Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wants to Invade Mexico


ArpaioSheriff Joe Arpaio wants to send U.S. troops into Mexico to put an end to immigration from “South of the Border, Down Mexico Way,” at its source.

Sheriff Joe doesn’t say how, precisely, U.S. troops would accomplish their mission once we’ve got boots on the ground but as we know from Iraq, Republicans don’t actually worry about such things. He probably doesn’t know, any more than Bush knew, what, precisely, is supposed to happen next.

In the simplistic realm in which most Republicans seem to operate, he probably assumes their mere presence would be enough. It scarce needs be said that this is the same sort of thinking that turned the American interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq into such quagmires.

According to Newsmax, Arpaio appeared Sunday on the Aaron Klein Investigative Radio show” and “was asked how he would handle the problem if he were president.


“If we are worried about the danger, then I would send the military across the border, work with their military bilaterally and get the job done,” Arpaio answered.

Listen to the audio via Newsmax:

Arpaio even thinks the Mexican president would give his approval to the intervention, demonstrating a level of naiveté that is almost criminal.

“I would just go in there and have a few drinks with him and get the job done,” Arpaio told Klein.


And the Iraqis will welcome us as liberators.

How often will we be forced to listen to this same song and dance?

Conservatives suck it up because it presents them with the world they want to believe they live in. That it bears no resemblance to the world they do actually live in seems to bother them not at all.

America has invaded Mexico before. You would think Arpaio might be sensitive to this history. One would imagine the Mexicans would be. History has shown Mexicans that when American soldiers arrive, they don’t go home without some territory. The so-called “Mexican Cession” of 1848 created California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona and provided sizeable chunks of real estate to New Mexico and Colorado.

Nervous Mexico: This is what happens when armed Americans enter Mexico
Nervous Mexico: This is what happens when armed Americans enter Mexico

It could be that Arpaio buys into the whole “Aztlan” fantasy bigots at World Net Daily and elsewhere get worked up about, that is, the creation of a sort of modern Aztec state comprising the territories of the 1848 cession. They get all up in arms about a “radical anti-U.S. separatist group” but think it’s okay to have their own “radical anti-U.S. separatist groups” because their own groups, you see, are white guys.


A sane person can see an American intervention turning into a guerilla war our country is ill-equipped to fight after Republican misadventures in the Middle East but that’s not Joe’s problem. He’s not leading the troops. Your sons and daughters will be taking the bullets for his visions of self-aggrandizement. “Old Blood and Dollars” is probably the best sobriquet we can bestow on any Republican hawk.

Hey, I know, why don’t we let Arpaio send Steven Segal and his Freikorps:


Or Chuck Norris?


Chuck Norris winning the drug war would spawn a whole new level of Chuck Norris meme:


Arpaio is not the first Republican, of course, to fantasize about invading Mexico since the Mexican War: Rick Perry shared his fantasies of invading Mexico before he fantasized about moving to California. This was 2010. In 2011, Indiana Rep. Dan Burton (R) suggesting invading Mexico as a way of winning the war on drugs, reasoning we are already at war and that all we’re missing is the armies.

Republicans love war. It doesn’t matter who it’s against or why. It’s the easiest solution to any problem they can think of. In this case their ignorance is almost amusing, as they seem to be saying of the Southwest “Hey, look, we stole this fair and square! You can’t have it back!”

Of course, it belonged to neither Americans or Mexicans to begin with but to Native American tribes. Maybe we ought to give it back.

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  1. Sheriff Joke is a media whore blowhard whose dementia is quietly surfacing. Both Seagall and Norris are avid Sheriff Joke supporters as is poopy-boy Nugent. I think they are all way beyond the sanity border, each doing their own version of self-aggrandizement amidst personal delusion and social irrelevance.

  2. Arpaio is still investigating Obamas birth certificate, so what does that tell you? I favor getting the sane people out of Texas and letting Mexico have it back.

    Seagal is buddies with Putin so I consider him a traitor at this point. As far as Norris he needs to stick to his infomercials.

  3. This is why we cant have nice things and the sad thing is Sheriff poo-poo has cost the Arizona taxpayers over 70 million in civil suits and they keep reelecting him.


  4. The scared little white retirees in Sun City keep reelecting Sheriff Joke because they’re terrified of brown people. Most of them have no clue that a substantial part of Arizona’s Hispanic population was here long before they ever even heard of Arizona.

  5. And of course in their world, just like in Iraq and Afghanistan, the troops will have to stay there for DECADES. Hey it feeds the military industrial complex right? Gawd these bitches are SO desperate for ANOTHER war.

  6. Oh, you’re much too polite…but I’m not!

    Sheriff “Pinky Pants” lives beyond the boundaries of illusion; he’s now fading into the dimensions of the Twilight Zone…having a few drinks with the Prez of Mexico. Talk about fantasy! Baw’hahaha!

    The real Joe Arapio is dead inside; everyone knows it but himself. He has smothered his human sanity, plus his social boundaries in order to worship at alter of illusions. It’s as if he smothered under layers of a “Donny Broscoe” persona, slathered a top with “Dr Demento” frosting, topped with “Low Men” mask…DOA, gone, no one at home.

    He and all his cohorts are socially irrelevant because they are socially re*tarded (yeah, I said it). Nothing phases them because nothing goes “in” as long as they keeping play their mental loop “out” believing it will eventually drown out the rest of reality.

    Conclusion: the bigger picture, “the plan” is nothing more than sucking reality from the “living” in order to survive on….

  7. Serious fantasy issues. However, Hrafnkell, the Mexicans are/were by and large Native Americans. Remember areas of control crossed our national borders. I spend a fair amount of time in Mexico and most Mexicans I know are prouder of their Indio heritage than their Spanish.

  8. He has no business in anything outside of maricopa county, he is unfortunately the sheriff of maricopa county no the United States!!!!!!!!

  9. One of these days we are going to find this fascist desert bully boy dressed in pink with his mouth full of bologna sandwiches hanging by his heels like Mussolini.

  10. Let’s hope so, I have my fingers crossed. I’m hoping for a hit run myself. Or maybe a hot box like he did the Mexican girl.

  11. By which you mean a Mexican helicopter drifted a hundred yards over the border while pursuing a suspect, and nobody was hurt.

  12. Real life DR. Demento; old guy yelling at the Mexican Kids to get off his lawn; lots of hose kids are citizens of the good ole USA.

  13. You have to be kidding. Sheriff Joe let anyone else have part of the glory. He plans to march his posse across the border and be greeted as liberators. Remember how well that happened last time?

  14. Joe Arpaio in the news again? I thought he was gone for good! He is an abomination to democracy and to the American way of life. We don’t need or want him.

    Get lost Joe and never return!

  15. Well…..I for one…..would suit up the good sheriff Joe, with the best bullet proof vest, flak jacket, ammo pouches full of realistic dummy rounds, a good helmet, cheap night vision googles, dummy grenades, back pack full of WWII style C-rats, a couple canteens of water….all the best that Arizona can buy him.

    Then insert him behind the imaginary enemy lines, in the middle of the night. The further south, the better. Then just forget about him, while he is down there single handedly conquering who ever.

    But on another note, personally, I think we are going to see an attempt to take back those areas of the country. I am not fooling or spreading rumors about that. Those guerilla, aren’t in place, but they are coming.

  16. I’ve been saying for a looooong time, ANNEX Mexico and all of Central America down to the canal. They want to live in the USA, fine! Bring the Mountain to Mohamed. Then we can clean up that cesspool for good! First, though, we need to kick all these liberals out of office, and back to the trailer parks they oozed out of, build our military so strong, we can kick any country’s a** in the world without breaking a sweat. Time to put a stop to this BS, and straighten this world out! Anyone who disagrees with me is a goo goo nitwit, and belongs in Joe’s “tent city”!

  17. Republican Jack Williams, elected Governor of Arizona in the late 70’s actually did invade Mexico with National Guard troops. They were immediately called back by the federal government.
    His reason, there were street riots in San Luis, just South of Yuma, AZ. He pulled the troops back, and then sent arms and ammunition to the Federales.

  18. To annex Mexico would be easy without any military intervention. Just buy it, as we all know our government can print any amount of money it wants to. It can also spend any amount it wants to. So buy it from the Mexican government. Or pay the Mexican president off under the table. Harry Reid would love to bargain that deal. Or I’m quite sure the present administration would have no shortage of volunteers to brokerage the deal.

  19. The pilot and helicopter, I’m assuming is Mexican. If so the Pilot needs to be arrested for crossing the border with guns. He needs to be put away for the rest of his days. just following Mexico’s Lead.

  20. You are obviously slamming the administration, but ANY administration would want Mexico. They are our second largest oil supplier.

    Nice try.

  21. Mexico allows the cartels to have guns, but God forbid an American crosses the border with a gun. How many think this is fair?

  22. If The Mexicans don’t want to be liberated, then what are they doing in this country. Also let’s stop all foreign aid.

  23. You dont see the difference? You dont understand the situation? You dont think Mexico is at war with the cartels? Are you really this incredibly uneducated?

  24. I’m 100% for annexing Mexico. And you just gave another good reason for doing so. And everything said about the administration is true. The past 6 years is proof. Like it or not.

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