Men Behaving Badly! Right-Wing Males Act Like Jerks After SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby Decision


On Monday, the Supreme Court gave their decision in the Hobby Lobby case. By a 5-4 majority along ideological lines, the court ruled in favor of two companies run by Christian owners. The owners of these two ‘closely held’ companies, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga, argued that they should not be required to offer contraceptives under their insurance plans due to religious objections. Obviously, this opens the door for other companies to claim ‘religious freedom’ in order to skirt the law, whether it is discriminating against gays and lesbians or attempting to deny their employees other mandated provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

Male conservative members of the media, as well as Republican men in office, decided to act like a bunch of adolescent jerks after SCOTUS made the announcement and released the decision. Instead of touting the decision in a respectful manner, many of the men resorted to female bashing, slut shaming and overall bad behavior. In doing so, they have once again proven that they’d rather alienate and offend large swaths of this country’s population rather than become a truly inclusive and compassionate political party.

Perusing Twitter, I came up with the following awful and disgusting tweets from some of the most well-known names of conservative media. First off, let’s take a look at Fox News’ Eric Bolling:


Classy, Eric. Real classy. Of course, when bringing up Sandra Fluke, it automatically makes one think of El Rushbo. What did Rush Limbaugh have to say about the decision?

Now, despite what many on the left are saying today, despite what you probably are gonna hear from a lot of people on the left, birth control is not what was banned by the Supreme Court. That’s not what was on the docket, so to speak. In the Hobby Lobby case, narrow though it may be, the Supreme Court, by 5-4 majority decision, defended liberty. And it should be noted that even after this decision, birth control remains widely available. It is dirt cheap no matter where you want to go get it. The fact is, if you wanted to be entirely — well, not entirely — if you wanted to be somewhat negative about this, you could say that the most appalling thing about today’s decision is that we had to even endure it, that we had to even go through this.

You see women. Birth control is “dirt cheap.” If you work at Hobby Lobby, you just need to hop on over to Target and pay a few bucks, and–VOILA!–you have the medication you need. Not to be outdone, Erick Erickson decided to do some slut shaming on Twitter.  

Fox News’ resident weasel, Todd Starnes, also got in on the action. Essentially, he equated Plan B and other contraceptives to abortion and said that the decision was a victory for unborn babies and that Christians are no longer going to be forced to fund others’ abortions.



Now it wasn’t just about slut-shaming and rubbing the decision in women’s faces. Of course, when it comes to today’s conservatives, all things must lead to Obama. Therefore, we had a number of republicans and conservative media members mock Obama over the decision.

Here we have Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal:


Fox News’ idiot savant, Steve Doocy, also weighed in:  


Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) claimed that this “protected religious freedom from the overreach of the Obama administration.”



In the end, I hope that the right-wing men had their fun on Monday. Because, by acting like childish buffoons, they once again show that the GOP tent is shrinking and only appears to have room for a small subsection of this nation. Laugh it up while you can, Republicans.

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