit before Election Day. With one sentence, Fox News’ Chris Wallace obliterated the entire House Republican justification for suing President Obama. The whole sue Obama gimmick has quickly become an anchor around Republican necks.  Democrats are raising record sums of money, Fox News is pointing out why this lawsuit won’t make a bit of difference, and John Boehner’s cheap publicity stunt is blowing up in his face.

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  1. Minor problem is the President can also veto it, and I don’t see either house, much less both, overriding that veto

  2. One can only hope it is so.

    “The whole sue Obama gimmick has quickly become an anchor around Republican necks. Democrats are raising record sums of money, Fox News is pointing out why this lawsuit won’t make a bit of difference, and John Boehner’s cheap publicity stunt is blowing up in his face.”

  3. All this is intended to do is keep the Impeachment right In their chairs, I don’t want to be around when they finally get it, that they are just being played again,!

  4. If only Elizabeth Warren would throw her hat in the ring for President, maybe the Republicans would sit up and take notice that they are destroying their own Party. Even if she were to lose the race they would have to take things much more seriously to win against her.
    I think that they think they’ve got the next election cycle on lock and are no longer trying to pretend at being responsible leaders of this country.
    Wish Warren would do it.

  5. An unexpected result: There are many, myself included, who’d like to see a class action lawsuit waged by US citizens against John Boehner and the GOP Congress for breach of promises. Remember how they promised to create jobs if elected in 2010?

  6. It’s simple. Speaker Insta-Tan will claim his own form of Executive Privilege and use it to negate the (constitutionally-granted) presidential Executive Privilege.

    So it goes in the comic book world of House Republican politics.

  7. I wish Elizabeth Warren would at the least pretend as if she was thinking about running for President just to see how the GOP would react leading up to the election. I bet we would get done act right juice out of them then.

  8. Their sue the president trick has fired up the Democrats and done significant damage to the repubs. I have noticed that even the moderators on these shows are starting to provide more pointed questions and demanding more answers. I think the repubs are in a sticky wicket as they say.

    Earlier I was reading FB posts on Ayottes page and Boehner, and Cochran and even their based is fed up with them. On Ayottes page her constituents were mad that she gave $10,000 to Cochrans campaign. They were pledging to not give her another nickel. People on Cochrans page were saying they would vote for the Democrat to win just to get him out.

    I think their projected wins in the House and Senate, and Governorships are fading fast. They have us surrounded and we have them right where we want them. All we have to do is vote.

  9. Actually, that would be David Gregory. Wallace only looks like the worst because his father was so good.

  10. So I guess that Boehner took impeachment ‘off the table?’ What a jerk he has proven to be. I do wish his district had one Democrat out there to run against him.

  11. Funny, not a peep from House Republicans and their plan to usurp Executive power by telling the Chief Executive that he can’t deal with POW’s under his Constitutional authority as Commander-in-Chief without getting permission from Congress first.

  12. The real test would have been did he actually make a law, and will this nullify all laws previously made in this manner?

  13. Frankly, at this point I say…bring it on. The more they over reach the more they look like and the complete and total assholes that that they are.

    Perhaps, given the clear factual record which shows that Obama is NOT abusing his executive authority as POTUS, it would even be politically good for Obama if the assholes actually tried to impeach him on these asinine grounds……when they did that to Clinton Democrats won big in the next election.

    Obama should publicly tell these crazy hateful malevolent vicious un-American creeps to shove their bs lawsuit threats back up where the sun don’t shine!!!

    The Republican party has become the party of hating Obama because they can’t bloody stand to see a black man in the White House. That kind of racism is a political loser in 2014, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022 etc etc etc.

    The old racist bastards are dying off faster than they are being replaced, thank God.

  14. Kelly Ayotte is a disgrace to the Senate. She is nothing but a lapdog to McCain and Graham. I would like to think she is an embarrassment to the people of NH… but unfortunately, the yahoos in this state think she’s doing a fine job. :(

  15. Not really, she was at 46% disapproval the last time anyone checked which was April of 2013. I wonder what they are now with her support for more war and the government shutdown

  16. From a political point of view I agree with you, but from a human point of view it’s awful. I recently finished reading Hillary’s memoir, and she talks about how very much stress and money it cost her & Bill – and worse, their staff members who were called in and had to hire lawyers at their own expense.

  17. This is GREAT the Republicans are grasping at straws and it will be their undoing this would take years to even begin to happen and all the while they (Republicans)are going to get lambasted in the press and public opinion maybe they should say the President is a body double I for one would just like to thank the Republicans for keeping the American people voting Democrat THANK YOU STUPID PEOPLE ON THE RIGHT LMAO

  18. If that jerk doesn’t want to hear the answer to a question you asked,then answer the question yourself. Then you won’t have to talk over them, or cut them off. The senator should have let him know! You called me here.now you listen.

  19. not to even mention that they are not following the law themselves. how can they follow what could be construed as law when they are not doing the job that they were voted in to do???
    it’s like a whole crew/gang of state highway supervisors standing around with their thumbs up their collective ass, saying that the guy with the shovel doing the digging is cutting into their jobs and so called expertize….

  20. If they can win the senate they will impeach Obama. Remember we didnt think they wud impeach Clinton either…

  21. It will not end well for them. They have fed the crazies and step out of line you’re next on the menu

  22. I wouldn’t be so quick to give credit to Fox, there is some reason for this unusual change. we just don’t know it yet.

  23. Rebranding the machine. The old are dying and they know the young aint buying. So I think that if the word gets out that they are asking the hard questions maybe people will start tuning in again.

  24. It never mattered, Boner never had standing. He does not represent both houses of congress and the senate has not joined this suit. no standing, suit gets dismissed.
    This was all a Bonehead political stunt aimed at what Boner feels is the stupid part of his party, the conservatives.
    Which goes to show you who really has no common sense.

  25. Rupert has already went against the crazies regarding immigration! I think he knows Fox has lost all credibility and is regarded as a tabloid joke. Let’s face it, they are responsible for inciting violence, provoking the murder of Dr Tiller, calling militia groups patriots, and on and on! Maybe they’ve been warned……a tell tell sign is to see Mr. King hater of America, Hannity!

  26. You know, just because this lawsuit is likely a stunt, it does not follow that there is no constitutional crisis or executive overreach.

  27. I think we ought to file a class action suit against Congress for not doing their jobs n make them pay restitution for the gov’t shut down, all those judge candidates being held in quagmire n overworking the judicial system, not passing laws that would help the majority of u.s. citizens, etc.

  28. The GOP just cannot get over the fact that not only is Obama our president he is the first Black and as such they just cannot bring themselves to seeing a Black man with so much power. Never in their little feeble minds did they think during their lifetimes a Black man would wield so much power over so many white people. But as Obama has said many times he is not the president of Black people or white people or Brown people but people of the United States of America. Who do the GOP represents? The racists and bigots and the rich telling them how to run the government.

  29. When republicans get over hating Obama who will they hate next? Like I always said who will white people hate next after they get over hating Blacks and Brown? Will they turn on one another? They seem to have a thirst for hating and bigotry in their lives. They want America to be their and their alone until they need assistance and aid and then the crying begins and asking where is the government and help from the same government they hate and despises. Is this what America has become a nation of hypocrites, fools, idiots and war mongers?

  30. I think some people need to live the lives before being allowed to talk about them on television. Check out some union contract and some Construction contracts! There is NO black and White to CONTRACTUAL labor! Both sides of a contract have a right to say and ask for something, they can agree or NOT agree and there can be contract or NOT. My question is what did Halliburton and some of the other WAR businesses pay their workers – INCLUDING CEO and BOD!!
    and WAS that OKAY?

  31. From the commentary:

    “The fact that the Senate hasn’t passed the bill that would speed up the litigation process destroyed all of Rep. Goodlatte’s points about how critical it is to the future of our democracy that the House files this lawsuit against President Obama right now.”

  32. Yes, once again they jump on him for little things, routine adjustments that needed to be made to implement a very complicated law. There is a huge difference between CHANGING a law and postponing parts of it.

    Of course had he not postponed these things then they would sue him for that as well.

    If Obama farted in the wind they would sue him.

  33. Yes, but we have to do more than retain the Senate. We must bring the numbers up & make it impossible for the GOPTP to ever have the power to filibuster anything. VOTE!

  34. Signing statements are not the same as executive orders:

    “Presidential signing statements are official pronouncements issued by the President contemporaneously to the signing of a bill into law that, in addition to commenting on the law generally, have been used to forward the President’s interpretation of the statutory language”

    Executive orders:

    “United States Presidents issue executive orders to help officers and agencies of the executive branch manage the operations within the federal government itself.”

    Obama has made 182 and while that sounds like a lot it really isn’t:

    George W 291

    Cinton 364

    Reagan 381

    Nixon 346

    The highest Franklin Roosevelt at a whopping 3,522


    Obama ain’t anywhere near that so WTF are they whining about?

  35. GeneralRemy:WALLACE: And what about the argument by the time this gets settled, Barack Obama will no longer be president, sir?

    Hopefully Hobby lobby will go out of business!!!!!!!!

  36. There is no constitutional crisis being driven by executive overreach that calls for immediate legal action.


    There IS a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS being ignored by the Judiciary which calls for immediate legal action. HOWEVER, because the Constitutional Challenge will demonstrate failure of state and federal judiciaries to address loss of constitutional rights, the judiciary is somewhat embarassed.

    The AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION was behind the sedition and usurpation of the judiciary in every state… it’s necessary to no longer allow the judiciary to make rules for itself. They blew it.


  37. …to be blunt, Goodlatte {not to mention the entire GOP/TP} is so full of shit, any time he{they} open his mouth, a nearby toilet flushes itself from sheer sympathy…
    …a few Fox hosts are asking tough questions…does Not negate Fox being the GOP/TP mouth piece/ propaganda machine…

  38. they didnt impeach clinton, only tried, but again made asses of themselves. would be better if they would man up and do the job the american ppl deserve, not their ideology.

  39. The GOP vendetta against America and the majority of Americans for electing and reelecting President Obama, is despicable. The hateful, hate filled, hate mongering, republican haters and liars are the ruin of this country, there is no redeeming value what so ever in the GOP. They are burning this country to the ground and blaming it on the old ( the President makes us do it ),” we have to destroy the country because of the black President, we can’t take a chance on another Black Man running for the Presidency, so we must destroy the country and blame him “. The republican political party, not needed, not wanted, not relevant, and thanks for proving it over and over and over.

  40. It is also costing the taxpayers money. The teapublicans complain about government spending. So where all you all now? …crickets

  41. The lawsuit will be dismissed on its own lack of merit – no inadmissible, sideshow comment from a cable news outlet is going to have any play in a courtroom.

  42. Funny how Wallace rudely interrupts Becera on every question, but never interrupts Goodlatte. Fake News is a propaganda outlet for the right wing!

  43. artI,7subd. b — He couldn’t grant only federal wages upped in wages, because it says:A citizen or class of citizens may not be granted privileges or immunities not granted on the same terms to all citizens.

  44. Boehner is the captain of a SHIP OF FOOLS who can’t get anything right. They tried to dismantle Obama care (ACA) how many times? 54? and FAILED! Now this? BENGHAZI is now on the Republican’s dunce hat with a the little propeller that spins whenever they scream: Yaaaaah! Benghazi!

  45. The Republicans will fail again at this asinine attempt to injure the President.
    How many times with the vote against Obamacare? 54? they failed there. Now this? Any disguise to IMPEACH falls flat. What a mess up there in the Republican’s House. Geeeze. Poor souls.

  46. The Republican Party needs to stop eliminating votes and start earning them. It needs to stop trying to make the other party look bad so they can look the same. We all know that a one party system will never work. Give us a choice in voting…..

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