Democrats Promise To Do What The Supreme Court Won’t – Stand Up for Women’s Rights


As Republicans celebrate, congressional Democrats are fighting back with a statement that said in part, “If the Supreme Court isn’t willing to protect women’s rights, House Democrats will.”

In a statement, the chairman of the DCCC, Rep. Steve Israel said, “This decision by the Supreme Court is both disappointing and disturbing and further reinforces that we need to put a Democratic majority in control of Congress. Republicans in Congress have long made it clear that their ideological agendas come before a women’s right to access quality, affordable health care, and now the Supreme Court is only piling on even more. There is no question that this decision makes it harder for women across the country to access the care they need. Women’s health care decisions should be made by a woman and her doctor, not her boss. If the Supreme Court isn’t willing to protect women’s rights, House Democrats will.”

The five male conservative justices on the Supreme Court did significant damage to the future of the Republican Party today. The Koch fueled majority dumped gasoline all over the inferno that swallowed up Republicans in 2012. The Supreme Court isn’t going to protect women’s rights. The Republican Party is actively attempting to roll back women’s rights, so Democrats are standing alone when it comes to protecting the rights of women.

As my colleague Sarah Jones pointed out, “That noise you just heard was death rattle gasp of the GOP tent. The Republican Party now officially stands for taking access to birth control (life-saving) away from women, as well as regulating a woman’s eggs even before they are implanted. That’s a super interesting way of standing for “freedom”, but one that will not stand the test of time.”

Republicans and conservatives are celebrating a decision that is sowing the seeds of their own demise. This is similar to when Republicans celebrated the 2000 ruling that made George W. Bush president while being completely oblivious of the fact that the rise of Bush the younger marked the beginning of the Republican Party’s grand decline.

Women and men aren’t just angry. They are going to do more than come out to vote. Women, and the men who support their rights are taking over. Today’s Supreme Court ruling was a victory only in the sense that it made it clear to the country where Republicans stand on the rights of women. The platform that women are not equal citizens who don’t deserve equal rights is not a winning formula in a nation that is a majority female.

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  1. Ladies, find your jeans and buy a pair of shit-kickers if you don’t already have some.

  2. I think this is different. Lets take where we heard all before, filibuster reform, the real deal. Now ask yourself if you grab 10 people off the street and ask them to define it and then how would it effect your lives, how many could give you a answer? 10%, 25%? And that’s being kind.

    Now this is a hot potato. It might be how you frame it because right now the American Taliban with the help of the lapdog media is framing it into something totally innocent.

    Now if the DEMS message is republicans have just made you second class citizens separate but unequal in your own health decisions I think that would resonate.

  3. November 4th, 2014 – Mark your calendars, ladies (and gentlemen who support them)!

    Time to vote the rethuglican’s OUT.

    Time to show them how incredibly shortsighted they’ve been in underestimating the women of the United States of America.

    Just for shits and giggles, maybe we can introduce a bill taking Viagra off of the “covered by insurance” list, along with the penis pumps ;) After all, turn about is fair play – and (unlike birth control) those items are rarely (if ever) a “medical necessity” – seeing as how they are mostly used by men who waved goodbye to their “reproductive usefulness” years ago!

  4. How many men have sex and want to leave the “protective sex” to the ladies? Do men want to be having sex with women who don’t use bc pills or devices? Do they want to be having families of seven and eight children? I don’t believe this only affects women. Men need to stand against this ruling also.
    If women can’t get birth control through their employer maybe they just need to go to to get birth control without a prescription and without supporting the American-based pharmaceutical companies. Just my opinion.

  5. I like the way you think. It’s what I’ve been saying for years. The right is good at framing their message: hammer home issues that are close the heart and easy to understand.

    Birth control (for both men and women) definitely fit in that category. We need to repeat it everywhere, everyday between now and November!

  6. Most certainly the Republican’s assume we will forget by the time elections hit.As any man will tell you, women never forget! This WAR ON WOMEN has to be stopped, NOW!Our Daughters,Granddaughters and Great Granddaughters should never have to go through what the women in their families have gone through.Stand up and fight! Pull out Anne Murray’s, I AM WOMAN.We are voting and in huge numbers. Hear us roar!

  7. Is there any question left about the supreme court and their support of the American Taliban? This has set the precedent for the American Taliban to turn our country into a theocracy. Vote this year like your lives depend on it, because they do.

  8. The doo-doo is hitting the fan and we have the majority to correct this wrong impose on us by the AMERICAN TALIBAN

    The good part of this terrible Court ruling is that it gave Democrats plenty of ammunition to make that point to voters. Speaking of voters, the vast majority of them is on the side of Democrats on this one.

    55% to 32% I say this issue is full of Winner, winner Chicken dinner

  9. You are so correct. I remember all the time and you couldn’t get BC unless you were married and also remember prior to roevs wade and women died from illegal abortions. There are more women than men voters-lets shows them in November what happens when women get angry

  10. Dear Democrats:

    And how, do tell, Democrats, are you going to accomplish this? Originate legislation in the house repealing the far-reaching theocratic christo-fascist RFRA? Nope, that won’t fly. Advocate for single payer so we avoid this problem altogether? Nope, the “I got mine, screw you” crowd don’t wanna pay for nobody else’s concerns (they don’t understand the concept of insurance, y’see).

    No, we’ll stamp our feets and bray but there will be no effective legislation anyone can do to reassert the rights of ordinary working people in the face of these soulless corps(es).

    And what about the religious beliefs of employees? People who want their holy days off? People who are observant of some other non-majority religion instead of the church o’ Rome or the dominionist evangelical types?

    1789 France is calling my name. Anybody else up for it?

  11. Does anyone care about the rights of the employers? Obviously not. This country is definitely on the wrong track and it is not due to Republicans. It is due to the likes of the community organizer you elected – twice.

  12. Individuals have rights, Karyn, not companies.

    Perhaps when you say “employers” you mean the individual owners of a company. Certainly as individuals, they have rights the same as everyone else. But companies that they may own are THINGS – they are not people, they are not individuals.

    See what’s happened here today, Karyn, is that corporations were just given more religious freedom than you as an individual enjoy. They were given more freedom than what the owners of Hobby Lobby itself enjoy. They gained nothing as individuals. Their company gained something of course – the right to trump its beliefs over those of the employees.

    But that’s okay right, so long as the media trumps it as a “loss” for the President? You’re not even thinking about what has actually happened with this ruling.

    This is a bad ruling, Karyn – FOR YOU and your fellow Americans.

    Sleep tight.

  13. @Karyn. Ok, say big LLC corporations have rights. Now, look at the last several 5-4 decisions after Bush V Gore. All seems to favor corporate “personhood” and gives corporations rights over your poor ignorant life. Many people died establishing your right to be ignorant of your surroundings. I mean, without Unions, who really took a double hit with this ruling and the other 5-4 disaster created the rights you have as a worker in the USA. But, I assume you are a stepford, submissive, cancervative, stay at homer that has never worked or wanted your kids to have equal rights.

  14. I have not shopped at Hobby Lobby for over a year now and will likely never set foot in their store again. However, since it is okay to hound people on a sidewalk it should be fun to harass customers and ask them why they are supporting a company who could not give a rat’s behind about women and who buy their products from China, where there is quite a bit of abortion happening on a daily basis.

  15. There’s always a Karyn. Not worth the time or effort to educate. Purposely ignorant and happy about it.

  16. If men were the ones getting pregnant, birth control would be as common as candy, available for free, and most likely be bacon flavored. Truth.

  17. Here’s a more important take on the hobby lobby situation, the GOP though the SCOTUS is slowly destroying DECADES of progress FOUGHT for on women’s rights, voters rights, civil rights,!! and where are our so called HEROS??? the same democratic party my dumb A$S keeps sending MONEY to just basically lays there and whines!! when is the democratic party finally going to fight back??!!! I’m beginning to think both parties are playing us for FOOLS!! the dems raised record level donations after the boehner lawsuit!! it seems our political parties are crying wolf and fleecing people for cash!! Until the democratic party decides to start SERIOUSLY pushing back against the GOP’s fascist, NEO CONFEDERATE party, nobody will 100% believe the dems are committed to fighting for democracy!!

  18. BTW, the GOP’s membership includes something like 45% women, what are those ladies thinking???!!! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Stockholm syndrome is a unbelievable!!

  19. Excellent comment Paws. I couldn’t have explained this ruling any more simply & politely than you have to the likes of the @Karyn commenter. I always enjoy reading your comments.

  20. I wonder about republican women myself. They must be the women who grew up in misogynistic homes and were never taught to respect themselves. They are the women who are still trying to “win” daddy’s love and approval by whatever means necessary. Even if it is debasing themselves.

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