The Supreme Court May Get Hillary Clinton Elected President With Hobby Lobby Ruling


Hillary Clinton demonstrated why the Hobby Lobby ruling might turn out to be the GOP’s worst nightmare, by ripping and mocking the High Court’s decision.


Clinton was asked about the ruling at the Aspen Ideas Festival. She said, “I disagree with the reasoning as well as the conclusion. I find it deeply disturbing we are going in that direction. You know part of the reason I was so adamant about including women and girls in our foreign policy, not as a luxury, but as a central issue is because they’re often the canaries in the mine. You watch women and girls being deprived of their rights. Some of them never have them. Some of them lose them, and among those rights is control over their bodies, control over their own healthcare, control over the size of their families, and it is a disturbing trend that you see in a lot of societies that are unstable, anti-democratic and, frankly, prone to extremism, where women’s bodies are used as the defining and unifying issue to bring together people — men — to get them to behave in ways that are disadvantageous to women but prop up rulers.”

Former Sec. Clinton added, “It’s troubling a sales clerk at Hobby Lobby who needs contraception — which is pretty expensive — is not going to get that service through her employer’s health care plan because her employer doesn’t think she should be using contraception…This kind of decision raises serious questions.”

Clinton mocked the claim by Justice Anthony Kennedy that the government could step in and provide free contraception to women whose employers won’t cover it, “That raises all kinds of issues. Does mean that whoever wrote that concurrence is in favor of a single payer system for contraception? I think there are a lot of interesting questions, but before we get to the interesting questions, I think there should be a real outcry against this kind of decision.”

She called the decision a really slippery slope and defended her husband for signing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act while he was president, “Bill signed in the ’90s, because at that point there were legitimate cases of discrimination against religions. The people who wanted to build a church or a synagogue or a mosque in a community, and they fit into the zoning but the community was saying ‘we don’t want one of those in our community.’ You know, that was blatant discrimination on the basis of religion.”

Former Sec. Clinton was correct. The Supreme Court ruling was what political scientists call an unintended consequence. President Clinton had no idea when he signed the bill into the law that the intent of the bill would be warped decades later and used to deny women access to contraception. Bill Clinton can’t be blamed for the outcome of the Hobby Lobby case.

It will be interesting to see how the man that the Republicans nominate for president in 2016 will be able to argue that women don’t deserve to control their own bodies, and have a say in their own healthcare decisions, with Hillary Clinton standing across from him on stage.

Out of all of the responses to the decision, Mrs. Clinton’s put what the conservative majority on the Supreme Court did perfectly into context. This is not the behavior of a forward moving society. This was an anti-democratic ruling that represented the extremism of the conservative movement in this country.

It is too soon to tell, but someday historians may point to the Hobby Lobby decision as one of the key moments that got Hillary Clinton elected president. Women may be motivated and ready to deliver the final blow to the conservative misogynists by electing Hillary Clinton president in 2016.

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  1. Let’s hope so! They’re ways around this contraception rule. Some alignments deemed medically necessary require oral contraceptives as treatment such as, endometriosis, severe menstrual cramps, heavy menstrual cycles due to fibroids, etc… Currently Catholic hospitals and their out reach clinics can not prescribe oral contraceptives. The physicians get around this issue by the conditions above! It’s all in the coding. Hobby Lobby will be paying for birth control, just not indicated to prevent pregnancy. Their employees need flyers explaining this!

  2. I emailed Hobby Lobby just now, right from their home page. It will in interesting to see if I get a response. I blasted them for supporting good from China and their forced abortion policies. I blasted them for allowing Viagra to be a covered med, while denying their female employees control over their own family decisions. I urge everyone to make sure Hobby Lobby knows we do not support this ruling, and will not be buying anything from them in the future. Do it today!

  3. Will do. I don’t know this company, but from what I read, they get cheap stuff from China.

  4. We need to focus on the here and now, 2016 will take care of itself. We need to turn out in November in numbers to big to ignore. Set a precedent for a mid term election. Keep the Senate and make gains in the House.

    Against all odds we put President Obama in the White House and reelected him. We have the numbers. It is just a matter of turn out.

    The GOP cannot win a national election. They know it. That’s why they have taken to winning state elections and wanting states rights. They need to be stopped on every level. I don’t care if it is a run for mayor, a run for a school board, dog catcher, whatever. They have to denied any control over any publicly elected office. VOTE!

  5. …sometimes I hate it when I’m right…Hobby Lobby is officially on my Shit List…you might put it on yours…

  6. I’m sick and tired of being told that free contraception for women is giving them control of their bodies. Really?! All that means is they can try to avoid getting pregnant. That doesn’t prevent them being manipulated by men into having sex whether they really want to or not.

  7. It doesnt prevent the grass from growing either. But the pill does allow people who are married to have sex when they want to. It does allow unmarried people to have sex when they want to. Not all sex comes from a woman being manipulated. Thatsn a very scary concept and not sure where you would get that from.

    Getting or not getting pregnant requires you to have control of your body. A child would know that

  8. Contraception is not free.

    If you have insurance, you pay a premium for the coverage.

    How do you feel about “free” blood pressure medicine? How about cholesterol medication? How about any other preventative medication?

    If it’s preventative, you do not pay a co-pay. Contraception is preventative and as a part of preventative coverage it should, like the others, be covered at no co-pay.

    It doesn’t mean it’s free. You’re paying for that benefit.

    Honestly, do you even understand what the mandate was about? Do you understand what this ruling actually means for you, me, and everyone else – male and female?

    I don’t know why I ask you those questions. It is clear you do not understand.

  9. The notion that reproductive activity does not have results within the realm of medicine is very quaint, to put it mildly. Somehow modern medicine can be applied to everything except sexual activity by women. Men’s vasectomies and viagra coverage are considered insurable medical conditions. But contraception and pregnancy are not?

  10. The ruling ONLY applies to the HHS mandate and that was made perfectly clear in their ruling, but NOT in the popular media outcry. The HHS failed to prove that forcing “closely held” corporations to participate in abortion (by paying for it) was their only option to provide this “service” to women. Also, people are failing to mention that Hobby Lobby DOES supply 16 of the 20 “mandated” contraceptives–they only oppose the abortion inducing methods such as RU-486 (“Plan B” or morning after pill) and certain IUD’s, which cause early termination of pregnancy AFTER cenception. The popular media deceptively continues to call these “birth control” methods “contraceptives”, when they do NOT in fact prevent conception; they prevent birth of an already conceived human life.

  11. The SCOTUS decision on this issue would make the Taliban proud. Also the monarchs in Saudi Arabia are chuckling: ”
    See I told you women NEED to be controlled and denied freedom to choose what’s good for them by us men”
    There, our SCOTUS has gone into Taliban world and came up with this outrageous nonsensical “decision”.

  12. Say, here’s a thought…what if the plan is to have Hilary out there as the “nominee” in ’16 to draw out all the ire and fire of the Republican Tea Party? Then, at the Democratice National Convention, Hilary announces that Elizabeth Warren is the named nominee and puts all of her support behind Lizzie? Wouldn’t that be a surprising coup on the Democratic Party’s part?

  13. That’s deliberately misrepresentation of what happened, because although Hobby Lobby had been providing contraceptives under protest, they made it clear they were going to eliminate that if the Supreme Court gave them the go-ahead.

  14. No, but there needs to be a way that justices can be held for and removed due to ethics violations. We need justices who can hold their own religious motivations to themselves and to their own lives. A specific religious agenda should in no way be part and parcel of a ruling, but it has been shown to be so by a couple of our sitting justices. The conservatives on this Roberts SCOTUS not only reflect the anti-democracy bias within the current fundamentalistic conservative movement within our society, but also shows how joined a the hip the fundamental Christian religiosity is with the political landscape in our national governing. The latter is at the core diametrically opposed to the tenets of our Constitution, the law of the land. The theocracy this Roberts SCOTUS is moving us towards is no different than the politically established Sharia law of Islamic nations. The hypocrisy of the fundamental Christian is they refuse to acknowledge that.

  15. Problem is within red states, there is often no alternative but a singular Republican candidate, so they often win by default with a miniscule of votes. I refuse to vote for any Republican and so will not vote for the singular candidate, leaving it blank. We need an option on the ballot that says “None” and if “None” gets a majority of the vote, than another election needs to be held with different candidates. We also need a requirement that there needs to be at least two candidates, each representing a different political party, on the ballot. Having said all that, I’m getting to the point where I’m thinking a citizen draft system for public office might be better for us as a society. I for one am so tired of the moneyed corruption within the current system of electing our governing bodies.

  16. It would seem that the supreme court now needs a separate court to review the constitutionality of its own decisions. So long first amendment.

  17. I truly hope that Hillary will be the next President for a number of reasons. She can do the job, she can help women because she cares, she knows her way around congress, and I sincerely hope we can get a Dem majority in the House and the Senate, and get this country rolling again. I also hope she can then get some legislation thru congress, such as a Women’s Bill of Rights to undo the harm done by the Tbags this past 4 years. Our bodies are not government property, and they have no right to legislate us. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives them the right to mandate our bodies, men and women! Our rights should never be dictated by the religion of an entity such as Hobby Lobby, I don’t care how religious the family is, they have no right to push it off on us. VOTE BLUE!


  18. Tree, your science is wrong. RU-486 (Plan B or “the morning after pill”) as well as IUDs are not abortifacients. They are indeed contraceptives just like the other 16 medications on the “approved list”. They do not “induce” abortion or cause “early termination of pregnancy”. What these medications do, in fact, is prevent an egg from implanting in the lining of an uterus, or even disrupt the egg from being released as normal. And egg that can’t implant is just that… an egg. It can not grow and be nourished. Please, learn your facts before you spread false information.

  19. This article and the responses are a result of the dishonesty of the left. The company isn’t objecting to birth control, it is objecting to covering 4 of the 20 “birth-control” methods that constitute abortion, i.e. those that cause the death of a fertilized egg, which is a violation of the company’s religious beliefs.

  20. It pays of an IUD which causes a fertilized egg to be expelled?

    WTF are you talking about
    How it works
    Both types of IUD prevent fertilization of the egg by damaging or killing sperm. The IUD also affects the uterine lining (where a fertilized egg would implant and grow).
    Hormonal IUD. This IUD prevents fertilization by damaging or killing sperm and making the mucus in the cervix thick and sticky, so sperm can’t get through to the uterus. It also keeps the lining of the uterus (endometrium) from growing very thick.1 This makes the lining a poor place for a fertilized egg to implant and grow. The hormones in this IUD also reduce menstrual bleeding and cramping.
    Copper IUD. Copper is toxic to sperm. It makes the uterus and fallopian tubes produce fluid that kills sperm. This fluid contains white blood cells, copper ions, enzymes, and prostaglandins
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  21. Dumb, dumb and dumb! When will you republicans start thinking for yourselves and stop with the fact free talking points!! You’ll be the ruination of our country!!!!

  22. “Bill Clinton can’t be blamed for the outcome of the Hobby Lobby case”

    Yes he can. He is a Christian extremist that was repeatedly warned that the bill he was asked to sign was an anti-American assault against our country and, being a Christian extremist, the traitor signed it.

    Own what you defend.

  23. Ok this needs to be corrected right now. RU-486 induces a medicated abortion. Plan B is a high dose of hormonal birth control. They are NOT the same thing. I don’t care what side you’re on; STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION.

  24. Does this ruling mean Jehovah’s witness owned companies can have plans that deny blood transfusions? Can Christian Scientist owned companies avoid health care responsibilities altogether? Or is this ruling limited to health care for women only?

  25. No! It was the bait and switch. They said yesterday it was limited to this case but when you give religious fanatics like the immoral catholic mafia a inch you can bet your ass it will be a light year in how its applied
    SCOTUS: Ruling Applies Broadly To Contraception Coverage

    Tomorrow who knows how they will interpreted it? Maybe you have to bring your bible to work for meditation during your breaks

  26. I have an IUD. It’s my second one. I have not been sexually active since before my first one. I have it to prevent endometriosis and anemia – because now I don’t have to have blood transfusions. I take 7 times the required amount of iron to be in a normal lab range. There is no other birth control or medication that can help this. My insurance doesn’t normally pay for IUDs, but it did for me! An IUD is my medication – not my birth control or abortion.

  27. That may be (sadly) true Mamawolf. That danger no doubt exists…

    But the reason people get up in arms about a woman’s control over her own body is because women are at the mercy of powers that be who sometimes don’t understand women. These powers that be – some old guys on the Supreme Court, or Congressperson, or an executive at Hobby Lobby – make decisions about a woman’s access to contraception. They make these decisions when they have no idea what it’s like to be a single mom with three kids, or a single woman who doesn’t want to have kids, or a woman and her monogamous partner who want to wait to have kids when their lives are stable.

    A woman having control over her body means having all the choices available to her – whether that means an abortion, giving the child up for adoption, keeping the child, not having sex altogether, or taking the pill.

    And with this asinine ruling this is one less choice that women have.

  28. My apologies to Courtney, my hands were typing faster than my eyes were reading and then I walked out the door. RU486 is indeed an abortifacient. Also RU486 is not the same as Plan B. Plan B (a contraceptive) was the drug listed in the briefs for Burwell v Hobby Lobby. RU486 was in no way included in the legal discussion in this court case.

    Please forgive my typed error, and notice my sound correction. Thanks for the heads up Courtney.

  29. No uterus, Buddy? Then your opinion isn’t needed. Unless, of course, you want us taking away your VIAGRA and penile implant devices which are PLEASURE drugs and things that ARE NOT medically necessary and for which WE ALL pay HIGHER premiums. We’re sick and tired of the rapists and dominating guys trying to control women through their bodies. Hobby Lobby invests in ALL KINDS OF BIRTH CONTROL AND ABORTION through their investments and the Chinese, who MANDATE birth control and abortion. This is about MONEY and hatred of a black president. So your argument holds no water. Not to mention again that it’s NOT your body, so you don’t get an opinion.

  30. Ahh yes the 16 out 20 excuse seen everywhere on the blogs message boards by conners.

    The conners love to play gynocolgist for women. A lot of women can’t handle the hormonal increases and swings of the pill so they need an IUD. See it needs to be determined by the women and her doctor, NOT YOU CLOWNS.

  31. “This article and the responses are a result of the dishonesty of the left. The company isn’t objecting to birth control, it is objecting to covering 4 of the 20 “birth-control” methods that constitute abortion, i.e. those that cause the death of a fertilized egg, which is a violation of the company’s religious beliefs.”

    No, you are wrong.

    In fact the Justices themselves clarified on Tuesday that the decision applied to all forms of female contraception.–politics.html

    “The Supreme Court on Tuesday confirmed that its decision a day earlier extending religious rights to closely held corporations applies broadly to the contraceptive coverage requirement in the new health care law, not just the handful of methods the justices considered in their ruling.”

  32. “Also, people are failing to mention that Hobby Lobby DOES supply 16 of the 20 “mandated” contraceptives–they only oppose the abortion inducing methods such as RU-486 (“Plan B” or morning after pill) and certain IUD’s, which cause early termination of pregnancy AFTER conception.”

    But the Supreme Court decision goes well beyond that, and applies to ALL forms of contraception, as the Court itself clarified this morning.–politics.html

  33. wish they would stop saying “denying access”.

    No one is denying access for goodness sakes.

    When something is no longer free, then it may be purchased. OH no, that might make someone have to look at their priorities. We wouldn’t want that.

  34. The GOP clownshow of wildly flawed candidates running on a toxic agenda is what is going to get Hillary elected… This case simply speeds their party’s decent into chaos and eventual irrelevance.

  35. the RFRA should have never been signed in the first place. If a community doesn’t want a church or synagogue or mosque, they should have the right to deny it. We SHOULD be allowed to discriminate against religion, which is a poison.

  36. The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision based on the cock-a-mamy argument that it was “JUST 4 METHODS” of birth control that supposedly “caused abortion” is tantamount to a guy about to rape a woman telling her that he’s going to use “just the tip so shut up, lay back and enjoy it” !!!

    The slippery slope this invites is breathtaking! It has opened the same divisions and religious zealotry floodgates that Iraq is now dealing with!
    Based on Religion now and the prior DISCRIMINATION judgments Sharia Law, Satanic rituals, Discrimination itself and almost ANY so-called Religious belief” can be forced upon hapless corporate employees with NO recourse other than unemployment and a search for a more compatible CORPORATE CHURCH to be enslaved to.

    Can someone PLEASE open a DICTIONARY and read the DEFINITION of a corporation???

  37. an iud does not kill fertilized egg, it tells your body that you are already preg. and therefore stopping ovulation, sometimes some birth control is medication for some, not for birth control,

  38. More than getting Hilary elected, it may be the precipitating event that leads to true universal health care in the US.

  39. Hobby lobby still is covering 16 contraceptives. You must have believed Hillary when she said all contraceptives were not being covered. But she was wrong. Just another Clinton “misspeak” I guess so she can get her base fired up. and you fell for it.

  40. Actually you need to do a little more research.

    “You must have believed Hillary when she said all contraceptives were not being covered. But she was wrong. ”

    They arnt. Stop making a fool of yourself

  41. Bet you didn’t feel the same when this Robert’s SCOTUS agreed that Obamacare was a tax and therefore was constitutional because the congress can pass a tax!!! Something Obama vehemently denied before it was passed unread>

  42. It was not passed unread. The gop had a year to read it. And many of them did. They said they didnt read it and you fell for it

  43. Anyone can buy a condom. Oh but that would mean someone else would not have to pay for it. Contraception is a choice and no one should have to pay for someone else’s choices.

  44. Is that just like no one should have to pay for someone elses car accident?

    Hobby lobby isnt paying for contraception. The Courts decision covered all contraception. You seem to know nothing about this subject

  45. I don’t know where you got your medical education but a person does not take Hypertensive medication or meds for cholesterol as a preventative . It is taken as a treatment for abnormal BP or Cholesterol. not the same as contraceptives. Pregnancy is not a disease . and contraceptives used for treatment is not in question . Elective meds should not be covered under insurance. Go to the nearest planned parenthood facility and get the free BC pills or abortive drugs.

  46. what insurances cover viagra and what insurance doesn’t cover tubal ligations. you are trying to confuse the argument bu using apples and oranges. anyone can buy a condom . and anyone can get BC pills at the nearest family planning facility.

  47. This ruling did not limit a woman to use her body any way she wants. they are still providing contraceptives thru HL insurance. They are not in agreement with abortion as a form of Birth control. NOTHING prevents a woman from paying for her own contraception. Why should I have to pay for her choices.

  48. Almost all insurances cover viagra.

    What do you do in the states where the gop have closed the family planning portals?

  49. You only pay for others meds when you are in their group policy.

    Just liek car insuirance and all of the other meds you pay for that others get

  50. Laurie you are also wrong about an IUD. It is an irritant to prevent the implantation of a fertilized egg or cause the irritation to disrupt the implantation. A non fertilized egg doesn’t attempt to be implanted. A fertilized egg that is broken from implantation or prevented from being implanted is an abortion.

  51. “The SCOTUS decision on this issue would make the Taliban proud. Also the monarchs in Saudi Arabia are chuckling: ” If they are it is at you because if women feel they can only get contraceptives and abortive drugs if someone else pays for it then that is what is controlling women. In other words you are saying women can only use birth control if it is provided by insurance. that is confining.

  52. Listen. We know you cant see past the birth control issue. Others can. This is not about birth control, this is about the right of corporations to determine your healthcare, the services they provide to you or minoritys and many other things. Do try to catch up on the subject.

    That is not what he said at all.

  53. Condoms do nothing for medical situations like endometriosis for example. There are many more reasons for those prescriptions than simply contraception.

  54. No, Dennis, the dishonesty is yours. Those four methods are contraception, not abortificents. Yeah the right wing says otherwise but when talking about medicine shouldn’t medical definitions rule? secondly the us supreme court has said that companies may refuse to pay for all contraception. Lastly the contraception mandate has existed since 2000 when the eeoc ruled that if an insurance plan covers such things as Viagra, which they nearly all do, then it also has to cover contraception.

    So where was the right wings objection for the ten years between 2000 and when the aca became law?

    They had the white house and congress for the next six years after 2000…why didn’t they do something about it?

    Oh and btw…the insurance premiums are paid for by the comes out of their salary. Why should a company get to decide how an employee spends their money?

  55. Plan B and RU-482 are not the same thing. Please check Web MD for verification of this. RU-482 is an abortive contraceptive.

  56. Sounds like you feel that an employee has the right to tell an employer what to do, even if it goes against their closely held beliefs.
    Sounds a bit hypocritical.

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