Warmongering Neocon Bill Kristol Gets Raked Over The Coals Regarding His Iraq Stance

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During Sunday’s broadcast of ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard and one of the chief architects and cheerleaders of the Iraq War, was absolutely destroyed over his opinion that the United States needs to deploy thousands of troops to Iraq and re-engage in a combat mission. The Nation’s editor, Katrina vanden Huevel, and Matthew Dowd, a former strategist for President George W. Bush, both took Kristol to task regarding his criticism of President Obama regarding Iraq and his insistence that we need to go back into Iraq and fight another war.

Vanden Huevel got the ball rolling. During a panel discussion, vanden Heuvel pivoted from a discussion regarding House Republicans suing President Obama over his executive orders and directly engaged Kristol on Iraq.

VANDEN HEUVEL: I agree with Matt. You do need a legislative branch which asserts its authority. And it’s not to say one doesn’t have problem with executive authority when it comes to drones, or a questionable kill list of Americans, NSA surveillance.

But the balance is out. The balance is off. For example, the president should go to Congress if he’s going to take military action in Iraq. And that was a part of your interview.

And I think we’re sitting here at a moment, George, where we’re talking about John Boehner. But the central question of war and peace for this country, there is no military solution to Iraq.

And I have to say, sitting next to Bill Kristol, man, I mean, the architects of catastrophe that have cost this country trillions of dollars, thousands of lives, there should be accountability.

We should not — if there are no regrets for the failed assumptions that have so grievously wounded this nation, I don’t know what happened to our politics and media accountability. But we need it, Bill, because this country should not go back to war.

We don’t need armchair warriors. And if you feel so strongly, you should, with all due respect, enlist


BOOM! Knockout blow from vanden Heuvel. Kristol tried to brush it off, though. He dismissed her comment with his trademark smug smirk and attempted to claim that Obama’s pulling troops out of Iraq in 2011 is the sole cause of the escalation of violence in Iraq today.

KRISTOL: That’s a very cute line, Katrina, but people…

VANDEN HEUVEL: No, no. But it’s real…


KRISTOL: A million Iraqis…

VANDEN HEUVEL: … because look at the displaced million…

KRISTOL: Thousands of people are being killed…


KRISTOL: Can I just make a point?

VANDEN HEUVEL: A million Iraqis have been displaced. You gave that…



VANDEN HEUVEL: … humanitarian aid for what we have done to that country is a crime.

KRISTOL: We have done to that country? What we did to that country?



STEPHANOPOULOS: Katrina, let him respond.

KRISTOL: Yes, let me respond. The president of the United States, President Obama, said at the end of 2011, we have a stable and peaceful Iraq, thanks to the sacrifices mostly of American soldiers and marines, which we did.

President Bush made mistakes. He was punished for those mistakes electorally, as he should have been, in 2006 and perhaps in 2008. He also had the courage to order the surge in 2007 which made up for those mistakes and left things peaceful.

The president — this president pulled out of Iraq in 2011. He let the Syrian civil war explode. And now we have a terrible situation.


At this point, vanden Heuvel, and then Dowd, both called out Kristol for pushing this load of crap. First, vanden Heuvel pointed out that Obama was adhering to the agreement made between President Bush and Iraq in 2008 when he pulled out all of the troops. She also stated that the solution to this situation isn’t going to be reached via endless war, but through diplomacy. Dowd then piggybacked on her statements and suggested that you can’t fix one mistake by repeating that same mistake.

VANDEN HEUVEL: The president signed an agreement in 2008 with the Iraqi government to withdraw. And President Obama tried to negotiate with Maliki, couldn’t get a Status of Forces Agreement that would give immunity to our troops.

The issue now, and we were talking earlier, this country cannot pour more men, women, money into it. It needs diplomacy. It needs tough political resolution, and bringing the region together.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Isn’t that what the president is doing?


DOWD: I would like to say, I worked for President Bush in his first election, helped him at the White House, worked on his second election, have a son who served in Iraq, two tours of duty in Iraq.

We all know — most everybody knows that this has been a colossal waste of money and men and women — the blood of men and women of our country, over 5,000 people have been killed, our armed services.

And this is going to end up costing us probably $3 trillion when you add all that into — in the moment of this. We don’t fix a first mistake by continuing to make a second mistake. And if you ask anybody that’s an enlisted person in this, they will tell you that the only way this can be solved is you have to commit troops there for 100 years. Any enlisted person says…

STEPHANOPOULOS: That is not going to happen.

DOWD: That is not going to happen. And what we ought to do — and we’re on the 100th anniversary — we were talking about, we’re on the 100th anniversary of the killing of the archduke that brought us into World War I, where the borders of all of these countries were settled back then by European countries.

We are continuing to reap the problem of that in the Middle East in this situation. And I, for one, don’t think we should send another man or another woman over there in a mistake that was made in the first place.


Thankfully, Kristol wasn’t allowed to peddle his wares without harsh pushback. Obviously, a decade-plus after the first Iraq War, the media, as well as the American people in general, realize it was sold a crappy bill of goods by the Bush Administration and aren’t in any mood to go down that road again. Perhaps it is a good thing that we have guys like Kristol still taking up space on television and pushing forth their awful opinions and ideas. Now that they’ve been proven completely and utterly wrong on Iraq, it is high time they take their public beatings.


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29 Replies to “Warmongering Neocon Bill Kristol Gets Raked Over The Coals Regarding His Iraq Stance”

  1. Bet old Kristol was wishing he was on Morning Joe right then. Where he is allowed to spew his crap unfettered.

  2. President Bush made mistakes. He was punished for those mistakes electorally, as he should have been, in 2006 and perhaps in 2008.
    If I’m not mistaken I thought bush was constitutionally forbidden from running again?

    GOP’s Rogue’s gallery of War Hawk Draft Dodger Architects and Cheerleaders:


    All of them should be on a diet of shit sandwiches and washing them down with pee, from the detainees at GITMO.

  3. The things that really bother me about these loud mouth, know nothing conservative white men is they think that they have all the answers. When in reality they know nothing. Back in the old days when they had free fun of the media, God-forbid you contradict them. Now we have intelligent women and minorities, who not only contradict them, but usually shut them down. They hate that, it bothers their egos. I say good because now their stupidity really show.

  4. I really love CVH. Good for her that her tv appearances are pretty rare so what she says carries weight. I’d like to see more of her. Did you see Kristol freaking out then remembering he has to smile the sarcastic smile? Too bad that she lets The Nation comments be overrun by trolls.

  5. Warmongering Neocon Bill Kristol Gets Raked Over The Coals Regarding His Iraq Stance

    Yes he did, he’s been wrong about everything since day one. But I’m willing to bet the ranch that that won’t stop the MSM from continually putting his dumbass on the teevee machine.

  6. Is it just me, or does the media seem to be calling Republicans out more on the issues?

    There are even a couple of incidents of Neo-cons being called out on Fox fake news.

    I hope this is a trend and not just a fluke or two.

  7. “KRISTOL: We have done to that country? What we did to that country?”

    Tore it to pieces, blew it apart, killed untold number of innocent civilians…in other words, what DIDN’T we do to that country?

    Then there is the damage to our country caused by that unnecessary war: thousands of soldiers dead, thousands more injured, some catastrophically, billions upon billions of dollars spent, our image around the world has barely recovered.

    War is not the answer in Iraq. It wasn’t then and it sure isn’t now.

  8. Who the hell is bill Kristol to say anything about the war?? He is a nothing, he holds no title and if he is so gung ho about gong back in then Ktrina was right in telling him he should enlist and he should. He wants our kids to die for what?? The Iraqis didn’t listen and learn from our troops after 9 freakng yrs. and they are going to learn now??? No, this is their fight and they can go it alone.

  9. And when our GI’s get back home they’re treated shittier than they were over there. Damned Reteaglicans.

  10. I’m sick and tired of Repubs like Kristol, saying the civil war in Iraq, is because Obama didn’t leave any troops in Iraq. Kristol knows darn well that Bush signed with withdrawal agreement without any immunity for keeping US troops in Iraq. Maliki wanted our troops out of Iraq by the end of 2008. I’m glad to see Kristol was put in his place by Katrina vanden Huevel and Matthew Dowd.

    Bush, Cheney and the neo-cons created the current conditions that exist in Iraq.

  11. Well Bill, the ball is in your court. You’re always gung ho for any potential conflict.
    The National Post has an article about a Montreal student who put it on the line by going to Libya to help oust Gadaffi. The Mackenzie-Papineau Brigade was all idealistic volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.
    When are you shipping out?
    Methinks that all your testosterone is in your larynx but below the equator…Hello Kitty.

  12. Bernie, and did you notice Kristol’s belittling response? “That’s a cute line.” That told me more than I care to know about Kristol’s mindset. What an asshole he is.

  13. I am sick of people like 5 deferment Cheny, Romney who ran away during Viet Nam amd Kristol talking about troops like they are just something to be used and abused as needed. The same party that says we cannot afford the VA. There should be a draft – no exceptions, even for rich kids in future wars. That would perhaps calm them a bit.
    There are hundreds of thousands of ex military who are now denied unemployment compensation, as well as those without medical care.
    Money for war? No problem!

  14. That he’s partly responsible for elevating Palin to the national stage should negate his opinion on anything.

  15. Money for war? No problem!
    I wonder why we didn’t hear about this till now.
    Blackwater’s Top Manager Threatened To Kill State Department Investigator
    WASHINGTON — Just weeks before Blackwater guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square in 2007, the State Department began investigating the security contractor’s operations in Iraq. But the inquiry was abandoned after Blackwater’s top manager there issued a threat: “that he could kill” the government’s chief investigator and “no one could or would do anything about it as we were in Iraq,” according to department reports.

    American Embassy officials in Baghdad sided with Blackwater rather than the State Department investigators as a dispute over the probe escalated in August 2007, the previously undisclosed documents show. The officials told the investigators that they had disrupted the embassy’s relationship with the security contractor and ordered them to leave the country, according to the reports.

    Blackwater was rewarded contracts worth billions and our troops was paid peanuts and have to fight for basic healthcare.

  16. “That’s very cute, Katrina, but…”

    As if any man would be so snidely derided in the first sentence and no one would say anything. I would have stopped him right there. “No war against women” my eye!

  17. And one more thing, since the Bush recession, while we all were getting poorer, our vets were waiting for healthcare because the GOP
    kept cutting the budget, does anyone know how Mitch McConnell’s net worth grew from 4 million to 44 million dollars, perhaps he invested in Blackwater.

  18. Oh, sure, it’s always easier to send other people’s sons/daughters, husbands/wives off to war in Iraq or anywhere else in the world!

    However, there’s a better solution for the neocons and their clarion call to send troops into combat — send the entire Bush administration, their families and we’ll be rid of them for good. After all, THEY are the ones who lied and created this mess in the first place! They deserve the “honor”!

  19. Mitch McConnell’s net worth grew from 4 million to 44 million dollars, perhaps he invested in Blackwater.
    Remember is wife was Labor Secretary her father, James Chao, had the luck not only to attend one of his country’s finest universities with Jiang Zemin, the future leader of the People’s Republic, but also to fall in with the immensely powerful Shanghai-born family the Tungs, who shifted their operations to Taiwan for a time.

    The Tung dynasty is powerful in Chinese politics and business to this day. Hong Kong’s first chief executive after reunification with mainland China was Tung Chee Hwa, the first child of the magnate Tung Chao Yung, in whose Maritime Trust company James Chao got his start. James Chao married into another powerful family: the Hsus. His wife’s family would later operate a shipping empire in Hong Kong.

    This paper finds a link between the sharp drop in U.S. manufacturing employment after 2001 and the
    elimination of trade policy uncertainty resulting from the U.S. granting of permanent normal trade
    relations to China in late 2000.

  20. djchefron:
    Add Charles KRAUTHEIMMER to your list. The smug editorialist and pundit is a constant thorn in the arse to Obama on Iraq also. He is also one of those “patriots” who favored PUTIN’s so called rampage in the Crimea and called Obama out for not doing anything to stop Putin! The miserable warmonger was goading Obama into a fight with Russia! Over the Ukraine/Crimea! Can you believe that! ?? Obama used his head and a lot of sanctions against Putin and his cadre—Putin blinked.
    The squeeze was effective. I don’t see these Putin lovers making any more comments on the favorable outcome. Noooo, they preferred if Putin had continued to “poke Obama in the eye”. Disgusting bunch of Right Wing Conservative pukes. As far as I am concerned.

  21. I find it very strange that all of these “Architects” and “Cheerleaders” for the Iraq intervention are allowed on TV and Radio to “defend” their position for the SHOCK AND AWE fiasco in Iraq. And are now given air time to shift the current chaos in Iraq on Obama! What’s up with that? And they should be shamed into the gutter by a more forceful pushback by many more critics, pundits, TV hosts, bloggers and every parent of Military man and women who died and were damaged by that war. A groundswell of loud voices should be putting those smug faces into the mud. And a subtle STFU campaign should be started. Don’t let them get away with pinning the shambles of Iraq on Obama. The ISIS uprising can be put at Malikis doorstep. He is in charge, isn’t he? He’s got the Army, doesn’t he? Why call us back to defend them? After so mamy years training their sorry arses to defend themselves with the best weapons, etc. And a rag tag bunch of Militants takes the upperhand? Come on!

  22. they consider Americas’ money to be THEIR money. THEY are REAL Americans. The other 99.5 % should shut their mouths and do what they are told.

  23. They send other people to do their dirty work and take responsibility for nothing. Thousands of dead…. Trillions of taxpayer money transferred to defense contractors…What’s the problem ? As long as their secret societies get more power and money.

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